A Scandalous Deception (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #2) by Lynn Messina

A Scandalous Deception (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #2)

As much as Beatrice Hyde-Clare relished the challenge of figuring out who murdered a fellow guest during a house party in the Lake District, she certainly does not consider herself an amateur investigator. So when a London dandy falls dead at her feet in the entryway of a London Daily Gazette, she feels no compulsion to investigate. It was a newspaper office, after all, and reporters are already on the case as are the authorities. She has her own...

Details A Scandalous Deception (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #2)

TitleA Scandalous Deception (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #2)
Release DateAug 9th, 2018
PublisherPotatoworks Press
GenreMystery, Historical, Romance, Historical Fiction, Fiction, Regency

Reviews A Scandalous Deception (Beatrice Hyde-Clare Mysteries #2)

  • Yara
    Six months after the events in “A Brazen Curiosity” we find Bea, this time in London as she gets ready for yet another season. However, after the events at the summer party, Bea’s family respect for her has grown, not because she unraveled a murder mystery, no, it’s because they believe Bea’s little white lie that she had once had a suiter. They lie was mean to help her find out who was the murderer but as it’s with these things, it g...
  • Tina
    In the previous book, Bea (our intrepid sleuthing heroine) told a very small fib in the course of her investigation in order to get some information.As this books starts, we learn that that small fib has taken on a life of its own and spirals way out of control with really funny results. Bea has to do some damage control and in the course of that finds yet another dead body strewn at her feet.A dandy who reportedly is on the cusp of publishing a ...
  • Alisha
    Really loving time spent with these characters...they are SO delightful!
  • Sarah
    Six months have passed and Bea's fictitious Mr. Davies is causing her more trouble than she could have ever predicted. A simple fabrication invented to invite Miss Otley into her confidence to aid her investigtion, it has has now spiraled wildly out of her control. Hoping to rid herself of the rumor for good, she sneaks out of the house in order to anonymously submit a death notice for Mr. Davies. But as she turns to leave the newspaper office, a...
  • Rebekah Giese Witherspoon
    In this second book in the trilogy, we find bookish and brainy Bea bewildered when a debonair dandy falls at her feet. And promptly dies. With a knife in his back. Not just any knife, but a knife which she has most certainly seen somewhere before.Her search for clues takes her to the British Museum, where the Duke of Kesgrave is following the same investigative trail as Bea. Or is he just following Bea?The growing admiration and affection woven i...
  • Amy
    First off, I am officially a big fan of Regency Cozy Mysteries. It is the combination of my two favorite guilty literary pleasures and I find I can ignore any amount of historical inaccuracy as long I have a murder victim or two to distract me. Second, bumping up to four stars for the end. Not necessarily the murderer, though I guess I didn't see it coming?, but Bea's reaction to him. Honestly, he is a truly sympathetic character. You don't want ...
  • Megan
    Such a wonderful continuation to the series. The writing sparkles just as much as the first book. I’m really enjoying the growing relationship between Bea and the Duke since it is based on friendship and respect rather than physically attraction. Can’t wait to start the next book!
  • Wende
    I laughed out loud in so many spots and giggled in other. Bea is a wonderful character and I love reading her adventures.
  • Lady Wesley
    I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this book. It’s got a good mystery, humor (the whole “late Mr. Davies story was LOL funny), and a subtle, budding romance between the duke and The Girl Most Unlikely to be a Duchess. Lynn Smith does an almost excellent narration, but where does “mar-QUESS” come from?
  • QNPoohBear
    Beatrice Hyde-Clare is feeling the repercussions of her unusual behavior at the house party in the Lakes District four months ago. Her aunt and uncle are determined to find this mysterious Mr. Theodore Davies, Bea's lost love. Bea can't bring herself to tell them it was all a lie for fear of what her aunt will do to her. She has only one solution: Mr. Davies must die! When Bea drops off a death notice at the London Gazette she never expects a gen...
  • Rebecca
    "If I do not comprehend what it means to be a duke, then you do not comprehend what it means to an unmarried young lady." This series has been such a nice surprise, and I'm shocked it doesn't receive more accolades. It contains all the elements I love most in the "cozy" genre. There is a brilliant, but unassuming heroine, a dashing but sometimes egoistical hero, the best slow burn romance, charming secondary characters, and the perfect balance of...
  • Sharanya
    A witty, satisfying follow-up. The writing was a wee bit clumsy at times, but the hilarity between characters more than made up for it. Beatrice & the Duke are a charming pair! Again, this is 3/4 Jane Austen & 1/4 hard-boiled whodunnit, so if you’re looking for a riveting mystery this isn’t for you. On the other hand, if you’re looking for funny commentary on English society & a really cute, light romance, don’t let these books pass you b...
  • Heatherinblack
    not quite as cleverthe mystery was a tad simple. it made it seem a contrived vehicle to move the main characters forward. i did appreciate Bea getting her due for having solved a previous murder. i hope the next book has a better mystery, but i do look forward to the banter.
  • Kerrie Howard
    I really like this book. This is the second book in the series and I enjoyed it as much as I did the first one - A Brazen Curiosity. Beatrice is really coming in to her own and the conversations she has with the Duke of Kesgrave are really funny. Beatrice's family are quite interesting also. It as also a good mystery. In this one Beatrice is at a newspaper office to place an obituary for her made-up love interest, (see A Brazen Curiosity), and a ...
