Back Stabbers (The Country Club Murders, #8) by Julie Mulhern

Back Stabbers (The Country Club Murders, #8)

All Ellison Russell wanted was an update on her stock portfolio. Instead, she found her broker dead.With an unexpected out-of-town guest at her house, Ellison is too busy for a murder investigation. Only this time, Detective Anarchy Jones wants her help, and she can’t deny the handsome detective. Can Mr. Coffee supply her with enough caffeine to keep her brain sharp and everyone else happy?Juggling bodies (one, two, three, four), two-faced frie...

Details Back Stabbers (The Country Club Murders, #8)

TitleBack Stabbers (The Country Club Murders, #8)
Release DateOct 23rd, 2018
PublisherHenery Press
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery

Reviews Back Stabbers (The Country Club Murders, #8)

    Dollycas’s ThoughtsFirst, another great title/music tie-in, from the O’Jays. Really gets you into that 70’s feeling. No cell phones, no internet, no cable tv, but some really fine music!One of my favorite amateur sleuths is back with her knack of finding dead bodies and her love affair with Mr. Coffee. This time she finds her stockbroker dead and in a way, she will never be able to wipe from her memory. After that bodies quickly start to pi...
  • November Is Nyarlathotep
    Review: BACK STABBERS by Julie Mulhern(COUNTRY CLUB MURDERS #8)When I first started reading this series a while back, I expected I would be disinterested with a class structure beyond my means and past my imagination. So wrong! (I'm so glad!) I love the series. Ellison is a precious personality; although born into wealth and married into wealth and raised by a very “upper-class disdainful” mother, she is very much an “at-home,” loving, co...
  • Betty
    I tried not to do this as each new ARC'S/DRC'S I received is one I want to read or I would not have requested it. Before long I would have a mess to untangle without knowing which books, I needed to read. I have been searching for a DRC for this book sometime. I was between books when it arrived so I read it and the 8th installment did not disappoint. The humor was there especially the scene between Max, a dog, and McCallester, a cat was hilariou...
  • Shalini
    This was a fun book to read. Though it was labeled under a cozy genre, I found the story to be solid without it being too cutesy. My first book by author Julie Mulhern, though 8th in the series, had me wanting to get to the bottom of the mystery ASAP. Ellison, the main character, with a tendency to find dead bodies, drops into her stockbroker's office only to discover him dead hours ago with his pants down. Her cop boyfriend Anarchy, is then call...
  • Rosemary Standeven
    Yet another fabulously enjoyable Country Club Murder book. All the beloved old (and some not quite so welcome) characters are included. Aggie is still looking after Ellison, Grace and Max, trying to keep them out of trouble while producing appropriate, tasty and welcome sustenance for them (and bereaved neighbours). Grace has decided that Max needs a friend. And Max creates more chaos than you could imagine, ‘welcoming’ his new ‘friend’. ...
  • RO G'ma
    Back Stabbers is the eighth book in Julie Mulhern’s awesome Country Club Murders series. Ms. Mulhern’s writing style is crisp and clear, the storyline is well developed, and the characters are entertaining, fun, and a little quirky. The setting for this series is the country club society in Kansas City, Missouri, in the 1970s, and all the details are right on target for that era. The sensitive subject of sexual harassment is addressed in this...
  • Brenda
    Another 1975 adventure with the Country Club crowd in Kansas City, Missouri as Ellison Russell discovers an older half sister and three more dead bodies. What will Mother say!Ellison & Anarchy Jones are a hot item and people are beginning to get used to the idea. When Ellison finds her stockbroker murdered in his office she becomes aware of the plight of the young women who work there. As Ellison faces the wrath of Mother over Karma, she also dis...
  • Sheryl
    Ellison Russell has been waiting somewhat impatiently for her meeting with her stockbroker. She's getting distraught because the other woman, remaining in this close waiting room is what Ellison describes as a "Germ, masquerading as a woman" she demands to wait in her broker's office. Big mistake for Ellison, as soon as his secretary leads her back to Winthrop Marshall's office and opens the door, Ellison finds out why Mr. Marshall has been keepi...
  • Mary Songer
    I just love this series!!! Ellison is a strong, relatable character and the rest of the characters are equally good. The series is set in the 70's and since I grew up in that time I love the references. I want to live in these books! Start from the first one and work your way through. Completely fun. Julie Mulhern has been added to my list of authors whose books I prebuy so I'll have the books the second they're released. I just hope she keeps wr...
  • Nada Sobhi
    "Of the three partners at Bisby, Marshall, & Wallace, one was hospitalised, one was murdered, and one was a murder suspect." Ellison Russell has a knack for finding dead bodies and by that I mean if there was ever a Guinness World Record for the number of dead bodies found, Ellison Russell would break the record several times over.Back Stabbers by Julie K. Mulhern is the eighth book in The Country Club Murders. And even though it is my first –...
  • Georgie
    3.5 starsA slightly disappointing entry in an otherwise consistently superb series. There's still lots of the qualities that made me gobble up the first seven books: the 1970s clothes (described in mouth-watering detail), social one-up-manship (taking a ham to the afflicted trumps any number of Bundt cakes), and Ellison's gloriously bitchy mother. Here she is delivering the perfect put-down to one of Ellison's detractors:"Ellison Russell is—wel...
  • JoAnne McMaster (Any Good Book)
