Picture Perfect Cowboy by Tiffany Reisz

Picture Perfect Cowboy

Jason "Still" Waters' life looks perfect from the outside—money, fame, and the words "World Champion Bull-Rider" after his name. But Jason has a secret, one he never planned on telling anybody...until he meets Simone. She's the kinky girl of his dreams...and his conservative family's worst nightmare."Picture Perfect Cowboy" is a standalone erotic romance from Tiffany Reisz, set in her bestselling Original Sinners series. An abridged version was...

Details Picture Perfect Cowboy

TitlePicture Perfect Cowboy
Release DateNov 5th, 2018
Publisher8th Circle Press
GenreErotica, Bdsm, Romance, Adult Fiction, Contemporary, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Picture Perfect Cowboy

  • Heather K (dentist in my spare time)
    A sexy, kinky stand-alone novella from the Original Sinner series = just what the doctor ordered!I've been on a bad streak recently with boring books that I've had to force myself to finish. Not with Picture Perfect Cowboy, baby. I couldn't put it down.I don't love-love BDSM books, but some work for me, and this one did. I'm not a huge fan of impact play or ropes or flogging, but spanking and discipline... hells, yes! The BDSM in this book, a typ...
  • warhawke
    Genre: Erotic RomanceType: Standalone Book 10 of Original Sinners SeriesPOV: Third PersonRating: After retiring from professional bull riding, Jason Waters lived a quiet life at his horse ranch in Kentucky. But a favor to a friend landed him in a distressing situation and brought him to Simone Levine. He had a secret fantasy he was not willing to indulge in but she might just have the skills to loosen him up and show him the ropes. “No offens...
  • CC
    Simone Levine is a photographer and professional submissive. Being her gregarious and sweet self, Simone makes an impression on the man posing in front of her lens. Comfortable with her kinky lifestyle, she is open with her choices making her endearing and relatable. “I think I could go crazy about you pretty fast, but I’m not going to get involved with a guy who treats women like they’ll break if so much as breathe on them.” Jason Waters...
  • Jennifer
    World champion bull-rider Jason Waters gets roped into posing buck naked for a charity calendar photo shoot. Simone Levine is the lucky lady who gets to snap the shots of his world-renowned derriere. Jason is quiet and country. Simone is bubbly and pure city. One would think the two of them have absolutely nothing in common. As Simone tries to ease his nerves with conversation, it's quickly revealed they have more in common than once thought. In ...
  • Chris C - A Midlife Wife
    So sexy! 4.5 Stars~~~~~~~~~~~Oh my gosh! This book blew me away. It’s totally not what I was expecting but I am so glad that it was what it was.This is one naughty cowboy and boy do I like that! Who knew what he had behind his sexy exterior, or should I say posterior! LOL. This kinky cowboy is a delicious specimen you would take home to mama. Just not his mama.A little bit sweet, definitely hot and sexy, and an overall spicy story with a tasty ...
  • Deanna❤Pink Lady❤️
    This was a nice, sweet, sexy story. Usually when speaking of The Original Sinners, the words sweet and nice don’t usually come up. But as the title says, picture perfect to me usually deals with sweetness. Simone Levine is a professional submissive and photographer. She has ties with Søren, Nora and Kingsley and that world. When she meets Jason Waters, ex professional bull rider for a photographic calendar shoot, there is a spark. But Jason, w...
  • Lo Bookfrantic
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  • Sophie
    4,25 starsThis story is exactly like a kinky fairy tale with a cowboy for a prince. Fact: every girl should have a Jason "Still" Waters in her life.Fact: you just have to invest in pink tongs and pink corsets and leader crops. Then he would stroke you like a filly before spanking you like a champ. I don't usually read much erotic anymore but when it's Tiffany Reisz I am always willing. Does it sound kinky???? Must be Jason turning my head.Perfect...
  • Wendy'sThoughts
    4 Finding Your Match Stars* * * * Spoiler FreeIt can be so difficult to live true to yourself. Especially if you have been raised with certain rules and beliefs from your parents where if you didn't measure up at any given time...you were severely punished. The family felt they were doing right and others around them agreed, this was how to be...But what if you felt a need... something you couldn't put a name to, or a specific description to what...
