Yellowstone (The Yellowstone Series, #1) by Bobby Akart

Yellowstone (The Yellowstone Series, #1)

Yellowstone is controlled by nature. Its beauty is breathless and tranquil. Crystal clear streams flow. Buffalo roam freely. It's what's happening beneath that will bring HELLFIRE! The Yellowstone Series, a new disaster thriller from critically acclaimed author, Bobby Akart, takes the reader on a thrill ride as a cataclysmic event of extinction level proportions ticks away like a time bomb, awaiting its moment. Millions of people visit the Yell...

Details Yellowstone (The Yellowstone Series, #1)

TitleYellowstone (The Yellowstone Series, #1)
Release DateAug 28th, 2018
GenreFiction, Adventure, Survival, Apocalyptic, Post Apocalyptic

Reviews Yellowstone (The Yellowstone Series, #1)

  • Mark
    Edit 11/25/18: I change my review to one star. This author is a jerk.Title: Yellowstone: HellfireAuthor: Bobby AkartPublication Date: Aug 2018Genre: Post-apocalypticScore: 3/5A journeyman effort in post-apocalyptic fiction. There weren’t any grammatical errors. The author is a… libertarian? Maybe a right-winger? There is a glowing portrayal of Trump included. It made me laugh. I guess the joke’s on me though because I finished the book (and...
  • Karina Halt
    Yellowstone erupting is a frightening thought!This is a book and series you'll find difficult to put down ones you start reading. Highly Recommended!!
  • Cheryl
    Civilization exists by geologic consent, subject to change without notice. ~ Will Durant, American historian and philosopherThree geologists specializing in volcanology from NASA are led by Dr. Ashby Donovan arrive at Yellowstone National Park to check out recent anomalies that might be precursors to the Yellowstone supervolcano erupting.They are helped by Jake Wheeler, long-time National Park Service ranger, and by a BBC newswoman and her photog...
  • Tracey Mccall
    ExceptionalWow Bobby Akart has done it again!! I just read the actual book and also just bought it for my kindle. The attention to detail in the storytelling is amazing , characters are strong and we'll developed to make this series an A+!Do yourself a favor start reading this now
  • Shannon
    Great read.Really enjoyed this book. Looking forward to the next in the series. I love Bobby Akart's writing style. He always makes you think about how you would survive a major catastrophe. Have to admit I have never considered a volcano as being a major threat to our existence. I always enjoy the characters Mr. Akart writes. This book has plenty of action and suspense. Thanks for another great read.
  • Marilee Christensen
    Oh this was so bad. Bogus “geology” and the supposed super-smart characters act like children. After a quake and landslide they take silly-face selfies?? The ranger doesn’t run to help the rescuers? Instead they drink beer and roast hotdogs. And how is this group of “intellectuals” the only ones in the world who are investigating Yellowstone earthquakes? Skip this.
  • Mike Keller
    UnIAn Extinction Level Event is building in the Yellowstone Caldera. Warnings were dismissed and any way of stopping a Super Volcanic Eruption is much too late!The Master of Apocalyptic Disaster, author Bobby Akart, has glanced into his crystal ball and delivered a terrifying glimpse into the dark side of the beautiful Yellowstone park area. It's been six hundred thousand years since the last eruption of the Yellowstone Super Volcano, and it's ov...
  • Jeff Benham
    An exciting start to a new series! Everyone is familiar with erupting volcanoes over the years. What if those were just minor spurts, even with all the damage they have caused? But what if there was a volcano many, many times larger than any of them? The volcano under Yellowstone is that big. How to keep it from possibly erupting and creating a catastrophic event, is a matter for debate. Water injection is the politically correct way to go and Pr...
  • Denise Keef
    It is always exciting when Bobby Akart begins a new series, I always look forward to seeing what catastrophe will affect the world next. This time we are taken on a journey to Yellowstone, where the Yellowstone supervolcano was about to raise its angry head and unleash a hell on Earth that could possibly be the end of mankind. As in true Akart tradition, this story begins with a bang and an introduction of the main players of the story who will u...
  • Sarah Crawford
