The Year They Fell by David Kreizman

The Year They Fell

When a horrible tragedy unites five very different high school seniors, they discover the worst moment of your life can help determine who you really are in the powerful YA novel, The Year They Fell.Josie, Jack, Archie, Harrison, and Dayana were inseparable as preschoolers. But that was before high school, before parties and football and getting into the right college. Now, as senior year approaches, they're basically strangers to each other.Unti...

Details The Year They Fell

TitleThe Year They Fell
Release DateJul 30th, 2019
GenreContemporary, Young Adult

Reviews The Year They Fell

  • Toni
    RTCThank you to Edelweiss and Macmillan for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinion.
  • Brittany
    5 Unforgettable Stars!! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟5 friends inseparable as preschoolers, before high school and parties and football. Now seniors in high school, they are all strangers to each other. Tragedy strikes and their parents die in a plane crash- left alone, these 5 only have each other to relate to and lean on. Josie, Jack, Archie, Harrison, and Dayana AKA- the "Sunnies" have a lot to figure out since being out of each others lives for so lon...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    THE YEAR THEY FELL is about the people we are when we stop pretending to be the people we think we’re supposed to be.The rebel. The jock. The popular girl. The artist. The anxious overachiever. Five preschool friends grow apart by senior year in high school, though their parents remain friends. Four of their parents die in a plane crash on an annual trip bringing the “Sunnies” back together. THE YEAR THEY FELL by David Kreizman is an unexpe...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "I like that I don’t know. I like that I get to choose and make mistakes and take detours and get lost. Because when I do that, there’s a chance I’ll find even better things along the way."Everyone has been telling me that I need to read this book and that it'll change the way I look at life. It was unique and definitely eye-opening but it fell a little flat for me. This book follows the lives of five teens as they try to survive life after...
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    They bonded in pre-school, but over the years, the "Sunnies" slowly, but surely, grew apart. However, their parents remained friends and vacationed together each year. It was that yearly vacation, that would forever change the lives of these five teens, and also, lead them back to one another.I was reading this on emoji day, and when prompted to describe my current read using only emojis, I replied as follows: 🛩😭😭😭😭😭I shed quite...
  • Lauri
    I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley. All opinions expressed are my own. My students will find themselves in the pages of Kreizman's "The Year They Fell." They will relate to the actions and thoughts of each of the "sunnies." They will cheer and weep and learn that they too have enough in themselves to make life work. I look forward to sharing this title next year and hear what they have to say.
  • Cassandra Drew
    4.5 stars ⭐⭐⭐⭐Besides a not so small bomb being dropped, this was one of the most unexpected reads this year for me. I couldn’t put this story down from start to finish. Although one of my least favourite tropes was introduced very close to the ending, I grew so attached to these characters and truly felt like I was a part of the Sunnies. Would definitely pick up another book by this author, possibly one of my new favourites. 4.5 sta...
  • Swaller7
    An amazing YA debut novel ! Loved each character so much. It had humor, emotion, and I just couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait for my teenage daughter to read it next! A must read
  • Tracy
    Wow!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this book. I was so wrapped up in these characters and this story, i laughed and i cried. The author is some story teller...the depth of these characters is incredible ...I’m amazed at how many different storylines were happening, how all these details were intertwined. I’m really sad that it’s over but I’m ready for a movie! A month after reading this book, i traveled by plane with the same number of couples to the ...
  • Kristin
    ORIGINAL POST:**A copy of this book was provided by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.**The Year They Fell by David Kreizman caught my attention from the start. I enjoy reading young adult fiction and usually I lean more towards feel good novels when I do, but The Year They Fell sounded like it was going to be dramatic and intense and I couldn’t wait to read it. Lucky for me Kr...
  • Jenelle Lindsay
    I loved this book because it's so deeply real while also being page-turning addictive. The premise hooked me immediately. It's so true how parents often make their parent friend group in preschool and kids are so open and non-judgmental and form particularly close friendships that you think will last. Only they don't - kids grow up with wildly diverging personalities and the pressure and anxiety as they become tweens and teens to belong creates d...
  • Barbara
