Critical Role by Jody Houser

Critical Role

FOREVER SEARCHING FOR GROGAs Vox Machina’s escapades in Stilben lead them towards their next adventure—and a dire threat to Grog when he goes missing in the night. Tracking him down will see the party lose one member, gain another, and reveal parts of Grog’s secret past. But first, his friends have to actually find him.

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TitleCritical Role
GenreFantasy, Sequential Art, Comics, Graphic Novels, Fiction, Adventure, Graphic Novels Comics

Reviews Critical Role

  • Samantha Beard
    Absolutely loved this book, even though I know next to nothing about Critical Role!
  • Sam
    Woohoo! Pike has finally been introduced to the comics, and she's so cute. I'm so glad that these comics are continuing. I still think the writing is great. There are so many little Easter Eggs and tidbits here and there for long-time fans of Critical Role, specifically the Vox Machina campaign, as well as there being plenty to draw in new fans.
  • Kevin
    The writing captures the characters perfectlyThis is a welcomed addition to the story of Vox Machina. The writing from Jody Houser perfectly replicates the characters established in the show. You can hear the voices come through the word balloons. The artwork is beautiful and lively. Each character is rendered flawlessly.
  • _
    Great artwork, but the story was too short and it ended on a vague cliffhanger. I also think there may be a canon conflict in that VM met Wilhand for the first time AFTER the Chroma Conclave arc... I may be wrong though. Hope the next ones are better.
  • Helen
    I need moreI love critical role so much and I love getting to see the things that happened before they started streaming the show. Things are finally kicking off and i cant wait to see what happens next! My only complaint is that i wish it was longer, but I can live with it.
  • Sean Caulfield
    Excellent readAnybody who watch critical role, these origin stories are a great way to know your favourite characters a little better. Great writing, loads of fun just like the show.
  • Tetyana
    EVERYBODY SHUT UP PIKE’S HERE!!! ❤❤❤Oh how I’ve missed all of them! We get some truly iconic VM content: from Vex being a greedy little shit to Keyleth managing to aggro a vegetable seller – these idiots are true legends. Can’t wait for Percy to join the party.
  • Heather Romanowski Book Realm Revisions, LLC
    As expected, I purchased and inhaled it in one quick sitting. All I have to say is PIKE!! So excited for the next installments.
  • Hannah
    i'm so excited this is back!! i love the group dynamic slowly starting to develop, pike is finally here, and seeing scanlan making heart eyes at her in the background the whole time was gold
  • Enci
    I love that we are getting more of these comics. I love that they ditched Tiberius and PIKE WITH DARK HAIR!!!I am so excited to see where this is going.GIMME THE REST OF THE ISSUES NOW PLS.
  • alex
    ugh god i missed these comics so much and holy shit the art style is... so sexy. im in love
  • Emmie
    This was great(the twins sharing a bed! Innocent keyleth! Dark-haired pike!). I already like this so much better than the last run.
  • Annabel
    Great art, the designs are more distinct too. And Pike!
  • Emily Dean
  • Kelsey Low
    GreatLoved it. Can not wait for the next issue. I do enjoy seIng the group before the show came to be.
  • Evan Williamson
    Very good to see Vox Machina again, the comic is very well written and you can see the personalities of the player's characters.
  • Becky Lipp
    I'm so happy that I get to read how it all began with Vox Machina. Great writing, great art and great comic book company to bring this awesome story to pages.
  • Alan Witt
    Captures the essence of the charactersI love this series because it catches the essence of what I loved about Campaign 1 of Critical Role, plus is a new story I haven’t seen before. It’s especially meaningful to see the beginnings for the characters while knowing how the overall story ends. I can’t wait for the next issue!
  • Amber
    A quick, good read for all writers. You will feel buoyed and validated in Goldberg’s hands.