A Brazen Curiosity (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #1) by Lynn Messina

A Brazen Curiosity (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #1)

“A feisty heroine hiding behind a mousy facade…” England 1816 Twenty-six-year-old Beatrice Hyde-Clare is far too shy to investigate the suspicious death of a fellow guest in the Lake District. A spinster who lives on the sufferance of her relatives, she would certainly not presume to search the rooms of her host's son and his friend looking for evidence. Reared in the twin virtues of deference and docility, she would absolutely never thi...

Details A Brazen Curiosity (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #1)

TitleA Brazen Curiosity (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #1)
Release DateAug 5th, 2018
PublisherPotatoworks Press
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Regency, Fiction, Romance, Historical Romance

Reviews A Brazen Curiosity (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #1)

  • Alisha
    This Regency cozy mystery surprised me a lot. While I find that Regency romances and mysteries are usually "much of a muchness," without much to really distinguish one from another, the witty banter in this one took it to the next level for me.Beatrice is a 26-year-old spinster who lives with her aunt and two cousins. They are all making a visit to family friends. Late one night Beatrice can't sleep, so, as anyone would, she heads off to the libr...
  • Helen
    5* https://greatreadsandtealeaves.blogsp...Lynn Messina! Sign me up! You are becoming my ‘go to’ for a fun getaway. Light and easy reads is what you deliver time and again. I adored this book! Lynn has proven herself to be a truly witty and very clever author of Regency genre. I mean a ‘posthaste’ nap sounds inviting to me!“Aunt Vera, having decided it was her niece who had ruined the mood, rather than Mr. Otley’s corpse, reiterated h...
  • Tina
    A house party full of different personalities. An arrogant, yet handsome Duke. A quiet young spinster (on the outside). On the inside she is smart and full of snark. And all she wants to do is hurl a dinner roll at the know-it-all (yet very handsome) Duke. A body found dead in the the library, at night by spinster and Duke. She gets to sleuthing. He is astonished at how much she sleuths (all the info and tidbits about their fellow housepartiers)....
  • Rebekah Giese Witherspoon
    “A Brazen Curiosity” is a delightful concoction of cozy mystery, social satire, witty banter, and Regency-style food fights. Well, the food fights only take place in the heroine’s imagination, but they are delightful all the same. This book made me laugh so much, the whodunit was clever, and the writing was great. I can’t wait to read the rest of the series.Thanks to NetGalley and Potatoworks Press for this digital advance review copy. Th...
  • Kara
    Good, tight mystery and engaging plot. But I deducted a star for how everyone treated the h. I understand she lives on her aunt and uncle's sufferance, being a spinster in Recency times, but everyone, including the pedantic, arrogant, insufferable hero, reminds us constantly how plain she is, and how little she has to show for herself. She does grow in her own esteem by the end of the book, but that was too little, too late for me. Especially as ...
  • Sue
    Meh... We heard WAY too much of the MC's internal meanderings. I wouldn't have minded them so much if a) they weren't so plodding and b) she wasn't such a wimp. And I skipped through the prattling and preaching of the aunt. How many pages can you REALLY dedicate to an adult being scolded by a sanctimonious prig (and taking it!!)? Many readers seem to find it funny; I don't. Just unbelievably tiresome.....
  • Kiesha ~ 1Cheekylass
    I had tried to listen to this at least two times before to no avail. I became distracted by the almost 20 minute musings of the h. I was determined to soldier through this time. I liked Bea and I really felt bad for how she was treated but the author bombarded us with how plain she was, how mousy she was, how unsuitable she was, how uninteresting she was.... You get it, right? There was also too much focused on the h's thoughts. I found myself ge...
  • QNPoohBear
    3.5-3.75 stars rounded upSix and twenty year old spinster Beatrice Hyde-Clare has been at the mercy of her relatives for 19 years as a poor relation. She must keep her mouth shut and her head down. Beatrice is grateful for the shelter, food and basic necessities her aunt by marriage has given her but part of her longs for love. She knows that is impossible. Without a dowry or a pretty face Beatrice's prospects are none. Which is why she is dragge...
  • Megan
    A throughly enjoyable read, with entertaining dialogue and characters. I found myself laughing at the witty heroine and the absurd things the secondary characters would say. Looking forward to reading the rest of the series as soon as possible!Thanks to NetGalley and Potatoworks Press for this digital review copy.
  • Lady Wesley
    3.5 really. As the title states, this is indeed a “cozy” mystery and quite enjoyable. Nothing too awful—just one body, unlike some authors who seem to be modeling their plots after Midsomer Murder. I think I’ll listen to the next in the series.
  • Susan in NC
    2-2.5 stars, or “just okay” on my personal scale. There was some humor and a few funny lines, but a lot of the prose was clunky, the situations drawn out and unrealistic, and several characters rather wooden. It didn’t help that I had just read a brilliant Georgette Heyer book - the author who pretty much invented the sparkling Regency romance - very few modern authors can approach her. I was looking for something fun and light for the holi...
  • Wendy
    Review originally published on my blog, Musings of a Bookish Kitty:https://www.literaryfeline.com/2018/1...A Brazen Curiosity (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #1) by Lynn Messina Potatoworks, 2018Crime Fiction (Historical Cozy); 176 pgsBeatrice is a heroine after my own heart. Shy and bookish, more invisible than not, Beatrice Hyde-Clare was taken in by relatives at a young age after her parents' untimely death. She is now 26 years old with no marr...
  • Sarah
    Beatrice Hyde-Clare was orphaned at the young age of five, when both parents passed tragically in a boating accident. Her aunt and uncle reluctantly took her in to raise alongside her two younger cousins, Flora and Russell. As a poor relation in the family's home, Beatrice has perfected the art of being solicitous and yet unobtrusive to the family's needs.But when she stumbles across fellow guest, Mr. Otley's lifeless body while searching for som...
