Zucked by Roger McNamee


The story of how a noted tech venture capitalist, an early mentor to Mark Zuckerberg and investor in his company, woke up to the serious damage Facebook was doing to our society and set out to try to stop it.If you had told Roger McNamee even three years ago that he would soon be devoting himself to stopping Facebook from destroying our democracy, he would have howled with laughter. He had mentored many tech leaders in his illustrious career as a...

Details Zucked

Release DateFeb 5th, 2019
PublisherPenguin Press
GenreNonfiction, Business, Science, Technology, Politics

Reviews Zucked

  • Mehrsa
    Fascinating account from an insider on facebook. A few points I took away after reading this: 1. Facebook responds to every problem with a tech fix. The world is bugs to be fixed to "Zuck."2. Facebook will sacrifice everything for increased growth and connection3. Facebook knows their potential for harm and they seem not bothered by it4. Facebook should not have so much power over our lives5. This is the tip of the iceberg. We can bring down face...
  • Gayle Fleming
    I know. I know. You have nothing to hide so you don't care if your personal data is collected. The benefits you believe you derive from the big three internet platforms—Facebook, Google and Amazon far outweigh the information they collect about you. Well, dream on sucker. Seriously. This book is frightening in the way it explains how our personal data is monetized, manipulated and distributed in nefarious and unscrupulous ways. My eyes have bee...
  • Morgan Blackledge
    Oh man I’m so cranky right now.I should not be writing while I’m in this mood. But Zucked has me all worked up.So here goes.....I hate Facebook.I super fucking hate it. But I used to love it back when it first started.It was so AWESOME to reconnect with the friends you lost touch with, learn about their accomplishments and foibles, share memories and see how old they got. And then everyone’s mom was on it, and you couldn’t talk about the ...
  • Michael Perkins
    Brand new TED talk (4/16/19) from the journalist who uncovered the Cambridge Analytica connection to FB. Both the British Trumpkins AND Facebook sued the journalists to try stop the truth coming out. FB is not neutral. It's a publisher that profits off of evil.https://www.ted.com/talks/carole_cadw...===========================This astounding two-parter by Frontline is a must-watch for those interested in the FB debacle.https://www.pbs.org/video/t...
  • Lane Erickson
    astounding amount of filler; most of the book reads like a plea from the author to be taken seriously, where this is not necessary. the content could have been condensed to 30-45 pages without losing anything. not much to think about, at least if you are already familiar with tech
  • Gary Singh
    Here is the cover story I wrote about Zucked in Metro Silicon Valley:http://www.metroactive.com/features/Z...Contains an introduction and interview with the author.
  • Peter Mcloughlin
    Facebook and social media is something unprecedented in business and ordinary life. Namely, it is the melding of the two. People use platforms like Facebook to connect with people in our social circles both intimate and mere acquaintances. This is no mere billboard for social interaction but a tool to leverage our close and far social connection in ways that can turn a profit. It tracks who we are close to and pops messages that algorithms choose...
  • Paula
    Be scared. Be very VERY scared about what Facebook (and Google and Amazon, et al.) are doing to our democracy - and our brains and how we are living our lives in general. This is one of THE scariest - and most historically important - books I've read in the last decade. I believe this book should be required reading for all Americans, though of course that'll never happen because - well, it's all explained in the book.I've got to sit and ingest i...
  • Marie
    "My trust in Facebook has been misplaced.""The algorithms choose posts calculated to press emotional buttons because scaring users or pissing them off increases time on site.""Facebook is the fourth most valuable company in America and its value stems from its mastery of surveillance and behavioral modification.""Google put a fence around half of a public park and started commercializing it.""User privacy has become a pawn to be traded to acceler...
  • Nancy
    I won this in a Goodreads giveaway.More proof of the damage happening via Facebook. Of course I am posting a review of a book about the dangers of social networks on a social network site. Anyway I can hope more of this information gets out in the world.
  • Adriana
    The bad: repetitive, change in tone goes from casual friend to distant tech billionaire investor, and some dings to his credibility. While McNamee comes clean about his connections, decisions and involvements without trying to ''pick a side'' per se, at the end of the day it can be hard to read this entire book and find out that not only is he still ON Facebook, he still OWNS loads of shares in Facebook.I figured based on everything he says here,...
  • Devogenes
    Alright so there's a lot of important information about Facebook and the digital corporatocracy in this book and it is worth reading for that and I appreciate the author's attempt to alert people to the dangers of the big data industry and social media in particular (oh hai Goodreads). I also get that this guy isn't an author, so some slack is due. But Jesus Christ buddy, I get it. You know Bono. You've been backstage at Grateful Dead shows. You'...
  • Lynn
    An interesting book about the problems Facebook, Twitter and Google have created and how the government really needs to regulate them now. They have become so huge, that they can control the internet and buy up start ups that attempt to compete with them. Facebook owns Instagram and What's Up too. Problems have been caused throughout the world such as the Royhinga in Myanmar and the presidential election in the US as well as BREXIT in the UK. Thi...
  • Steve Peifer
    There are some good things in this book. I really didn’t understand filter bubbles before, and it was revelatory. The author is clearly smart, and he seems to be the Forest Gump of technology; his fingerprints can be found all over.Facebook is the result of the marriage of naivety, arrogance and surrounding yourself with people who think you can do no wrong. Zuckerberg has the smartest people on the planet working tirelessly to make you want to...
  • Chaz
