Cardinal Black (Matthew Corbett, #7) by Robert R. McCammon

Cardinal Black (Matthew Corbett, #7)

Cardinal Black is the latest installment in Robert McCammon's unique series of historical thrillers featuring Matthew Corbett, professional problem solver, who has been called "the Early American James Bond."December 1703 finds Berry Grigsby living as Mary Lynn Nash in a small English village where she has fallen victim to Professor Fell's involuntary drug experiments. Her mind is quickly deteriorating under the drug’s influence, and the only w...

Details Cardinal Black (Matthew Corbett, #7)

TitleCardinal Black (Matthew Corbett, #7)
Release DateApr 30th, 2019
PublisherCemetery Dance
GenreHorror, Historical, Historical Fiction, Mystery, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Cardinal Black (Matthew Corbett, #7)

  • Morgannah
    NOW AVAILABLE!!! Read as a stand alone! All the stars plus the moon and the sun and all the celestial bodies and other stuff too! I loved this one so much I painted by nails black and donned my favorite (and only) skull ring. This is a first for me, I have never jumped into a series and read an installment without reading all the other books first. Well, at least I haven't intentionally done that before. Cardinal Black is book 7 of the Matthew...
  • Richard
    It's always a grand adventure when I jump into a new Matthew Corbett book! I've always called these books the most consistently enjoyable series out there, and this 7th book doesn't break that trend. This picks up right after the end of Freedom of the Mask and Matthew is now forced to work for his arch-enemy Professor Fell and track down a valuable book of potions stolen by the even more evil Cardinal Black in order to find an antidote to cure Ma...
  • J.K. Grice
    Robert McCammon continues to captivate and fascinate with his latest installment of the Matthew Corbett series, CARDINAL BLACK. This time around, Matthew is forced to team up with one of Professor Fell's minions, the assassin Julian Devane. Together, they must delve into the London underworld in a quest to retrieve a valuable book of chemical potions from the evil Cardinal Black. Once again, McCammon delivers a rousing pre-colonial era tale full ...
  • Emma
    Action-packed but with less gravitas than Speaks the Nightbird. Still a thumping good read!
  • Tracy Robinson
    Robert McCammon is a new author…to me. I have previously read Boy’s Life, Swan Song, and The Five. I’ve fallen in love with McCammon’s writing style and his ability to, quite simply, tackle diverse subject matter with finesse. Additionally, the amount of research and scholarship put into these widely varied worlds is just perfection. Coming of age? Check. Post-apocalyptic? Check. A madman hunting a touring rock band? Check. Historical thr...
  • Todd Glaeser
    A great continuation of the story- but when finished, it hasn't progressed very far. McCammon has an incredible imagination and I wish we didn't have to wait for the next book.(I've been reading the last few The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 1: 1950-1952, so when McCammon started an early chapter, "It was a dark and stormy night. Well, it was." I laughed out loud.)
  • Tony
    Book seven in the Matthew Corbett series did not disappoint! Robert McCammon continues to amaze with the quality of his writing. This book is incredibly gripping and suspenseful. I couldn't put it down. FIVE STARS!
  • Paul
    just over 4 stars.I havent read a Matthew Corbett novel since Queen of Bedlam. so I felt I was missing stuff because I was, but that didnt diminish my enjoyment of this book.McCammon has still got it.
  • Anthony
    Why isn’t Robert McCammon a superstar like some of the other famous authors these days? Is it because he shunted the big guy publisher back in the 90s when he wouldn’t conform to the market demands? I don’t know. But anyone who picks up a book by him – any book (at least any that was written after the first four, anyways), would immediately be sucked into the writing and experience a story of great imagination and human emotions. I feel t...
  • Jason Parent
    I loved this book, but this is my favorite series, so that was to be expected. Didn't let me down.
  • Adam
    2.5 Stars...The Matthew Corbett books have been trending downward for some time now, and CARDINAL BLACK is no exception to that.Like all McCammon novels, it entertains, but in a seedy sort of way - more like a cheesy big budget action movie than the cerebral historical mysteries these books started as.Gone are the rich historical details and mindsets. Each successive volume takes Corbett further and further away from plausibility and realism and ...
  • WendyB
    Some good moments, some not so good...Not my fav in this series, had the feel of just wrapping up a few loose story lines until the next book in the series come out.
  • Amanda
    3.5 stars. This series is so much fun. This installment is a super fast paced, somewhat gruesome tale. I miss some of the slower character building and rich descriptions of the earlier books but I’m always along for the ride with Matthew.
  • Trace Nichols
