The Perfect Child by Lucinda Berry

The Perfect Child

A Washington Post and Amazon Charts bestseller.A page-turning debut of suspense about a young couple desperate to have a child of their own—and the unsettling consequences of getting what they always wanted.Christopher and Hannah are a happily married surgeon and nurse with picture-perfect lives. All that’s missing is a child. When Janie, an abandoned six-year-old, turns up at their hospital, Christopher forms an instant connection with her, ...

Details The Perfect Child

TitleThe Perfect Child
Release DateMar 1st, 2019
PublisherThomas & Mercer
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction, Mystery Thriller

Reviews The Perfect Child

  • Danielle
    I’m okay with not having a happy ending, but an ENDING would be nice. I feel like the book ended in what should have been the end of a chapter. Good book, although I found the husband, Christopher, INFURIATING.
  • Michelle
    One word to sufficiently describe this book: DISTURBING!!!Dr. Christopher Bauer and his wife, Hannah, have been struggling with infertility for years. Hannah, now 41, has all but given up hope of having children until.....A young girl is found abandoned and walking alone through a parking lot covered in blood, malnourished, and once examined, is found to have multiple old and new bone fractures, none of which have ever been treated. Once thought ...
  • ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣
    BEWARE OF SPOILERS! A dead meth addict's child being wild proves to be a pretty good read, even though placed far out in the field of unbelievable. I'm not sure where the ending is, though. Do regular 6-year old undernourished kids the size of a newborn (even crazy ones) have the necessary strength to kill a grown up meth addict?Is it really all right to ignore that the kid's mentally ill? And she's not just blandly 'ill', but bonkers and plenty ...
  • Elaine Maynard
    There was a knock on the door, I peeped behind the curtains to see who it was then I didn't bother to write a review after all.
  • Bridgett
    I'm not sure I've ever read such a crazy, intense, non-stop, haunting, anxiety producing novel...but only in the best and most desirable way. I didn't want it to end. Once this book has you in it's grips, it won't let go. I started it this morning and literally could not put it down. My poor husband probably feels deprived. Having received The Perfect Child free as a Kindle First February option, I honestly didn't have high expectations. These fr...
  • Lola
    This is one messed up book and Janie is one messed up child. You’d think that the more psychological thrillers you read, the less they will affect you. But actually, it doesn’t work like that. If anything, your insides instinctively prepare themselves to be disturbed the moment you begin a new thriller.I read this story at night. First mistake. My second was to take a break from it by taking a shower in my apartment, alone, at 4 am. Normally,...
  • Monika Sadowski
    Jesus, What I’ve just read?!?! This book is very disturbing but I couldn’t put it down.  My emotions where all over the place because I didn’t know who should I feel sorry for more. I guess all of them :(It is a story of the couple Dr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah, who adopted an abused by her real mom child, Jenie. I think they underestimated how hard it is to foster traumatized child.Lucinda Berry is a trauma psychologist and she...
  • Elyse Walters
    Audiobook..........narrated by Christine Williams Erin Bennett, Dan John MillerThe three voice narrators kept me interested - really hooked!!!One reviewer compared this to ‘Baby Teeth’. Both books deal with a mentally troubled child....But where ‘Baby Teeth’ was fiction nonsense — in which several of my friends who are child therapists agree.... ( Baby Teeth being way out in left field - one which few therapists vouch it’s realistic q...
  • Aga Durka
    5 Disturbing Stars!!This book will stay with me for a very long time. It was a disturbing and horrifying read but also it was so painfully real that it made my hair stand up on my arms at times. It is definitely not an easy read but oh so captivating and so hard to put down. I admire any parent that decides to adopt or even foster a child, especially a child that has special needs, mental or physical. Christopher and Hanna lived through a spine-c...
  • Stepheny
    DNF @15%The fact that anyone can say this book is believable is beyond me. You have an abused child, an open investigation and a surgeon/nurse couple who can't have kids. You mean to tell me that a surgeon would be allowed to hug, kiss and fall asleep on the bed next to a child under these circumstances? That any surgeon with any level of professionalism would behave this way? This is "believable"?? A surgeon who would allow a child patient with ...
  • Lisa
    Okay I have been thinking about this book for the past 24 hours as what I am going to write well here it goes it was one disturbing read which I am not sure if I liked it or not. I had a few issues with it, first of Christopher got under my skin how could a Orthopaedic surgeon be so gullible, knowing true well what Janie was like even though he thought she was the apple of his eye could not do anything wrong... yeah right.... Piper Goldstein was ...
  • Stacie
    No ending!Great story, but then it just stopped. It was as if the author got tired and quit. Such a disappointment.
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    After years of infertility Dr Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah, a nurse, gave up the idea of having a biological child. When abandoned and battered six-year-old Janie winds up in the ER, they decide to adopt her. Despite warnings from professionals that Janie trauma will take years to heal, if it ever does, the Bauers feel they are equipped. Then somebody dies.Readers don’t know who the murder victim(s) is (or are) until near the end of TH...
  • Christine
    Absolutely INCREDIBLE! This is my second read from Lucinda Berry and she is a phenomenal writer. I just bought two more of her books, Phantom Limb, was just .99¢ today! This book touched me, sent chills down my spine several times. I have worked with severely emotionally disturbed children, many who were in foster care. It touched me so much that I became an emergency placement foster parent. When I got married and had children I told my husband...
