Hats Are Not for Cats! by Jacqueline K. Rayner

Hats Are Not for Cats!

Are hats for cats? A big, bossy dog and a determined cat disagree. This funny rhyming romp—with a large cast of cats and hats—leads readers to the perfect conclusion: hats are for everyone!A  big, severe, plaid-hat-wearing dog insists that the small black cat in the red fez shouldn't be wearing a hat—any kind of hat—because hats are for dogs. His patronizing tirade doesn’t convince this cat, however. Defiantly, she wears an assortm...

Details Hats Are Not for Cats!

TitleHats Are Not for Cats!
Release DateAug 20th, 2019
PublisherClarion Books
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Animals, Cats, Dogs, Humor, Storytime

Reviews Hats Are Not for Cats!

  • La Coccinelle
    This book is just plain goofy... but in a good way. A bossy dog spends much of the narrative telling a cat that cats don't wear hats. And the cat seems to be trying to prove the dog wrong by wearing everything from shower caps to sombreros! Eventually, the cat has had enough and fights back... much to the chagrin of the dog. But there are enough hats for everybody, so this one ends on a happy note.There's really not much story, and the rhyming te...
  • KDV
    This cat is so cute. And super gracious even with dog being really bossy. Hats are for everyone!
  • Lauren
    A super cute rhyming book about a dog is trying to explain to a cat why cats CAN’T wear hats. Full of bright colors and adorable illustrations. I think this will age younger, has a Seuss-y rhyme feel.
  • Kathryn
    Loved illustrations story is lacking a little bit
  • Edward Sullivan
    Cats prove dog wrong.
  • Jeannette
    A very cute book.
  • Katy
    Would do well for ST.
  • Alyssa Gudenburr
    So funny and a great message about how everyone can do something, not just one group of animals/people. The illustrations are small so it is a better one-on-one story for preschool age.