Honestly, We Meant Well by Grant Ginder

Honestly, We Meant Well

The Wright family is in ruins. Sue Ellen Wright has what she thinks is a close-to-perfect life. A terrific job as a Classics professor, a loving husband, and a son who is just about to safely leave the nest.But then disaster strikes. She learns that her husband is cheating, and that her son has made a complete mess of his life. So, when the opportunity to take her family to a Greek island for a month presents itself, she jumps at the chance. This...

Details Honestly, We Meant Well

TitleHonestly, We Meant Well
Release DateJun 11th, 2019
PublisherFlatiron Books
GenreFiction, Contemporary, Humor

Reviews Honestly, We Meant Well

  • Julie
    Assigned- 4 starsFamily crisis on steroids! Darkly humorous, great location!
  • Elyse Walters
    Very Enjoyable! Great Summer read - from Berkeley, Ca. to the Greek Islands! UPDATE.... MY BOOK REPORT....LOLMarch 18.... Berkeley, California ....our story begins with this first paragraph: “Ten minutes before the phone rings, Sue Ellen Wright — tenured professor of classical studies, beloved recipient of countless teaching awards, wavering wife, and mostly good mother—is wondering how, exactly she got here”. Sue Ellen teaches classical ...
  • Melissa
    Finished basically in one sitting. I loved it. The dynamics and family drama are brilliantly executed. I highly recommend this book to everyone. The different point of views are spectacular.
  • Patricia
    I enjoyed reading a novel that takes place on a Greek island, and I rate it a 3.5. The story concerns a classics professor who gets a month long summer job lecturing in Greece where her son and husband join her. I found this book to be both sad and humorous. This could be a great summer read!
  • Toni
    This book is more than a novel, and I sincerely hope my review can convey the beauty of its prose, the smart nod to dramatic comedy, and the raw realities life throws at us at every turn. Grant Ginder combines the elegance of literature with knowledge of old classics blended smoothly with urban existence. The story is told from four points of view (POV); two majors: Sue Ellen and her son Will, and two minors: Dean, her husband, and Ginny, Dean’...
  • Tyler Goodson
    Honestly, We Meant Well is about a family trying to pull themselves back together. To do this, the Wrights travel to the Greek island of Aegina, where they try to overcome infidelity, plagiarism, The Past, etc. Set against this ancient backdrop, it's hard not to picture each character as Odysseus, wandering far from home, and struggling to find their way back. But in this version, they each keep having to ask themselves: when is it time to just g...
  • Travel.with.a.book
    What a tremendously enjoyable family drama, this is a very unique novel that will make you feel all the emotions in one sitting! The point of views of each the family members are so surreal and surprising! Grant is very talented to craft very intriguing stories within a masterpiece which we rate it 5/5 and we love it so much!.Honestly, We Meant Well is a novel merged within mixed emotions, some acts will make you laugh as you will not be able to ...
  • Donna Davis
    “All art is appropriation.”Sue Ellen Wright is a professor of Greek classics; she’s headed for Greece to deliver lectures and reminisce about the experiences of her youth. At the last minute, her philandering husband Dean and the couple’s lovesick son Will decide to tag along. Grant Ginder has made a career of writing hilarious prose about disastrous families, and Honestly, We Meant Well made me laugh out loud more than once. Thanks go to...
  • Katie
    I'm having a hard time reviewing this one because I'm still trying to figure out if I liked it. Honestly, We Meant Well follows a dysfunctional family on a trip to Greece and has some side characters who tell their perspectives as well. It was a bit weird since some main characters who had great stories sort of took a back seat and then side stories that really didn't fit were give major attention. I'm really not sure what this one was about.It w...
  • Natalie
    Such a great read, at moments laughable and at others sad. I really enjoyed this tale of a family in crisis. Nothing new about the mother learning that the father is a cheat....but, Ginder makes this family incredibly interesting and moves them to a wonderful setting that adds to the specialness of the novel. Sue Ellen and Dean come back from the edge of a divorce after he is caught cheating. Just as their lives are getting back on track, Sue Ell...
  • Brittany Petersen (thecontinuingchronicles)
    Rating: 3.5/5Thank you so much to Flatiron for sending me an ARC of this book!This story, at its foundation, is about family. A small family full of flawed individuals who have gone to an island off of Greece's mainland to escape the problems they have been facing back home.But on a deeper level, it is also about new beginnings. It is about respecting history but being brave to forge your own path in the present. And honestly, I truly enjoyed thi...
  • Manon Misheck
    So many people try to put up a front for their family - that they have everything put together. I loved that this novel dove into the lives of a family who thought they had everything put together until recently. The backdrop of a beautiful Greek island is the perfect setting, but that's about the only thing that is going well for this family. This book felt so relatable because it went in depth on the issues this family is facing - and brought i...
  • Joann
    This was just okay for me. I liked learning about Greece.
  • Athena Mae Rupas
    Grant Ginder's "Honestly, We Meant Well" is funny, filled with biting wit, hilarious characters and deep emotion. It's an amazing novel about a family that's falling apart rather hilariously so. The plot is beautifully written and the characters are all well developed. Definitely the type of writing one has come to expect from Ginder. His descriptions of the atmosphere and scenery make you feel like you're right there in Greece with the character...
  • Jessica Packard
    Thank you to Flatiron Books for sending an ARC so I could go on vacation with the Wright family! I loved how each chapter is from a different characters perspective. Ginder does a beautiful job of weaving each storyline together.
  • Paige
