Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud

Truly Madly Royally

Fiercely independent and smart, Zora Emerson wants to change the world. She's excited to be attending a prestigious summer program, even if she feels out of place among her privileged, mostly white classmates. So she's definitely not expecting to feel a connection to Owen, who's an actual prince of an island off the coast of England. But Owen is funny, charming...and undeniably cute. Zora can't ignore the chemistry between them. When Owen invites...

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TitleTruly Madly Royally
Release DateJul 30th, 2019
GenreRomance, Contemporary, Young Adult

Reviews Truly Madly Royally

  • Lola
    If royal romances make you squee and swoon, this one’s for you. It is a lovely, wish-fulfilling type of story that will fill your heart with hope and wonder and make you wish for your very own Owen. (See what I did there? :D)Debbie Rigaud’s writing and narration styles reminded me of Kasie West’s, seeing that both authors are straight-forward, eloquent, emphasize dialog over description and both are great at developing heroines and love-int...
  • Vicky Who Reads
    3.5 starsI LOVED Zora who was such a queen but the love interest Owen was boring. For a prince, he was so...drab. Meh. No chemistry. Zora deserved better. Owen, summed up, was just...polite. He wasn't really charming. He wasn't anything remarkable. Zora is still awesome though, so .5 stars for her!!!Still cute & v underrated. Good lower YA reading rec!
  • Emma
    The ARC of this book was provided by the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. 3.75 StarsFull review hereIf you’re in the mood for a lovely royal romance this is the perfect book for you! I deeply enjoyed reading from Zora’s perspective. She’s truly witty and knows what she wants. Her program for little kids was such a great idea to include in the book. Owen was another great character that I loved reading about, I liked...
  • Rachel Strolle
  • Samantha (WLABB)
    It's part Princess Diaries, part The Prince & Me, part Will & Kate & Harry & Meghan, and part wholly its own. Together, it added up to a delightful and charming royal romance.I sort of insta-loved Zora. She grabbed my attention with her sharp wit and humor, but kept me there with her drive, ambition, and huge giving heart. Her love and personal investment in her community was touching and inspiring, and I really delighted in reading about all her...
  • Mari Johnston
    This review and many others can also be found at Musings of a (Book) Girl.If a fast-paced, adorable, funny book that you can get through in a single summer afternoon is what you’re looking for, then Truly Madly Royally by Debbie Rigaud is exactly what you need!So many things happened within this book’s 300 pages, but it never felt like anything was moving too quickly. The pacing was perfect and helped keep things from dragging on too long or ...
  • Danielle (Life of a Literary Nerd)
    Cute and fun and exactly what I wanted. Truly Madly Royally was an insanely quick read that was just fun. The romance was cute, I liked seeing Zora's family, and I really enjoyed to focus on philanthropy. A perfect cute, fun sumemr read.
  • Jazmen
    Truly Madly Royally was a cute-ish read that lacked a certain something to take it fully over the edge.Zora is a modern day activist, socialist and do-gooder.Zora is attending a prestigious college to prepare for (possible) attendance in the fall. While doing this she manages a community program, fully built on the back of an idea she came up with—to better her community.She’s also in prep to receive awards for her work and grants (hopefully ...
  • Shorouk Abd Elhamed
    3.5 starsOw this was cute. I liked the couple and the story .The book is divided into two parts for me. The first 40% and that was an easy part to read but a weak one. I didn't get enough of any side of any of the characters.They were surface level and I was upset about feeling like that.The second part was a lot better.It wasn't just because they became a couple but because we got to see the details. We got more of the African representation tha...
  • Karina
    Rating: 4 Stars ★★★★Truly Madly Royally is a YA Royal romance, perfect for summer! Truly Madly Royally ARC Review 👑💘Zora's summer gets a bit more interesting when her chance encounter with a boy in the library during her pre-college program, quickly puts her into the spotlight, because as it turns out, he's actually a prince! From its focus on characters, to a sweet summer romance, Truly Madly Royally is a fun debut filled with he...
  • Toni Shiloh
    This was an awesome read. I will definitely read more books by Ms. Rigaud.
  • Kim Baccellia
    Fun, light romantic tale where a protagonist of color meets a prince while attending an elite summer program. What I really loved about this tale is how Zora is strong, goal oriented, and not someone to wait for a guy to sweep her off her feet. Hints of Megan Markle meets Prince Harry.
  • Laura
