Maybe This Time by Kasie West

Maybe This Time

One year. Nine events. Nine chances to . . . fall in love?Weddings. Funerals. Barbecues. New Year's Eve parties. Name the occasion, and Sophie Evans will be there. Well, she has to be there. Sophie works for the local florist, so she can be found at every big event in her small hometown, arranging bouquets and managing family dramas.Enter Andrew Hart. The son of the fancy new chef in town, Andrew is suddenly required to attend all the same events...

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TitleMaybe This Time
Release DateJul 9th, 2019
GenreContemporary, Young Adult, Romance, Young Adult Contemporary

Reviews Maybe This Time

  • Lola
    This was my 9th book from Kasie West, which is a fun coincidence because this story includes 9 events Sophie attends that affect her friendships, family and love life. Like the majority of Kasie West’s books, this was a page-turner. This author is great with banter. Even if you don’t particularly like the characters, the conversations between them are entertaining and very realistic. I’ve said this I don’t know how many times before, and ...
  • Jaye Berry
    Me: *doesn't give 5 stars often because picky*My lizard brain: Book cute and have flowers. Give 5 starsMe: Ok***Maybe This Time is about a girl named Sophie who works for the local florist, attending events and arranging bouquets. At a valentine's event she meets Andrew- son a famous new chef in town and required at all the events Sophie has to be at. They have a rough first meeting and Sophie thinks he is arrogant and entitled and Andrew thinks ...
  • Olivia & Lori (The Candid Cover)
    Full Review on The Candid Cover4.5 StarsMaybe This Time by Kasie West had been one of my most anticipated reads this summer as I love everything Kasie West writes. I was not disappointed with this book and its concept of two characters falling for each other over the course of nine events. Both Sophie and Andrew are likeable characters, and there is a prominent theme of the importance of family throughout the book. I loved this one, and I can’t...
  • Stacee
    I’m 10000% down for anything Kasie writes and I rarely read the synopsis. I liked Sophie and Andrew and of course BFF Micah. She’s got a lot of heart and ambition and it was great to see her grow into her confidence. Andrew was charming and unsure and Micah was just delightful. Plot wise, I loved the idea that they only saw each other at events. It was an interesting way for time to pass. My main complaint is that I wanted more sweetness betw...
  • Brittany
    3 Stars!! One year. Nine events. Nine chances to . . . fall in love? Another classic, Sweet Story - from KW!!! This story is about Sophie- just a girl working for a local florist, trying to save up to get into the college of her dreams. She is focused and determined to follow her dreams. Enter Andrew Hart. The son of the fancy new chef in town, Andrew is suddenly required to attend all the same events as Sophie. Entitled, arrogant, preppy Andre...
  • mith
  • Stacy Fetters
    "I didn’t even care; he tasted like heaven and I felt like I was floating on air.”Usually, with any Kasie West book, it’s an instant love for me. But this took me quite some time to get into and I felt as if I walked into the middle of a conversation. This was sort of cute, just not my favorite of hers. At times I felt that there wasn't much of a plot. There was no lead-way to what was happening, you just jump straight in head first. The ba...
  • arini
    the typical kasie west book... which basically means it wooed me and swept me off my feet but didn't make me completely fall madly in love with it. i loved all the characters and the idea of the story behind this book, but the dynamics of the plot in general was just meh. the book wasn’t dull by any means. i liked all the adorable and awkward encounters, all the events and parties, the best friend stand off, and the family drama. i liked that t...
  • Laura
    3.5 StarsI mark my calendar and count the days whenever I hear about a new Kasie West book. I want to be there on release day ready to swoon!Maybe This Time tells the story of a year in the life of Sophie Evans. She’s currently working for a local florist, but her heart and dreams are full of fashion design. Colors, textures, patterns, and inspirations! All Sophie can think about is getting out of her small, southern town for college in New Yor...
  • Ashley
    she does it againnnnnnI enjoyed this so much actually. The structure is so interesting and something that I've never read before. Basically, the mc works for a florist and provides flowers for most of her small town's events. The story only cuts in during these events over the course of about a year. So, you get to see these snapshots of her life, her friendships, her *not* relationship with the son of a famous chef lol.The hate to love situation...
  • cyborgcinderella
    I think... this might be my last Kasie West book ☹ I think... this might be my last Kasie West book ☹️
