Pumpkinheads by Rainbow Rowell


Deja and Josiah are seasonal best friends.Every autumn, all through high school, they’ve worked together at the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world. (Not many people know that the best pumpkin patch in the whole wide world is in Omaha, Nebraska, but it definitely is.) They say good-bye every Halloween, and they’re reunited every September 1.But this Halloween is different—Josiah and Deja are finally seniors, and this is their last se...

Details Pumpkinheads

Release DateAug 27th, 2019
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Young Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Comics

Reviews Pumpkinheads

  • emma
    i read this book, and then i took a day, and then i read it again.do i want to read it again already? naturally.---------------i'm reading it again.yes, it's been 2 days.---------------I LOVE THIS BOOK AND I WANT TO LIVE INSIDE IT.but i will settle for rereading it immediately.---------------trying this new thing called "optimism" where i'm excited for this book and believe i'm going to like itso we'll see how this goes.---------------I AM READY ...
  • Melissa ♥ Dog/Wolf Lover ♥ Martin
    I loved it so much!! A cute story and they work at The Pumpkin Patch! This place is a dream come true!! 🎃Happy Reading!! Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾
  • Simone
    This was entirely lovely. I knew it would be, though. Rainbow Rowell is my favourite writer, Faith Erin Hicks is a fantastic artist, and the synopsis sounded exactly up my alley. Happily, this didn't disappoint.First of all, the atmosphere of the pumpkin patch and the Halloween season really came through. Faith's art was gorgeous and exactly right for this story. Pumpkin patches aren't a thing in the Netherlands and we barely celebrate Halloween,...
  • Christy
    Pumpkinheads was adorable. It made me long for fall. The story was so cute and the art work was amazing! I was lucky enough to meet Rainbow Rowell and Faith Erin Hicks at my local bookstore on release day and they were amazing. I loved hearing about the inspiration for this story and getting my special edition 'Fangirl' and 'Eleanor and Park' signed was just the cherry on top.Deja was the best character and I loved Josie as well. Also, I'm hungry...
  • Tatiana
    What a DELIGHT!A quintessential autumn read. Take a stroll through a fall-themed amusement park filled with hay rides, corn mazes, pumpkins and pies and watch two friends maybe become something more. Hick’s art is amazing - warm and bright. Put me right into a wonderful fall mood. Where are my s’mores? 😀😋
  • Abbey Patrick
  • Lauren Lanzilotta
    3.5 sweet stars 🎃Rainbow Rowell can do no wrong with light hearted romances. This was just as cute- if not more so than I expected.Deja and Josiah are in their senior year of high school, and it’s their last October working at the pumpkin patch before they’re off to college. Deja is determined to help Josiah talk to the girl he likes before Halloween is over, and make the most of the night.The art in Pumpkinheads was gorgeous, I loved Fath...
  • Liv (Stories For Coffee)
    This is probably the cutest graphic novel I’ve read, ever. Autumn, romance, a cute chaotic character matched with a down to earth, rule following character ? Perfection
  • ↠ dan ↞
  • Rachel Reads Ravenously
    4.5 stars! If you’re like me, and you’re READY for all things fall, this book is the perfect seasonal overdose.Taking place on Halloween, this book is about two season friends on their last night working together. Deja and Josiah are best friends during the fall, but tend to stay out of touch when they aren’t working together the rest of the year. Next year they’ll be in college, so they decide to make the best of it and do all the things...
  • Amy Imogene Reads
    I came out this perfect story with a FIERCE desire for pumpkins and fall treats and feel TRICKED that it is still September—can it be Halloween now? Honestly, I don't think it's possible to have negative opinions about Pumpkinheads. It has positive representation for so many things (male/female friendship, diversity, bisexuality, consent, etc.), and the story line is short and sweet. I like my graphic novels like one slow cup of coffee. Or in t...
  • Jes Reads
    Very cute!
  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    Absolutely adorable and perfect to put you in a fall mood. Two best friends spend their final night, Halloween night, working at a pumpkin patch theme park. As high school seniors, they’ll be going off to college next fall and will miss the autumn-themed park and all their friends. As they take chances and explore, they learn a lot about themselves and their friendship. A little cliche at times, but otherwise a charming story as always from Row...
  • Brianna
    This was so cute and happy!! A new fave
  • Farah ファラ
  • kippen (uponthepages)
    I absolutely LOVED this. The illustrations are so fitting and gorgeous!! I’m going to do a mini review for this book on my blog soon.I highly recommend though. 🎃 🧡UPDATED:My Rating: 5 stars ★★★★★out of ★★★★★ stars (5/5)This review is SPOILER FREE!I’ve been waiting for this book since I came across a blank page, no cover listing on Goodreads titled “Pumpkinheads” by Rainbow Rowell. It was unclear what it was (obvi...
  • Olivia & Lori (The Candid Cover)
    Sept. 5/194.5 StarsReview to come!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter Sampler Review:I really enjoy a Halloween-themed book. From the 18-page preview that I was invited to read on Netgalley, I am excited for more. The artwork is amazing.
  • Ashley
    Short and sweet :) I really want to go to an effing pumpkin patch now. Full review later.[4.5 stars[
  • Mara
    Short but sweet albeit with too little plot for my taste. Perfect for anyone who loves Halloween and is ready for fall though!
  • Erica
    Arrgghh!I have so many competing opinions on this! I feel like Homer Simpson in the Gremlins shop buying Bart a cursed Krusty doll and getting a free Frogurt.For starters, this graphic novel is adorable.That's good!And it takes place on Halloween, which you may or may not know is my mostbestfavorite day of the year.Also good!But even though I understood this was a Rainbow Rowell Production, I honestly hoped it would highlight best-friendship betw...
  • Gaby
    Just when you thought Rainbow Rowell couldn't out-cute herself more than she already has, she comes along and gives you Pumpkinheads. IT'S JUST SO UNBELIEVABLE ADORABLE. Deja and Josiah are perfect humans and the pumpkin patch is the most perfect place in the world. And then there's Faith Erin Hicks's art, which puts it over the top. So good. SO. GOOD. I will be reading this one at least 3 times every Sept/Oct for the foreseeable future, thank yo...
  • Cat
    It's cute, I guess...? But the "plot" is really, really simple and can be summed up in two sentences. Don't worry, I won't do that, no spoilers.Cute settings, cute characters, cute drawings, everything's cute. But that's not enough for me, definitely. :(
  • Josh Talks Books
    Rating:5/5As always, Rainbow Rowell doesn't fail to blow me away by her quirky and adorable writing, and it pairs perfectly with Faith Erin Hicks' illustrations, so that you get a story that is told using both images and words, but twice the emotion. This is literally the perfect fall story, and the story, setting, and characters are written just as vibrantly as the pictures make them. Inside, my heart is full and I will definitely be rereading P...
  • Angela Magic Art
    Super cute, and sweet. The Fall/Halloween vibes were the best. The whole setting was a super aesthetic read. The plot was very simple, but enjoyable. The message was good too, about not waiting, just going out and putting yourself out there. Taking charge of your fate. I thought that was nice. I loved the characters and the art. Just an all around enjoyable read. 🎃