Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga, #6) by Helen Hardt

Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga, #6)

Jonah Steel has fallen in love with Melanie Carmichael but refuses to make a commitment until he has solved the mystery of his family s past. A new threat has surfaced, and he needs to eliminate it. Melanie loves Jonah but has yet to surrender completely to his needs. Still, she wants a promise that he can't yet make. While the ghosts of her past still hover around her, she joins him on his quest for answers. Together, they vow to find the truth...

Details Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga, #6)

TitleSurrender (Steel Brothers Saga, #6)
Release DateMay 16th, 2017
PublisherWaterhouse Press
GenreRomance, Adult Fiction, Erotica, Mystery, Contemporary Romance, Fiction

Reviews Surrender (Steel Brothers Saga, #6)

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  • Lissa
    Good lord, is this series EVER going to end? It started out as a trilogy, and then became a double trilogy, and now it's going to be at least eight books. And we ALL know that the author isn't going to give up once Ryan's story has been told, because obvious Marj is going to have to have her OWN books too ((view spoiler)[and it's clear as day that she's trying to set up Marj with Bryce (hide spoiler)]), so this "trilogy" is likely going to have a...
  • My Girlfriend's Couch Blog
    I am just going to start this review out by saying Surrender IS NOT a standalone! In fact, there is no way to even read this series without reading it on the order that the author wrote it. That being said, the Steel Brothers Saga has to be one of the most messed up romantic suspense series I have ever read! And I mean that as a complement to Helen Hardt. The WARNING at the beginning of the book is all you need to know...There are so many hard li...
  • MammieBabbie
    An all consuming and tantalising continuation to The Steel Brothers Saga that'll leave you yearning and burning for more...Oh. Kay. Let's just start with OH MY GOOD FREAKING LORD! Boy oh boy, this series just gets better and better. FML. I'm actually still so revved up and excited over Surrender that my brain is having a hard time composing the right thing to say without giving the game away. I love Helen Hardt so so SO hard right now. It's at ti...
  • Cindy M. Green
    Please note that you need to read this series in order: Craving, Obsession, Possession, Melt, Burn and then Surrender (Shattered and Twisted come out this year as well).We continue this journey with Jonah Steel, the oldest of the Steel Brothers, and Melanie Carmichael, who was Talon's therapist when the series began. We pick up where we left off in Burn, Jonah still feels responsible for unthinkable things that happened when they were kids. His m...
  • Judy Miracle
    Just thinking of this book now 2 days after reading it my jaw is still on the floor. I can honestly not put into words what this book made me feel and think. But I am going to try my best. I have read all 6 (you kind of have to in order to understand everything) books 1-3 are Talon's story and great. But this one book 6 in the series but the 3rd one for Jonah was my absolute favorite. Helen Hardt cannot do wrong when it comes to this series. Each...
  • Naughty Mom Story Time
    So many questions answered and so many more puzzle pieces revealed. Surrender did not fail to deliver the same level of suspense as the previous books in this series. Full review to follow
  • Jordan Clements- Ballard
    ******* NOT A STANDALONE********** Surrender is the sixth book in the Steel Brothers Saga. You must read them in order starting with Craving to fully understand the story line. Jonah and Melanie's love story is far from prefect, but in this book they really focus on trusted, and exploring one another's boundaries. Jonah still feels guilty about not answering Melanie's phone call the night she got abducted. He's also on a wild goose chase trying ...
  • Gina
    Let me start with saying this is a Series and you will need to read these in order. wow.! I don't know if I can truly express or write the correct words to how I feel about this book and this series. I will do my best tho. I feel that as each new book is released they get more amazing and better with each book that comes out. I never thought that could be possible. Helen Hardt not only weaves a story about romance, new beginning, while i...
  • Kristin
