The Book of Dreams by Nina George

The Book of Dreams

Henri Skinner is a hardened ex-war reporter on the run from his past. On his way to see his son, Sam, for the first time in years, Henri steps into the road without looking and collides with oncoming traffic. He is rushed to a nearby hospital where he floats, comatose, between dreams, reliving the fairytales of his childhood and the secrets that made him run away in the first place.After the accident, Sam--a thirteen-year old synesthete with an I...

Details The Book of Dreams

TitleThe Book of Dreams
Release DateApr 9th, 2019
PublisherCrown Publishing Group (NY)
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Adult

Reviews The Book of Dreams

  • Paromjit
    Whilst The Book of Dreams by Nina George is not perfect, there is nevertheless much to love about this profoundly moving novel about what it is to be human and just how much momentous decisions define the life path for a person. In this complex and complicated book of family drama, relationships and human emotions, ex-war reporter, Henry Skinner, is on his way to meet his estranged teenage son, Sam, when he finds himself saving the life of a youn...
  • Larry H
    Powerful, moving, and poetic, Nina George's newest novel, The Book of Dreams , is absolutely exquisite. It's so different from other books I've read recently, and it is one I won't soon forget."Maybe we're all stories that someone is reading, and maybe that will save us before we ultimately expire?"Henri Skinner was once a renowned war reporter whose eyes have seen first-hand the horrors of our world. Shaped by tragedy at an early age, he is a p...
  • Kylie D
    A beautifully written book, richly metaphorical, about hovering in the space between life and death. It follows Henri, in a coma after an accident, and how he tries to interact with his loved ones and they in turn with him. Poignant and profound, we explore the feelings of loss, hope and grief, all at once.Yet, even though I can appreciate the beauty of this book, it really wasn't for me.My thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for an ARC in exch...
  • Katie B
    I didn't know what I was getting myself into when I picked up this book, and I mean that in the best possible way. This is the type of book I will be thinking about for awhile. I think the author really took a chance with this one and maybe it won't be for everyone, but I'm pretty darn glad I read it.The story in some ways is a bit tricky to explain without getting into spoiler territory so I'm gonna keep it brief and simple. The less you know is...
  • Jennifer ~ TarHeelReader
    The Book of Dreams surprised me in the best of ways. ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ I’m a fan of Nina George’s Little Paris Bookshop, and I noticed right away that her trademark warmth imbued on every page of The Book of Dreams. Henri Skinner, one of our main characters, is a former war reporter. He’s rough around the edges, and the war has shaped him. He’s going to visit his son, Sam, who he doesn’t really know. While literally on his way to see his ...
  • Cheri
    4.5 Stars ”Maybe our lives are nothing but stories that are being read by other people.” Henri Skinner, a man who was once-upon-a-time a war reporter, has just jumped off the Hammersmith Bridge as this story begins, desperate to save the life of a young girl who had fallen overboard. ”The river is dragging her along. It wants to own her.” But Henri wins this time. It is only after he is on land, carrying this girl to safety that he begins...
  • Karen
    A heart-tugging story of devotion and hope. Nina George has created beautiful characters and compelling relational dynamics. I especially loved Sam, an extraordinary boy who is astute beyond his years. I wanted to give him a giant bear hug and make his dreams come true.George excelled at putting her thoughts to paper, especially as they relate to Sam’s journey to find peace and love and Henri’s alternating states of awareness as he remained t...
  • Holly
    OMG! I absolutely LOVED this book! The Book of Dreams is a story to be savored and for me, to read again and again. It is charming, endearing, fascinating, thought-provoking, and ingenious. I felt a range of emotions while reading this book including happy, hopeful, surprised and sad. The Book of Dreams is a compelling story that I could not put down. An added bonus for me is that the writing is beautiful the imagery is divine. George is a master...
  • Susan Kennedy
    This was not a bad book. For me there were just parts of it that took a bit of pushing myself through it, which made reading it difficult to get through at times. The premise of the story was interesting and different than I've read, so it wasn't terrible. The characters where likable and unique. They were a bit strange at times or maybe it was the story that was strange at times or maybe it was the relationships that were strange, I'm just not s...
  • Heather
    I love Nina George's books. They are perfection. I bought them all in hardcover (after already having the paperback). Perfection.
  • Stephen
    interesting novel about coma patients and people around them and what they dream about whilst in a coma. enjoyed on the whole the book with its covering several layers and times .
  • Arlene
    The story eventually captured my attention, but if I’m being honest... I was hoping for a different conclusion.
  • Paige
    I will not be summarizing this story. Instead, I will be reviewing my likes and dislikes. I feel the summary for the story that is provided by the publishers is accurate.The premise for this book is a challenging but rewarding experience.It is difficult to predict the story, characters decisions, and the ending due to the natural unknown elements in life that the author attempts to tackle. The topics of dreams, life, death, after-life, and those ...
  • ʚϊɞ Shelley ʚϊɞ
    The Book of Dreams is a fascinating read that grabs the reader tightly and demands attention. The unique narrative is written in the first person from each of the main characters' point of view, thus the reader is able experience the story from multiple angles. Nina George effectively explores the depths of human relationships, and looks intently at both the good side and the bad. Ultimately this is a story of redemption, and each characters jour...
  • Celia
    Nina George admits that she has always been afraid of death - her own and that of those close to her that she loves. "... existential questions about death have colored my last three novels, The Little Paris Bookshop, The Little Breton Bistro, and The Book of Dreams . To produce these books, which address issues of being and no-longer-being, have no happy endings, and are therefore not very “market friendly,” I needed book people who were wil...
