Hush Hush (Detective Harriet Blue, #4) by James Patterson

Hush Hush (Detective Harriet Blue, #4)

Harriet Blue used to be a detective. Now she's inmate 3329.Prison is a dangerous place for a former cop – as Harriet Blue is learning on a daily basis.So, following a fight for her life and a prison-wide lockdown, the last person she wants to see is Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Woods. The man who put her inside.But Woods is not there to gloat. His daughter Tonya and her two-year-old child have gone missingHe's ready to offer Harriet a deal: f...

Details Hush Hush (Detective Harriet Blue, #4)

TitleHush Hush (Detective Harriet Blue, #4)
Release DateJul 11th, 2019
GenreMystery, Crime, Fiction

Reviews Hush Hush (Detective Harriet Blue, #4)

  • Matt
    Returning for another collaborative novel, James Patterson and Candice Fox add to their highly popular Harriet ‘Harry’ Blue series. With Blue incarcerated, her world has been turned upside down. Forced to watch over her shoulder at every turn, Blue does not hesitate to defend herself, even if it means a trip to the infirmary. During her frequent trips, Blue befriends the doctor, who has an affinity for the copper. When the doctor’s body tur...
  • Josh
    The fourth book in the Hariet Blue series continues the downward trajectory of the series in my opinion. What started with a distinct Australian outback feel in Never Never, and continued with Fifty Fifty, now resembles a generic crime series which could be set in any American/English/Australian city. The identity of what made these books fun seems to has been forgotten.You need to suspend your belief with this one, a phrase more commonly associa...
  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    The release of Hush Hush gave me the perfect excuse to get acquainted with Detective Harriet Blue. I raced through Never Never, Fifty Fifty and Liar Liar over a day or two and was all caught up. This is a series which requires you to read the books in order.Hush Hush picks up a few weeks after the events of Liar Liar. Making good on his promise, Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Woods has had Harriet charged with a litany of crimes, including the mu...
  • Laura Rash
    This may be the best Harriet Blue book yet!! Not one dull moment and with a true nail biter ending!! Loved it!!
  • Amanda - Mrs B's Book Reviews
    *https://mrsbbookreviews.wordpress.comHarriet Blue back for another blockbuster and action packed thrill ride in Hush Hush. The fourth novel in this popular series penned by the world’s most popular thriller writer James Patterson and my own favourite crime fiction writer, Candice Fox, will send you in a spin. I consumed this one over two sittings, it is compulsive, addictive and unputdownable!Hush Hush follows on from the events that closed Li...
  • Natalie M
    Candice Fox is a brilliant writer but her collaboration with Patterson continues to conflict me. The second half of the novel is definitely a 4-star read but the piecemeal first half left a lot to be desired.Having read the first three I was interested to see how Harry Blue wrangled her way out of prison or was the story going to continue on the inside. There are twists and turns but the Chief of Police Woods just clicking his fingers and having ...
  • Cathy Hunt
    Go Harriet Blue and her band of merrymen. Loved the adrenaline ride you always get from these 2 authors. Candice Fox you ROCK!!Must read for fans
  • Jacqueline
    Sometimes it came from inside me. Sometimes it was drawn towards me. Tox was the same. And I had known many others over the years like me, too. In the foster system. In group homes. In the prison where I'd spent the last four months. Even on the police force, carrying badges and guns. Some people are just walking disasters waiting to happen.It didn't matter what I wanted. What mattered was protecting the people I loved from the curse that I was.H...
  • Blue
    I live for James Patterson books. I think there is no other crime writer like him. There really isn’t anyone that comes close to his talent. Honestly James Patterson is one of my favourite authors of all time! I have to admit when Patterson co-writes I always enjoy the work but never as much as I would if he wrote by himself. HOWEVER! James Patterson and Candice Fox are the ultimate co crime writers and I live for their work.I love this Harriet...
  • Carol - Reading Writing and Riesling
    3 1/2 starsI think this is the strongest of this series .My View:Perhaps because we now are now very familiar with the characters and situations /ongoing narrative in this series, perhaps because of the somewhat optimistic resolution of this book, perhaps because we get a glimpse of the gentler more compassionate side of most of the protagonists here, their secrets/past revealed, I declare this the best read in the series. Hang your suspension of...
  • Tatum Damman
    Sinking back into the world of Detective Harriet Blue was a delightful way to spend my Mothers Day weekend! As though I never left, just as captivating as the previous books.Patterson and Fox write incredibly well together. So well this book was finished in 2 sittings! Kept you on your toes the entire way through.I think I’ll always be cheering for Harry, although a tortured soul - there’s goodness in there somewhere.
  • Deb
    The first half of the book was slow and choppy. It picked up the second half. If this wouldn't have been a collaboration with Candice Fox, it would have been doomed! Her writing brought it way up. She is a talented author!
  • Rosie
    4.5* Harriet Blue is back! I can’t get enough of this series. I am obsessed with Harry, Whitt and Tox. Harry is in prison after the events at the end of Liar Liar, and Whitt and Tox have been suspended. But when Deputy Commissioner Woods reports his daughter and granddaughter are missing, he’s ready to strike a deal in his desperation.Such easy reading, the short chapters make it feel like you’re absolutely flying through the book. Just goo...
