We Walked the Sky by Lisa Fiedler

We Walked the Sky

A multigenerational story about two teenagers: Victoria, who joins the circus in 1965, and her granddaughter, Callie, who leaves the circus fifty years later.In 1965 seventeen-year-old Victoria, having just escaped an unstable home, flees to the ultimate place for dreamers and runaways--the circus. Specifically, the VanDrexel Family Circus where, among the lion tamers, roustabouts, and trapeze artists, Victoria hopes to start a better life.Fifty ...

Details We Walked the Sky

TitleWe Walked the Sky
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
GenreYoung Adult, Historical, Historical Fiction, Contemporary, Fiction

Reviews We Walked the Sky

  • Hannah Greendale
    I am an athlete, an artist, a magician. An angel, a daredevil, a dancer in the sky. 🌟 THIS BOOK HAS AWARD-WINNER WRITTEN ALL OVER IT. 🌟
  • Teresa
    This book was a slow start for me; I don't know why but once I found the rhythm of the voice I fell in love with the story. Told from a grandmother, Victoria, and her granddaughter, Callie, it focuses on what is important to these two woman while growing up in the circus.Victoria runs away from a horrible home life to join the circus, figuring she will leave when she is far from home. What she finds in the circus isn't just joy and love but a fam...
  • Emma (Miss Print)
    I'm not sure why this didn't work for me. Is it that I wanted a different book than the one that the author delivered? Is it that I wasn't in the right mood? Hard to say. Might come back to it if it ends up having legs come book award season but for now it's just a book with lovely writing and a story that felt a little too familiar for me to spend more time on.
  • Ally (The Nature of Pages)
    The vintage feel of Victoria's perspective adds so much to the story. In the wake of my The Greatest Showman obsession, this felt like nostalgia and a hug all wrapped up into one book. I adored Victoria's parts of the book and eagerly waited to see what was next.We Walked the Sky is an absolute piece of art. ART, I tell you!From Victoria's whimsical dreams of freedom and Callie's longing for her place she calls home, the book is a siren song to a...
  • Liz
    Who would have thought that a book about an abused girl running off to join the circus would turn out to be such a great read? This story had a lot to it. The characters (Catherine/Victoria, Callie, Jenna and all the rest ... including the animals) created such a warm and supportive environment that I couldn't keep a smile off my face as I read. I also thought it was an interesting way to present the advice from grandmother to granddaughter throu...
  • Shauna Yusko
    Yes!Wished the audio had two narrators and not one, but I really enjoyed this book.Felt a little like Midnight at the Electric meets Water for Elephants.
  • Lindsey
    I wanted sooooo much more from this book. It really let me down. But that cover is to die for.
  • Melanie Charles
    I feel so conflicted about this book. There were things about it that I connected to, and I really enjoyed the first half of the book. The circus is fascinating to read about. But I felt like the story lost it’s way in the second half. There was also some content that I wasn’t comfortable reading. So for those reasons I’m giving it a lower rating.
  • Finley
    I received an advanced reader’s copy of this novel for free from Razorbill through a giveaway hosted on GoodReads.“If you find it, then it’s meant to be.” That, along with the many other lessons written down by Victoria Van Drexel, and later found by her granddaughter Callie, is the driving force behind Lisa Fielder’s We Walked The Sky Told in alternating viewpoints, it tells the story of two generations of young women as they learn tha...
  • Halie
    I really wish I could give this book a higher rating- but I’ll explain. This book is about two people- Catherine Hastings, who lives in the 1960’s, and her granddaughter, Calliope. Unable to physically be with her granddaughter, Catherine offers wisdom to Calliope in the form of little life lessons jotted down on whatever paper she could lay her hands on. Catherine is a girl desperate to escape her home, due to her abusive father. Encouraged...
  • Tess (Book_Voyage)
    This book is phenomenal. It is one of the best books I have ever read by far. This multigenerational story follows Victoria Davis (neé Catherine Hastings) on her newfound life at the circus and finding her life’s passion. The story also follows Victoria’s granddaughter, Calliope VanDrexel on figuring out her life after leaving the circus. Catherine Hastings runs away from her horrible home life to join the circus, figuring she will leave onc...
  • Paisley K
    Sixteen-year-old Catherine Hastings despises her home life. The year is 1965– because of this, there’s no one Catherine can turn to when her socialite father secretly abuses herself and her sickly mother. One day, a carnival rolls into town; following her mother’s last words, Catherine flees the proper, painful world of her father and takes on the unknown head-first. Going by the alias Victoria Davis, she is quickly swept up in the VanDrexe...
  • Tressie
    *I received an Advanced Reader Copy through my work, at a library.***This review contains possible spoilers**If you liked The Greatest Show, you'll love this book. Full of lots of fun circus stories, interesting characters, and enticing story lines. Written in the style of split time, Calliope, or Callie, lives in current times Florida, after being pulled from the life she knew in the circus, while her grandmother's story is being told in alterna...
  • Janet
    I received a DIGITAL Advance Reader Copy of this book from #NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. From the publisher, as I do not repeat the contents or story of books in reviews, I let them do it as they do it better than I do 😸. A stunning, multigenerational story about two teenagers: Victoria, who joins the circus in 1965, and her granddaughter, Callie, who leaves the circus fifty years later. Perfect for fans of This is Us.In 1965 se...
  • Mandy
    4.5 stars “The music swells, she spins pliés, making it look easy. But it’s not easy, and that , I realize, is what makes the circus the circus – doing what’s difficult and making it look simple. It’s the presence of that one thing I’ve never had but always needed and didn’t even know I was missing.Magic. And suddenly, I’m no longer afraid.”This book is told through two perspectives: Victoria’s (the grandmother) via 1965 a...