    5 Reasons to Read Honestly, We Meant Well:1. If you need a book that paints a beautiful picture of a beautiful setting, grab this one. Taking place on an island off of Greece, I felt as though I could see the stone white walls, sandy beaches and crystal blue waters. The juxtaposition of beauty and the sadness of a family in crisis made for an unforgettable story that I held with me long after I finished reading. 2. The themes of letting go, loss,...
  • Heather
    HONESTLY, WE MEANT WELL is written from five different perspectives (though one is little and only toward the latter half). A wife/mother/professor Sue Ellen, a husband/father/one-time author/cheater Dean, their gay son Will recently single and searching for the next step in his life as college ends, the daughter (Eleni) of the man Sue Ellen fell in love with over a summer together/a young woman struggling with whether or not to sell the hotel in...
  • Judi
    This is the first book I've read by Grant Ginder. It was very entertaining and I hope to read "The People We Love to Hate at the Wedding" soon.The book makes us privy to the lives of Sue Ellen Wright, a classics professor, her philandering husband Dean and their college age son Will. The family is heading to the Greek island Aegina where Sue Ellen will provide a presentation for travelers on a Golden Age Adventure. Each of these characters is exa...
  • MelissaMarie_gg
    I recieved an arc of this book, and I have to say it was an easy read. It is written through 5 character perspectives which I found a bit much. I feel the book would have been better if the son Will's character was axed all together it felt like a filler story to me. Just a way to add length to the storyline. It had a good curve ball towards the end but this one just wasnt for me even the parts about Greece didn't excite me and that is what I loo...
  • Christine
    I adored this book. Interesting characters and quippy dialogue are enough to pull me into a story, and Grant Grinder hit the mark on both. I loved how he wove the story together, alternating between the viewpoints of Sue Ellen, the classics professor; her husband, Dean; son, Will; and Eleni and Ginny (whose connections I won’t mention to avoid spoilers). I will be recommending this to anyone asking for an excellent beach read this summer.
  • Amanda Hash
    I could have finished this in one sitting if life didn't get in the way. This was an addictive read. Often funny, sometimes sad, always genuine. Alternating viewpoints kept the story moving at a quick pace, and the drama that unfolded kept me glued to the pages like I was watching a stereotypical Jerry Springer episode. The most unexpected part was getting real glimpses of the history/highlights of Greece along the way. I found myself Googling hi...
  • Maria Zuppardi
    4.5! Read my full review on my blog, ReadingMaria.HOLY. What a book! My very first Grant Ginder book, but damn. This is such a fantastic, exotic story that takes place mainly on a Greek island. I mean, if the description of the book itself doesn’t draw you in, then I don’t know what will! The family drama, the beautiful descriptions of Greece…I was basically reading the type of summer book that gets me every time! Especially the family dram...
  • Deb
    Like the ancient history of Greece, this book should not be glossed over! Supporting the well developed characters and plot is the beautifully crafted writing we've come to expect from Grant Ginder. He once again allows us to empathize, laugh, and cry with his characters - while soaking up the atmosphere and nearly photographic descriptions of Greece. Not merely a "summer read", but a witty and intelligently written novel.
  • Diane Fredericks
    Four and a half stars. What an enjoyable book. Each character has such a specific voice. Their individual stories are just as interesting as the ones where the characters intersect. Even though the book details the slow dissolution of a marriage and other emotional events, there are plenty of really funny situations. I can't wait to visit Greece now!
  • Robin
    Once I read the description of this book, I knew I had to read this one. I was not disappointed. This story takes some twists and turns that I was not expecting as it shifts perspectives from the points of view of four characters, three of whom are related. There are so many scenes that will resonate with anyone who has a spouse or a child or has made a mistake that I think there will be wide appeal to this novel.It's tough to say who is the main...
  • Jonathan Vatner
    This was an enjoyable, engrossing read from start to finish. The story, about a Classics professor who brings her philandering husband and feckless son to summer on a Greek isle, is told from each of their perspectives, as well as from the owner of the inn where they're staying and and the husband's mistress--and each voice is fun in a different way. Each character is looking to reinvent themselves, either by reliving the past or embracing the fu...
  • Angela Schlater
    Enjoyed the twists and turns of this one. Didn’t really get into the characters as much as I’d hope.
  • Veronica (OnWednesdaysWeRead_)
    Thank you, @jamiereadsbooks and Flat Iron for the giveaway opportunity for an ARC of ‘Honestly, We Meant Well.’ The moment it arrived, I started reading and I. Could. Not. Put. It. Down. 🙈 Opinions are all my own! This book has a little bit of everything for every reader. We have: family drama, Greece setting, humor, beautiful writing, and multiple POVs. This is definitely a great book to read during the summer whilst sitting by the pool o...
  • Rachel Watkins
    Sue Ellen has found herself in the prime of her life with everything in ruins: a cheating husband and a son who is floundering. When offered a work trip to Greece, she brings the whole family, hoping for resolution. The Wright family is a train wreck and it's a delight to root for them. This is a great vacation read!
  • Lexi
    Thank you To NetGalley and Flatiron Books for the Advanced Copy in exchange for an honest review! Honestly, We Meant Well follows the lives of a family and their struggles. Sue Ellen is a Classics professor who is trying to put back together her marriage and family. Her husband, Dean, is an author and has let fame get to his head and ends up cheating on Sue Ellen. Their Son Will, has just graduated college and is looking for a career, which he fa...