    Oh those Steel Brothers!!! This has very quickly become my go to series for rereads over and over again. Helen Hardt did not disappoint in the newest addition to the series - Surrender. The story opens up with lots of drama from the last book still taking place - so you must read them in order-- and it keeps you on the edge of your seat all the to the last word of the book. Jonah and Melanie explore many new things in their relationship event as ...
  • Carol Ann Doveatt
    BOOK SIX IN THE STEEL BROTHERS SAGA. READ 1-5 FIRST.I love the Steel Brothers series! Surrender is book six and it concludes Jonah Steel and Melanie Carmichael's story, and what a story it is!!! There are twists and turns, suspense, questions answered and new questions asked, and so many emotions. It is like you are riding a roller coaster and holding on for dear life at times. Plus there is some very erotic hot love scenes that were quite simply...
  • Christina
    This one is the final book in Jonah and Melanie's story and it's AMAZING!! I just love how this storyline has progressed and I enjoy each one more and more. These definitely aren't standalones and you need to start with Craving. I so enjoy seeing each of the Steel brothers find love and get through the twists and turns that are thrown at them.
  • Sarah
    This is the sixth book in the Steel Brothers Saga and they just keep getting better and better. Just when I think I have the mystery figured out Helen Hardt gives her readers another clue to decipher.This installment of the saga is still focused on Jonah and Melanie as the key love story while the mystery still plays out in the background.When we last left Jonah and Melanie he had confessed a secret to her that he was sure would tear them apart. ...
  • Mary Kelly
    Absolutely LOVE this series! From the way Talon and Jade's relationship unfolded in Craving, Obsession and a Possession to the transition of the developments between Jonah and Melanie in Melt, Burn and Surrender...each 3-book segment of this series leaves your anticipation high for the next installment. Better than standard trilogies, Helen Hardt's approach to "trilogies within a trilogy" allow for the full development of each character and the i...
  • Melissa Schaub
    5 Stars *****Surrender is such an amazing continuation of this already amazing series. This book focuses more on Jonah and Melanie but we have constant run ins with previous characters. Surrender is not a standalone and you should read the rest of the Steele Brothers Saga before you read this one as the entire series has a running storyline. In this book Jonah is still dealing with the overwhelming guilt of what ifs that revolve around his brothe...
  • Michelle Brace (Wicked Babes Blog Reviews)
    Can I start out by saying that I don't think I've ever been happier to start reading a new author than I am that I started Helen's Steel Brothers Saga? This series has me in its clutches and its not letting me go anytime soon. This series is NOT a standalone and you HAVE to read it from the beginning in order to know what is going with each book but its so WORTH IT!My jaw was dropping through this entire book and it left me completely speechless....
  • Sharon
    The Steel Brothers are back in full force with this sixth book in the series and it is aptly named “Surrender” and all that the meaning of the word implies. It picks up right where the previous book left off and once again the reader is swept up into the tempestuous relationship between Jonah, Melanie and his family. The reader is also given more insight into what actually happened when, at ten years old, Talon was taken but it only leads to ...
  • Meghan Murphy
    5 StarsSurrender by Helen Hardt is the sixth book in the Steel Brothers Saga and is a continuation of Jonah Steel and Melanie Carmichael's story. You need to read the books in order to fully understand what's going on. The Steel Brothers Saga has to be one of my favorite series ever!! Ms. Hardt’s writing captures you from the first page and doesn't let go until the very end! Without giving too much away, Surrender picks up exactly where Burn le...
  • Michelle Harris
    Helen's books pull you into the story and it's like coming home to the characters within them with each installment she gives us. This one was no different and I'm anxious to finally get to know the mystery that is Ryan in the next few books. What can I say about this book that I haven't with the other Steel series..? It was such an emotional read. In the worst of ways (which is good) and in the very best of ways. Joe grows so much in Surrender a...
  • Gloria Herrera for As You Wish Reviews
