Black Light (Bob Lee Swagger, #2) by Stephen Hunter

Black Light (Bob Lee Swagger, #2)

Forty years ago, Bob Lee Swagger's father, a state trooper, was killed by two robbers in an Arkansas shoot-out. Now a young writer has arrived at Swagger's door with some penetrating and troubling questions. What really happened that long-ago Arkansas night? The powers that be don't want that question answered, but Swagger, to his surprise, finds that he does -- even if it means having to use his long-abandoned combat skills and cunning to find o...

Details Black Light (Bob Lee Swagger, #2)

TitleBlack Light (Bob Lee Swagger, #2)
Release DateAug 18th, 2010
Publisher Island Books
GenreThriller, Fiction, Mystery, Action

Reviews Black Light (Bob Lee Swagger, #2)

  • Mike French
    Another 5 star book in the Bob Lee Swagger series! This book features Bob Lee looking into the death of his father, Earl ,an Arkansas State Trooper shot in an attempted arrest of 2 killers. Kept me riveted from beginning to end WARNING: This book is far from being PC!
  • Verge LeNoir
    I became a fan of author Stephen Hunter upon reading The 47th Samurai. Since then, I’ve yet to come across an author who can describe a violent scene the way he does, or dispel so much knowledge when it comes to guns and ammo.According to the acknowledgments page, the book Black Light is the third novel of a Bob Lee Swagger trilogy which include the books; Point Of Impact (Which I’ve yet to read, because I saw the movie ‘Shooter’ which is...
  • Tom Swift
    I'm not sure how I stumbled across this series, but what a fun read. Bob Lee Swagger is a former sniper for the military and gets pulled back into action to avenge the death of his father.
  • Rick
    Some negative reviews have called 'Black Light' predictable, racist and violent. Yeah, what's your point? Look, this is a book in Stephen Hunter's 'Bob Lee Swagger' series. Swagger is an ex-Marine sniper in the south. He hunts bad guys. Violent? I should HOPE so!In Black Light, Hunter's hero--Bob Lee Swagger-- is helping the search for clues regarding his father's death. (His father is ANOTHER S. Hunter major character, Earl Swagger). This journe...
  • Milt Jacobs
    A good author. Tough hero. He wouldn't let a little back ache keep him down.
  • Mike (the Paladin)
    It took me a while to get through this one, I had to keep bumping it to read library books so I could get them back on time. I still have 12 library books here but I just wanted to read this one. You can only hold off so long.This is as the title above says the second of the Bob Lee Swagger novels. We pick up here years after the events of the first novel when a young man shows up wanting to write a book about the events that surround the death o...
  • Benjamin Thomas
    Another very good action thriller novel from Stephen Hunter. I had picked this one up thinking it was the second in the Bob Lee Swagger series and while it is the direct sequel to Point Of Impact, it is best to read the "non-Swagger book" Dirty White Boys first as the events of that book are referenced and have an impact here. This novel definitely ties together the two Swagger series, that of Earl Swagger and that of his son, Bob Lee Swagger.Goo...
  • Sandi
    An excellent thriller that pulls together the plots and characters of the author's previous books Point Of Impact and Dirty White Boys. Had my favorite type of plot, great characters, and realistic action.
  • Susan
    And this one is the best Stephen Hunter yet. This guy can flat tell a story. Some of the plot is not even interesting (I'm just not fascinated by the intricacies of various guns) but even so, his stories are just so compelling.
  • Barb
    This was a great book, my first by Hunter. If you saw Sniper-that was one of his books, so you have an idea what this is like.
  • Allen
    This was a re-read. Hunter is a reliable read, part of a well-done series. It's a two generational series and,as in this book, the stories sometimes weave between the two generations.
  • Randy
    Second Bob Lee novel. Ties the first and Dirty White Boys together.
  • Rex Fuller
    First rate. I will read all of the Bob Lee Swagger books Hunter ever writes.
  • Will
    SUBJECTIVE READER REVIEW WITH PLOT SPOILERS FOLLOWS: It never ceases to amaze me how Stephen Hunter writes in the vernacular of a story's timeframe, to hell with modern social mores or political correctness. Sorta gives the damn thing a stamp of highly credible authenticity. Having dispatched my personal nuances, 'Black Light' is about the development and use of night vision technology and its transformation of 'the sniper.' Infrared scopes, alon...
  • Anja Braun
    I finished this yesterday but I had a hard time figuring out how I wanted to rate it..In the end I'm giving it a 3 and I will explain my reasons in just a sec. 1. The amount of "GD" said (taking the lords name in vain) Look a few times fine I know not everyone is religious but every other word in a sentence is a bit much..I myself cuss but the amount of cussing was too much even for me..2. The amount of the "N" word in this book. I get it people ...
  • Dlora
    Very well-written, bigger than life characters, explosive action, great detail about snipers, and rich setting in backwoods Arkansas. Author Stephen Hunter has done a great job jumping from a shoot-out in 1955 between trooper Earl Lee Swagger and recently released teenage punk Jimmie Pye and the modern-day investigation by Earl's son, Bob Lee Swagger, trying to uncover the motives and real happenings of that long ago day that stole his father fro...