  • michelle (magical reads)
    4.5 starsI was hesitant bc I haven’t this author’s books since 2016 (they were getting…repetitive)but honestly I am HERE for a yearlong contemporary in which we only get to see special events!!I am HERE for hate-to-love in contemporaries!!and I am ESPECIALLY here for the protagonist not really knowing how to flirt without teasing / being mean bc !! relatable!!
  • turniip
    Probably my favorite YA rom-com from the recent months!Maybe This Time starts with Sophie arranging flowers for her florist/party planning job at a Valentine's event. Her best friend works as a caterer with her father, and they've just signed on to be mentored by a famous chef for a year. This stroke of good luck for them means that Andrew, his son, will be around them, a boy who consistently taunts and irritates Sophie at all of the events they ...
  • ✦ Maica ✦
    Can I give Kasie a big hug because she is queen
  • Julie
    4 stars (almost 4.5)Another Kasie West book, another super cute story. As I had with a few other Kasie books, I started out not really liking the main character. I never outright dislike them, but they come across as being kind of hypocritical, arrogant or brattish at first, which is entirely the point and it highlights the character development they go through. Basically, they feel like they've got their whole life figured out at the age of 16-1...
  • Tamara
    If I were to have a list of summer reads, Kasie West would definitely be on that list! This was such an easy and enjoyable read. You kind of knew what kind of ending you would get and boy was I looking forward to it! I haven't read a Kasie West book in a while but they're normally chock full of strong, quirky and adorable characters.In Maybe This Time, Sophie Evan lives in a small town where she works for the local florist who is usually taking c...
  • Misty
    Got this out of my mailbox around 9pm last night and read it from then till 3 am, shh! Don't tell my husband lol. Had to make myself put it down to get some sleep but picked it right back up this morning. So good! Kasie West books are like chocolate for me. Have to have them and just can't get enough. 😍
  • Jillian Heise
    I adore Kasie West books. ❤ They make me happy & are perfect for middle & high school kids wanting a contemporary romance. She's the rom-com queen of YA. 👑 I adore Kasie West books. ❤️ They make me happy & are perfect for middle & high school kids wanting a contemporary romance. She's the rom-com queen of YA. 👑
  • Rodoreads
    I don't know much about this one. Kasie West always writes the cutest and fluffiest books ever. You'll be blushing and grinning ear to ear while reading her books. Er, I don't think I can say the same for Maybe This Time. +What I liked:•flowers!Our protagonist Sophie is a florist. I love flowers and I really liked how all 9 meetings started with a mini flower description. •sophieShe's our very snarky and lovely (at the same time lol) lead. Li...
  • Stephanie
    This was probably more like 3.5 stars, but I'm bumping it up to 4 because it was a fast, easy read I finished in a day and it got a lot better for me towards the end. Sophie was really rude for the majority of the book and I had a hard time always liking her. I wish she would've become a little more self aware sooner. I liked how the story was broken up by major events throughout the year, but I don't think it was always used very effectively. I ...
  • ضحى الحداد
    As expected with Kasie West this was a cute summary read full of fluff and quirk so in this book we meet Sophie who is a florist in a small town and has to deal with a chef and his son Andrew during nine events during the year and how will their relationship grow I liked the overall atmosphere of the book but for some reason Andrew failed to capture my heart, the relationship didn't feel real to me as I saw no real chemistry between them .. the b...
  • Jes Drew
    I love Kasie West, and this book has all the charm you can expect from her. The premise of this one, a love story told over a year and nine events, was awesome, and I obsessively kept track of each event, its month, and corresponding flower. The love story was so enchanting, the friendship was sweet, and the family aspect was touching. An all-around perfect story and, unless I'm forgetting a random swear word, completely clean.
  • Isabel
    3.75ish? adorable but i do love my fluff and there wasn’t as much of it as i wanted tbh
  • Marina
    This is the cutest story ever. I missed reading Kasie's books.
  • Phyllis
    A touching story of friendship, flowers, and falling in loveSophie's mother didn't seem to know her at all. On Mother's Day, when the community party for mothers and daughters involved a "quiz" to see how well mothers and daughters knew each other, her mom's answers were so outdated! She was so out of touch!Sophie's story is one of trying to figure out who she is; what makes her special. She struggled with not changing based on what others expect...