Between the Lines (New Milton #2) by Sally Malcolm

Between the Lines (New Milton #2)

Theo Wishart has given up on finding love. Luca Moretti doesn’t want to find it. A handful of summer days may change their lives forever—if they’re brave enough to look between the lines. Eyes might be windows to the soul, but for Theo Wishart they’re all shuttered. His dyspraxia makes it hard to read people. He doesn’t do relationships and he certainly doesn’t do the great outdoors. Two weeks spent “embracing beach life” while he...

Details Between the Lines (New Milton #2)

TitleBetween the Lines (New Milton #2)
Release DateDec 10th, 2018
PublisherCarina Press
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Contemporary, Lgbt

Reviews Between the Lines (New Milton #2)

  • Judith
    Another enjoyable story by Sally Malcolm with engaging characters in a quaint small town setting.If you've read Perfect Day by this Author you'll be familiar with the town and some of the characters.Luca Moretti is a bit of a free spirit,not one to be tied down to any place or anyone.He's back in his home town after five years to try and persuade his mother not to sell the place he used to call home....the ageing Majestic Hotel.His mother,Jude,fe...
  • ☆ Todd
    Strike another one in the *WIN* column for Sally Malcolm. After really enjoying "Perfect Day", I had high hopes for this story and wasn't disappointed. Theo was a bit of a persnickety oddball right from the start, but I immediately loved him, though, I think his overall strangeness could've been pumped up a few notches. And his dyspraxia was rarely even touched upon in the story, actually. But Luca was the MC that I connected most closely with in...
  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    ~4.5~With this book, Sally Malcolm has proven that she can hold her own in the M/M romance arena. She's clearly an accomplished writer and has a flair for language. Between the Lines is set in the same world as Perfect Day. We're even invited to Joshua and Finn's wedding! However, this book, which is not based on an Austen novel, can be read as a standalone. Theo arrives in New Milton ready to prove himself to his successful hotelier father. The ...
  • Optimist ♰King's Wench♰ & MANTIES Champion
    ✚✚✚4.5✚✚✚It happened again. Except this time my face leaked a lil. Seriously, who and where in the hell did this Sally Malcolm person come from? She's gone 3 for 3!It's her penchant for the enemies to lovers trope and the masterful way she builds tension that appeals but the way she wields words to craft characters and create the atmosphere of this sleepy little Long Island town that hits my feels with laser-like precision every time ...
  • Ele
    *3.5 stars*I had a hard time rating this one. I struggled a lot because, although I really enjoyed the story, my complaints were too many for me to round up. In any case, Between the Lines proves that Sally Malcolm is a new a force to be reckoned with in MM, and an author I'm definitely interested in.The writing is absolutely beautiful. I like the dialogue but I love the prose. Not flowery but not too sharp either, just very evocative. Perfect f...
  • Zuzu
    3.5 starsThis story was about 2 guys - 1 who never thought he'd have an HEA and the other who thought he didn't need one.I liked this book but didn't love it because I felt like there were some unresolved issues.Luca didn't ever resolve the issue he had with his mother, Jude, marrying someone who had homophobic tendencies. Luca felt his mother betrayed him when she married Don and I never felt like this issue was resolved between them even though...
  • Jassy
    **4.5 stars**Between the Lines is the first book I’ve read by this author and I didn’t know what to expect in terms of writing style but also plotwise. Let me just say… it totally took me by surprise. The writing style is very, very good – fluent and funny. The blurb makes sense in retrospect but when I first read it I didn’t get the right feeling what the actual story is. So I will try to sum it up: Luca has left home because his mothe...
  • Caz
    Between the Lines is another emotionally satisfying and beautifully crafted romance from the pen of Sally Malcolm, and is a wonderful follow-up to both Perfect Day and Love Around the Corner, both of which are also set in the fictional Long Island resort of New Milton.  This novel is set a few months after the events of Perfect Day (and I loved the glimpses we were afforded of Josh and Finn at their wedding), and is an enemies-to-lovers romance ...
  • Fabi
    This book has the most accurate blurb I've ever seen.I'd never heard of dyspraxia prior to this book. It's amazing the things we learn about reading romance novels. As the author herself says, their greatest draw has always been and continues to be, that they show us that happily-ever-afters are for everyone.Us romance readers love to read about characters who overcome obstacles to find their true love. For me, it's never more poignant than when ...
  • CrabbyPatty
    Theo is sent by his father to purchase the Majestic Hotel in New Milton, which will be torn down to make way for a sleek modern hotel / resort / golf course. Although owner Jude and her husband desperately need to sell, they hope that Theo will get a sense of why the Majestic is so special and invite him to stay there while negotiating the sale. Jude's son Luca (who we met very briefly in "A Perfect Day") is at the Majestic this one last summer a...