Drowning With Others by Linda Keir

Drowning With Others

They have the perfect marriage. Did one of them kill to get it?Prep school sweethearts Ian and Andi Copeland are envied by everyone they know. They have successful businesses, a beautiful house in St. Louis, and their eldest daughter, Cassidy, is following in their footsteps by attending prestigious Glenlake Academy. Then, a submerged car is dredged from the bottom of a swimming hole near the campus. So are the remains of a former writer-in-resid...

Details Drowning With Others

TitleDrowning With Others
Release DateOct 1st, 2019
PublisherLake Union Publishing
GenreMystery, Fiction, Thriller

Reviews Drowning With Others

  • Kaceey
    3.75*Occasionally, the past has a nasty habit of sneaking back to haunt you...usually when you least expect it!Andi and Ian were high school sweethearts. Both went to the same upscale boarding school, destined to be the “IT” couple. All with nothing more than a brief hiccup in their senior year.Now years later, married, with their eldest daughter Cassidy attending the same school. One of Cassidy's classmates accidentally turns up a long burie...
  • Mackey
    Drowning With Others was one of my September selections on Amazon Prime First Reads. Each month is a hit or miss with me but this selection was definitely a hit. A fast paced suspense based on lies told in years past and currently. The characters were a little out of my league so I had a rough start trying to connect with them but, despite that, the story itself is as old as time: lies, deceit, murder and cover-up. I like the writing style of the...
  • Darinda
    Ian and Andi Copeland were high school sweethearts at their boarding school. Twenty years later, they are married and their daughter Cassidy is now a senior at that same school. A car is found at the bottom of the local swimming hole with a body in it, and it turns out to be a missing teacher from Ian and Andi's senior year at school. Cassidy's class is taking on a class project to investigate what happened. The Copeland family is drawn into the ...
  • jaime ⭐️
    honestly this book had so much potential to be spectacular...if i had to quickly describe 'drowning with others' i would say that it is a thriller told in a non-linear fashion about a dead body being uncovered in a small community, and all of the secrets that are uncovered with it. and unfortunately this is a case where the premise was just way more exciting than the story itself.don't get me wrong - there were moments i loved and couldn't put do...
  • Bridgett
    No one can keep secrets these days... And so begins the exquisitely character-driven novel, Drowning with Others. I started reading this late last night, and just finished today. I could hardly put it down. While it does seem a little too drawn out, I found it to be a fun, quirky, beautifully rendered suspense. Perhaps it was all the references to the mid to late 90s, when I was in college myself, but the book really resonated with me. I enjoyed ...
  • Alaina
    Man, I love mystery books! Plus October is definitely getting me into spooky books.Drowning With Others was a pretty interesting mystery thriller book that seemed to be tied around one single family: The Copelands. In this family, you will meet Ian, Andi, and their daughter Cassidy. Now this book is told from each of their point of views in like a journal entry style? When I first saw this, I was a bit hesitant. Sometimes it works and sometimes i...
  • Noah Crocker
    EDIT - 9/20/19So apparently, people see this review without the "This review contains spoilers" mark. This makes absolutely no sense, as not only do I have it marked so, but I view it marked as such as well. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SPOILERS! DON'T READ THIS REVIEW IF YOU DON' WANT TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS. I really enjoyed this book.The plotline was amazing - a former teacher who disappeared 20 years prior was discovered in his car at the bottom of ...
  • Colleen Scidmore
    3.5 StarsThe story was told in two parts, past and present both intertwined throughout the book. The past was about Dallas Walker and the students that were in his classes or involved in the story and a possible part of his disappearance 20 years earlier. And most of it was told through Andi and Ian’s Journals that Glenlake Academy had each student write. It was interesting to read it this way, through their teenage eyes. And to be honest Dalla...
  • Elizabeth Sievers
    Full ReadingThis book was boring. There was no kick of excitement, no roller coaster ride to the next page. I had to plow through a lot of detail just to find out a little bit of information. I felt like I was reading a text book.
  • Bookread2day
    I wanted to read Drowning With Others, as it was about a married couple with secrets about their boarding school days, and I love reading all fiction stories about married couples. It's unfortunate that I struggled to read the first few pages of the prologue, even with after reading the first chapter, I struggled with getting into the story. So I'm very disappointed that I had give up reading any further. Normally I know from a prologue or the fi...
  • Michelle
    In my dotage, it is impossible for me to read anything remotely challenging when I'm in bed at night. So, the types of books I like to read in 30-minute nightly increments before passing out at 9:17 p.m. are mostly dumb-but-hopefully-not-too-dumb thrillers. This one was kind of juicily bad and pretty ridiculous in a lot of ways, but it still fit the bill. Set at a boarding school, which -- well, anyone who knows me is aware of my fondness for ric...
  • Barbara
    Andi and Ian Copeland were high school sweethearts and the ‘IT Couple’ of their expensive boarding school. Twenty years later, the school is still part of their lives. Their eldest daughter is studying there and their twins are due to start at the school next year, completing a multi-generational association with the school for the Copeland family. So far, so idyllic. But then a shocking discovery – a car submerged in a swimming ‘hole’ ...
  • PinkAmy loves books, cats and naps
    I just couldn’t get into this, read a few spoilers and decided the book wasn’t worth my time. I appreciate people who post spoiler reviews so I can avoid wasting my time when I’m on the fence.