  • Chava
    I am a huge fan of Candice Fox. I love this series. All of it was great in this book.
  • Jason Damman
    Every now and then I like to enjoy a bit of light but fast paced reading and this book didn’t disappoint. With familiar characters I have grown fond of in three previous books in this series I felt right at home. I was also excited to read this book because the last one was left in quite the cliffhanger.All seems lost to Detective Harriet Blue. She’s locked up, lost her job and is about to be thrown to the wolves in prison. I have a feeling I...
  • Deb Bodinnar
    Candice just makes James Patterson better!! Looking forward to the stand alone that's on it's way but hope to read more Harry Blue in the future.
  • Julie Garner
    I feel like I’m a broken record with these authors. I love them both and when they collaborate, they blow my mind.Book 4 in the Harriet Blue series is no different. So much going on from all sides but somehow the work gets done and we can continue to love our favourites. We score some back story on Tox, with our hearts breaking, then singing, then breaking again for him. Whitt is on the road to recovery and Harriet, well, Harriet is in prison a...
  • Kim
    This is the fourth instalment in the Harriet Blue series, set as usual in Sydney, Australia. Following on from the third book, Harriet finds herself on remand in prison, accused of murdering her brother's murderer. She refuses to go into segregation so is constantly under attack from other inmates - many of the prison officers don't like her either! Then she receives a visit from her nemesis, Deputy Commissioner Joe Woods - but he is not there to...
  • Nicky Mottram
    Far fetched but an entertaining read !
  • John
    Absolutely loved this novel from beginning to end. Please keep going with this series. Highly, highly recommended.
  • Tracy
    Very good.
  • Soho_Black
    One of the things I’ve particularly enjoyed about James Patterson and Candice Fox’s “Harriet Blue” series is that, unlike Patterson’s Private” and “Women’s Murder Club” series, it isn’t overburdened with plot and sub-plot getting in the way of things. Those series frequently have multiple plots, plus often a romantic sub-plot, largely because the characters aren’t strong enough to carry things on their own. By contrast, Dete...
  • Verushka
    What is this about?: Harriet Blue is in prison when the man who was determined to put her there comes looking for her help to find his daughter and his grandkid. Woods is at the end of his tether and will do anything to find his family -- including enlisting Harry's help.What else is this about?: Hush Hush gives Tox and Whitt, Harry's partners in crime (or cops) much more depth this time around, which contrasted with Harry's decisions and honestl...
  • Megan Jones
    Prison is a dangerous place for a former cop – as Harriet Blue is learning on a daily basis. So, following a fight for her life and a prison-wide lockdown, the last person she wants to see is Deputy Police Commissioner Joe Woods. The man who put her inside. But Woods is not there to gloat. His daughter Tonya and her two-year-old child have gone missing. He's ready to offer Harriet a deal: find his family to buy her freedom.This is an exciting a...
  • Christina
    Fourth in the series of Harriet Blue thrillers, and I've read them all. This one was the least satisfying for me, but I can't put my finger on the reason why. Harriet had been (wrongly) put in prison and she's 4 months into her sentence and learning how to survive. Two things happen at about the same time--the police commissioner's daughter and grandchild are missing and the commissioner (who still has a hate-on for Blue) believes only Harriet an...
  • Ashleigh Hogan
    I usually love James Patterson and any of his collaborations but I struggled with the inaccuracies of this book. I haven’t read the first few Harry Blue books so I’m not sure if they are similar but some of the content is completely inaccurate in terms of Australia. I’m disappointed that research and editing hasn’t been more thorough. For example, one section refers to a video on the news of someone testifying in court. Court proceedings ...
  • Deborah
    I missed the first book in this series (Never Never) but have adored both Fifty Fifty (2017) and Liar Liar (2018). In those reviews I comment on what I think is Candice Fox's influence or role in the creation of the lead character as I really (really) like Harriet Blue, our enigmatic but troubled lead.Fox excels in creating amazingly complex (not to mention annoying but likeable) characters and has done the same in her Crimson Lake  and Eden Arc...
  • Kevin
    2.5*Firstly I rounded up as felt that the book deserves a better rating. Overall I think the premise was excellent but the attention to detail and last third of the book came across far too elaborate and unrealistic.The ending of the storyline was even more far fetched than I could have believed.
  • Mala Ashok
    Harriet Blue is in prison charged with murder. Her boss Deputy chief Woods gets her out to solve a case - the disappearance of his daughter and granddaughter. If Blue solves the case she need not go back to prison. Blue teems up with her former buddies Tox and Whitt and works hard. Will she solve the case? Will she also find out who killed Dr. Goldman in the prison? Worth reading to find out.
  • Tina
    Love Harry BlueJP at his best. Love this lead character almost as much as Cross. Can’t put the book down as soon as I open it. Love the fact not everyone likes her and she does not like everyone but she is a hero. Love it.