Heart of Barkness (Chet and Bernie Mystery, #9) by Spencer Quinn

Heart of Barkness (Chet and Bernie Mystery, #9)

Spencer Quinn's Heart of Barkness is the latest in the New York Times bestselling series that the Los Angeles Times called “nothing short of masterful"…Chet the dog, “the most lovable narrator in all of crime fiction” (Boston Globe) and P.I. Bernie encounter heartache and much worse in the world of country music. They’re both music lovers, so when Lotty Pilgrim, a country singer from long ago, turns up at a local bar, they drive out to ...

Details Heart of Barkness (Chet and Bernie Mystery, #9)

TitleHeart of Barkness (Chet and Bernie Mystery, #9)
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
PublisherForge Books
GenreMystery, Fiction, Animals, Dogs, Humor

Reviews Heart of Barkness (Chet and Bernie Mystery, #9)

  • Linden
    Everyone's favorite canine narrator, Chet, is back to describe another case he solves with his partner, Bernie. Lotty Pilgrim, country music singer , is about to plead guilty to murdering her manager/lover, Clint. Bernie thinks she's innocent, and sets out to find the truth.
  • 3 no 7
    “Heart of Barkness” by Spencer Quinn is book nine in the “Chet and Bernie” series. New readers should note that the series is a first person narrative by Chet, the dog half of the duo, so the opinions, observations and conclusions are a bit different from those in other mystery books. Needed information from previous books is included as part of Chet’s current narrative, so new readers can easily follow along as Chet investigates everyt...
  • Janie
    A new Chet and Bernie book is one of the few that I will pick up and read immediately, regardless of the condition of my To-Be-Read list. This ninth release in the series (publication date July 2, 2019) continues the reading pleasure and my enjoyment of Chet's canine narration of the private-eye cases of The Little Detective Agency.I've pondered the chemistry of this series to figure out just what it is that I enjoy so much. The humor is the best...
  • Lelia Taylor
    Spending time with two of my favorite detective partners is always such a pleasure and Chet and Bernie have not let me down this time (as if they ever do). This is more than just a man and his dog; this is a crime-fighting duo that is good at what they do because they're so very much in tune with each other.Speaking of being in tune, the country music world is at the heart of their latest case, specifically investigating a murder with the aim of ...
  • Judy Lesley
    I enjoyed this very much, but then I usually do enjoy the Chet and Bernie books. This one has Bernie trying to help a country music singer who has fallen on difficult times. The situation becomes more and more tangled until Lotty Pilgrim finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation. She doesn't trust Bernie Little (of the Little Detective Agency) so she won't cooperate with him on the case but somebody else is willing to hire Bernie to g...
  • Karin
    After four entire years of the cliff-hanger at the end of the eighth book, Chet and Bernie are finally back. My son and I wondered if it would ever make it out, but it did. He's still reading it, but as you have no doubt ascertained, I'm done.Why four stars--well, it was just so good to hear Chet's voice again. If nothing else, Spencer Quinn has mastered the voice of a dog. But of course, there is more than that. This time Chet and Bernie are cau...
  • Leah
    I didn't like this one as much as the other book I read. It was the mystery. This one wasn't as interesting. There is a cold case, a murder, a country singer, a ranch, and a break up. I liked the ranch, the horses and the horse ride. That was the best part of the story. I still like Chet. He is funny. The most of the other characters were okay. There were a few that I didn't like, and not all of them were the bad guys.
  • Diana Gomez
    3.75 rounded up.It's been a while since I read a Chet and Bernie story, I'd missed Chet's one-of-a-kind viewpoint.It also seems I'd slightly forgotten how we left our favorite duo at the end of "Scents and Sensibility". Bernie has been in the hospital for a few months recovering from the events of that book, and the future of his relationship with his girlfriend, Suzie was also left up in the air.With those loose ends in mind you can see why it t...
  • Sue
    Oh, Chet. How I've missed you. It's been a long four year wait for Chet and Bernie to make a new appearance. While Scents and Sensibility ended with Bernie barely hanging to life, he has recovered and is returning home at the beginning of Heart of Barkness. Chet, the dog half of the Little Detective Agency, is his usual happy, doggy self. He is tip top and ready to grab a perp by the pant leg.In Heart of Barkness, Bernie investigates a death that...
  • Ina
    This is a perfect summer read! Especially for a reader who loves dogs since, Chet the dog, narrates this well written mystery and provides a light humorous perspective. There is so much to enjoy about this book - the relationship between Bernie and Chet, the well developed and quirky characters, and the exotic Southwest setting. There is a well spun tale of a mystery filled with more twists and turns than a mountain road and a real song, written ...
  • Lisa
    Heart of Barkness by Spencer Quinn is the continuing story of the Little Detective Agency and is book nine in the series (Chet and Bernie mystery). In this quirky and sometimes humorous mystery which is narrated by Chet (who is the canine part of this crime solving duo), Bernie and his loveable assistant Chet attempt to solve the murder of the manager of an aging country singer. It appears to be cut and dry; but as cases go, it turns out to be mu...
