The Seekers by Hari Panicker

The Seekers

A small band of brave adventurers journey to save their village in this stunning debut picture book from papercut artists Hari & Deepti. Perfect for fans of Aaron Becker's Journey.Mio and Nao live in the valley of Krum, above a great river that provides everything they need to survive. As children, their grandfather told tales of the Silver Fox and Fire Wolf, tales everyone else believed were only legends--everyone, that is, but Mio.When the life...

Details The Seekers

TitleThe Seekers
Release DateAug 6th, 2019
PublisherAlfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Fantasy, Art, Animals, Fairy Tales

Reviews The Seekers

  • Abigail
    Mio and Nao lived in a tree-top village in the valley of Krum, gathering the crown-shell snails deposited by the river that bathed the roots of their arboreal home every night, before receding during the day. Although different as they could be - Mio was a storyteller, and believed in the ancestral tales about the Silver Fox and Fire Wolf who kept the world in balance, while Nao was more practical, and longed for adventure in the everyday world -...
  • Emmy Neal
    UNBELIEVABLY exquisite art, and it has a wonderful story--I wish we had another page or two for the reader to make the necessary mythology connections before we get to the climax.
  • Dan Browne
    One of the best illustrated kids books I have ever seen!
  • Edward Sullivan
    The highlight here is exquisitely intricate cut-paper, silhouette art.
  • Barbara
    Mio and Nao have grown up listening to the stories of their grandfather and believe firmly in the existence of guardian spirits that protect Krum, the village where they live. When Nao finds a jewel and uses it as an adornment, Mio starts to notice that something is wrong with the natural world, particularly the river. Concerned about their own village, they and a band of others set off to find out the cause of these changes. As it turns out, it ...
  • Vandana
    As readers usually do, I submerge myself into a book I am reading. I live amongst the characters, wear their clothes and almost taste their food in my mouth. It is a superpower. And such books become my favorites. "The Seekers" has been one such book. and as I read, flipping each page felt like each of their handcrafted papercut illustration boxes lit up around me and the characters came alive. I have always been extremely awed and fond of the pa...
  • Bookish
    Read an F&G and reaaaaaalllllly want to see the final of this one as I suspect the galley couldn't do justice to their paper-cut artwork. Interesting story, but the illustrations are what will make this one shine -- they're quite striking.
  • Melissa
    Beautiful illustrations.
  • Mabel
    Beautiful illustrations and such an important message
  • Donalyn
    Stunning paper cut art.
  • Emma
    A fascinating fable about balance and harmony in the natural world. Absolutely stunning cut-paper illustrations - looks computer generated, they are so intricate and detailed.
  • Marcie
    This story reads so much like traditional literature that seems to come from a deep philosophical/ecological background, but appears as an original story. The art work is incredible.
  • Engel Dreizehn
    Gorgeous illustrations which reminds me of shadow puppet shows + parable that says...what happens in one world effects another, so there must be balance.
  • Megan McCloud
    Pretty cool. Interesting story!
  • Read Ribbet
    Artists from India, Hari & Deept use bold colored, layered dioramas to tell a fable of the Silver Fox and the Fire Wolf. When the Seekers main water source dries up, they leave their village to discover what happened. The journey takes themt through dangerous lands as they try to bring the water source back to their village. The illustrations will capture the readers' attention. While the story tells a cautionary tale around environmental issues.
  • Aeicha
    Hari & Deeptiā€™s The Seekers is a mesmerizing and deeply felt picture book, full of adventure, heart, and a timely message. Readers will fall in love with the wonderfully woven tale and the dazzling cut-paper illustrations, full of the most stunning colors and scenes.