Nothing to Hide (Lucy Kincaid #15) by Allison Brennan

Nothing to Hide (Lucy Kincaid #15)

New York Times bestseller Allison Brennan's latest novel featuring FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid finds her on the trail of a serial killer.With a background in psychology, FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is good at getting into the heads of killers and victims both. Still, her latest case is leaving her stumped. A third body has turned up in San Antonio—and it bears the same unique and troubling M.O. as the first two. The killer is clearly trying to send a mes...

Details Nothing to Hide (Lucy Kincaid #15)

TitleNothing to Hide (Lucy Kincaid #15)
Release DateApr 30th, 2019
PublisherMinotaur Books
GenreMystery, Romance, Romantic Suspense, Suspense

Reviews Nothing to Hide (Lucy Kincaid #15)

  • Anovelqueen
    FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is called into a case by the local San Antonio police. There is a potential serial killer on the loose. Men are being found beside the highway beaten, hands mangled and then shot to death. Lucy, with her background in psychology and experience, has been called in to work with a seasoned detective who has a definite dislike for the FBI which causes some ripples in their work relationship. The book started a little slow for m...
  • Linda Strong
    4.5 StarsFor those readers who have read any part of the Lucy Kincaid series, you will really enjoy this one. For those who haven't, don't let the number of books in this series deter you. This works easily as a stand alone. It will probably whet your appetite to go back to the beginning ... it's well worth it.FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is working with the local police in San Antonio on a case that completely has her baffled. Three bodies have been f...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    ***Thanks to NetGalley for providing me a complimentary copy of NOTHING TO HIDE by Allison Brennan in exchange for my honest review.***Lucy Kincaid is hot on the trail of a suspected serial killer, who’s murdering seemingly loving husbands and worries her husband will be next.My favorite procedural series are those, like NOTHING TO HIDE, which the can be read as standalones. I hadn’t read the previous fourteen Lucy Kincaid stories and now hav...
  • Jess
    It was a really good read, as all of the Lucy books are, and I’ve enjoyed this entire series. I didn’t care for the Jesse\gang storyline. I feel like he’s trying to be forced into the series and I just get bored with his scenes. But I really like Lucy and Sean and i’m always left wanting the next book.
  • Nurse Lisa In Ohio (PRN Book Reviews)
    FAN. TAST. IC.
  • Cathy Geha
    Nothing to Hide by Allison BrennanLucy Kincaid #15As I began to read this book I thought I had read about Lucy Kincaid before and then something I read in this book reminded me I had read of her capture and horrible experience at the hands of a sadistic man and more. I loved that book, though it was not easy to read, and realized that as this is book 15 and the last one I read in the series was book two...I have missed a LOT of Lucy’s life stor...
  • Darcy
    I liked this one, but maybe not for the reason the author wanted readers to. While the crime was ok, I was more intrigued with Lucy working with the an officer from the Sheriff's office, Jerry. Now Jerry is a crusty curmudgeon guy, but one who is a good officer and really wants to solve his cases. You would think Lucy would work well with him, as she gets along with most people, but Jerry has a bias against working with the FBI due to a case gone...
  • Book Him Danno
    Allison Brennan brings Lucy Kincaid back for another mystery this time a serial killers needing to be stopped. The characters are real, progress and grow as the series continues. Each characters readers will be able to relate wanting to love, protect and stand beside. The mystery has it twist and turns that readers have come to expect from Allison Brennan. The author has the gift to bring readers into her world never letting go until they have fi...
  • Poongothai
    It is #15 in the series. FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is called into a case of a potential serial killer by the local San Antonio police. It was a slow book with lots of procedural explanations. There is also a sub plot of Lucy's step son and a gang.
  • Tim Mcgurrin
    Why did I give this book 1 star? Because I couldn't give it zero. Lots of spoilers coming...For starters, the teaser on the back cover suggests this book is about a crazed gunman who takes hostages at a coffee shop. That's about 10% of the book. The rest is some boring as shit family drama involving a 13 year old kid's wish to spend his summer with his real dad. His mom married some grade A criminal who wound up turning on a drug cartel and then ...