    3.5 starsMadness... pure madness I tell you! The master of madness reveals the further development of Matthew Corbett and his varied cohorts. If you are an Audible reader, you will be thrilled with the narration by Edoardo Ballerini once again as only he can truly bring these characters to their full color and flare.... and Madness!
  • Andrea
    I waited three years for this and it did not disappoint! Now I want to go back and reread the rest of them.Cardinal Black seamlessly picks up right where it left off in Freedom of the Mask. Matthew Corbett sets off with Professor Fell’s minion Julian Devane to retrieve the book of potions that can save Berry Grigsby, the girl Matthew loves. I have to start by saying that Julian was a fascinating character study. He’s a self-proclaimed “bad ...
  • Taylor Holt
    Matthew Corbett has enthralled me for years. He is the quintessential hero of the Colonies. We've followed him on exploits across the ocean, across the states, and across the path of villain after villain. I was beyond excited for this latest installment of the Corbett saga, but I have to say that I wasn't as enamored as I've been in the past. Maybe it was the time spent away - it's been over a year since I read FREEDOM OF THE MARK - but this nov...
  • Barb
    I tend to think of the Matthew Corbett series as good wholesome historical fiction. I was reminded in this book that Robert McCammon is a horror writer & there is some dark & gory stuff in here.
  • Lance Dale
    Man, Matthew Corbett gets his ass kicked on a daily basis. Come on man! You're going to have so many problems later in life if you don't give up this rambunctious problem solving life-style. Here Matthew takes on the evil Cardinal Black, black, black, black no. 1. If you enjoyed the others in this series, you already know your in for a thrilling page turning adventure. I love this series so much!
  • Jamy
    Misleading title. Instead it's Julian Devane who steals the show as Matthew Corbett and the eponymous Cardinal Black himself takes a back seat. Not only that, what little we do get to see of the Satanist is a total disappointment. If you expected a strong, compelling villain in Cardinal Black, well, he couldn't be trusted to not keel over on his side and start sucking his thumb if all Matthew did was fart in his general direction.
  • Donald
    "Off to Italy next, aye?" he said, rubbing his hands together as if to start a fire.
  • April
    After 2 years of waiting, the 7th book is out and it did not disappoint! I wasn't too keen on the 6th book, but Robert McCammon redeemed and outdid himself with this installment of the Matthew Corbett series.As always, the imagery, description, plot, and characters were on par with everything in the Corbett world. As always, the ending left it open for the next installment, which I assume we'll be waiting another few years for.
  • Bill
    Robert McCammon.Matthew Corbett.Yep.Another excellent installment in the series.
  • Anima Miejska
    The fifth star is for an amazing audio version ;)
  • Joe Piccoli
    4 Stars. Audible. I love this series! Can't wait for the next one!
  • Deb Stern
    Pretty incredible each book in this series just get better as the storyline gets more layered. What a mind McCammon has. So vivid and a bit twisted, haha. Hate I have to wait for the last two in the series.
  • Bradly Clark
    Another wonderful Matthew Corbett romp spun by the truly gifted Robert McCammon. Now the wait begins for the next one.
  • Frank
    I read the first book in the Matthew Corbett series, Speaks the Nightbird, a few months ago and really enjoyed it. When I saw this latest volume in the series at the library, I decided to go ahead and read it even though I have not read the intervening 5 books in the series. Well a lot has happened to Corbett since his adventures in Nightbird. He is teamed up with a minion of Professor Fell's, Julian Devane, to go after a book of spells and potio...
  • Johnny
    "Cardinal Black" by Robert McCammon is the seventh book about problem solver Matthew Corbett, a kind of private detective who gets some strange things in his inbox around 1700. The book was a bit difficult to follow at the beginning, because I did not remember exactly what happened in the previous books. Corbett was sent on a mission by his rival professor Fell, who imprisoned Corbett's lover. Corbett goes out with a henchman of Fell to get hold ...
  • Sharon
    As long as McCammon keeps writing, I will keep reading. This 7th installment of the Matthew Corbett series does not disappoint. I found McCammon's writing back in the mid-1980s, when I picked up a copy of SWAN SONG in a second-hand book shop. As soon as I read the first pages, I was a devoted, unshakable fan for life. I'd just finished another author's post-apocalyptic novel, which I'd enjoyed very much, but SWAN SONG reached out of the pages, gr...
  • Greg Strom
    I must admit it had been a while since I listened to Freedom from the Mask (or wasn't paying attention) so I uncharacteristically went back to listen to the end after being completely lost through the beginning. I had forgotten about how Matthew got to London and why as well as how Greathouse and Barry followed and were apprehended. That being said this was a much more violent mission and journey for the gang, unfortunately with much collateral d...