    What a story! It just keeps getting better and better!Jonah and Melanie's relationship has been a serious situation. Trust between the two of them has been disturbed and now Jonah is risking it all trying to solve the mystery of Talon's kidnapping.We are about to discover who the third man was. BUT, are there more people involved? Aha! If you love a great mystery, with a HOT romance, and a great plotline, this is the book for you! As the kidnappe...
  • Dawn
    OMG !! brilliant this book has so many twist & turns my head is spinning ! there is so much going on I cannot wait for the next one :)xx my only negative with this book is its finishes at 55% ! but you get another book Temptation Dusty story read it before loved so I am re reading the series now :) so all good xx
  • Heather Bass
    Omg!! I don't even know where to begin with this book. I'm still sitting here trying to digest of what I have read. Helen you continue to surprise me. When I think I have solved this ongoing mystery you do a 360 on me and I have to start all over again. This story has it all romance, suspense, and deceit. I could not put this book down for anything. Once I started reading I could not stop until the very end and even then I wanted more. It only to...
  • JoAnna Edger
    This book what can i say about it, Simply Phenomenal... In my opinion this is the best book of the series thus far. The twists and turns that Helen takes us on during the adventure of reading this book has you constantly stuck reading and not able to put the book down. I literally read it from start to finish within a few hours because every page brought on new twists that were just jaw dropping. The connection between Jonah and Melanie is amazi...
  • Kathy West
    Let me start by saying that the Steel Brothers Saga must be read in order, or you will not understand what is going on in the book. This saga also talks about topics that are sometimes hard to talk about and might be too hard to read for some people. With that being said, this book was HOLY HOTNESS!!!! As a romantic suspense book it had twists and turns that will make you say "What the f***!!"This is the third story about Jonah and Melanie, the s...
  • Heather
    I LOVED this book!!!I honestly kept sending texts to my bestie (also reading the series) saying "Holy shit, you won't believe it!" & "OMG, I have to pick my mouth up off the floor!" I never revealed any secrets to her!We are pulled in and there are secrets revealed in the first few chapters. I found myself picking my brain for bits of information from the previous books so that I could connect all the dots (my lines are not connected yet). Just w...
  • Kristin
    I was so excited to receive this ARC after reading the preview in Burn, blowing through it in two evenings.Surrender is the third in Jonah’s storyline (and the 6th in the Steel Brothers books; the first three revolve around Talon). Jonah’s bedroom preferences are more flushed out in this book. I feel that Melanie acquiesced to him sexually more in this book than the other two. Melanie is really good for Jonah by bringing out the best in him b...
  • Elle's Book Blog
    Release Date: May 16, 2017 Genre: Contemporary Romance (with dark undertones)Surrender by Helen Hardt is the 6th book in the Steel Brothers Saga and each book must be read in order for full understanding of the story line. This is a darker romance series that deals with hard issues like child abuse (although it happens in the past and is not a current issue with the characters at this stage in their lives). Some of the flashbacks may be disturb...
  • Sandra
    ***REMEMBER THIS IS NOT A STANDALONE*** Helen Hardt continues the the Steel Brothers Saga..... I received this book as an ARC.  Amazing.... Helen has done it again....Synopsis:  Jonah Steel has fallen in love with Melanie Carmichael but still lives with the guilt that consumes him as he tries to unravel the mystery of his family's past. A new threat has surfaced, and he finds himself trapped in a web of deceit and lies. Melanie loves Jonah but ...
  • LaWanna Lewis
    OMG this book was so good, that I could not put it down. Its captures your attention about the 2nd chapter and just will not release the inquiring mind and thought process. Making you forget that you have things to do ( like work..... lol), because you just have to know what happens next.In this book so many things come out into the open , that take you on a roll a coaster ride of emotions. So many ups and downs, OH HELL NO's and YOU'RE KIDDING M...
  • Jessica
    Hot damn Jonah my lord I am speechless. I can't freaking wait to see what Ryan brings to the table. Please we need Marj and Bryce to get together. All I can say is this series is a freaking must read.