Player by Staci Hart


He’s a player.He plays the bass with expert fingers. He plays women with intoxicating charm. And he’ll play me with the ease of a virtuoso.Who better to teach me to play than the master himself?I’m his model student, front row, pencil sharp. Pick up lines? I’ve got them. Free drinks? By the dozen. Kissing? Let me grab my chapstick.But the most valuable lesson I’ve learned is that there’s so much I don’t know. Like why his touch sets...

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Release DateOct 11th, 2018
GenreRomance, Contemporary Romance

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  • Christy
    5 stars!!! “Everyone knows this. No one storms the castle for the príncipe. They come for la princesa.” You know that giddy feeling you get while reading a book? The butterflies in your stomach, perma-grin on your face? That is the exact feeling I got while reading Staci Hart’s Player. I’ve read (and loved) a lot of her books, but this book has to be her best yet. I loved everything about it. Just thinking about it and writing this ...
  • Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤
    ❤4 stars ❤Player is another fantastic story!Staci Hart delivers a romantic,sweet ,flirty and funny at times story. I loved the characters and especially Val! I could easily relate with her and I could understand her.She is sweet but also fierce when it's needed.Sam is fantastic, I don't know where to start with him, he can know how to treat a girl!He is hot,sexy,charming and sweet.I love how he was with Val.They were so perfect for each other...
  • Ⓐlleskelle - teamSøren♗ ⊲I like big b00ks⊳
    #CurrentlyReadingThis book is pure rhythm.I'm 45% in and so far there hasn't been a dull moment, this baby is pulsing with humor, banter, covert feelings—ah sweet angst— , a false lulling slow-burning cadence and is set to make your romance reader heart thrumming!⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ LOVED IT! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐A pretend relationship with its lot of unrequited love, a banter so sharp it makes my cheeks hurt, the chemistry between the heroine and the ...
  • Tijuana *BookTwinsReviews*
    4 Just Once StarsI adored Sam and Val’s story!For more of my reviews:My Blog: Book Twins ReviewsFacebook Blog PageTwitterSubscribe to Blog
  • Kandi Steiner
    STOP. IT. Just... stop it, Staci Hart. I swear, there are very few authors that when I read them, they make me feel so inferior that I want to throw in the towel and never write a word again -- Staci is one of them. And Player is a perfect example of why. These characters, this love story, this entire Red Lipstick Coalition gang is just... perfection. And Staci Hart is still and forever the queen of romantic comedy.I just want to start with Val b...
  • Kathy West
    Val is not a size two. She is not a fashion icon. She is a simple girl, who plays in the orchestra, who has a crush on a guy named Sam. A guy she thinks she would never have a chance with. Problem is every time she is around Sam, something goes wrong. Sam plays in the orchestra with Val. He has noticed her, but he has never approached her. Why? Because she looks like the type of girl that does long-term and he never does long-term. Insert Ian, ...
  • Na
    4.5 stars "Don't ever give your love to a man who won't give you everything he has to his name in exchange, heart soul in hand."This book is brilliant! This story is a song that touches your heart and each note vibrates though the author's words along the chapters. It's a song about learning to love and trust yourself, to follow your dreams and that your true happiness only comes from deep inside yourself."Sweet Val with her doe eyes and bright s...
  • Marjorie Whitethorn
    4.5 STARSTHIS. SERIES. YOU GUYS!I love it. I don't know what it is about it that makes me feel all warm of fuzzy inside BUT I LOVE THIS FEELING AND NEVER WANT IT TO GO AWAY! Maybe it's the wallflowers aspect of it that just calls to my HR-loving heart or maybe it's how incredibly powerful it is to read about fascinating women finding themselves in this great big world and growing confident OR MAYBE IT'S ALL THE SWOON WORTHY GUYS THEY FALL IN LOVE...
  • Vanessa (nessreads)
    *I voluntarily read and reviewed an ARC of this book*6 “Love is Music” StarsI honestly don't even know where to begin. I haven't stopped smiling since finishing this AH-MAZ-ING book. And that's saying A LOT since I haven't smiled in the last six days. Staci managed to put the biggest and brightest smile on my face and I can't thank her enough. This story was exceptional. These characters were, quite frankly some of my favorite characters ever...
  • Kris
    God guys. This book. Let me tell you. Sometimes you get that book that you're so invested in that you message the author in all CAPS like you're yelling, because you should be grocery shopping but you're really walking down the isles with your kindle in your hand and throwing random food in the cart.#cantrelate....... maybe.I loved Val. I love a good curvy girl, with a little shyness, and a mouth with no filter.And Sam. Sam took a little more for...
  • Sophie
    It will come as no surprise to you at all that, I LOVE STACI HART! Seriously, she's one of my TOP, TOP authors and I pretty much adore every single book she's ever written...Fun fact: Last Call has always been my absolute TOP FAVE of all Staci's books....Until PLAYER.Yup, Staci has written a new top fave and I'm so overwhelmed with the amount of love I have for it! Val & Sam are just my FAVE Hart couple EVER! They are perfection. From start to fi...
  • Susan (susayq ~)
    I'm always blown away by Staci Hart's writing. She makes the words flow together so beautifully. It's almost lyrical. And then she uses them to tell an amazing story that has you falling in love with the characters and feeling what they feel. She's truly talented and one of my favorite authors. Ahhh, Sam and Val. I loved them both, but for me, Val stole the spotlight. She could easily be the majority of women in the world...self conscious, nervou...
  • B.B. Easton