  • ✰ Bianca ✰ BJ's Book Blog ✰
    Jason is a retired rodeo cowboy in his late twenties. He's now training horses in Kentucky. He loves his ranch and his horse-training life. But in his personal life something is missing. Something he struggles with a lot.Enter Simone. Some might remember her from the Original Sinners series.She's in town to take naked pictures of Jason for a charity calendar. Jason is not really in love with that idea, but he promised his buddy - who was supposed...
  • Grey
    Thank you to NetGalley for an ecopy of this book in exchange for an honest review. First, I have to admit, at one point I had to click out of the book and make sure it was written by Ms. Reisz because it was sooo sweet. I'm used to a little more bark and bite (or ball-gag and cat o'nines) with her novels. Not that it wasn't written very well, because it was. It was absolutely everything you'd expect from a Tiffany Reisz novel. Stellar writing, se...
  • Angy Potter - Collector of Book Boyfriends
    What is better than a kinky book boyfriend? A KINKY COWBOY BOOK BOYFRIEND!! And if he is part of the Original Sinners Universe, it’s even better!!PERFECT!! Full review to come!!
  • SimplyƝì₭
    Ok this was a luke warm 3.75 for me. I got more excited when I read the word Soren than I did about Jason "Still" Waters. I missed Tiffany's writing style. But this book is like a kink how-to-book. I didn't really dig the heroine either, pink tattooed gal from the big city. It was a stretch for me. Then she knew all the players from the past Sinners crew. I rather see a huge spinoff of Michael or Soren with someone completely new.So my unsolicite...
  • Kimberly Carrington-Fox
    Un nadismo de mono con platillos con el estilazo que me encanta de Tiffany Reisz, ligero, divertido y muy guarrete. Además hay unas breves apariciones de Søren y Nora y eso me puede, adoro esas referencias a mis adorados sinners. La trama no tiene nada, un cowboy palote que lleva un dominante dentro y Simone, un personaje muy conocido por los fans de los sinners, que le ayuda a quitarse los tapujos y la ropa, vi-va. Una peculiar historia de amo...
  • Paganalexandria
    Jason is a world famous bull riding champion, roped into posing nude for a charity calendar. Though he has done a little modeling in the past, this is so far out of his comfort zone. Simone is the pink haired photographer that surprises, and intrigues him. She shares a little of herself in an effort to make him comfortable, and shocked to discover there is more to the shy cowboy than expected.The Good:1. This hero is Dominant but very sweet. Thos...
  • TeriLyn
    **Picture Perfect Cowboy generously provided by the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.**3 "Sure as I'll ever be." StarsA short, sweet novella from Tiffany Reisz within the realm of her lauded Original Sinners series. This story was an unexpected treat in catching with those cherished characters and meeting new ones who left their own mark on this ever-growing series. Jason "Still" Waters and Simone Levine are quite an unlik...
  • Myla
    When Jason agreed to do a sexy photo shoot for a good cause he's kinda hesitant about the whole thing but he didn't want to disappoint his friend. So he went and be done with it. Simone, the photographer, wants Jason to feel comfortable with the shoot so she told him about her kink and from there Jason slowly open up to Simone what he really wants but due to his conservative upbringing, he was scared to even try it. After the shoot, Jason invited...
  • Dirty Dayna
    4 Did you like that? Stars So I am serious a million books behind in the original sinners books. This story is about retired cowboy/bull rider Jason Waters who meets Simone Levine during a charity nude calendar shot. This book is a very good example of “I think I am into kink but I am very nervous and unsure” . this story is about how Jason learns to love himself and Simone with the use of Kink. It talks about that negative stigma BDSM can h...
  • Laxmama
    3.5 STARS I am possibly the only one who has not read Original Sinners series, although I did read book one, I was not drawn to continue. This one caught my attention, I love a conflicted cowboy story. Quiet cowboy Jason begins to learn what he desires with the help of a more experienced sub Simone. He had never come to terms with his feelings for what he wants, his desires and has not really fulfilled his darkest fantasies. This one was a short ...
  • Sandra ~ ♥ Cross My Heart ♥