  • Benjamin
    Have you ever watched a comedy where so many jokes are made that some of them are bound to make you laugh? The sheer volume of gags ensures that you're constantly tickled, even if most of the jokes fail. Turn that comedy into a book, trade out the humor for attempts at poetic beauty, and you've got Nina George's The Book of Dreams. Part metaphysical romance, part coming-of-age tale, The Book of Dreams is cluttered with imagery. Whatever ease and ...
  • Theresa Smith
    The Book of Dreams was published in Germany four years ago, but is only now being released as an English translation. In the April edition of Good Reading magazine, Nina George talks about her own experiences with the rare neurological condition of synaesthesia. After writing nearly 30 books under five different pen names, The Book of Dreams is the first time she’s written about the condition. I have to say, reading that Nina herself is a synes...
  • Jane Woods
    Nina George, the author of The Little Paris Bookshop and The Little French Bistro, completes her trio of books on being and not being with The Book of Dreams. These books have great personal meaning to the author as she works through anticipated fear of a life without her father, the grief that comes with his sudden death, and coming to terms with living her own life afterward.Her research on what we know of brain trauma and coma, relatively litt...
  • Nancy
    Beautifully written story with unforgettable characters navigating through the many questions that connect us to our world and each other. Having lived through most of the experiences in this story I felt that Ms. George does indeed understand the struggle we all face in being human. A Must Read.Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read this incredible story!
  • Kim
    Started out great, slogged through the middle, and the ending was so very disappointing. After sticking with the characters for that long the choices made by Henri in the end made no sense. What a let down. There is a great tone to the start of the book and I think the author had a good concept but ultimately this book just let me down. My copy was provided by NetGalley for review.
  • Karen
    It's been several week since I read this book and I find my mind returning to it often. Because of this, I've changed my rating of it from a 4 to a 5 star. When a book engages your imagination and your thinking, it is a marvel.Henri is on his way to meet his teenage son whom he has not seen since he was born. While on the way to the school he notices a young girl fall off a boat and jumps off the bridge to rescue her. He successfully brings her a...
  • Win
    Beautiful, uplifting, sad & thought provoking. I couldn’t put this book down until the bittersweet end.
  • Jess Clayton
    The Book of Dreams is a tough read, y'all. The subject matter within it challenged me to the highest degree. I wasn't prepared. This type of book, full of speculation, is not what I enjoy reading; it's too much work. I still don't know if I fully "got it" but I feel like I got the gist. It deals with consciousness and whether we can communicate with each other in each other's dreams, in a kind of an alternate connection. By that I mean, communica...
  • Anthony
    The ReviewThis is a truly emotional story. Exploring the lives of four people who find themselves tied together by unforeseen circumstances. The author’s exploration of life’s deepest struggles and the emotional and mental impact of the relationships we often make in life help bring this novel a sense of familiarity and connection between the reader and the narrative. The author’s exploration of the intricacies of life and the universe, and...
  • Constance McKee
    I found this book while browsing in the library. I enjoyed Nina George's "The Little Paris Bookshop," so thought I'd try this book by her, and I enjoyed it too. This novel tells the story of a man who saves a little girl from drowning but gets hit by a car after he rescues her. He ends up in a coma. The narrative consists of visits to him in the hospital by the teenage son he hasn't seen since infancy and by a woman he had loved. Relationships fo...
  • Lesley Moseley
    maybe even 4 1/2 stars. After my sister's suicide, I either had some of these experiences or they were really hallucinations. No matter, they were powerful experiences. Never have I read such an intelligent process of describing this phase of grief and fear.Might sounds depressing, but handled so sensitively, it was really a joy to read.
  • Marco
    This book really meant a lot to me, it is powerful and poetic, a science fiction, a literature dream of the afterlife, time dimensions, rips in space and time, grief, fathers and sons and their bond, of life and living it, and of the power of love.If you've read Nina George's other two books, "The Little Paris Bookshop" and "Little French Bistro", you know that her books are of a romance language that's been lost to time. Her novels are explorati...
  • Ashwini Abhyankar
    I didn’t know what I was getting into when I started reading The Book of Dreams, I did have a rough idea of course but beyond that I wasn’t quite sure whether I will like it or not. I was really intrigued by the synopsis and I am glad that it did turn out to be quite a good book. It might not top my favourites list but it could have become a strong contender.This was my first time reading Nina George and I was so pleasantly surprised by the w...
  • Kim
    This book captivated me right from the beginning. It is a tough subject; what happens to us when we die; is there life after death, is there an alternative reality, or parallel worlds that happen along side the one we live in? Subjects that have always grabbed my attention and made me think hard about how little we know of truth and reality.Henri is a war correspondent. His 13 year-old son Sam is a synesthete and has an IQ of 144. Sam sent Henry ...
  • Wendy
    The Book of Dreams shepherds with an enigmatic touch, gently coaxing its colourful personalities out of the darkest places and back toward the light. It patrols the border of life and death, dipping its toe into a sea of unknowns where the divided unite to save themselves, and perhaps each other.The main stage for this story is an intensive care ward, ‘home’ to a cerebrally-animated coma patient whose unconscious reveries are unexpectedly upl...