  • Carol
    I was so thrilled to get this book in my hands. I was one of the devoted readers who was distraught at the end of the previous book, not sure if the story was going to continue or not. (Despite Spencer Quinn's reassurance that there was a clue right there in the second to last paragraph, I still worried.) Anyway, it's great to have Chet and Bernie back in such fine form! There's nothing better than solving the case through Chet's stream-of-consci...
  • Nicole Wagner
    A murder mystery told by the PI's dog. What's not to love? Anthropomorphism is tricky. It can be powerful when used to create a motif through which society is examined: The Rats of Nimh; Animal Farm; Watership Down. It can be powerful when it's used to elevate a message about humanity: Charlotte's Web; The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. It can be fun when not taken overly seriously and just used as a cute prose gimmick, as is done in HEART OF...
  • Joan
    Bernie and Chet help Lotty Pilgrim (against her wishes), an older country singer who, in spite of once haven written a song which was immensely successful and recorded by top singers, seemed to be living in poverty. Suzie breaks up with Bernie, telling him that he would never be happy with her in London, he was too attached to his home in Arizona. She later calls him. although she has little to say and quickly hangs up. Bernie is considering a re...
  • Mary L
    I Adore Chet & Bernie and was so delighted to see this on our new books shelf at our library. I was worried that the series had ended. There's nothing like laughing out loud when you're reading a book, which happens to me every time I indulge in this series. I devoured 120 pages when I came home with the book and it did not disappoint. I only wish Spencer Quinn would write a new one every month ~ not asking for much am I?
  • Donna Lewis
    Another delightful Chet and Bernie collaboration. The dynamic duo — always financially challenged, but more interested in catching the bad guys than making money. In this particular caper, they are helping an aging country and western singer. But Chet, my forever hero, still has a favorite song: “ ‘If You Were Mine,’ Billie Holiday singing and Roy Eldridge on trumpet at the end, the trumpet doing things to my ears I can’t describe.”
  • loretta
    It’s been a while since reading a Chet and Bernie mystery and I realized how much I missed them! I chuckled my way through another mystery narrated by Chet, the dog. Did I mention how much I love Chet? Anyway another fun, interesting and suspenseful read. Do yourself a favor and read them all... in order is best.
  • Chrystal
    3.5 starsAs funny as always, but this one had a particularly lame plot.Loved the part with the horse!
  • Dana Dratch
    This was great!
  • Kay Hudson
    We waited four years for this book, since the last Chet and Bernie mystery came out in July 2015, and this one was not a disappointment. (And a note at the end promises the next book will be out next summer!).These books are narrated by Chet, a large (100 pound plus) dog with mismatched ears who once trained as a K9 dog, but washed out on the last day (there may have been a cat involved) and ended up with Bernie Little--together they are the Litt...
  • Karen
    So glad for a new Chet and Bernie, the series where a dog is the narrator and Bernie is his human. In this story Bernie tries to help a country singer who has fallen into hard times.
  • Steve Betz
    What can you say about another chance to hang out with Chet and Bernie? As is pretty typical, the mystery wasn't all that mysterious, but Chet's narration can still make me laugh out loud.
  • Harvee
    Just love this series and the way the narrator, Chet, tells the story. Brilliant.
  • Debra Belmudes
    I love this series of books. They are so enjoyable because they are told from the dog's point of view!
  • Bob Penna
    As a fan who's read the previous eight installments of this series, plus several of the ebook mini stories, I REALLY wanted to like this book. Unfortunately, that wasn't to be.The overarching feeling I got here was of an author going through the the motions, with little enthusiasm or, frankly, inspiration.But beyond that, in fact, WAY beyond, were the many plot holes, unanswered questions, and simply unbelievable subplot lines.Indeed, upon gettin...
  • Susan
    PI Bernie Little is just out of the hospital after the events of the last book, and his partner, narrator, admirer--hell, his dog--Chet is overjoyed. Bernie is glad to be healthy again, but saddened when his girlfriend makes it clear that she has to spend the next three years on assignment abroad. He and Chet go to hear a formerly famous country singer, and find themselves involved with her life and family, especially after she becomes the main s...
  • Teresa Biggie
    The mystery was good. The characters are outstanding but I could not like the voice of Chet the dog. .. when I explained the concept to my adult children .. they said I do not have millennial humor ??? I had no idea that was a thing but I will cop to it.
  • Laura
    I picked up this book because of the cover and the reviews . I wasn’t sure if I would like it at first but I ended up really enjoying it I would definitely read another one !
  • Linda Rowland
    Love Chet but this one is not up to his usual standards, in my opinion.