Parkland by Dave Cullen


The New York Times bestselling author of Columbine offers a deeply moving account of the extraordinary teenage survivors of the Parkland shooting who pushed back against the NRA and Congressional leaders and launched the singular grassroots March for Our Lives movement.Emma Gonzalez called BS. David Hogg called out Adult America. The uprising had begun. Cameron Kasky immediately recruited a colorful band of theatre kids and rising activists and b...

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Release DateFeb 12th, 2019
GenreNonfiction, Crime, True Crime, Politics, History, Mystery

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  • Emily May
    There are strains of sadness woven into this story, but this is not an account of grief. These kids chose a story of hope. This is such a beautiful piece of journalism. I love how Cullen puts so much of himself into his work and treats the subjects he tackles, as well as the people he meets and talks with along the way, with such sensitivity and empathy.Some people obviously rated this book one star without reading it because they think it is abo...
  • Will Byrnes
    It became clear quickly that suburban kids feared violence inside their school—once in a lifetime, but horrific—and the Chicago kids feared violence getting there. At the bus stop on their porch, walking out of church. It could happen anywhere, and it did… Martin Luther King had preached six principles of nonviolence…The Parkland kids were embarking on #4: “Suffering can educate and transform.” After the seminal Columbine shootings in...
  • Michael
    My full review, as well as my other thoughts on reading, can be found on my blog.Expansive and hopeful, Parkland sketches a moving portrait of the teenaged founders of the March for Our Lives movement. Across twenty-one fast-paced chapters journalist Dave Cullen thoughtfully examines the student-led protest against gun violence that erupted in the wake of the school shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. The author profiles the media s...
  • Elyse Walters
    Audiobook ....Read by the author, Dave Cullen“PRAY FOR MY SCHOOL”“MAKE IT STOP”“DO NOTHING - and - NOTHING WILL CHANGE”“THIS NEEDS TO BE THE END”“PLEASE HELP!”February 14, 2018....a gunman opened fire at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School..... ( often called MSD), killing 17 students and staff members - injuring 17 others. THE DEADLIEST SHOOTING at a High School in United States history - surpassing the Columbine High School...
  • jv poore
    This book is not about the tragedy on February 14th 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas. Instead, it is about all that the student activists accomplished in the following year and how they did it. I felt like I’d followed this story pretty closely, but I was stunned by some of the things I learned. And those things are the reasons I want people to read this book. I think most folks will be as shocked as I was to find out how ATF background checks ...
  • Kelli
    Wow! It’s hard to know what to say about this incredible piece of journalism. David Cullen has such a talent for presenting the complete picture. His stellar work, Columbine, was as much a criticism of the media machine as it was an examination of the massacre that started the reality with which Cullen suggests we have all become far too complacent. With Parkland, he gives the reader only the necessary comparisons to Columbine. Though it begins...
  • Diane
    This isn't the story of a school shooting in Florida in 2018.This also isn't the story of the person who committed that act of mass violence.Instead, this is the story of a social movement started by the teenagers who survived that shooting, and their activist efforts to push for gun reform in America.I picked up "Parkland" because I had read and admired Dave Cullen's previous book, "Columbine," which is an incredible piece of reporting on the 19...
  • Lisa
    A compelling blend of documentation and inspiration, and a must read for anyone concerned about gun safety. SUMMARYThe story of PARKLAND is told through the voices of the key participants whose personalities, and outlooks are diverse: David Hogg, 17; Emma González, 18; Cameron Kasky, 17; and Jackie Corin, 17. The book takes us into the hearts and minds of these and other Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students as they created a national mo...
  • Meike
    Dave Cullen does it again! After meticulously researching the massacre at Columbine, he now turns his attention away from the perpetrators and writes about those who build up the resistance against America's lax gun laws: A group of Parkland survivors, among them by now well-known activists like Emma González ("We call B.S.!"), David Hogg and Cameron Kasky (Interview with Bill Maher) as well as organizational mastermind Jaclyn Corin. Those kids ...
    Believe it or not, author Dave Cullen did not set out to be the nation's leading "talking head" about school massacres. But he did such a brilliant job with his COLUMBINE regarding the mass murder in a Colorado high school that he was prevailed upon to write this PARKLAND when a similarly horrific, but somewhat different turn of events, killed so many teens in a middle-class Florida high school.The good news is -- Cullen is up to his usual standa...
  • Matt
    Dave Cullen is back with another heart-stopping book that depicts the world of gun violence and school shootings. While his first book, Columbine, shook the literary world by depicting the event from two decades before, this piece seeks to encompass the momentum gained after yet another shooting by a group of students trying to neutralise these atrocities. After a shooting in Parkland, Florida, America wrung its collective hands yet again and vow...
  • Dan Connors
    The Parkland shooting of 2018 is different because it spawned an entire movement against gun violence. This is the story of the teenagers who took on the system and traveled the country, speaking with politicians, other mass shooting victims, and gun rights advocates. The author does an admirable job following around the teenagers and interviewing them so that we get a sense of what it was like the day of the shooting, the weeks afterward, and t...
  • Traci at The Stacks
    Really well done. Not about the shooting. About the surviving activists. Cullen is genius but the content wasn’t as powerful as I had hoped. Still really good and a smooth read.
  • Bruce Katz
