This Book Is Not Yet Rated by Peter Bognanni

This Book Is Not Yet Rated

The Green Street Cinema has always been a sanctuary for Ethan. Maybe it's because movies help him make sense of real life, or maybe it's because the cinema is the one place he can go to still feel close to his dad, a film professor who died three years ago. Either way, it's a place worth fighting for, especially when developers threaten to tear it down to build a luxury condos.They say it's structurally unsound and riddled with health code violat...

Details This Book Is Not Yet Rated

TitleThis Book Is Not Yet Rated
Release DateApr 9th, 2019
PublisherDial Books
GenreYoung Adult, Contemporary, Romance, Realistic Fiction, Humor

Reviews This Book Is Not Yet Rated

  • Lola
    Character-driven stories rock. They really do. Because if you like the characters, you most likely end up caring about them, and if you care about them, then you care about what happens TO them and AROUND them and to the people in their lives. Even if the storyline doesn’t blow you away, you’re still having a pleasant time in the company of these people you now care about and want to make your family. I loved Ethan. I loved him from the very ...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.I really enjoyed reading this book. This book first got my attention with its eye-catching cover and great title. After reading the book's description, I knew that I had to give this book a try and I am glad that I did. Once I started reading this book, the pages seemed to fly by and before I knew I had finished the entire book in a single morning. It really was the perfect book to lo...
  • Stacee
    I absolutely loved the premise of this and was so excited to read it. I liked Ethan well enough. He’s sort of struggling and maybe a little stagnant in his life, but he was easy to root for at the start. There’s a pretty interesting set of characters here and yet at the same time, no one stood out. We didn’t get much backstory on anyone but Ethan. Plot wise, it was sort of boring. It was a lot of trying to figure things out with a very slo...
  • madandelion
    This book was funnn.
  • Dalene
    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. I was really excited to read this book! A book about a local theater that could close down? A book where the person running that theater is a teenage boy who loves movies? I was so excited to start it, but I wasn't into it. It's okay, but it didn't go where I thought it would. I love movies but besides a quick one liner or just a mention of a movie, that was all we got when it came to movies,...
  • Kiki Cole
    Movie goers and movie fanatics...BEHOLD! This novel stars our very own 17 year old Ethan, movie extraordinaire and unofficial manager of a rundown movie theater. If you choose to delve into this book there will be no disappointment! This book is an endearing tale about saving the places that you love with dashes of comedy and hints of young romance. I am not an a movie fanatic, but I do love a great book movies aside and this was definitely one o...
  • Sara (A Gingerly Review)
    2.5 stars?The overall story was just alright. I felt bored at times but I enjoyed the narrator.
  • Joann
    This has so many movie references that I didn't even know half of the movies that were talked about but I loved Ethan and his dysfunctional work family!
  • Dayla
    Review first appeared on my blog as part of my Music Mondays feature here.I received an ARC from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.Peter Bognanni and I have an emotional past. Mind you, the author himself doesn’t know that. When his novel Things I’m Seeing Without You was first out in ARC format, I was fortunate enough to receive a copy via the publisher. It just so happened that when I was nearly halfway through, my family suffe...
  • Stacy Fetters
    "It takes a little danger to come out on top. You have to take risks, act like it’s a matter of life and death!”Have you ever had something in your life that meant the world to you? Something that touches your soul and you would do anything to stop something bad from happening? Ethan feels that passionately about The Green Street Theatre.Ethan is manager of a small indie movie theatre and it’s his entire life. Him and his Dad would go there...
  • Chrissie Morrison
    Even for people who don't go to church (or some other house of worship), there is often a place to which they turn for comfort and solace. For me, it's any quiet place with lots of pillows and a warm blanket.  I like to make myself a little "nest" so I can cozy up to refresh my body and mind. My husband recharges his spirit by spending time in nature; most often, the Adirondack Mountains.  In this story, the Green Street Cinema is like church t...
  • Kate
    This book was great! I loved the main characters and the quirky supporting cast. It will especially appeal to movie and A/V nerds, and I was one of these in high school and college, so it was a perfect match!While there is a (maybe?) romance, it is not a mushy love story. And there isn't a clear-cut ending, so some readers may be disappointed there. Ethan is the main character, a kid who graduated early (after the death of his father), and works ...
  • Stephanie