  • Olivia
    Fiedler did such a good job of making me empathize with Callie's point of view that, when it came to Callie and Quinn's big talk-it-out sesh, I was very annoyed that Callie apologized but Quinn didn't. Callie definitely was self-absorbed and needed to apologize for some of her behavior, but Quinn did too. No mom should organize their child's life for them, but throughout the book Quinn put her goals for Callie (goals she had for good reason, to b...
  • Terina Atkins
    We Walked the Sky by Lisa FiedlerOh my! Absolutely adored this book! For fans of Water for Elephants and the Greatest Showman, here is your next read in YA form. We Walked the Sky is a multi-generational story which flips between present day Callie and her grandmother Victoria as a teen in 1965. Perfectly woven together, we are told the story of a young teen escaping abuse by running away and hitching a ride with the circus and teen who would do ...
  • Julia Shaw
    It was fine. *spoiler alert* *sort of—can this book really have spoilers when you basically know the plot from page one and there’s no suspense/surprise?* Anyway, I just finished and feel disproportionately annoyed that they choose to burn a lifetime of Victoria’s scrapbook-lessons and sell her brooch, but hold onto the urn? If you’re sentimental enough to keep her ashes, then you’re probably sentimental enough to want to hold onto her ...
  • Gaia Amman
    I received this novel as an advanced reader copy (ARC). I am an author with eight published novels and read about fifty novels a year, most of them ARCs. I almost never give five stars.So what's so special about this novel? Everything. It's engrossing, emotional, and beautifully written!The circus setting is original and feels authentic; it drew me in right from the beginning. The two plots, taking place fifty years apart, weave into each other m...
  • Breanna Martin
    I really enjoyed this book. I loved the circus and the set up of the story even though it is alternating timelines. As a reader, I normally have a hard time with alternating perspectives as I normally like one perspective over the other but I really liked both perspectives for different reasons. The only problem I had was that I wanted more from the characters both in the past and the present timelines. In fact, I just wanted more in general, I w...
  • Marin
    Sneaking my final two July reads in before I forget 😬 After a few pretty heavy reads, I needed something a bit lighter and had heard some positive chatter about “We Walked the Sky” by Lisa Fiedler. This YA read has some “Water for Elephants” vibes. In 1965, Victoria runs away from her abusive father to join the circus. Fifty years later, her granddaughter, Callie, is following in her grandmother’s footsteps and becoming a world-class...
  • KathyNV
    “We Walked the Sky” is an enchanting story within a story. With the circus as a backdrop Lisa Fiedler weaves a moving tale of two generations of women searching for a place to call home. The challenges are different but the deep seeded need is the same. The characters and the story are wonderfully woven together and the story is moving and uplifting. Family is not always found where you expect it but “Home is Everything”. Thanks to both P...
  • Bobbye
    We Walked the Sky is the parallel stories of Callie Van Drexel and her grandmother, Victoria. Both were star tightrope walkers at the Van Drexel Family circus. Callie's story follows her transition from circus life to that of a traditional High School and living in one place while Victoria's follows her running away to join the circus. The story of Victoria is more fleshed out and complete while Callie's is a bit rushed and incomplete. It was sti...
  • Cate
    I won this book in a giveaway not realizing it was a YA book, but even so I still enjoyed it, it was a fun and easy enjoyable read. It's a multi generational story about a girl and her grandmother and growing up in the fast paced and crazy world of the circus. It very much reminded me of water for elephants, I enjoyed the colorful and descriptive writing about the circus, it painted a very vivid picture and it was a poignant and memorable read. I...
  • Kate
    For more of my book content check out instagram.com/bookalong •Out July 2nd!A wonderful #YA multi-generational story about growing up and finding where you belong. I loved the strong female characters. Both the narration of Victoria and Callie were excellently executed. I particularly fell for Victoria. Her chapters were very atmospheric. She had a very nostalgic quality to her voice. The story is beautiful crafted. This is another book labeled...
  • Vera
    This book is absolutely beautiful! It alternates perspectives between the past and the present, between a grandmother as a teen and her granddaughter at the same age years later. The interweaving of the storylines is incredibly well done, and I loved both girls’ stories. The book explores themes of abuse, complex family dynamics, relationships, love, and, ultimately, the meaning of home and belonging. A truly beautiful read for its intended YA ...
  • Abbi
    "The show must go on, even when it's not the show you expected to be in."I really enjoyed Lisa Fielder's, We Walked The Sky. And I love the circus storyline; mostly because it gave me a different perspective about the circus. There are a lot of stereotypes out there about circus folks but this novel presents a positive, refreshing narrative about circus life. I'm glad this story was written, especially for the YA genre.
  • Grace T
    Rating would be higher if it weren't for the language and some innuendoes. A really lovely story of the circus and two girls who find strength from their time with it (though fair warning, there's an animal death scene that is a surefire tearjerker). Aside from the language, other sensitive material would include domestic abuse and an unmarried couple sleeping together. Definitely a PG-13 book, but if it were a movie I would watch it and cry all ...
  • Samantha
    I loved the story of Catherine/Victoria. I would have been completely happy just reading her half. Callie's story was okay. Callie was a difficult/rude character. Though her ending made me like her more, I preferred Victoria's. I found the parallels interesting between Callie and Victoria as the struggled to learn the ropes of their new environment.