The Colossal Book of Mathematics by Martin Gardner

The Colossal Book of Mathematics

s/t: Classic Puzzles, Paradoxes & ProblemsWhether discussing hexaflexagons or number theory, Klein bottles or the essence of "nothing," Martin Gardner has single-handedly created the field of "recreational mathematics." The Colossal Book of Mathematics collects together Gardner's most popular pieces from his legendary "Mathematical Games" column, which ran in Scientific American for twenty-five years. Gardner's array of absorbing puzzles and mind...

Details The Colossal Book of Mathematics

TitleThe Colossal Book of Mathematics
Release DateSep 17th, 2001
PublisherW. W. Norton Company
GenreScience, Mathematics, Nonfiction, Reference, Puzzles

Reviews The Colossal Book of Mathematics

  • Louisa
    One does not need any math skills to enjoy this rich collection of essays on the history of mathematics, its imprint on philosophy and literature, the art of Escher, fractals, tesseracts, paradoxes, hexaflexagons and many other wonderful things. The perfect desert island book.
  • Glenn
    Martin Gardner, who passed away in May of this year at the age of 95, probably did the most work of anybody in the area of "recreational mathematics", and making math fun for the masses. Gardner was a prolific scholar and author, writing an abundant amount of material in his lifetime. This is a collection of various topics culled from the most popular pieces of his "Mathematical Games" column which ran in Scientific American magazine for 25 years...
  • Jim
    Martin Gardner, master of all things puzzling, mathe-magical, and philosophical(read the "whys of a philosophical scrivener") delights me with his finest book. Discover the paradox of intransitive games; where you always lose even though you get to choose your team first.
  • Brett
    This is a treasure of recreational mathematics. Fascinating illustrations and Gardner's easy to read prose make this a great read.
  • Craig
    An incomparably entertaining collection of Gardner's most interesting mathematical columns. For a casual mathematics lover, I cannot even imagine a more enjoyable book.
  • Stephen Cranney
    I would have rated it higher, but some of the material was a bit dated. Excellent exposition of recreational mathematics.
  • John Orman
    A wonderful tour of all of mathematics, told in the popular style of Martin Gardner.
  • Aakash Dalal
    one of the best mathematics book Martin Gardner have written
  • Sourabh Das
  • Frank
    An eclectic mix of deep insights and triviality; all told engagingly in MG's characteristically light manner. In other words, just the way my generation fondly remembers MG.
  • Maurizio Codogno
    Martin Gardner non ha bisogno di presentazione. Però questo libro forse sì. In pratica, assieme al suo compagno <ì>The Colossal Books of Problems, questo volume raccoglie il meglio della sua produzione apparsa nella rubrica "Mathematical Games" dello Scientific American. Chi ha doviziosamente collezionato tutti i suoi libri non trova praticamente nulla di nuovo, se non qualche rara aggiunta di nuovi risultati trovati tra la pubblicazione origi...
  • Mike
    I've taken it off my Reading shelf because it's the kind of book I'll go back to for the rest of my life. Each chapter opens up new avenues of study and reading the same chapter a few months later awakens even newer interests.Great stuff.
  • Eva Filoramo
    La bibbia della matematica ricreativa. Rubato al mio capo, non credo glielo restituirò mai. In italiano hanno tradotto qualcosa, ma qui c'è tutto quello che avrei sempre potuto desiderare! splendido.
  •  Дарья
    Absolute delight.
  • Slickmez
    Only skimmed it. Has some interesting problems and concepts.
  • Daniel
    I read this at night sometimes. Not in any particular order. It helps me sleep.
  • Brian
    Gardner's math puzzles are very entertaining. I gave up on making my way through the book, it seems more suited to picking up every now and then to find an interesting tidbit.
  • Alienindie
    Endless cornucopia of stimulating ideas!
  • Sarah S
    Very challenging puzzles!
  • Moloy De
    Mind boggling book to have fun with math