  • Jeanie
    The killer is uniquely cold. This is a coldness that cannot be hidden. He would be polite, respectful, follow all the social norms. But people who know the killer would be probably call him or her introverted, quiet, intelligent, aloof, possibly antisocial. This is not someone who likes people in general, but he can function in society. He or she has at least some college education, above average intelligence, organized not just as a killer, but ...
  • Michelle
    Review can be found on my blog here: https://booksonthebookshelf.wordpress...….Thank you to the publisher for the eARC of this book via Netgalley.….This is the first book in the Lucy Kincaid series that I have read and although it is book #15 in the series, you can easily read it as a standalone as I did. I really enjoyed the writing style of this novel and I am definitely interested in checking out the other books in this series.FBI Agent Lu...
  • Patti Lucas
    I have loved every Lucy Kincaid book. They get better and better. Nothing to Hide by Allison Brennan is the 15 Lucy Kincaid book. Three married men are brutally murdered late at night near their cars. The local sheriff's office asks the FBI for assistance with the case and Lucy get assigned. Jerry Walker is her partner and he does not have a lot of love for the FBI, which makes this difficult for Lucy. There is not evidence left behind at the cri...
  • Diane Hernandez
    FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is working with County Investigator Jerry Walker on a serial killer case in Nothing to Hide. Unfortunately, Jerry has a distrust of FBI psychological profiles due to an earlier case.The victims seem to have nothing in common besides being male, under 40 and married. The murder method is identical. Each victim stops while driving home at night, is tased, beaten including crushed hands, and finally shot in the head. The entir...
  • Sharon Grow
    Lucy Kincaid never disappoints and neither does Allison Brennan with a wonderful new addition to the FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid series. Lucy and Sheriff Deputy Investigator Jerry Walker are investigating two bodies that have been killed in the same unusual manner. Then a third body is killed the same way. The men all led normal lives, married, children with no obvious motive for their murders. Jerry is not happy that Lucy has been assigned to work wi...
  • Lynn
    In the 15th book in the series, FBI agent Lucy Kincaid is called in to assist on a case with the local police department’s detective Jerry Walker. Three murders have taken place which looks like there is a serial killer on the loose in San Antonio. Lucy and Jerry work endless hours following leads which keep leading to dead ends. Just when they think they have found the killer….the story takes yet another twist. A second story involving Lucy...
  • Danielle Urban
    Nothing to Hide by Allison Brennan is mysterious thriller. One that led to four murders. But with each killing there is never any solid evidence that led the police officer nor his FBI partner to finding the killer. There's only circumstantial evidence that kept on building up. Plus, there's a witness. But even that might be let out of the courtroom due to the age of the witness. So much was riding on the evidence...they still have yet to find. T...
  • Jan Fore
    Nothing to HideBy Allison BrennanApril 30, 2019Allison Brennan offers us Lucy Kincaid, #15, in Nothing to Hide. I have only read one of the Kincaid series so I am not certain that all have two plots that are closely followed throughout. As it begins we find Lucy Kincaid investigating the murder of Julio Garcia, executive chef. The FBI has been called in by the San Antonio County Police Department. Detective Jerry Walker, is chief investigator for...
  • Dawn
    As always Lucy and Sean are amazing together but this time she is going to have to work to win over a colleague. When she is called in to help in what looks to be a serial killer and his/her spree the Sheriff she has to work with doesn't appreciate the FBI's involvement and so he's not playing well with others. Lucy is going to have to keep her temper in check and make sure she changes his mind but first she has to find out what happened.As Lucy ...
  • Margaret Yelton
    I received this ARC of Nothing to Hide by Allison Brennan from NetGalley in exchange for my fair and honest review. I have read quite a few of the Lucy Kincaid series but not all, this one can be read as a stand alone book, although I do feel it would be better to have read the earlier books to have a better understanding of Lucy's past. As ususal Brennan's books are well written, have good characters and she carries the storyline through to comp...