    Picture Perfect is a perfect blend of sweet, sexy, sassy, and naughty! Jason "Still" Waters, former World Champion Bull Rider, now leads a quiet, lonely life on a horse farm in Kentucky. Raised a true, conservative gentleman, he struggles to keep a tight rein on his darker desires . . . until he meets Simone, a quirky, pink-haired photographer (think naked men + calendars!) and a pro-sub and "sub" sub (think Soren!). Simone is sweet, loving, givi...
  • Claypot_Reads - Michelle
    One of my favourite reads of 2018. Nobody writes kink like Tiffany Reisz. Jason is the perfect example of a closet dominant. Shamed for his wants by family and living a half life until a chance encounter with submissive Simone "Spanky" and then kaboom 💥 It's got chemistry for days, I definitely had my squirmy face while reading this one - HOT!!! Add in plenty of humour and witty dialogue and it's a fast paced smart story I couldn't get enough ...
  • Jeannine
    This one is all kinds of hot and kinky. Not too bad of a quick story for a quiet afternoon. Simone was Jason’s shiny new toy for dipping his boots into the kink world. He had heaps amount of guilt for feeling the way he did and Simone got him to break out of his shame shackles. There’s no shame in the kink game!
  • Lexxie (un)Conventional Bookworms
    Picture Perfect Cowboy is the perfect Original Sinners novel. I loved Jason, and I loved Simone even more. Seeing Jason come to terms with his own kinkiness was sexy, and I loved how he finally managed to let go of the guilt he felt.As always, Reisz writing is amazing. Her words always touch me, which is why her books will forever be autobuys for me. Even for readers who haven't read the whole Original Sinners series, Picture Perfect Cowboy would...
  • Kahea
    ***4.5 ‘Kink And Crazy Aren’t The Same Things’ Stars” Confession: I haven’t read all the of the books in the Original Sinners Series, well, in fact I’ve only read the first book..I know. I know. Don’t shoot me. Not my norm at all, but at least I’ve read a book in the series and have some knowledge of Nora, Soren and Kingsley right?Right.So why did I jump at the chance to read this one?The cover? The short blurb that peaked my inte...
  • Laura- BookBistroBlog
    Picture Perfect CowboyBy Tiffany Reisz5 ChapsofGlory StarsPicture Perfect Cowboy is book 10 of The Original Sinners series. However, you do not need to have read the others to totally enjoy this quick paced, packed full of action book!Jason moved from Montana to Kentucky to start a new life. One that took him off the bull riding circuit and to the beautiful horse farm he now operates. Being a PBR and knowing when to walk away was a huge step for ...
  • Adirondack Reads Romance
    RELEASE 11.05.2018Erotica with a solid love storyTiffany Reisz hits it out of the park with this super sexy and sensual story about a closet Dom and the Submissive who coaxes him out. Jason is a retired bull riding champion now operating a horse farm in rural Kentucky. Simone is photographer and open Pro-sub. When Simone gets assigned to photograph Jason for a charity calendar shoot, she senses more about Jason than his conservative exterior disp...
  • Jenn
    A sweet and sexy cowboy who likes to give a little pain with his pleasure? Yes, please!! I love Jason. He was raised to be a “proper gentleman”. But the downside of that is that he can’t be true to himself. And when he’s filling in for a friend, for a naked photo shoot, he meets the sexiest, and cutest pink haired girl that turns his world upside down. She shows him that what happens between two consenting adults is nothing to be ashamed ...
  • Karen
    “Kink and crazy aren’t the same thing.”When I read my first ever Tiffany Reisz book, I admit, I was a little bit shocked. I squirmed. I didn’t breathe. But man alive, The Siren was and still is one of my favourite books.Picture Perfect Cowboy and my latest TR book just made me smile and laugh and feel like I’m home. Hold the horses, I’m not saying spank me, spank me now, burn me with a candle, I’m just saying everything about Tiffan...
  • Louise
    I may be a little late to the Tiffany Reisz party. Ok REALLY late. I have a confession. This is my first TR book. I haven't read any of the Original Sinners series. Shame shame shame on me. Talking of shame, in this story we have cute and quiet cowboy Jason being shown the ways of the dom-world by cute and sassy professional sub Simone. Ashamed and guilty of his wanton desires he has never told anyone his darkest fantasies.I really liked this.Thi...