The Truth about Miss Ashbourne by Joanna Barker

The Truth about Miss Ashbourne

Governess Juliana Ashbourne has dreams reaching far beyond the confines of her current position, hoping to someday establish her own school for girls. When she inherits a fortune from her late grandfather, she is shocked to learn that "someday" may soon be within reach. However, there is one condition: she must spend a month at the estate of Havenfield--with the very family who disowned her mother. Intent on securing the money she needs to start ...

Details The Truth about Miss Ashbourne

TitleThe Truth about Miss Ashbourne
Release DateNov 1st, 2018
PublisherCovenant Communications
GenreRomance, Historical, Regency, Historical Fiction, Historical Romance, Regency Romance, Clean Romance

Reviews The Truth about Miss Ashbourne

  • Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...)
    Everything I love about Regency and romance came together beautifully in this debut novel. Juliana is strong but also vulnerable, and tries to protect herself from potential hurts by holding herself back. William is so fun and charming, I loved their banter and the friendship and romance that eventually develop. There are family dynamics that Juliana needs to learn to navigate, and she learns valuable lessons from them and her new circumstances. ...
  • Jacob Proffitt
    This story could have used a good editor who might have started with telling her to chop the first 15% as completely irrelevant to the main story. That wouldn't have solved the problems with characterization or with the author using this as a feminist diatribe against period attitudes towards women, though. I frankly skimmed to see where it was the story actually started. The author had already lost me when she had the main character delivering a...
  • Kelly
    How could anyone not fall in love with The Truth about Miss Ashbourne?! The debut author writes a beautifully enticing story of finding what it means to be part of a family, having a desire to do something good and become independent, and finding someone who makes you laugh and fall in love with. I know that was a very overly long sentence but I wanted to put it all out there first!Miss Ashbourne has guarded her heart and lived only to be a gover...
  • Aimee (Getting Your Read On)
    What a sweet regency romance! I don't think I've read anything by this author before so it was a treat to find a new author in this genre to enjoy.While the story here is quite predictable, it is also quite regency which definitely limits how far one can divert off that beaten path. All the classic regency elements are present here from the divide in higher class and lower class, balls, gowns, proper etiquette, walking in gardens and the rare wom...
  • Lisa (Bookworm Lisa)
    This is a sweet Regency Romance. It is also the debut novel of Joanna Barker, which made this book more impressive! The book was well written and easy to read. I loved the characters, setting, and the plot.The book is told from Julianna Ashbourne's point of view. As the book begins she is a governess with a dream of having her own school and teaching girls subjects that were reserved for boys. She loves children and wants to help them improve. He...
  • Melissa Tagg
    This book made me so. ridiculously. happy. I'm constantly on the lookout for a regency romance reminiscent of Julianne Donaldson. And this book was just that! It was sweet and charming and the banter between Juliana and William was perfection. Their obstacles were believable...their romance was perfectly paced and adorable...and I loved the voice of the book. Juliana isn't a perfect heroine...which just made her all the more likable to me. I'm so...
  • Kathy
    Great book!!Clean
  • Susan
    I tend to like, not love, Regency romances, but this one is a delightful exception! While it doesn't tell the most original story out there, it's still a fun, well-written tale filled with well-developed characters, an engaging plot, and solid prose. I love that it's clean, uplifting, and entertaining all at the same time. I'm hoping Barker revisits these characters in future books, but even if she doesn't, I'll definitely be keeping an eye out f...
  • Julie Carpenter
    After thinking about this book and thoroughly enjoying the audiobook version I decided that I wanted to change my initial rating of 4 stars to 5. I really enjoyed this one and it kept me company on a couple days of errands, and housework. The narrator had a great voice and I enjoyed her ability to draw the listener into the story.Juliana and William are a perfect combination in my mind. I loved their initial meeting and their subsequent meetings ...
  • Sheila
    "The Truth about Miss Ashbourne" is a great novel. It's hard nowadays for romance authors to make their Regency Romance novel stand out from the others. I think debut author Joanna Barker did a great job of making her novel and characters original and outstanding. Main characterJuliana is strong, feisty, intelligent and humorous. She did not grow up as a lady of The Ton. So it's quite humorous at times how Juliana interacts with them. When they a...
  • Caitlyn Lynch
    This is a sweet Regency romance written, unusually, in first person. The protagonist is one Juliana Ashbourne, at the beginning of the novel a governess in a London household to a young boy and girl. She’s on shaky ground with her employers though, since the husband has nefarious intentions towards her and the wife dislikes Juliana’s influence over her daughter in particular. Hence, the news that the maternal grandfather she’s never met has...
  • Jen Geigle Johnson
    I loved this book. The author gets regency. She knows how to write a beautiful romance. Can't wait to hear more from her.
  • Melissa
    This is the kind of book I save my 5 starts for. I enjoyed this story so much. It captured my interest right away and I did not want to put it down. There are stories that just don't need any added elements to make them interesting. They are just true to life and tell a story about real life in a way that holds you captive. Jane Austen had that ability and many other authors do to. I think Mrs. Barker is also one of those:} I just really loved th...
  • Lori
    A rare gem! As this is my favorite genre, I knew instantly that I would enjoy this book, but I had no idea just how entertaining it would be. Joanna Barker is an extremely witty and creative author. I absolutely adored William and the flirtatious banter between him and Juliana. Juliana was so unpredictable, but in a good way. She surprised me a time or two with her hilarious antics. Overall, this was just a really fun book that kept a constant sm...