    Ellison Russell has a problem: she's gone to see her broker regarding her stock portfolio, and when she enters the office, she finds him dead. Another body. Her mother will be horrified, her homicide detective boyfriend Anarchy will be resigned. And her father...her father has a surprise for her as well: her older half-sister Karma has decided to visit, and he wants her to stay at Ellison's, since he hasn't even told her mother yet.Of course, she...
  • Ivonne Rovira
    Ellison Russell knows her formidable mother is going to kill her. After all, Russell, a widowed artist and a member of Kansas City’s WASP elite, will be hosting her illegitimate half-sister, a secret for decades. How can she keep her mother from finding out?Well, it isn’t Ellison, who gets killed; it’s her philandering stockbroker. And then there are more deaths. And that’s when the novel gets a bit silly. Everyone — from Ellison’s mo...
  • Lisa Hudson
    SPECTACULAR!Back Stabbers (The Country Club Murders #8) is truly spectacular! This book does not need to be read as a stand alone but needs to be read in order in the series. If not, the reader will miss out on so many details of the relationships between these complex characters Mulhern’s readers have grown to love. Mulhern takes us back into the 1975 in Kansas City., MO. We join Ellison Russell, her daughter Grace, her parents, her boyfriend ...
  • Jeanie Jackson
    Love, love, love itWhen Karma comes to town, Ellison's world is tilted on its side, but Karma isn't responsible for all the deaths.Too many series lose steam after a few book but Julie Mulhern has kept the series at the same great level that made The Deep End a winner. It was wonderful to see Ellison's relationship with Anarchy bloom and meeting Karma the development there was awesome. Yes, Karma is a person and one that you will be delighted to ...
  • Kimberley Cornwell
    Another winner in this amazing series. I continue to be in awe of Mulhern's ability to infuse humor with tough societal issues!
  • Barbara Tobey
    Loved it! Take a small step back in time prior to cell phones and digital devices. Good generational issues among the extended family, and in this case, really extended. The romance continues and so does our protagonist's penchant for finding dead bodies. Entertaining, engaging, and clever. Thanks to the publisher for providing a copy via Edelweiss.
  • Jannelies
    The only thing that is wrong with Julie Mulherns’ Country Club series, is that the books are a little short. I’m enjoying them immensely and I wish they would be a longer. Not that there is anything missing, mind you. Everything is just as it should be in a cozy mystery. Which is not always really cozy, because finding a dead body almost every day you can hardly call cozy, and even for Ellison it is a bit much. In this eight book in the serie...
  • Lghiggins
    If you are part of the Country Club set in Kansas City, Missouri, in the 1970’s, certain things are expected of you—the right clothes, the right committees, and the right friends. In Ellison Russell’s case, expectations are that she will find yet another dead body. Ellison really doesn’t want to be involved in murder investigations. She wants a simple life with her teenage daughter Grace, her art work, her country club friends, and her bl...
  • Laura Reading
    We head back to the 70s again as Ellison finds not only another dead person she knows, in a very uncomfortable position, but also new family members she was unaware of. As people are getting used to her relationship with Anarchy Jones, besides her usual sarcastic side, mother Francis finds herself defending Ellison from their social set.Fast paced and with wonderfully descriptive details of the era, the multiple plotlines weave together smoothly ...
  • Lynn W Stubenrauch
    Love these books!This latest book is just as great as her others. Love the whole country club world of the 70s. The main character is so fun, spunky and quick witted. I really enjoy this series. I try not to read the books too fast. I have to deliberately put the book down so I don't read it all in one sitting. So much entertainment!
  • Marian
    Julie Mulhern has another hit on her hands. Ellison is once again finding bodies, but this time she’s also dealing with a half-sister she’s meeting for the first time, Grace’s rescue cat, a more serious relationship with Anarchy, and, as always, Mother.
  • Mckenzie
    Julie Mulhern has outdone herself, yet again! I love how she picks topics that were social issues and problems in the 70s and are in our headlines everyday in the present. This is a great read and, as always, I look forward to the next Book in this wonderful series!
  • Pam
    I loved this book! I have enjoyed every book in this series and this was no exception!
  • Ruth Roberts
    More fun!Serious murder mystery? Nope. But you can always pick up one of those. This series is great fun, a perfect combination of humor and mystery when you need a light read and a few laughs. Who doesn't, these days? Have you watched the evening news?😄
  • Anne
    Another 6 star work with a 5 star limit. This was great. I was prepared not to like Karma but I did. Glad to have her visit. Just wish they could be written as fast as I read them. If you aren’t reading this series you are missing a great chance of being entertained.
  • Kristi
    Loved every word.
  • Natalie Drake
    Ellison does it again! Love the Kansas City setting and 1970s references intermingled with a murder mystery that has you in suspense til the bitter end! Ellison’s sense of humor about her overbearing mother and the ironies if country club life make it a story for all of us.
  • Christie Marks
    Who do you trustI absolutely love Ellison and all of her friends and family, and I'm rather fond of the 70s. Makes me sorry I wasn't raised as part of a he country club set; I had no idea what I was missing.
  • Jo Dervan
    This is the 8th book in a series about a wealthy woman who helps solve murders. Ellison Russell, the wealthy widow of a philandering banker, had a knack for discovering dead bodies. In this story, she goes to talk to her stockbroker about her portfolio, only to find him dead in his office. Ellison would love to help her boyfriend, Kansas City Detective Anarchy Jones, solve the murder but has a problem of her own. Her half sister, Karma, has come ...