Terns of Endearment (Meg Langslow, #25) by Donna Andrews

Terns of Endearment (Meg Langslow, #25)

A new side-splitting Meg Langslow mystery from award-winning, New York Times bestselling author of Toucan Keep a Secret Meg's grandfather has been booked to give lectures on a cruise as part of the education/entertainment itinerary, and he's arranged for a passel of family members to join him.The passengers' vacation quickly becomes a nightmare when they wake up to find themselves broken down and in need of repairs. Things get even worse when a c...

Details Terns of Endearment (Meg Langslow, #25)

TitleTerns of Endearment (Meg Langslow, #25)
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Cozy Mystery, Humor, Fiction

Reviews Terns of Endearment (Meg Langslow, #25)

  • Annarella
    It's the first book I read in this series and won't surely be the last.I loved the likeable and well written cast of characters, the setting, and found the plot engrossing and entertaining.The mystery was excellent and kept me guessing.I look forward to reading other books in this series.Highly recommended!Many thanks to the publisher and Edelweiss for this ARC, all opinions are mine.
  • Kate Baxter
    Oh my! I've never been on a cruise and after reading this wonderfully crafted cozy mystery, somehow I doubt I'll ever step aboard to do so. Author Donna Andrews delivers another amusing story of protagonist and professional blacksmith, Meg Langslow, and her quirky yet wonderfully creative and gifted family. Meg's grandfather, Monty Blake, a well renowned zoologist and environmentalist, has been hired by Pastime Cruise Line to provide lectures on ...
  • Bea
    "Terns of Endearment" is clever, a little convoluted, but nicely done. It gets meta with the writing group and publishing gossip, but it's also interesting. The story's not side-splitting as the blurb says but it is humorous, and it kept me reading; I finished it in a day. Meg and her extended family take a trip aboard a cruise ship from a new cruise line, one that is poorly run and not entirely ethical. You may not want to take a cruise after re...
  • Taryn
    in this 25th book of the series Meg is off on a cruise with her family, her grandfather booked the ship so that he could give lectures on one of his favorite subjects, birds. Things start off well but when they wake up one morning to find themselves broken down, and in the Bermuda Triangle of all places things take a different turn for the worse. One of the passengers seems to have committed suicide leaving only an note and her shoes behind makin...
  • Chaitra
    I giggled throughout this book. It's what I expect out of this series, and it didn't let me down. The characters are kookie, but they're the adorable type. We're not in Caerphilly this go around, but stranded in the Bermuda Triangle, stressing out Rose Noir quite horribly. There is an awful lot going on, but it was all good fun. On the plus side, I didn't peg all parts of the mystery. (Not that I read these for the mystery, but it's fun when I do...
  • Grace Koshida
    Meg Langslow's grandfather Dr. Blake has been booked to give lectures on a Pastime cruise to Bermuda. Most of his family members have joined him for a fun vacation. But the trip turns into a nightmare when the ship is dead in the water without power and in need of repairs. Things get even worse when a woman has jumped overboard, leaving behind her shoes, shawl, and a note. Why would celebrated romance author Desiree St. Christophe commit suicide?...
  • Sue F
    I read and really enjoyed a bunch of the early titles in this series, published back in the early 2000s. Then, between kid-raising and stressful job and a bunch of other stuff, I sort of lost track of this series, so I was happy to receive an ARC of Terns of Endearment from the publisher/Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. And in the process of reading this most recent title, I remembered why I liked the series so much way back when. Some...
  • Marilyn Fontane
    Terns of Endearment by Donna Andrews is not set in Caerphilly, but rather on a cruise ship on the high seas on the way to Bermuda, where Meg's grandfather, Dr. J. Montgomery Blake is giving a series of lectures on the birds, fish, and sea creatures they see as they sail. But they don't sail long; the ship stops and apparently no one on the minimalist crew can fix it. No electricity, no running water, no refrigeration for the food and drink, no li...
  • Dawn Michelle