  • Ed
    The best Stephen Hunter authored Bob Lee Swagger book I've read. I literally couldn't put it down.Russ Pewtie, a struggling writer wants to write a book about Bob Lee's father, Earl Swagger, Medal of Honor winner and State policeman. Earl died in the line of duty in a gunfight in Blue Eye, Arkansas, July 23, 1955. At first, Bob Lee, a war hero and renowned sniper is not interested but when it appears that Earl may have been killed by a sniper, Bo...
  • Patrick Stirling
    Pretty good, but not as good as the first one in the series (Point Of Impact). Hunter spent too much time setting up the plot and I found myself skimming at the beginning, wanting to get to the action. This is a military style action thriller series, after all. I did like the puzzle aspects of the plot, as Our Heroes piece together what the baddies are up to. That and Hunter's writing were enough to keep me engaged, and once the action got under ...
  • John
    Such a good book. Bob Lee Swagger, aka Bob the Nailer, America's most famous and infamous sniper, has retired to Arizona. He has a wife and a daughter, and he's happy. Russ Pewtie, son of Bud Pewtie (from Dirty White Boys) tracks Bob down and asks to write a book about Bob's dad, Earl. Bob isn't interested at first, but then he discovers that maybe everything he thought he know about his dad's death is wrong. As Bob Lee and Russ attempt to track ...
  • Gary E
    Very enjoyable bookI really enjoyed this. The main character in this book (Bob Lee Swagger) is more or less equal parts Jack Reacher and pick a well respected reluctant detective.If you like Jack Reacher and you like detective stories I think this series would be as enjoyable to you as it is to me.The plot of this one is a bit difficult to wrap your ahead around at first because there are different time lines presented ina somewhat haphazard way ...
  • James
    My second Bob Lee book, and it was just as good as the first. Even if you know that there are a dozen more in the series of novels and that Bob Lee can't be killed, as you read, you can't fathom how he's going to survive the onslaught of ambushes and attempts on his life. In this one, he teams with a would-be biographer-of Bob Lee's father, Earl Lee. He survives an ambush by a dozen professional killers and a sniper attack at night by a champion ...
  • Matthew
    Another solid book. Seeing as most of this book takes place in Arkansas, it sounds like a place that would be neat to check out. The rural setting seems familiar, but the racism component makes it seem so foreign, but unfortunately accurate for the place and some people's views. I like that this was kind of a mystery and brought in some new characters and has some harrowing endeavors for the protagonists. I need to get to the book store to find t...
  • Jordan Grabill
    What a Great BookSuch a great story. I’ve come to this book straight after Point if Impact and it doesn’t miss a beat. Getting to Stephen Hunter after the Movie Shooter and now TV series the shooter. I could not put this book down. Having fought in Afghanistan and currently serving in Law Enforcement everything in this story resonates.
  • Billie Sue
    I have read about the Swagger men for years. Bob Lee is as interesting as Earl was. I've learned about guns and ammo, as well as the right conditions for sniping and shooting skeet. I would rather there be less profanity. I have recommended this book to a fellow reader who will more than likely check the book out from the public library.
  • Philip Reiter
    Hunter is a good story teller. Continues to overdo technical weaponry narration for me. Some may like it and even understand the language. However, quickly skimming technical stuff and hanging with story is not =bad. Main character, Bob Lee Swagger is beyond superman, batman, Capt. America, and Iron Man. He out thinks, and out shoots all of them. He is outrageously a fun read.
  • Baustman
    If you like thrillers, crusty old Marines, flawed heroes, and meticulously detailed action, you will love Stephen Hunter's Bob Lee Swagger series. Great fun, and the bad guys always get what's coming to them.
  • Barry B Wright
    Loved the book.This was the second time that I have read this book. It was just as good the second time around as it was the first time. Stephen Hunter doesn't add a lot of padding like some other authors do.
  • Barnhart
    Can’t Get Enough of Bob Lee.I admit to being hooked on Bob Lee Swagger, but of course it is not fatal. The great story telling by Stephen Hunter gives much pleasure to his readers and no disappointment. Bob Lee should live forever.
  • Jarek
    This novel is simply brilliant. It has an original premise, fast paced action, great dialogs and excellent, believable, multidimensional characters. All this is mixed with fascinating perspective on America in the 50's. The final result is a novel which is just perfect.
  • DemetraP
    It was a very interesting mystery. I was shocked at how all the pieces came together and at the ending. I took off 1 star for all of the racist language (parts of the book are set in 1955) it was tough to get through those parts.