Finders (Firstborn, Lastborn #1) by Melissa Scott

Finders (Firstborn, Lastborn #1)

Cassilde Sam is a barely solvent salvage operator, hunting for relics in the ruins left by the mysterious Ancestors—particularly the color-coded Elements that power most of humanity’s current technology, including the ability to navigate through hyperspace. Cassilde is also steadily fading under the onslaught of Lightman’s, an incurable, inevitably fatal disease. She needs one last find big enough to leave a legacy for her partner and fello...

Details Finders (Firstborn, Lastborn #1)

TitleFinders (Firstborn, Lastborn #1)
Release DateDec 10th, 2018
PublisherCandlemark & Gleam
GenreScience Fiction, Fantasy, Fiction, Science Fiction Fantasy

Reviews Finders (Firstborn, Lastborn #1)

  • Peter Tillman
    A good book, and a fine return to far-future, gender-bending SF for Melissa Scott, who I liked a lot in the old days.“Space Opera with a fine, wide sweep of time behind it, intriguing "Clarkean" magical science, and an engaging, edgy threesome of central characters. Fun to read, and best of all, the promise of more to come.” — Gwyneth Jones’ blurb, which I’m pleased to crib to start this.As always, read the publishers intro first, I’l...
  • Tansy Roberts
    An action-packed space adventure with so much heart. Finders is an intense exploration of impending mortality, mystical immortality, and how both of these things can put pressure on your relationships. Cassilde is a space scavenger in a romantic triad with two men: her long-time partner Dai and their former third, Ashe, who left their relationship years ago and has now returned dragging trouble in his wake.As the crew of the spaceship Carabosse, ...
  • Catherine
    Here's what I said in my blurb since it's not out and about yet: "Melissa Scott’s Finders is an epic tale set in a universe of hostile AIs and social collapse in the aftermath of a devastating intergalactic war. Cassilde and her lovers, Ashe and Dai, are salvagers and explorers, sifting through the remains of the high tech civilizations that have left their mark on the galaxy around them. Cassilde’s illness, Ashe’s previous betrayal and an ...
  • Cat M
    Absolutely fantastic poly space opera with great characters and really thoughtful world building. Also, a very clever take on a classic concept that will be particularly familiar to Highlander fans.Cassilde and Dai are salvagers, hunting for the relics and technology in the ruins of two previous civilizations, the mysterious Ancestors and the later Successors. Cassilde is also dying, wasting away due to an incurable, always-fatal condition. Cassi...
  • Megan
    I liked the premise, I liked the worldbuilding, I liked the polyamerous relationship, but... I don't know, everything felt muted and distant. Like no one could be bothered getting upset. On so many occasions the main character would be (rightfully) angry about something another character had done, for about two sentences, and then she'd think what's the point of being angry and just forgive him. Despite being many reasons for it to be there, ther...
  • Doctor Science
    Polyamory space opera -- that is also a Highlander fanfic. Run, don't walk.
  • Harald Koch
    Intriguing world building, and I liked the characters. But also long descriptions of traveling from one place to another, and the ultimate climax was a huge let-down for me. Harrumph.
  • Angela
    I've loved Melissa Scott's books since I got The Roads of Heaven omnibus from the SFBC back in junior high. I had to re-bind it once I got to university and I still reread it on occasion. It has been quite a while since she has written space opera/ hard scifi and it was worth the wait. I love the fantasy stuff too but this is making me want to pull out some of my other old favorites.The pacing stays quick and the universe building feels fresh and...
  • Margaret E.
    Excellent new universe from Melissa ScottGreat backstory including several interstellar dark ages leading to the current to situation that includes the aftermath of a recent war II found the characters to be interesting and believable & I actually cared about what happened to them (even to the least sympathetic character) No spoilers, but it appears to be a setup for further books and I look forward to them
  • Justin Robert Chernow
    Surprisingly goodI took a chance on this book, and am pleased I did. It took a minute to get into it, but once I was fully immersed in the world the novel builds, it became increasingly hard to put down. Interesting, original, and fun. Looking forward to the next installment.
  • Lanie Tankard
    Here's my review over at The Woven Tale Press in my monthly "Eye on the Indies" column:
  • Jesslyn
    I enjoyed this much more than I thought I would. Looking forward to #2
  • Evenstar Deane
    I don’t know which I liked the best in this book, the world building or the characters. Melissa Scott has created a fascinating universe where humans are climbing their way out of a second fall of civilization, scavenging remnants from the ancestors without fully understanding if they’re dealing with science or magic. Cassville and Dai are salvage operators, Cassilde dying of an incurable disease, when they are approached by former partner an...