  • Jennifer
    A cute mystery, filled with sometimes witty banter, a few cringeworthy moments, and a murderer whose identity actually surprised me. Clean, with no romance and no OTT drama. The aunt was a bit much, to be sure, but she had a couple of redeeming moments that helped me not straight out loathe her. I'm curious to see where this series goes.
  • Judy Rancourt
    A Jane Austen type book, charming and easy - woman (Bea) and man (Duke) in a relationship of respect, in 1800s - unusual and appealing.
  • Claire
    Delightful, easy to devour, thank you twitter book club for the rec. :D
  • Pat
    Truly this was one of the most charming, laugh-out-loud funny books I've yet read (or listened to)! I found myself looking for excuses to take a drive to the store, to the mailbox, to the pharmacy - wherever - just to have a few minutes alone to listen to more of this audiobook. I absolutely was discovered grinning to myself and, on numerous occasions, giggling and choking!The storyline is fabulous. The characterizations are perfect. The narratio...
  • Jamie (ReadsinTrees) Dacyczyn
    What a delightfully fun mystery! Why is this series so unknown? I had to request it from an out-of-state library in order to read it, and it's clearly printed by a smaller publishing company (like, seriously, the title on the front cover is so amateurishly designed that it's run off the edge of the cover).....but why? It's such a treat.Let me say right out that this isn't perfect, by any means. I noticed a couple of typos ("grown" instead of "gow...
  • Anne
    I started this one morning after watching one of my favorite adaptations of a Jane Austen novel, and by the wee, WEE hours of the next morning, I had finished all FOUR books (tho a 5th one is coming out in a few months). I have never burned through a series like this, and find my self in a GREAT mood the day after. (despite the lack of sleep)The protagonist, Beatrice , is a shy, timid spinster (26) whose inner voice is intelligent, observant and ...
  • Yara
    This is the first book in the Beatrice Hyde Clare Mystery collections by Lynn Messina. Beatrice or as she’s known Bea is a plain 26-year-old orphan spinster who lives with her aunt and uncle and their two children 18-year-old Flora and 20-year-old Russell. The murder mystery is a classic and quite delightful “whodunit”. It begins at a house party at the home of Lord and Lady Skeffington, Lake View Hall. With Bea at the house party, there is...
  • Amy
    Much to my surprise, this was actually quite good. In fact, I'm quite determined to get my hands on the rest of the series. Beatrice Hyde-Clare is on the shelf at 26 and used to her status as poor relation. But when a guest ends up murdered at a house party she also is attending--possibly at the hands of a most annoying duke--she decides to solve the mystery. Beatrice's supposedly 'mousy' attitude clashed some with the strong, independent young w...
  • Anne Buelteman
    Not bad, but could’ve been better with an editor. I would admit I enjoyed parts of this very much, some of the dialogue was pretty sparkling and the character sketches, while no great departure from stereotypes, were still entertaining. But there were a lot of misused words, a lot of incorrect prepositions, and misspellings. The word portentous used when what was meant was pretentious, comes to mind as one example. I’d sort of like to know th...
  • Miriamgreen
    the entire series deserves this reviewalthough different from the Harlow booksthese continue as Another Messina triumph. have just about exhausted my words of praise for this author, who can not write less than a totally engaging sentence. for the entire book, for all her books. An still amazed how skilled and honed her writing is, consistently. definitely one of the best, if not the best, of the wittiest regency authors.very disappointed that th...
  • Sarah
    LynnMessina’sA Brazen Curiosity follows Miss Beatrice Hyde-Clare, a twenty-six-year-old spinster, who lives on the kindness of her relatives. During a house party in the LakeDistrict,she finds fellow guest,Mr.Otley,bludgeoned to death in the library. While usually an exampleof deference and propriety, shetakes matters into her own hands to investigate the murder. I was provided an e-ARC byPotatoworksPress viaNetGalleyin exchange for a fair and ...
  • Jacky Faber
    I have a bad cold and needed some light listening-reading.I enjoyed the readers accent and reading style. I also thought Messina did an excellent job creating her characters, especially Beatrice, the Duke, and Beatrice's Aunt Vera. Using Aunt Vera to point out all the Ton's societal rules was an excellent way to illustrate the environment Bea was living in without having to make it seem like an info dump.The mystery was a bit week but the novel m...
  • Isabelle Adler
    4.5 starsThis was absolutely delightful! The only nitpicks I had was the excessive introspection, and the characterization being sometimes too much on the nose. Otherwise, I enjoyed every minute of it, especially the witty banter between the two main characters. Can't wait to check out the next one.
  • Susan Corwin
    Witty, Wonderful WritingI really think Miss Austen would approve. A story with a fascinating whodunit (the Duke, in the Library, with the candlestick?) and also a caustic book of manners -- I learned so much about calling cards and India's climates.This is a funny, charming book and I can't wait to read the next one!
  • Sharanya
    I’d read one of Messina’s romances & adored it for its laugh-out-loud wit & endearing characters. This didn’t disappoint! There were several points where I cackled madly at my kindle thanks to Beatrice’s wry observations or her hilarious conversations with a pompous Duke. The mystery itself was treated a bit cavalierly — hard-boiled whodunnit, this is not. Still, Bea’s interactions with a hilarious collection of characters kept me eng...
  • Koalathebear Koalathebear
    I enjoyed this book so much and am immediately diving into the next book. Bea is delightful. Kesgrave grew on me. The author's tone and writing is excellent and I laughed out loud quite a few times. If you like the Veronica Speedwell novels, you'll probably like Beatrice, too even though the two women are so very different. I love finding wonderful books like this.