    Murder on the high seas - NOT exactly what Meg Langslow and her family signed up for when they join her Grandfather on a cruise where he will be lecturing. Never mind that the ship and its crew seem hinky, the rooms are not exactly as promised and the food is iffy, when a passenger goes missing, then all the crew members disappear and the captain cannot be found, I am SURE it has nothing to do with the fact that the ship is stalled right in the m...
  • Pernette
    Donna Andrew's Terns of Endearment is all about a cruise gone wrong. A lot of Meg Langslow's family and friends are onboard a lesser-known cruise line when things start going horribly wrong.Terns of Endearment was an original plot and I enjoyed that very much. I also liked the cruising part up to a point.There were a lot of characters and I found that hard to keep up with at times. I also felt like the story drug in places. This was not the best ...
  • Pernette
    Donna Andrew's Terns of Endearment is all about a cruise gone wrong. A lot of Meg Langslow's family and friends are onboard a lesser-known cruise line when things start going horribly wrong.Terns of Endearment was an original plot and I enjoyed that very much. I also liked the cruising part up to a point.There were a lot of characters and I found that hard to keep up with at times. I also felt like the story drug in places. This was not the best ...
  • Kyrie
    Andrews neatly managed to get a large portion of Meg's family in one place by putting them on a cruise ship, stranding it, and having multiple murders on board. Again, I am astounded at Meg's ability to have everyone but her take care of her twins. While I wouldn't call it side splitting, there was enough humor to amuse and take my mind off the horror of both murder and a cruise ship with no electricity, no running water, no way to contact the sh...
  • Eileen Lynx
    Another fun story that takes place on a cruise ship.
  • Jennifer
    Another fun adventure with Meg's extended family, this time stuck on the cruise from hell. I was a little taken aback that the twins seemed to have regressed in age - I don't think it actually specified how old they are, but the portrayal seemed younger than in the previous book. Of course, minor details like ages never seem to matter, as everyone is somewhat ageless in this series.
  • Pat
    Silly, silly, silly. If you're a fan of the series, you'll enjoy it. Great fun.
  • Anna Fox
    I'm enjoying this series enough that I've gone back and started at the beginning. I really enjoy Meg's and Michael's relationship and how they work together to raise their kids and solve the mystery. The mysteries always keep me guessing.
  • Jessi
    Meg's grandfather has been asked to lead a series of bird talks on the cruise line Pastimes. In return, he got a friends and family discount. So the entire clan has packed up and headed to Florida to get on the boat. Even waiting to embark is sending up red flags since the porter does not seem willing to take aboard her family's 32 bags. The trip only gets odder after Meg meets a group of 4 writers who had a friend die recently; the woman they bl...
  • Jill
    When Meg Langslow’s grandfather agrees to share some of his legendary bird knowledge through a series of lectures on a cruise to Bermuda, of course the whole family has to go along. Grandfather, obviously, as well as his wife, Meg’s mother, aunt, father, cousins, brother, her brother’s fiancee, and her husband and their twin sons all together go to sea for a fun-filled vacation. While they’re not booked on one of those gigantic ships, the...
  • Katreader
    TERNS OF ENDEARMENT by Donna AndrewsThe Twenty-Fifth Meg Langslow MysteryFinally giving into requests Meg's grandfather has joined the cruise ship lecture circuit. With the offer of heavily discounted fares for family and friends, the whole clan has joined him for an environmental cruise to Bermuda. While Michael and the twins spend time playing miniature golf, her mother takes tea, and Rose Noir attempts to protect the ship and its passengers fr...
  • Joan
    While I have always believed there is no such thing as a bad cruise, this book has proved me wrong. Meg's grandfather, Dr. J. Montgomery Blake, has been hired by the budget cruiseline Pastime to give educational speeches while on his way to Bermuda to film a documentary. However, when the company offered an extremely generous discount for any family or friends wishing to accompany him, they did not expect 12 of the clan to take them up on their o...
  • Tad