    Endlessly charming, positive, and funny, a hometown rom com with a twist!
  • Whitney
    Thank you to Debbie Rigaud for the amazing opportunity to win a free signed copy of this book. Did I really start and finish this in 2 hours? Yep! This was such a cute story. For me, there’s something super special about a YA romance starring a young black girl as the main character because let’s be honest, we don’t get many of them. If The Prince and Me & Prince Harry and Megan Markle’s real life story had a baby, Truly Madly Royally wou...
  • Emma
    Grade: B-An ARC was provided by Miss Print's ARC Adoption Program in exchange for an honest review.The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly: I love a good meet-cute. Truly Madly Royally has a great one, and I wish the premise connected to that had continued a little while longer before launching into Zora and Owen actually dating.Overall the book is a bit surface-level, like a DCOM or Hallmark movie, but there were some moments where the author tried to g...
  • Inah (The Bibliophile Confessions)
    I'd be lying if I didn't say that half of the reason why I read this was because it's a royal romance, but seeing an interracial royal YA couple on the cover really caught my attention. Add the fact that this was inspired by Harry and Meghan's love story.I was truly excited to read this because I haven't read any book with royalties in a long while and I'm glad that Zora and Owen hit it off right from the start. I love Zora's character because sh...
  • Janelle Hackbarth
    When I was contacted about receiving an advanced copy of this book, I was beyond thrilled. I really enjoyed the synopsis; (I enjoy an American thrust into royal world books). I immediately started reading this book the day after I got it.It does have kind of a 'Princess Diaries' kind of feel to it, except Zora is not royal herself. The story starts off with her meeting Owen and accidentally swapping phones. When his security gets involved in gett...
  • Kat
    * ACTUAL: 4.5 stars *
  • LaRonda (Flying Paperbacks)
    07/03-- I'm on a happy high right now and I just need to cool down???????
  • Namrata
    Pretty cute and fun book in general. Easy to read, and makes me feel pretty good. Recommend to ya-romance lovers!
  • Skye (Skye's Scribblings)
    You can read all my reviews at Skye's Scribblings!Genre: Young Adult Contemporary RomanceTold: First Person, Present TenseContent Rating: Young Teen (kissing)Format Read: ARCThe Good: True to the playful cover, Truly Madly Royally is a sweet interracial romance between a philanthropist girl from New Jersey and a teen prince from a small European country during a college-prep summer program. It had cute puns and banter, fun college exploration and...
  • r.
    I enjoyed this book so, so so much! Zora is inspirational and adorable, and Owen is amazing.What I loved about this book was that it wasn't too angsty (we all know YA can get pretty dang angsty). It was a love story, but with a prince who was considerate, thoughtful, and had the most adorable crush, and a girl who wore natural hair and was unapologetically black, whose family and friends loved her fiercely, and who was making a difference in her ...
  • Billie
    Truly Madly Royally is a fun light young adult romance. Zora is an activist of strong character and a leader. Owen is a kind, considerate, and charming prince from a small country. Teens who like interracial relationships and royal romances will like this book. It reminded me a little bit of the Prince Harry and Meghan Markle relationship. I received an advance copy of this book from Goodread's Giveaway in exchange for a review. The opinions expr...
  • Moc Mandex
    3.4/5 I actually really liked this book, it was a great summer book that was very light and nostalgic for me. It had major princess diary vibes for me which is why I continued reading it. Zora is in my opinion a very well and thoroughly developed character. The issue that I had was that she was too well developed, in other words she was a little too perfect. There were never any scenarios when Zora had to be tested, which I found a bit disappoint...
  • Stella
    this is probably my most disappointing book of the year. this book follows a girl named Zora who falls in love with a prince (Owen) at a summer program in Halstead. this might be a long one so stick start, I read this book twice. TWICE. I haven't done that for two years geez. anyway i'm going to switch up this format and start with what I liked.-I think Zora was a solid character. I really liked the backstory with the walk me home progr...
  • Samantha (The Biblophage)
    This rom-com is everything I needed and more. Zora is not just a love-struck girl looking for someone to save her. She is a strong, confident black woman who aspires to be a leader in her community. She just so happens to find the one person who she instantly connects with is a Prince. This book is full of fresh, witty, laugh out loud dialogue that I couldn’t get enough of. I also was LIVING for the mentions of natural hair throughout. I was sw...