Mom Up by Kara-Kae James

Mom Up

Every mom can identify with the feeling that they’re in a race to the finish line every day, stumbling over everything in their path—including Legos and dirty laundry!   Kara-Kae James knows how overwhelming motherhood can be. As she writes, “When we come to the place where we think that we have failed—this is the moment when God’s Word and motherhood intersect.”   In Mom Up, James shares four themes that impact how she follows Jesu...

Details Mom Up

TitleMom Up
Release DateJan 1st, 2019
PublisherDavid C Cook
GenreSelf Help, Nonfiction

Reviews Mom Up

  • Dee Ownbey
    Wow! I seriously love this book! If you loved Girl Wash Your Face or even if you hated it, I highly recommend this book. The inspiration and the inspiration with scriptures was amazing!!
  • Brook James
    This is a great book for moms that are stuck in survival just trying to get through the day/years. While the book is obviously completely written to moms, I (as a dad) think there is a lot that dads can learn from this book that would really benefit your parenting and marriage if you let it spark honest conversations between partners. Definitely a recommend. Plus it’s got short chapters that allow plenty of the stopping points that parents need...
  • Analee Kluge
    This book is more than just a pep talk for weary moms. The author doesn’t tell you to ‘go wash your face’ or that you can do it all. Spoiler alert: we can’t! This book dives into God’s Word and invites all moms, of all backgrounds and in all stages of mothering to stop just surviving motherhood and begin thriving IN it.
  • Anna
    This is a book you want to both savour and gobble up in two days. It is about living out a calling as a Mom in the abundant life God has there, ready and waiting for us and how to get there. Kara-Kae is personal and real about her life, she shares her process of living in survival mode to living an abundant life in Christ. It is unlike any other "parenting" book I have read. The chapters are short, as she has written it for Moms, and, Moms don't ...
  • Kelli Theaderman
    Love this book! This is going to be my new baby shower gift. Every Mom, Mama to be, and hopeful Mom NEEDS to read this book. Kara-Kae hit the nail on the head! There were times I thought she might have been a fly on the wall at my house.
  • Jenischrawyer
    Amazing book. Full of scripture. Both challenging and encouraging. Perfect for group study or solo. Loved this book so much
  • Ruthie Hart
    I have been a mom for almost 5 1/2 years now and read my fair share of books about motherhood, most of them leaving me feel discouraged or ashamed for the way I have failed as a mom. But then I read Mom Up. Kara-Kae has a beautiful and hilarious style of writing that left me feeling encouraged, empowered, convicted, and expectant for what the Lord can and WILL do through me in my role as a mother. My favorite chapter was 6 because I struggle with...
  • Hayley
    If you’re a mama, make this one of the first new books on your list this year! Seriously! It’s soul warming, raw, uplifting, encouraging and good to the very last word. In fact, I’d encourage you to gather some friends and read it together, answer the questions together and just build a better foundation of faith and openness between you all as you journey through motherhood together. Not only will you want to be best friends with Kara-Kae ...
  • Jenny Hartfelder
    I listened to Mom Up as an audio book. I was a bit skeptical about the title, but it was an encouraging and honest look at the very real challenges of motherhood and the grace of Christ that is greater than those challenges. (Lots of "me too" illustrations.) It's filled with Scripture pointing the reader back to Christ as the source of fulfillment and strength. However, she is definitely writing from the viewpoint of a mom blessed to be a wife wi...
  • Sarah Mundy
    Reading the first few words of Mom Up you are instantly transported into your favorite cozy spot with your best friend sharing a heart & soul journey of motherhood with you. Kara-Kae James shares the highs, lows, & the in-betweens of motherhood beautifully while weaving a tale of God's love & redemption through everyday life. This book is written for moms of all ages in all stages of life. It's not a passive read either: the end of each chapter c...
  • Becca Iveson
    “Mom Up” is the perfect gospel-centered book for the new year! It is applicable to all stages of Motherhood and gives gospel hope to the worn out mom who is trying to do it all herself. Kara Kae directs our attention correctly to Christ to align our endeavors with His. “Mom Up” is not a motherhood “how to”, but a reminder of the calling we have to serve our God, our families, and others. It is perfect as an individual read or to go th...