    As often happens, five youngsters who were inseparable during preschool have drifted apart over the years, so much so that they barely even recognize each other even though their parents remain good friends. On a vacation trip to Anguilla right before the senior year of their offspring, all of the parents but Dayana's die in a plane crash. Hers missed that fate when her father doesn't have a valid passport. The crash and deaths bring the former f...
  • Myron Brown
    Archie, Dayana, Harrison, Jack, and Josie were best friends in nursery school, but by high school they grew apart. When their parents die in a plane crash will it bring them closer or further apart? The crash forces each kid to examine the things which separated them over the years. Each chapter alternates between the points of views of the five “Sunnies,” named for the nursery school they attended where readers see how each are coping with t...
  • Tara Weiss
    Funny how friendships change. Five friends from daycare who have drifted apart are brought back together when a plane carrying all of their parents crashes on a vacation to Anguilla. Overcoming this loss and rekindling friendships in the base of the story, but each character has additional challenges: head injury from sports, adopted and a different race from parents, obsessed with "The Plan" for achieving success, pill addiction and then the big...
  • Kira Brighton
    This is a solid read that does a great job of looking at how people react differently to grief. I liked Archie and Josie the most, but I grew fond of all the characters. I didn't connect with the story as much as I have with other books, which is why I didn't rate it higher, but it's definitely good.*Received ARC via Goodreads*
  • Cathy
    I picked up this book and didn't put it down until I finished. I was completely wrapped up in the characters and felt as connected to them as they were to each other. Touching and poignant, this book took to me back to those unbreakable childhood bonds, hopes and fears of high school, and reminded me that we are often stronger than we think. A great read for the young adult inside all of us.
  • Faith Rice-Mills
    This was a pretty good read. It kept me interested enough that I finished it fast. I also appreciated the portrayal of teenage anxiety, something a lot of adults don’t take time out to try to understand. But the drama kind of spiraled and it started to read like a One Tree Hill episode. I still enjoyed it but, it wasn’t the serious read I thought it would be.
  • Sierra
    Could not put down this book! I finished it in just a few days- it was a real page turner! I enjoyed all of the characters. All of them were flawed, thorough and deeply exciting to read about. “The Year They Fell” is a breath of fresh air, and one of my favorites. Would highly recommend this book for young adults or anyone who needs a great read!! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Could not put down this book! I finished it in just a few days- it was a real ...
  • Jessie
    I received this book through the Goodreads Giveaway. It was a very well written book. A reader could find a character to identify with. The book kept me wanting to read the next chapter to see what happens. I was sad that it ended.
  • Nancy Donoghue
    Love this book!! The characters, the storyline, the writing — it’s amazing, I highly recommend to teens and adults. The book immediately draws you in. I just finished it and I want more! I can’t wait for my teen to read it next.
  • Jennie
    A compelling story that was hard to put down. Loved these characters & how the author handled their complicated stories with humor and humanity. Definitely pack this book in your suitcase for your summer vacation.
  • Christy
    Quirky cast of characters - I enjoyed how they were named after characters from "Archie".
  • Tedi
    This story was compelling in that it was told in multiple POVs that were all interwoven. This is a powerful story of overcoming tragedy and finding connections in unlikely places. It has a similar vibe to The Breakfast Club and honestly shares the story of teens experiencing grief and trauma. While I couldn't put this down, it did feel like this book was trying to do too much. Not because it wasn't realistic, but because it was too realistic and ...
  • Patrick Henigan
    This book is amazing; incredible characters, real emotion, vivid and smart writing, a great story with funny and heartfelt moments mixed with serious and timely issues for teens and adults of all ages…..I could not put it down. The Year They Fell is the type of book that I wanted to keep reading until the end in a single day (I had to find out what happened next to these characters that I came to know and love!). And, it is the type of book tha...
  • Rebecca Hanover
    I LOVE THIS BOOK SO MUCH.Every once in a while, you pick up a novel that completely transports you into the lives of its main characters. In THE YEAR THEY FELL, those characters are five teens who've just lost their parents in a plane crash. As they enter their senior year of high school - arguably one of the most pivotal times of their lives! - they must face what it means to be orphans, as they realize their lives aren't going to be anything li...