  • Tarrah Marie
    This is book fifteen in the Lucy Kincaid series and can be read as a stand-alone. The beginning of the book was easy to capture attention and moved at nice, quick pace. However, somewhere in those first few chapters the pace began to slow and the reader becomes inundated with the minutia of police work. Every conversation is laid out. Every piece of evidence described, in full detail. Everything revisited just as it would be in a real investigati...
  • Kat
    i just won this, it came in the mail yesterday. i already started reading it, im so excited i get to read it so soon after being published! thank you to the author for signing it for me too!a fast paced book that makes you want to just sit there and read the whole thing at once! hard to put downshe is working for the fbi, is married and has a step son. the cop doesnt like fbi as he had a profiler made a mistake which resulted in 2 kids getting ki...
  • Jen
    Lucy Kincaid is back on the case tracking a possible serial killer in Nothing to Hide, the newest Lucy Kincaid novel. With ultiple vixtims and no clear connection, Lucy must work with local law enforcement to stop a killer before he strikes again. In the midst of dealing with the case, danger strikes close to home with Sean and her stepson. Can Lucy solve the case and help Sean keep her family safe?I have read all of Allison Brennan’s books and...
  • Kerry
    I love seeing Lucy grow as a character! Faced with a stubborn cop who doesn't like Feds, she is tasked to work with him in order to solved what appears to be a serial killer. Three men, who as it appears are happily married. They wind up dead, and Lucy is determined to find out why. There is also another side story including Sean's son Jesse, which shows how Sean and Jesse are trying to find their way, and trusting each other. This one was jam pa...
  • Paige Turner
    Was boring and dragged out way too long. It never takes me this long to finish a book, but it just never kept my interest and I put it down often. I see many writers dragging out their story lines by being repetitive and overly descriptive of everything these days. I suspect this is to up the word count as I have heard they get paid more for bigger books. I don't know if this is true, but I have seen this kind of thing from authors I used to enjo...
  • Monica
    This book is like watching Criminal Minds but with more information. You don't have to read the previous books to enjoy this one, though those are good books too. Lucy has such a sharp mind and that shows in her work of catching the bad guys. In this book she is working with an investigator who doesn't like the FBI because they screwed up a case many years ago. The case has random guys dying and not knowing what links they all together. We follow...
  • natalie
    I did not win this book from Goodreads but from an unknown source.I have read many of Allison Brennan's books and have always really liked them. This one was no different.I love mysteries and cop stories and especially serial killer cases. Always fun to try to figure these out. This particular one is well written and has great characters. It has a clever twist on a classic plot with a good story ending.The only thing I didn't like was that there ...
  • Donna Hines
    FBI Agent Lucy Kincaid is at it again this time there's an M.O. that keeps coming back the same with each victim.It's possibly a hidden message or it's just the mind of a madman.All the men were married living honest lives so why are the widows acting strangely?What if her own marriage was placed on the line for debate?Things are heating up and becoming personal and it's about time to shut this case down.Thank you to Allison, the publisher, NetGa...
  • Vi MacDonald
    Very disappointed with this book. I’ve read all of Allison‘s previous books, and enjoyed almost all of them. Chapters 1 & 2 are almost Word for Word the same as her previous book; she does give a very detailed backsplash for newcomers. Storyline sounded good but it was very minimal. Great deal of procedural explanation throughout the majority of the book. I wanted a great story that I could relax after work and enjoy. This was not the book, t...
  • Lisa Hartz
    I love the Lucy Kincaid stories. This one was excellent and I’m glad that it wasn’t over the top dangerous for Lucy. It felt more like a real investigation. Only reason I am not giving it 5 stars is because so much of the information was repeated over and over again. The story in this book definitely wasn’t intense as previous books but that didn’t bother me. It was a good story and I enjoyed trying to figure out who the killer was.