    This is one of the best books like this I have read. The basic group is Younger, a greedy, inflated importance businessman who wants to do drilling in Yellowstone. There's Ella (a BBC reporter), Jake (a park ranger/cop), Flo (a waitress) and the scientific group of Ashby, Dusty and Rita who are there to study the caldera and see if things are acting up.Younger wants to keep the business going and will even kick out Ashby, the scientist, because s...
    Mother Nature's Abuse PunishmentA grossly interesting study in igneous geology and it's aftermath, the forecast eruption of Yellowstone Supervolcano as a result of earth's and Yellowstone's abuse. This, the first book of the series, is the pre-eruption up to the beginnings of the actual eruption. For Ashby, the volcanic scientist, it is her survival of her second major eruption. Her first of as a child during which she lost her parents. The helic...
  • James J. Seals Jr
    Bobby Akart has another great achievement with The Yellowstone Series. I just read Yellowstone: Hellfire: A Post-Apocalyptic Survival Thriller (The Yellowstone Series Book 1) by Bobby Akart, and could barely put it down to eat. What a great story and series! I haven't found anything by Bobby Akart that I didn't completely enjoy and this is no exception. As usual, great characters, great story line and this one is even more perceptive in that it m...
  • Jeanette
    OMG what a ride!!Bobby Akart, I've read all your books, but this one left me with my heart pounding, holding my breath, and butt-cheeks clinched. That hasn't happened in a long long time and I've read probably 75% of all the PA books on Amazon. Wow is almost all I can say. I can say well-written, well researched, exciting, and even though you know Yellowstone is going to blow the suspense is well crafted. I was drawn into the characters, dreading...
  • Heather O'Loughlin
    The best, most interesting & compelling thriller I've ever read. Deserves more stars!I rarely write book reviews -- or give 5-star book ratings -- but Mr. Akart is a truly exceptional writer who's obviously done the research to make this one of the most intelligent, compelling and and engaging thrillers I've ever read. His well-developed characters, especially his female characters, are smart, strong & realistic (no silly ciphers here) and the bo...
  • Cherye Elliott
    VolatileTo start with this review, I am a Bobby Akart fan. I have read ALL of his books. Just have to say, this one is going to be a good series. Probably his best. It is one of those books where the characters grab you in from the beginning and won't let you go .... they are there with you giving you a grand adventure. I felt like I was with them as one of the characters (not the red shirt guys of Star Trek). I read the book in one sitting think...
  • Patricia Gerhart
    Nail biting thriller!This is an exciting mix of science and fear of extinction. Combine that with a fierce and feisty female scientist specializing in volcanos, along with her trusted and often humorous research team. Mix in a brave park ranger with a lot of skills and you are in for one exciting ride. The potential forthcoming disaster, with all the volcanic activity under Yellowstone ,kept me rapidly turning pages. The truth is terrifying and i...
  • Sharon
    Wow! My first book by Akart, but not my last. Riveting!!This is the first book that I have read by Bobby Akart, but it definitely will not be my last! Yellowstone: Hellfire is a well written fictional account about events that could very easily occur in the future. I have been to Yellowstone a couple of times. It was interesting reading about what could happen if... The science in this book has been well researched, and that added to my enjoyment...
  • Cathy
    Really exciting book.Reading this book was a real state-owned because the threat of an eruption is already here. Just like in real life the bureaucrats go around messing things up and then disappear when the blame is put on them. I have visited Yellowstone National Park about 50 years ago and I still remember the places mentioned in the book. When that supervolcano erupts there probably won't be much left of the western United States. Hopefully i...
  • Eve Owens
    Great Science FictionI stayed up late to finish this in one reading. I appreciate the research and the science that went into this. To me, this is what true science fiction is. You get the science along with a great story based around it. The characters are very good. They are not perfect but they are like people you might know. Then the politics that are worked in. A great reflection of what many kids deal with in our jobs. Looking forward to th...
  • Heather
    This book is a 65% rip off of the movie Dante's Peak, with a few sprinklings of Trump Love and trying to legitimize conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and The Drudge Report. What a waste of a good Sunday afternoon.