    I loved this book! I devoured this in a weekend and I laughed out loud while I did it. This is a book for film buffs. From the very beginning there are references to and quotes from classic films like Back to the Future, Gladiator, Rebel Without a Cause, and Citizen Kane. Many directors and their unique styles are referenced and applauded. Our main character, Ethan, is the teenage manager of a campus independent movie theater in danger of closing...
  • Laura
    A thoroughly enjoyable, sweet read with a wonderful cast of characters. Definitely a High Fidelity vibe that I loved.
  • Yvonne Olson
    I'm not sure why I seem to have this problem, but I swear every YA contemporary I reasd reminds me so much of a YA contemporary I just read. This one wasn't as similar as some of the others I've dealt with, but I was constantly reminded of Rayne and Delilah's Midnight Matinee. They have similar tropes and characters that have similar thoughts.Either way, I really enjoyed this title. I just wish I could stop comparing things.
  • Lindsey
    This fell so flat for me. I’m so disappointed.
  • Harriet Smith
    Great movie references, but ....
  • Melanie
    An adorable, fun read for any movie lovers. I loved that this had a male main character and the Green Street Cinema added so much charm to the story.
  • Lauren
    Okay. Not my favorite but mainly because I didn’t understand most of the classic movie references. It was well done and had some good moments. Just not for me.
  • Alexa
    I really enjoyed Peter Bognanni’s previous book, Things I'm Seeing Without You and it’s ultimately why I picked up this book in the first place. They’re completely different but similar in the way that Bognanni writes books that are easy to read and easy to get into...Review:
  • Shelby
    I really enjoyed this book. It was a wonderful coming of age story about realizing the people and experiences that make you, not necessarily the material things. It spoke a great message and it came across very well. I really liked Ethan, our main character, and we get a good look into his personality in the short time we follow his life in this book. I also loved the movie references and terms throughout, and I thought they made this a “love l...
  • Brianna Westervelt
    Yes, I really read this book in one day. Once I started reading it, I neglected everything else in my life. Well, okay, I did take time out to go to the gym and the grocery store, and watch a movie, but I was thinking about this book the whole time I wasn't reading it! If that's not an endorsement, then I don't know what is.P.S. Sweet Lou is the best octogenarian you will ever encounter in a YA novel. That is all.
  • Mel
    a sweet and beautiful contemporary book and coming of age story .
  • Debbie
    I'd give this book 4.5 stars, really, but it's not quite up to 5, I think. However, it's worth noting that I started this book at 8pm one night, slept for 6-7 hours, read it over breakfast again at 7am and finished it by 10am. I did not want to do anything else but read this book, eat, and sleep.[Small spoilers ahead.]Reasons I love this book:1) This book has real people: Ethan, Raina, Ethan's mom, "the Oracle," even Ron. And they talk about thei...
  • Athena
    When you think of a book about movies, you probably wonder, "How would that even work?" That question can be answered if you read this simple, yet beautiful book. This Book Is Not Yet Rated is a book that explores the feeling of leaving something behind as you grow up and become the person you're going to be. It's not always easy, but it takes one thing away to be replaced with something better, if you play your cards right. Ethan is a very human...
  • Sherry
    Wow, I love this book.The plot centers around the attempts of the narrator, Ethan, to save a decaying independent movie theater from demolition, but the story is more about the death of Ethan’s father and his inability to come to terms with his loss. That’s the reason the theater is so important to Ethan. It’s a place where the two of them shared their love of films, and losing the theater seems like losing his father all over again. But th...
  • Jenn Bennington
    I’m not in any way impartial about this book. While I was not aware of the Acknowledgements at the books conclusion, I recognized that the Green St Cinema of the novel had to be modeled on the Oak St Cinema here in Minneapolis. I tweeted the author to see if I was right and he immediately tweeted back, confirming my assumption. It seems that Peter Bognanni and I just missed each other’s window at the Oak St. In fact, while working one slow Su...
  • Sandra Porter
    Don't know if this book is everyone's cup of tea, but it really spoke to me (it made me put down two other books I was reading and read this one straight through): about how life goes on, how you first love molds you, about change, and a lot about movies. I think if you are movie buff, especially old quirky movies, like Harold and Maude (one of my favorites) the may be your book. At the beginning of some chapters the author starts with "Ethan's G...
  • Julie
    Disclaimer: Peter Bognanni's mother managed a public library I used to work at in the Midwest after I had already moved away so I had heard of her yet never met her. My daughter attended Macalester College (best school in the world) where Peter Bognanni is a teacher now and started after she graduated. So that was bait to read this when it floated across my desk for processing at my current public library. Wow I am glad that I did! If you love th...