    A very powerful book. Time and again, as I read it, I found myself tearing up -- because I'm a father, because I have a beating heart, because I'm a wimp, all/none of the above. "Parkland" has that kind of immediacy, for me at least. I was at the Washington March for Our Lives event with my daughter, and I vividly remember the crush of hundreds of thousands of people trying to see and hear everything. I had to leave before it was over, and the st...
  • BookOfCinz
    In February, seventeen died at Douglas High, along with 1,044 others in America. In the first six months of 2018, over 1,700 kids were killed or injured by guns... I went into this book expecting to have the same experience I did when I read Columbine and I am happy to report, reading this was an entirely different experience, an experience I embraced. When I finished reading Columbine I was crushed, distraught and filled with a sense of hopele...
  • Kayla | kaylagetsread
    PARKLAND: BIRTH OF A MOVEMENT is an intimate exploration of the teen survivors’ continued strength, resilience, courage, and tenacity following the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. It’s about the boulders they are moving by refusing to be complacent and the trials they have faced along the way. This entire book is a TORCH and you can feel their fire.I experienced the full spectrum of emotions while...
  • Amanda McGill
    For full review - The Limit of Books Does Not ExistOver a year ago, I remember going on Twitter and seeing tweets about the CNN Townhall. Curious I tuned in and the townhall was about gun control and had students from Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. I couldn’t believe what I was watching. A month after their school shooting, they were up on stage and speaking to the NRA, Florida’s U.S. Senator, Marco Rubio. The students wer...
  • Kelly Hager
    The first thing that's important to remember is that last year at this time, we didn't know who David Hogg, Cameron Kasky, Jackie Corin or Emma Gonzalez were. It hasn't even been a year since seventeen people were murdered in Parkland. Every time I think about that, it shocks me. These kids are household names, and it feels like they always have been.The second thing---and this is more important---is that they, like all American kids in their gen...
  • Lance L
    In 1983, Sting released ‘Every Breath You Take’ - a dark, brooding and brilliant song about obsession. It was not only an artistic masterpiece, but also a smash hit - becoming the biggest song of the year and an instant classic. But, bothered by the dark theme of the song, Sting tried to follow it up with a deliberately more positive, upbeat “message” song in 1985 with ‘If You Love Somone Set Them Free’ - a sort of corrective and rejo...
  • Monika
    Obviously PARKLAND has its tough reading moments. But the focus is much less on the actual shooting itself, and more on the surviving kids finding hope and resilience, working through their grief, and most of all, organizing to effect change.Readers are with these kids as they experience how dirty (and partisan) politics is and how frustrating media spin can be. But we're also with them as they connect with, learn from, and try to help boost ...
  • laurel [suspected bibliophile]
    David Cullen—author of Columbine and one of the main journalists covering school shootings—covers the Parkland shooting, its aftermath, and the survivors who banded together to stand up against gun violence once and for all.I was a little hesitant moving into this book, despite knowing how amazing Cullen is at humanizing the victims and survivors, of reminding people that these are children and people and they survived something you would nev...
  • Brian Gumm
    The Parkland school shooting made it through to me via my usual sources (NPR & the NYT), but as those outlets moved on after the initial week or so, so did I. Little did I know that a handful of MSD students had almost immediately begun organizing a massive nonviolent social movement on the issue of gun violence that spanned the country and cut across socioeconomic and racial divides. And they’re still working. Some of them are still in high sc...
  • Catherine
    There are strains of sadness woven into this story, but this is not an account of grief These kids chose a story of hope. Jackie felt like she was passing the torch, but really activist flame. "March for Our Lives does not belong to us anymore," Jackie said. It belongs to every kid in America who is ready to heed the call. First off some disclosure about me, because in this self definitely will colour the reading of the book. I'm an Australian m...
  • Paula Reed
    In a time when it feels like school shootings have just become de rigueur, Dave Cullen gives us a sense of optimism and hope by capturing the energy and passion of the survivors who have come to understand the power of voting. As a Columbine survivor, I appreciate the message of these young people and Cullen as one of their most effective messengers.
  • Katie Boyer
    Not sure how to begin reviewing this. So emotional and powerful and inspiring and upsetting all at once, especially reading it during the one year anniversary.😭😠🙏😫
  • Claudia
    COLUMBINE broke my heart, and I'm sure it broke Cullen's heart too...He has been there for every mass shooting, school shooting, since then. I participated in countless intruder drills since then, looking into my students' faces, knowing the world they inhabit is uglier and more dangerous. This book opened my let me see the power of young people...those same kids who endured all those drills. The same kids who were not terribly surpris...
  • Becca
    Dave Cullen is hands down my favorite author. The way he brings the events to the page and allows you to feel as though you were with him and the kids along every step of the way is truly masterful. Dave brought the stories of the Parkland kids and many others to light and I could not be in more awe of his ability to capture the events on paper.
  • Makayla
    "There are strains of sadness woven into this story, but this is not an account of grief. These kids chose a story of hope."Parkland is one of the most deeply moving pieces of journalism I've ever read. The focus of this story is not the actual school shooting itself, but rather the survivors processing their grief in the midst of demanding action that should have been demanded generations ago. The March For Our Lives group does not despise gun ...
  • Sarah - All The Book Blog Names Are Taken
    Such an incredible and terrible story. I admire these kids so much. Full review to come.