The Last Astronaut by David Wellington

The Last Astronaut

Mission Commander Sally Jansen is Earth’s last astronaut–and last hope–in this gripping near-future thriller where a mission to make first contact becomes a terrifying struggle for survival in the depths of space.Sally Jansen was NASA’s leading astronaut, until a mission to Mars ended in disaster. Haunted by her failure, she lives in quiet anonymity, convinced her days in space are over.She’s wrong.A large alien object has entered the s...

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TitleThe Last Astronaut
Release DateJul 23rd, 2019
GenreScience Fiction, Fiction

Reviews The Last Astronaut

  • Lisa
    David Wellington may be one of the few author's who I would allow to take me into space. I love science fiction in movies and television. In books, eh, not so much! If I have to imagine it, then I guarantee that I will manage to scare the crap outta myself! This book wasn't near as terrifying as I expected. But, this story had heart. Also, the 👽 alien, " s"? was completely unexpected and downright scary without having to have blood and guts. A...
  • The Captain
    Ahoy there mateys! Unpopular opinion time. This book has been described as Gravity, Alien, and The Martian combined. I should have loved this one but only managed to make it to the 4% mark. I was struggling with the narration style from the beginning. This is certainly a case of wrong book for this particular reader. But give it a shot if it sounds good to ye because the crew loves this one!I received a copy from the publisher in exchange for me ...
  • Liz Barnsley
    I devoured this book, probably one of the most addictive of my year so far, apart from a break when I had to work it was a one sitting read. Once you start you just have to get to the end.I do love a good first contact tale and this one was a doozy- fast paced action, twists and turns, hugely imaginative throughout and utterly unpredictable. The scene setting is superb, the characters all intriguing and it’s one of those stories you just live t...
  • Sarah
    The Last Astronaut doesn’t waste too much time getting to the heart of the issue, which I loved. it maintained a pretty quick pace throughout the book, alternating between bouts of action and bouts of discoveries about this alien object. The setting and tone are consistently dark, grim, desolate, and lonely. The image of lights on a space suit cutting through a misty darkness were used repeatedly, which is perfect for this kind of book.Which is...
  • OutlawPoet
    Ground Control to Major T…………OMG, WHAT IS THAT THING????Lol – so, I admit it. When I started reading this book, the background music in my mind was totally Ground Control to Major Tom. I was digging our space scenes, marveling at the amount of detail and danger that the author put into his book, and, even with some tragic scenes, kind of in a state of zen-enjoyment.And then. Oh, and then…The background music changed. Instead of David ...
  • Emma
    Written in the form of a post-event investigation which includes transcribed audio 'confessionals', video records, assorted information excerpts, and multiple POVs, this is a book that presents First Contact through a vividly personal lens. It aims for reality and for the most part, succeeds. This style keeps it high energy and pacey as hell, for a time at least. The opening section and initial stages were really well done, full of fear and disas...
  • Tammie
    The Last Astronaut, a science fiction book, was a solid 4 stars. With a large cast of characters, The Last Astronaut centers around main character Sally Jansen, a retired astronaut that left NASA after disastrous mission. Sally is pulled out of retirement to lead an expedition when a large object is discovered to be heading towards Earth. This isn’t just any large object-it’s “behavior” is unlike any other, showing signs of possible intel...
  • Lilyn G. | Sci-Fi & Scary
    Review up soon.This was freaking fantastic, folks.Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book from Netgalley for review consideration.
  • Empress Reece (Hooked on Books)
    This book takes all of your preconceived notions about aliens and first contact and throws them right out the window. That's one of the reasons I liked it so much; you never knew what to expect and the author kept you on your toes and guessing throughout the entire mission. It also made me reevaluate my thoughts on our vast universe.*I received this ARC from Goodreads Firstreads in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!
  • laurel [suspected bibliophile]
    3.5 starsWhen a horrific incident scrapped her mission to Mars and turned her into the women who lost the second space race, Sally Janson never expected she'd return to space. Until a mysterious object brings NASA back into the forefront of importance and Sally back into a job—because she's the only person on Earth with the skills necessary to lead a mission to a potentially alien spacecraft.I wasn't expecting this to be straight up horror, but...
  • Bandit
    I’m absolutely delighted to be the first person reviewing this book, because it’s awesome and I’ve got great things to say about it. Wellington first came to my attention with his Monster Island trilogy, one of the first zombie books I’ve read and a great story in itself. I mean I still remember the twist from it, that says a lot. But actually my preference has always been toward standalones. When his latest appeared on Netgalley, I reque...
  • Toya
    Sally Jansen, NASA’s top astronaut, was the Mission Commander for space mission Orbit 6, which was going to make her one of the first humans to walk on Mars. Her dreams come crashing down when the mission results in the death of one of her colleagues/direct reports. While no one directly blamed Jansen, she left NASA anyways.Fast forward a couple of decades, and Dr. Sunny Stevens of KSpace approaches NASA with sensitive data that suggests the di...
  • Kate
    This has such an excellent premise - I love First Contact stories - and I did enjoy parts of it very much. However, I was a little disappointed at the direction that it took, heading into familiar and well-trodden, predictable territory, which is far more horror than science fiction. I was also sorry to see that a main character developed in such a stereotypical way. Nevertheless, an entertaining read. Review to follow shortly on For Winter Night...
  • Rachel (TheShadesofOrange)
    3.0 StarsVideo Review: is the kind of story that would make a fantastic movie. While reading this novel, I kept envisioning the plot as a blockbuster movie with amazing cinematography. The story was fast paced and action packed with a few rather gory scenes that would be visually stunning on the big screen. I would not be surprised if this novel gets adapted in the future.Unfortunately, the elements that make for ...