  • Esther
    Well, it is not secret that I love a well written regency romance. Juliana and William’s story was just that. From the moment they first met I was rooting for them—even if Juliana wasn’t. Both main characters were well developed and their back and forth conversations were so fun. I can’t wait to see what Joanna Barker will write next!
  • Christina
    Wow. I’m not even sure where to begin with this book review. I’m not sure what I thought when beginning this story, but I never imagined I would devour it so quickly or enjoy it so immensely. Needless to say I absolutely LOVED this book and read it in less than two days.Julianna Ashbourne was such an interesting protagonist. I really enjoyed reading from her first person perspective and figuring out what made her tick. She is kind and brave, ...
  • Camille
    What a charming story! I don’t give five stars very often, but I knew almost from the first page that this lovely book would be an exception. The moment I began The Truth About Miss Ashbourne, I was delighted. Within paragraphs, I fell in love with the author’s beautiful writing style and became immersed in the wonderful and strong first-person narration of the good and intelligent Juliana. As the story continued, I fell in love with not just...
  • Julie
    As a big historical romance fan, I was excited to try Joanna Barker's new regency, The Truth About Miss Ashbourne. The book opens with governess Juliana Ashbourne being called to task by the lady of the house. Juliana loves the children she teaches, but the gentleman and lady of the house are difficult to deal with to say the least. But as Juliana comes to find out that she is an heiress and her dream of opening a school might become a reality, s...
  • Alisha
    This book ultimately won me over, though I had reservations about the heroine at the start. She seemed to be one of those girls who is overly ready to take offense at non-offensive things, just to create a bit of tension between her and the hero. That plot device always makes me wonder exactly what it is that the gentleman sees in the lady! She got over this tendency before it became too grating. As for the rest of the novel, it's a pretty typica...
  • Kathy
    I enjoyed this sweet regency romance. Well written, good characters and entertaining storyline. Full review to come. Content: Clean
  • Lauren
    I have yet to be disappointed by a Joanna Barker romance....i'm only disappointed in myself for taking so long to pick this one up. I know a book is good when it can take a character that I almost can't stand to someone I absolutely love. Julianna Ashbourne has been working as a governess when she learns that she has just come into a large inheritance by a family she thought had abandoned her years ago. In order to claim her inheritance she must ...
  • Shanda
    This was the first audiobook I'd listened to in quite a few years. It was an enjoyable story and I looked forward to listening to it each time I sat down to crochet the blanket I'm making. Audiobooks may be the only way I hit my Reading Challenge this year and this book was a nice way to start the year.
  • Cathy
    I love when I find new authors! The Truth About Miss Ashbourne is a a Regency Romance written by a debut author and it’s really good!I have to say that I LOVED Miss Ashbourne, Juliana. She’s a governess in London. I loved that she wasn’t your typical governess. She’s young and pretty and willing to let her charges learn things that not a lot of society thinks they should learn. One of the things she does that her boss, Mrs Seymour objects...
  • Ranee Clark
    I got this book early and was so excited! It was FAB. William has become one of my favorite heroes. By the end, my heart was thumping hard right along with the heroine's and I was even creating secret scenes in my head where the hero tells off the antagonists. Also, there is a heart. pounding. kiss that had me swooning. The author creates a lovely, beautiful regency world and expertly builds the romantic tension until I was biting my fingernails ...
  • Adrienne
    Juliana Ashbourne is working as a governess until she can save up enough money to start her own school for girls. Although her current position is trying--she loves the children but their parents are horrible--she is determined to stick it out. Then she finds out her grandfather, whom she has never met since he disowned her mother when her mother dared to run away with a sailor, a man beneath her station, changed his will to include her--leaving ...
  • Kathryn
    This story was like a walk in the park, delightful and never wanting it to end. The characters, William and Juliana were lovable from the start. Their “ banter” at first meeting was so enjoyable. The relationship that grew over time was so sweet to witness. Juliana’s introduction to her mother’s family was guarded at best, but her intent for the visit to Havenfield changes as she opens her heart to her grandmother, her cousin and even her...
  • Carol
    What an enjoyable book. I also was able to meet this author this weekend. Looking forward to reading more of her books.
  • Shauna
    I completely adored this book! The story line is so well told it will keep you engaged and begging for more. I listened to the audiobook and was thrilled when the reader actually sang the song that Miss Ashbourne performed-- that was a wonderful addition!
  • Andrea
    Joanna Barker's debut novel, The Truth about Miss Ashbourne, is engaging and well-written. I avoided many things this past weekend as I spent time learning about Juliana's past, present and future.I love characters that don't fit the mold, and Juliana definitely fell into this category. She was a feminist for her time-so unlike the debutantes surrounding her. She valued education and had a passion for teaching. Her dream was to start a school for...
  • Kathilena
    Difficult to understand why hero fell in love. The story and plot were good, but the heroine was difficult to like. As a reader, I was allowed into our heroine’s head and therefore understood her somewhat, but our hero didn’t have that advantage, so it was very difficult to understand why he was attracted to her in the first place, especially when she treated him so harshly. I wanted to like the heroine, but found her actions, words and thoug...