  • Brian's Book Blog
    See this and many more reviews on Brian's Book Blog A BANG Start To Your Next Favorite Series4.5 out of 5 starsYellowstone: Hellfire was a book that I honestly had zero idea was coming out (let alone so soon after I finished the Lone Star Series). I knew he was working on something else and I might have even ventured a guess in a contest of his but I wasn’t expecting this series.I can tell that he put a ton of time into researching the Yellowst...
  • Nancy Silk
    "An Edge Of The Cliff Action Thriller"Note: Living in northern Utah approximately 250 miles south of Yellowstone, I'm aware of the eventual eruption which will occur. It's not a question of if, but when. This author presents a great realistic, informative adventure thriller. Yellowstone National Park is a beautiful nature site of clean streams, peacefulness, and a thrill to see the bison roaming free. But suddenly this tranquil location will have...
  • Jen
    Loads of fun, but a bit silly. If you're running around telling people Yellowstone's going to explode and the world will end when it does, why hang around to watch it? Surely your expertise could be better utilized elsewhere, especially if you're the only one that the President believes? At least the main "hero" isn't a Navy Seal or a hardcore prepper- there was a refreshing lack of weapons and paranoia and rape. I have a feeling that there's a m...
  • D. E.
    A BA. Apocalyptic Novel of Survival After TWO ErruptsBA. has. penned the first novel of an Apocalyptic Event which takes place at the Yellowstone Caldera . He begins with the trained volcano specialist as she attempts to prove her beliefs that TH I is about to result do the the Geothermal testing that is occurring frequently, which the finance people of the program want ignored. The is an excellent read for the genre.....DEHS
  • Rebecca Larsen
    5 Stars HOLY SCHMOLY! The start of the series is so gripping. Action packed and with something new popping up at every turn. I can't believe how realistically the story is portrayed. As a frequent visitor to Yellowstone, I enjoy the constant changes in the variety of wildlife and color during the different seasons. Yet, I have never really thought about what lies beneath the surface. This series while entertaining, is also informative. I highly r...
  • Cheryl
    ExcitingI love this author for his research and clear explanations. Jake the hero is awesome and Ashby is simply incredible. Another winning combo of characters. What an interesting theory and,gee,I am toast living in the Bitteroot Mountains, 200 miles from Yellowstone to the West. There is also comedic relief as the PHD volcanologist tries to explain something to the idiot in chief. I can't wait for book two! Good job Bobby.
  • Kim Kuhne
    For the genre, this is a well-written disaster story. Akart has done his research on the history of large volcanic eruptions and the geology of Yellowstone. Throwing in current events, his story is about the Yellowstone super-volcano erupting now and how politics will likely keep the public less-informed than it should be.This book ends on a cliff that picks up in book 2. Very quick reads with a fair bit of geology and a lot of tension.
  • Lisa McClary
    These books...All of his books are AMAZING. This was no exception. I loved this book!! This is a must read. In fact, find every book he’s written and get to work. Thank you for these amazing stories. I think it’s time that I start stocking up on survivalist material because all of these stories are full of ever present threats to us all... some you may not regularly consider but are well worth the thought.
  • Matthew
    The characters are fairly likable, though the idea of a three-person research team running around on NASA's dime is somewhat laughable. The author clearly did a lot of research in geology and volcanology, and particularly on Yellowstone, for this. The idea of cooling an entire geologic formation? Preposterous. And the one place where a character strayed into an explanation of meteorology, I could only cringe my way through. Escapist disaster porn...
  • Betsy Wagster
    Another great book by Bobby Akart!Great book, as all of Bobby Akart's are! Thrilling, informative and based on plausible fact, his writting keeps you on the edge of your seat. I also really enjoy the verifiable information he puts in to his books. I love that I can Google the scientific facts and ideas he puts in his books and the info is all current and real! Keep writing and we will keep reading Mr. Akart! If you haven't read his books I sugges...