  • Hazel
    Not quite as good a mystery as the first one, but do I care? Not the slightest bit.
  • Elvira Watson-ocampo
    Must read series!I find I cannot stop reading the series I started with the first and now I'm going on to the 3rd as I speak! I love the witticism with the main character she is endearing and I love the romantic or Slow Burn relationship to be! I highly recommend this series!
  • P Lynne Adams
    Unmatched Wit & IntrigueLynn Messina does an excellent job of weaving a tale of intrigue interwoven with such tongue in cheek humor that I must put her on my list of favorite authors. Looking forward to the next book in the series to see if the ultimate HEA is achieved!
  • Katie
    Duration: 7 hrs 21 mins. A Scandalous Deception by Lynn Messina is the second book in a series of cosy Regency mysteries featuring inquisitive bluestocking, Beatrice Hyde-Clare, and the imposing Damien Matlock, Duke of Kesgrave. In this outing, Bea's determination to set right the untruths which have plagued her since the last book puts her once again at the scene of a dastardly crime. As Bea begins to unravel the particulars she finds herself in...
  • Paula Dyches
    I absolutely loved listening to this book. The narration was beautifully done and made the story if possible even more entertaining. Lynn Messina does a phenomenal job with all of the characters and leaving enough possibilities to the solution that it keeps you guessing and fully engrossed. She adds in quirky, amusing characters, and situations that gives the comic relief throughout the mystery/drama. Overall, it's just an extremely well written ...
  • Joy
    Rather ridiculous but very readable and great fun!
  • Norma
    ( Format : Audiobook ) "A moment of evil intent." The start of a new Season, and 26 years old Beatrice Hyde-Clare has endured six of them already, all without securing an eligible husband. So she no longer has any illusions that this year she will sparkle with witty conversation and dazzle with stunning good looks. Just the contrary, in fact. And although looking forward to seeing again the Duke of Kesgrave, with whom she had previously developed...
  • Laura
    I received this book for free. I am voluntarily posting this review and all opinions expressed herein are my own.What a wonderful follow-up to A Brazen Curiosity. It is a standalone book [no cliffhanger ending]. However, I highly recommend that you start with the first book in the series. The author is kind enough to provide summaries of events which occurred in the first book [or if it's been a while, to refresh your memory].Here, Beatrice, fres...
  • Krystyna
    The web of liesAnother great read. Loved the plot and the way the main character is coming out of her shell )but must admit that her age is causing me concerns as in book 1 she seemed to be older) and turning from a gauche, tongue tied, shy personality into a more vibrant, confident one. For anyone that loves G Heyer and A Quick but isn't that fussed about accuracy (this is a lighthearted read after all) then this is a delight. Frankly I enjoyed ...
  • Argum
    Beatrice is now in London and her family has latched onto a lie she told to further her last case, but it did much for a while - her invented and entirely fictitious thwarted lover. Now though things are too much- her aunt is convinced she must find the man despite his wife and children to find similar traits to finally marry off her unwanted niece. So as anyone would do she kills him - by filing an obituary on the fictional man. But while at the...
  • Roberta
    The second murder mystery in the series, A Scandalous Deception was even more fun than A Brazen Curiosity.The beginning of the audiobook felt a little slow to someone who had listened to A Brazen Curiosity recently. I felt that we spent too long in Bea’s head (both thinking about the previous story, and general thoughts) before the excitement really got started.The narration has definitely improved since A Brazen Curiosity, there are far fewer ...
  • D. Starr
    Murder in Broad DaylightAppropriate for teen - adultNo sexNo memorable harsh languageBea , the main character, witnesses the death of a well-known dandy. He had just been stabbed while walking along a very crowded street. Because of the crush of people, no one actually witnessed the attack.With the help of the Duke of Kesgrave, she sets about to solve the mystery.Good plot. Some amusing sequences.Enough references to book 1 in the series that its...
  • Marla
    The ways Bea's family reacts to her 'new' personality were very amusing. Especially when they all were rushing to her side during the ball, thinking they were going to head off some social catastrophe. We get a lot of internal monologue from Bea that I think could get presented in another way. I'm picturing her staring off into space, immobile during these long thought sequences, but no other characters seem to notice anything odd. I also had tro...
  • Diane
    Dashing hero! Plucky heroine!How many more books (2, 3?) before the Duke proposes marriage to Bea? Which she will honorably decline, of course, only to, in a complete turn about, agree in another two of three books! There! All plotted for Ms. Messina, who will no doubt confound me by taking a different plotting in those five or six books! All this is to say that I hope to be able to read a considerable number of additional Messina narratives. Thi...
  • Inishowen Cailín
    A brilliant follow up to A Brazen Curiosity. I listened to this book in one day and I am itching for the next book in the series.I thought it hilarious that Bea would go to a newspaper office to put in a death notice for her fictitious former love. Not only that but a murder victim falls dead at her feet at the same time! The whole scene was thoroughly entertaining and had me gripped.I love the friendship that Bea and the Duke have. There is a hi...
  • Isabelle Adler
    The mystery you always wished Jane Austen had written.Really, I enjoyed this one tremendously--possibly even more than the first one. Bea is such a fun heroine, and her antics here were as hilarious as they were clever and spunky. I absolutely loved the progression of her relationship with the handsome Duke, and can't wait to see how it will unfold in the third book.(Also, can we have a spin-off series about Viscount Nuneaton? Pretty please?)