  • Geonn Cannon
    A bit of Gravity, a fair bit of Arrival, with the horror of Annihilation and Alien, this book takes the best part of some great scifi movies to make something new, unique, and well worth a read if you (like me) are intrigued by the cover.
  • Jypsy
    I like space science fiction stuff to a certain degree. The Last Astronaut was just a bit too scientific for my taste. Lots of jargon and bits I don't really understand. I get slowed down to a crawl and ready to give up. I forced myself to continue because the idea is good, and going to Mars would be awesome. I was creeped out by some parts of the story. It's thrilling and suspenseful and engaging if you can slog through the science word jungle. ...
  • J.S. Green
    All Sally Jansen ever wanted to do was to go to Mars, to be the first person to walk its red sand. But a disastrous mid-journey leak forced her to make a split-second decision, and one of her crew died in order to save herself and the rest. The NASA program was moth-balled and the US lost its edge in space exploration, and with it her chance to ever go back into space. Until an inter-stellar object is found entering the solar system, and even alt...
  • Onceinabluemoon
    This was great fun, I listened to the audio and thought it was excellent. I was working outdoors and would find myself whipping my head around as the music slinked in, only heightening the suspense. It was creative and different and I loved the ice world as I toiled in 103 degree temps in my garden. Not a scfi fan but this grabbed me in fast as we hurdled towards mars.
  • Sophie
    Wellington's novel is full of suspense, anticipation, intrigue and a drag of filler; a bit less terrifying if one's already familiar with Syfy's Expanse, Scott's Alien, Clarke's Rendevous with Rama, and Lovecraft, but still its own story.The copy was kindly provided to me by the publisher via NetGalley.
  • Elaine
    Thanks to NetGalley for a Kindle ARC of The Last Astronaut. ** Minor spoilers ahead ** Twenty years ago, astronaut Sally Jensen was one of the few female astronauts heading the space race to Mars. A disaster aboard her ship ended her career and left her demoralized and traumatized.Now, twenty years later, a scientist working in the private sector has detected something strange in the solar system headed straight for Earth. An alien space craft....
  • Nicholas Kaufmann
    An excellent, well-crafted novel that mixes science fiction and horror with masterful results, THE LAST ASTRONAUT is full of adventure, mystery, and terror. In some ways, it reminds me of Jeff VanderMeer's ANNIHILATION, with its human characters trying to make sense of completely alien surroundings, and in other ways it reminds me of a haunted house story, where the farther our characters explore, the more its secrets are revealed -- sometimes te...
  • Kend
    Welcome to the world, The Last Astronaut! Just ... keep your manifold teeth and hands and tendrils tucked away tight, alright?There are a lot of different kinds of ways of writing science fiction horror novels that deal with the alien Other, all of which will be familiar to a fan of the genre in either book or film format. There's the alien Other which is impenetrably impossible to communicate with (I'm thinking of something along the lines of th...
  • Tawana Howard
    I received this ebook through #goodreadsgiveaway.The Last Astronaut is set mostly in outer space in the near-ish future. The story starts by introducing you to all the main characters with some small background story. I found most of the main characters very likeable. Sally Jensen is the only "real" astronaut on the mission and she is in her fifties. She was once the first female mc for a space mission and on her way to Mars when the unthinkable ...
  • Ernest
    On the one hand, this is really good hard sf with a Stephen Baxter / Arthur C. Clarke vibe. On the other, it's a mashup of Rendevous with Rama and the Expanse with a fair amount of Alien thrown in. When a large interstellar object come at us from out of the ecliptic plane of the solar system, it's exciting news, but when one decelerates and changes course for Earth, it's problematic as well. Still exciting, but mostly terrifying. NASA should send...
  • Kath
    I'm still cutting my teeth on Sci-Fi genre so I am clueless in where this book stands when compared to others but I did find parts of the book a little hard to follow especially with all the flitting around in time and POV. But I did get it eventually and, once it clicked, it started to flow a bit better for me. Sally Jensen is one of the old school NASA Astronauts. The last mission when went on went horribly wrong and she lost one of her crew. T...
  • Mary Lins
    Full disclosure: I’ve been working in aerospace for the past 29+ years as a NASA contractor. I am NOT an engineer nor a scientist, so I can’t vouch for the engineering or science referenced in “The Last Astronaut”, by David Wellington. I CAN vouch for the fact that the story was imaginative, interesting, thrilling, and well-paced. It’s clearly intended to be made into a film, but I wish it had been more like “Arrival” and less like ...
  • Amy
    ARC/Science Fiction: This book has not come out so I will try to review this without spoilers and just tell you how I felt about it. It is a pretty good book and I couldn’t wait to find out how it was going to end. To me there are really two scenarios that can happen. Either Earth bands together to fight evil aliens or the aliens are friendly and show Earth how to live cohesively and give out technology. I read John Stanford’s Saturn Run and ...
  • Alexander Tas
    Read the full review at the Quill to Live: I would not say that The Last Astronaut by David Wellington is a bad book. It just didn’t quite hit the marks that it set out to hit. The story itself was okay on its own; it did not feel entirely new to me, but it was not stale either. The possibility of extraterrestrial life visiting our solar system can be a fun way to uncover aspects of humanity left unexpl...
  • Karsyn
    Received from NetGalley for my review:My review is that this book sucked.This book sucked all the little joy that's in the world (that joy that comes from reading) out of it. It was a chore to read, dull, flat, confusing and just plain annoying.Let's start with the formatting. It was meant to be clever, I think? A story interspersed with excepts from interviews, with the author making an appearance as a fictional person. Like he gathered these 'f...