    The characters in Player might be highly skilled musicians, but Staci Hart is the ultimate conductor. Weaving light-hearted humor, deep feels, slow-burning tension, and scorching heat together like music notes, she managed to compose my favorite rom-com of 2018. Five stars AND a standing ovation!
  • Grace
    4.5 starsA sweet story of an insecure woman, given the opportunity to blossom under the guidance of a player. A man who tries to do the right thing, for the wrong reasons.If you are like me, you've seen a number of Hollywood movies with stories centered around a bet. Usually these stories involve an "ugly duckling" who the hot guy has to date as part of a bet, and in the process falls in love, and we all discover the duckling isn't so ugly. As th...
  • Imani (Enamored Reads)
    ”You and I have become fact.” ”You call them flaws. I call them signature.” ”Love is music. You are music, and I want to learn every song, every note.” This. Book. It’s been days since I finished it. Days that it’s been stuck in, on, around, and doused my entire being. Player by Staci Hart is an entity. Its singlehandedly the most beautiful note I’ve ever heard whistling through the air like the perfect love song. It’s so in...
  • Mary at USAT's HEA
    Recommendation appeared on USA Today’s Happy Ever After on October 9, 2018.I adore Staci Hart’s dynamic, sassy and distinctive voice and her unique, authentic characters, and she’s at her best in Player. It’s a refreshing, sensual and poignant romance, but what makes it truly stand out is Hart’s commitment to delivering a story of female empowerment and self-acceptance that leaves the reader feeling invigorated, optimistic and downright...
  • Zilpha Owens
    Perception, ours and others, can shape the way we see ourselves from childhood to adulthood. Sometimes it’s not always a good thing and that’s how we meet Val Bolivar. A beautiful woman inside and out but severely lacking in self-confidence and a distorted body image. And then there is Sam Haddad - a sexy, cocky, yet honest man with a love’em and leave’em attitude. He’s the ultimate player. He’s everything Val thinks she’s unworthy ...
  • Amy
    Review to come!
  • Jan
    Ah, I love it when I finish a book with a smile on my face. Player is book 2 in the Red lipstick Coalation and can be read as a standalone. 3 women who each have their insecurities and make a pledge to put on their red lipstick wherever they need to feel brave and bold and this is Val's story. A story of two people who lack confidence in their own ways, Sam is a player and can get any woman he wants but thinks Val is a woman who is too good for h...
  • Ace Gray
    This book. I don’t know where to start. I guess saying that it shifted something deep inside me is a good enough place. I have read almost all of Staci’s books and her signature is smiles and heartwarming something akin to apple pie, BUT THIS BOOK! It’s probably TMI for your average book review but before I read this, I was convinced writing wasn’t for me. Reading wasn’t for me anymore either; it made me bitter. And romance... don’t e...
  • Elsa Gomes (BookishAurora)
    ➳ Rate: ++5/ 5 starsPiece of Work is one of my favorite books of this year and Player just moved right on there with it. It's just as good, just as fun, just as special and meaningful. And these characters are amazeballs, maybe even more so than Rin and Court, and that really is saying something.Val is a spitfire which I loved so much; getting to know her better and seeing all her quirks and fire was everything. Just like any girl or even more ...
  • Carly Wilson
    "He picked me up like I was nothing, but he held me like I was everything" -PlayerThe Red Lipstick Coalition are back, and this time with 'Player' the sexy sequel to 'Piece of Work' by Staci Hart. It's a fun, hot, sexy romance that had me hooked from the moment I read the first page. (I literally could not put this book down!)Like all of Hart's books, 'Player' is beautifully written and is relatable. The book focuses around Val, a young girl tryi...
  • Michelle
    3.5 stars. Val has crushed on Sam from afar since she first set eyes on him. They are both in the orchestra for the Broadway musical of Wicked, which means they are incredibly talented musically. Val hasn't gone unnoticed by Sam, but he has a rule of not getting involved with anyone at work. Until he gets pushed into a corner, so to speak, and winds up spending a lot of time with Val as a friend and sort-of coach to protect her from a different g...
  • Sasha
    Get ready to go nuts over Player because this book was rom/com gold. I cannot even begin to convey how much I adored Val and Sam. The plot, the chemistry, the humor, it was just all spot on. Get comfortable for a bit, because I’m about to shamelessly gush over how much I loved Val. She was perfection. There was honestly not one thing I didn’t love about her. I’m going to get real for a second about why I connected to her so much. As a curvy...
  • Bibliophile Chloe
    Oh my me....this story!! The Red Lipstick Collation (RLC) is at it again!Player is the story of Val and Sam...and what a beautiful story it was!I loved the way she made the art of dance a metaphor for the beginning of their relationship.  I loved the way she made the music the song of love.The imagery of this story is phenomenal! There was many times after reading a paragraph, I would have to stop and close my eyes and I could "see" the scene. ...
  • Diary Of Book Fiend
    This was a very well written book. The pages and chapters flowed effortlessly. I liked Sam, and even Ian played his villain part to the T. But Val, poor Val just continuously grated on my nerves. She had zero self esteem and her constant negativity made me want to scream.And then she just went from self loathing to just desperate and it just really bothered me. I guess I just couldn't connect with her. Her inner monologue just did me in. "Nothing...
  • Thuy (tweezyreads)
    Sam and Val<3The Red Lipstick Coalition gals are back and I couldn't be happier. I've been waiting for Val's story and boy, it was fantastic. Valentina, what I love about her character is that she was relatable. She was and felt real. Like, I could be friends with her in real life, or that could be me! She was slightly awkward, didn't put herself out there much, somewhat shy, but also didn't know how beautiful she was inside and out. What I loved...