    Meg Langslow returns in Donna Andrews 25th bird-themed mystery, Terns of Endearment. This time Meg and her amazingly frustrating/helpful family are taking a cruise to Bermuda. Meg's grandfather has been hired to give lectures on the cruise as part of the entertainment and he takes along a good chunk of the family with him. The trip quickly heads south as the ship breaks down in the middle of the ocean and one passenger jumps overboard. Whether th...
  • Lesa
    I admit that my sister is the big Donna Andrews/Meg Langslow fan in the family. However, in Terns of Endearment, there was less outrageous behavior than I expected. Meg was a capable, organized amateur sleuth, and she handled a terrible crisis with aplomb.When Meg Langslow's grandfather, Dr. J. Montgomery Blake, signs on for the cruise ship lecture circuit, his contract allows him to bring others along. Fifteen members of the family and his team ...
  • Mark Baker
    Meg Langslow’s grandfather has taken a job on a cruise ship for one voyage presenting nightly lectures on animals and the environment. Primetime, the cruise line, has offered a discount, so Meg and several other family members have joined this cruise to Bermuda. However, things don’t go as planned. The first morning as sea, the passengers wake up to find that the ship is dead in the water. Then, as the captain is briefing the passengers on th...
  • Kat E.
    A quirky and comedic adventure featuring the unflappable Meg Lanslow. On an educational cruise featuring her famous naturalist grandfather, her mystery addicted dad, a mother who can be an understudy for the royal family plus her patient husband and twin sons, Meg encounters several puzzling and dangerous events.On her first day she meets a group of authors and befriends them. They are taking this trip to help then deal with the suicide of a fell...
  • Ed
    #25 in the Meg Langslow series. This superior change of pace from author Donna Andrews move the scene of the action from Virginia to the vicinity of the Bermuda Triangle. Meg's family joins her Grandfather on a cruise to Bermuda during which he is contracted to five a series of nature lectures. Meg meets a group of writers on the ill-fated cruise and one of the highlights of the story if the reaction of her new friends when problems arise and Meg...
  • Cozy Cat Reviews
    This is the "25th" in this beloved series . Well done to the author and congratulations ! This is a delightful read and honestly the best laughter I have had in ages. This is such a fun entertaining cozy . Thank you for the ARC to the publisher and to Net Galley. My opinion is my own. Meg and her Grandpa are off on a ocean cruise that Grandpa booked as a environmental educational cruise on all things birds. Meg is thrilled to join him and looking...
  • Heather Haven
    This is but the latest offering, number twenty-five to be exact, in a series of light-hearted mysteries written about the escapades of a charming but zany family. Penned by the talented Donna Andrews, the stories are seen through the eyes of the protagonist, Meg Langslow, who is the most centered of all the characters. The author has received many awards for this series and they are well deserved. Ms. Andrews’ writing is witty, her prose descri...
  • Myarn
    Terns of Endearment by Donna Andrews 5 STARS This is book #25 in the Meg Landslow series and Ms. Andrews has delivered a fabulous book. This time its Meg and family on the high seas taking a cruise to Bermuda. Her grandfather, Dr. J. Montgomery Blake is sailing on the ship to deliver a series of lectures and film some footage at their destination - Bermuda. Like the author in her preface, I have never been on a cruise, but I had heard plenty of n...
  • Diane Hernandez
    Terns of Endearment brings the whole Meg Langslow crew aboard a cruise ship to Bermuda where both murder and secrets abound! When called upon to be a wildlife lecturer, Meg’s grandfather Dr. Blake brings the whole family along on the questionably run Pastime cruise line. The ship’s crew is disorganized and unfriendly. The ship itself is falling apart. When Meg meets a group of authors, she learns they suspect another writer, Desiree, of plagi...
  • Marilyn
    Grandpa's assistant has arraigned for him to give a series of lectures aboard a cruise ship and the cruise line said he could bring along family at a discount. Apparently, they were not counting on this family. Their group of 16 includes: Grandpa, Caroline, Meg, her husband and their sons, Meg's parents, cousin Horace, Aunt Penelope, two videographers, Meg's brother and his fiancee, cousin Rose Noire, and the assistant, Trevor. Also aboard are 4 ...