  • Amber
    If you are in desperate need of a big cup of encouragement to help you go from surviving to thriving in motherhood, this book is for you. Mom Up will have you nodding your head in agreement as you read every word but what’s wonderful is that Kara Kae doesn’t leave you there in despair, through her words she reaches down into the hole that motherhood has left you in and she yanks you out ready to take on this beautiful gift God has given us. S...
  • Chantelle Fair
    Kara-Kae James is honest and refreshing in this gorgeous book, which teaches us to let go of mum guilt, to step into freedom with Jesus’ help. We can Mum with grace and courage with God in our side.This book is the encouragement you need for any stage of your mum journey. Filled with biblical truths and a wonderful study guide this book is one I will go back to again and again to remind me of who I am and all that I can be when I choose to do t...
  • Mandy Maple
    I loved this book! I would be reading and think, me too. Or think, wow, someone else feels that way or did that too. It's a real eye opener as a mom to the things we think we are alone in. We are not alone and more people are like us than we realize! Love all the words Kara-Kae has to share and truths she speaks!
  • Emily
    Kara Kae reaches out and offers Moms hope. This book is written for all moms no matter what season of life they are in. With personal stories and truth she navigates some of the hard stuff that comes with being a mom. I highly recommend this book. I have been buying for all my close mom friends. I was given and advanced copy of this book for my honest opinion.
  • Kelly Trepp
    I can't write anything in my review that hasn't already been said about this book. Mom Up is full of helpful scripture to remind us where to go for rest. If nothing else, it helps to know I'm not the only mom in survival mode searching for fulfillment in the wrong place: herself. This book helped me reset my mindset and get back in the game.
  • Marlene Lacroix
    What a great read! A solid Truth filled look at motherhood - the good, the bad, the ugly; and how leaning into the Father can help us navigate through it all, and thrive at the same time; what a great reminder! Love the deeper study questions, group discussion, and action points at the end of each chapter!
  • Tanya Mantooth
    UpliftingThis book is a great read filled with anecdotes, insights, and lots of scripture. If you are a mom if teenagers, don’t put this book down in the first few chapters. Use those to reflect and remember when your babies were small and you too went through those seasons. Great book for all mothers and soon to be mothers.
  • Jess
    Exactly what I needed to help inspire me to get out of the slump I've been having for several months now! I initially listened to the audiobook that I borrowed from the library, and I loved it so much I went out to buy my own physical copy. Really good read, very relatable and helpful.
  • Vivienne
    This book is full of music to my ears. This is a 1,000,000,000 star book
  • Maggie
  • Kristin Rowe
    This book is fantastic, so refreshing and empowering to be encouraged to be the Mom God has created us to be! This book leaves you feeling encouraged and uplifted in the midst of motherhood.
  • Melissa Potoczek
    For evangelicals not me, nothing really new put forth; More of a bible study.
  • Patty Edwards
    Best book ever! A beautiful reminder that we are not alone, God is with us all along this chaotic yet amazing journey called motherhood. Kara-Kae James encouraging words are a sweet balm and refreshment for tired Mommas souls. It's time to stop living on survival mode and Mom Up!
  • Kim Stephens
    So much more than just a parenting book. Kara-Kae beautifully intertwines the truths of God’s Word with the reality of motherhood to show who God has created us to be. I laughed, I cried, but most of all, I felt so encouraged after reading this to be a better mom by chasing hard after Jesus first. We can’t do anything apart from Him. Only with Jesus can we stop just surviving and start THRIVING.
  • Courtney Maxwell
    Kara-Kae’s book is humerous, beautifully written and REAL. As a mother of 3, recently diagnosed with PPD, “Mom Up” brought my mommy soul back to life! This is a wonderful gift for mothers in all seasons of parenting—and great for dads too!! One of my favorite chapters was on marriage and parenting together.This will forever be my new babyshower gift for new mommys. Because when you’re up at 4am with a screaming child, you can always gra...