  • Donna Hines
    “Would you rather be drowning with others, or swimming alone?”― Linda Keir, Drowning With OthersWhen love and marriage collide head on something is about to go down!Unfortunately, for at least one individual the downward spiral in a swimming hole frequented by the once high school seniors Ian and Andi involves more than just raw emotions as the twisting action soon follows.“He'd never known her secret, and he couldn't know. Even the stron...
  • Mark Stevens
    Drowning With Others, the second novel by the writing team of Keir Graff and Linda Joffe Hull, begins with the exhumation of former Glenlake Academy poetry teacher Dallas Walker from his grave, in this case a mud-covered metallic blue muscle car at the bottom of Lake Loomis. There’s not much left of Dallas. After all, it’s been 22 years since he went missing.The discovery of the wreck in the murky water gives a new writing teacher an idea—t...
  • Adrian Lawrence
    Drowning in sorrow, my sorrowI didn't want to put this book down....simply because I wanted it over and done with. ASAP. As early as chapter 2 DNF came to mind. If goes nowhere quickly, especially the first half that had me banging my head against my kindle in frustration. You've got to do a lot of reading to extract anything of value to the plot. But you don't know that at the time so you read it all...even all the never ending poetry which has ...
  • Bookphile
    I'm torn about this book. I enjoyed the story for the most part and found the plot very compelling, but I pretty much hated the ending. It just wasn't a satisfying resolution--and by satisfying, I mean it didn't seem like a good payoff for the plot.(view spoiler)[One of my big gripes with this book was the loan Ian took out from his father-in-law. I really, really hate how a lot of books will use a husband in financial distress who lies to his wi...
  • Lynda Kelly
    This was another Kindle First offering this month I downloaded. It started off really well and I was really liking the writing style but then I seemed to get a bit bogged down with it all. I think it might've been some of the poetry stuff that I just wasn't very interested in. I liked how they reached the title, though.....and the cover is a terrific one. I think it worked well having the next generation investigating the past of the parents' gen...
  • Whistlers Mom
    At Glenlake Academy, murder is NOT on the curriculum!Glenlake Academy is a prestigious, expensive prep school tastefully located in a rural area north of Chicago. For generations it has protected and prepared the sons and daughters of wealthy families, giving them academic backgrounds that ensure admission to the Ivy League colleges their parents expect them to attend. The grounds are lovely, the buildings classical in design, and the faculty car...
  • Lily
    This book would’ve been my Kindle First Choice for September 2019 if I didn’t have issues with payment. However, this is my first borrowed book from the Kindle Unlimited library.That being said, I’m glad that I only borrowed this book instead of purchasing it for my Kindle First Choice. This story was told from three points of view – Andi, Ian, and Cassidy. Occasionally, the chapters would be mixed up with journal entries from both Andi a...
  • Shalini
    An interesting book which caught me unawares. Past swimming its way to the present was the fun to read, it added to the mystery.2 sweethearts Andi and Ian got married, their daughter Cassidy and her friend found a car in the swimming hole. It was a teacher from the time her parents attended the school. Now it was upto Cassidy and her mates to uncover the truth.My first book by author Linda Keir, the story had dual timelines with multiple POV whic...
  • LittleDeadRedGoddessPersephone
    4 out of 5 starsAndi and Ian Copeland were THE couple in their private Illinois boarding school. I Ian's family it was tradition to go to Glenlake Academy. Andi was dumped there by her Father. When they met in the "90's" it was love at first site and seemed like it would stay that way. This was a huge improvement from "The Swing of Things"! I was not a fan of that novel. I really didn't like anyone but I really, was able to like Cassie. That is u...
  • Joann
    My time for reading is right before bed. I actually have to read in order to get to sleep! This book was just the type I enjoy during my nightly reading time. Andi and Ian are private school loves with wealthy families who support their relationship. Andi is a writer who gets swept up in all the feels for a teacher whose intentions are not the best. Fast forward and we find said teacher dead! What ensues is a mystery alternating diary entries fro...
  • Meg Lelvis
    I'm afraid I gave up on the book; couldn't relate to the characters. I wasn't engaged enough to finish it, and had books of interest at hand waiting to be read.
  • Greg Kerr
    Not sure how I actual feel about this bookThe mystery was well crafted and the conclusion was not evident until toward the end of the story. That said, I cannot say there was any one character that was overly enduring; someone I wanted to cheer for or sit down and chat with them over a cup of coffee. Secrets only fracture relationships. Maybe Cassidy, who was raised in a home full of dark secrets, learned the beauty of truth.
  • Jodie
    little story that could be so trueThis wasn't a bad book... it it started to really lose me at about 300 pages in. A little too much fluff made it a solid 3 stars.
  • Lady Delacour
    DNFStarted out to YA.Did not draw me in.72 uses of one foul wordin it's different versions, was also a reason I DNF.1 DNF Star.Listened with TTS.Not Clean Fouls Language over kill.
  • Kris Morahan
    Good one!
  • Kelly
    i love boarding school mysteries, but this was just so bad.
  • Lenora Good
    I wasn't going to review this book, because I didn't read all of it. The 3 star rating is the best I could do as "neutral"I found the premise of the book fascinating, but about the time I was at the 40% mark, I realized there wasn't a single character in the book I cared about. I didn't relate to any, I didn't like any, and I didn't dislike any. I put the book down. Then I kind of wondered if the guy had been killed, and if so, by whom or in fact...