    I would recommend skipping/skimming the first two chapters... Chapter 1 is really mostly about the authors background of white privilege, comfort and wealth to explain why he is qualified to speak to the ills of Facebook. Chapter 2 is basically an explanation of how the Internet came to be. So the first chapter I didn't care to know and the second chapter I already know.The meat starts with chapter 3 I guess, and the genesis of Facebook. But hone...
  • Juarez Poletto Jr.
    Important message but terrible delivery!I had two major problems with this book, first it bored me to death, it compesate the lack of content and new facts to the story by repeating itself over and over.The second one, which made me to abandon the book on epilogue, was the fact mentioned about Brazil last election is incorrect, which made me question everything else on the book. Anyway, very, very important message, just wait for a better book ab...
  • Pamela N.
    People have, at times, accused me of believing in conspiracies, or seeing patterns that do not exist, only to have the NY Times break a story, or an author publish an expose,' which inevitably explains more thoroughly what I had observed. Roger McNamee wrote the book that explains the phenomenon of the social media effect, and gives it's history, and describes what it means to all of us. And he does so in an interesting, and although wordy, page-...
  • S
    I had high hopes for this book, but I should have realized after hearing the author interviewed on a few podcasts that it would be a dud. On the podcasts the author is mostly self promoting, does a lot of name dropping, comes across as pompous and omniscient. And mostly the book is the same- its a lot of story telling about the author and his friends, mini biographies of influential people and how they uncover their theories and meet with congres...
  • Jeffrey Powanda
    Good book for Facebook haters like me, but I'm not optimistic about McNamee's proposed solutions (aggressive antitrust action and government regulation). In fact, I'm surprised McNamee, a multimillionaire Silicon Valley investor with elite friends, didn't simply fund a new social network platform based on humane design principles, user control, and GDPR-compliant data protection. Call it "Zucked."I would abandon Facebook and switch to Zucked in a...
  • Jack
    Some good some badIf the author could have focused on Facebook and google I would have given him a 5 but his politics were obvious throughout the book. It’s unfortunate that everything devolves into bashing those with whom you disagree. It tainted the book
  • Robin
    Could have been edited down to half its length, but still a worthwhile read due to the author's strange position as both tech investor and music-loving hippie. For example, who knew Nancy Pelosi took impromptu meetings backstage at Grateful Dead concerts? Also, delete Facebook.
  • Rhett Garber
    An important message, but really repetitive. Too much filler material.
  • Daniel
    McNamee is a successful investor who pioneered tech funds, plays in a successful band, and used to mentor Mark Zuckerberg. He described himself as a tech optimist turned activists. He introduced Sheryl to Mark for the COO job. This book and his activity started because he was concerned about Facebook’s incessant pursuit of growth, which is harming democracy, commodifying users’ privacy, hate speech leading to genocide in Myanmar and Sri Lanka...
  • Frank
    Zucked is a sobering and important book for the stand it takes in calling out Facebook and major Internet platforms in how they are addictive by design, are eroding our privacy, and are susceptible to manipulation by bad actors threatening democracy. I especially appreciated the coverage of filter and preference bubbles and the explanation of how and why modern online platforms can contribute to self-perpetuating beliefs and tribalism. The author...
  • Debi G.
    Informative. Some chapters can be skipped, but together they paint a full portrait of the problems roots, growth, and potential to worsen. Until Global Data Protection Regulation is adopted, my habits will be changing. I love the bibliographic essay and will steer students toward this style instead of annotated bibliographies. Here are some easy to digest morsels from the book: "Getting a user outraged, anxious, or afraid is a powerful way to inc...
  • Everydayreader1
    Roger McNamee, a player and investor in the tech world for over three decades, makes the case that Facebook, as well as other internet platforms are responsible for not reining in some very bad actors, harming our democracy and changing the world for the worse. He explains how he came to those conclusions and how he believes Facebook and Google, in particular, and internet platforms, in general, are not doing enough to correct the problems and ma...
  • Ritu Mantri
    Zucked is a wake up alarm kind of book. We all know and understand the adverse effects of Facebook and other internet platform for the mental health of individuals. But the growing evils effects of Facebook is beyond our imagination.In exchange for using the free platform, Facebook collects our data, keep taps on our online activities and sell this data to generate revenue.Just imagine when those data falls in the hands of troublemakers. It could...
  • Holly R W
    "Zucked" is Roger McNamee's well researched and well thought out critique of Facebook for its existing practices in the tech industry. Google and Amazon receive their fair share of culpability too. The author does a good job of spelling out exactly how these corporate Goliaths hurt us. As someone who has always had a love-hate relationship with Facebook, for me the book reinforced my own reservations about social media. Mr. McNamee is an investo...
  • Jason Cihelka
    It’s so exciting to see lots of authors exploring the topic of “how social media is harming society”. Zucked gives a very in-depth look at Facebook (and other social media platforms), and how their business models depend on compromising our privacy and stealing our attention. It provides great commentary on recent news such the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Russian meddling in the US election, and the founding of the Center for Humane Techno...
  • Savir Husain Khan
    Zucked explained , how Facebook has changed not only how we communicate with one another, but also how we think about the media and about politics.Facebook aggressively collect data from its users in the name of improving user experience , but behind the curtens user privacy is being compromised. Book is also talks about how Facebook uses brain hacking to keep users online and using of Filter bubbles to polarize the views.In the end a conclusive ...