  • Amelia Strydom
    "We'd like to think a mother and father's love can turn everything around, but there are times where parents do the very best they can, but the kid- even from the get-go - is just a bad kid ... Ignore the problem, and we could have blood on our hands." Adrian Raine, psychologist (University of Pennsylvania). years of infertility, Christopher, an orthopaedic surgeon, and Hannah, a nurse, have given up o...
  • Darinda
    Christopher and Hannah are a happy couple, but they long to have a child. When Janie, an abandoned six-year-old, shows up at the hospital where they work, Christopher wants to foster her. Despite the warnings about raising a child with an abusive past, they take her into their home and family. They are not prepared for the challenges they face.Told with alternating points of view - Christopher, Hannah, and Piper, Janie's social worker. Christophe...
  • Nichole
    This may contain spoilers, but this book left me with a lot of thoughts and feelings.This sh*t was bananas! B-A-N-A-N-A-S! I started reading it on my lunch break on Monday and finished it a few hours later. I could not put it down, because I just had to figure out what the heck was happening! The story is told from three points of view. Christopher and Hannah (our main characters) and the child protective services lady, Piper. Christopher's chara...
  • Terry
    Too long, too boring, too unbelievable! And worse, NO ending! Perfect flop. BTW, having worked in CPS, There's NO WAY a mother called SEVEN TIMES begging for help and NO ONE responded. Not even in Seattle, Chicago or Houston! Balderdash. Also, too many other errors on how on system doesn't work AND how it does! Bad info, knowingly long and absolutely ZERO common sense, but for sure: psychobabble galore!
  • Rick
    Man, this book really had an impact. On the plus side, it was gripping in a kind of "can't-turn-your-head-away-from-the-scene-of-an-accident" kind of way. I mean, I was really caught up...couldn't wait to find time to read and find out what's going to happen next, how's this going to turn out. The characters, although bordering on too stupid to live, engaged me and I cared about them. The demon child was the most evil kid I've ever seen, worse th...
  • Christina McDonald
    Intense, terrifying and at times utterly horrifying, I loved this book and found it one of those cray-cray, intense reads that I just couldn't look away from. Christopher and Hannah have a perfect life except one thing. They can't have a baby. But when a battered and abused child winds up in their ER, they fall in love with her and decide to adopt her. But Janie is not the child they were expecting. Lead down a rabbit hole of devious and frankly ...
  • Eve K
    I can't get over how monumentally stupid the protagonists are, and one of them is supposed to be an orthopaedic surgeon. Yeah, no. If you need to have your characters do the dumbest things imaginable in order for there to be a plot, then maybe don't write books.Aside from the ridiculous plot, the writing was poor. I had better prose when I wrote wish fulfillment self-insert stories as a 14-year-old.Lastly, after scrolling through reviews to see i...
  • Diane
    I’m dizzy from rolling my eyes over this one. An orthopedic surgeon who is so dim witted as to miss every red flag thrown in his face was hard to believe. The incidents with the classmate and the death of the cat would have caused any thinking person to realize Janie needed a lot more than he could give. Hannah’s trip to the ER being too embarrassing to even mention to her sister was also ridiculously unbelievable. I felt for Hannah, but was ...
  • Cheyenne
    I received this book for free from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Check out my reviews at !This book was so stressful. Reading about Janie and her behavior had me on edge the entire time, I was worried about Christopher and especially Hannah throughout the book. Janie’s behavior was unpredictable and violent, and it was honestly scary. What do you do when you’re in danger but no one will believe...
  • Krissy
    Christopher was a blind IDIOT. I can't tell you how livid he made me. How can a supposed intelligent DOCTOR be in such denial??? And do you want to know what else infuriated me? The fact that-(Hate the way I ended my rant? Then you'll hate the way the author ended this book.)
  • Erin *Help I’m Reading and I Can’t Get Up*
    So realistic, down to the dissatisfying ending. A must NOT read for anyone interested in adopting a child. Yoinks.
  • Sophie Bristow Harris
    I came very close to giving this a full house of 5 stars. However the last line ended on a cliff hanger and I believe the author only writes stand-alones....It was a good, at times hard to read novel. The characters were all pretty unlikeable and unsavoury! I love the bright cerise balloon on the cover and it depicts the book extremely well.A nail biting and tense read which I read over a couple of days and enjoyed.
  • Shelby
    After years of infertility, Dr. Christopher Bauer and his wife Hannah—a nurse that works at his same hospital—have accepted the fact that they may never be parents. But one night, a young girl is brought into their ER, badly abused and malnourished. Christopher, an orthopedic surgeon, is assigned as the girl’s surgeon to fix countless fractures. The little girl’s name is Janie and although she’s the size of a small toddler, she’s 6-ye...
  • Reeda Booke
    Christopher, the husband, has to be one of the dumbest persons on the planet.A typical evil child wrecking havoc in a home. Although Janie was bad, it's Christopher I wanted to slap. Enough said.
  • Darcia Helle
    Me and this book were like a bad blind date. Nothing worked.Be aware that there is a lot of vivid detail regarding child abuse, and there is also animal abuse. I'm not squeamish in the least, but, for me, the author went way overboard on this aspect. There are scenes I wish I hadn't read that I'd like to get out of my mind. Readers, in general, don't need to be assaulted with descriptive abuse in order to understand it. I could have, maybe not en...
  • Ruthy lavin
    Wow, unsettling and hauntingly believable.This is a fantastic thriller, sure to give parents everywhere nightmares.Easily worthy of 5 stars.