Demon's Dance (Lizzie Grace, #4) by Keri Arthur

Demon's Dance (Lizzie Grace, #4)

After dealing with human hunters killing werewolves for their pelts and a heretic witch determined to claim the wild magic for his own, the last thing either Lizzie Grace or Belle Kent need is a new evil burning into town.When Lizzie’s asked to find a missing woman, she’s well aware death awaits. What she doesn’t expect to find is a very human pile of skin next the woman’s body. Nor does she expect to be called to a murder scene that has ...

Details Demon's Dance (Lizzie Grace, #4)

TitleDemon's Dance (Lizzie Grace, #4)
Release DateFeb 12th, 2019
PublisherKA Publishing PTY LTD
GenreFantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Magic, Romance, Witches, Vampires

Reviews Demon's Dance (Lizzie Grace, #4)

  • Mara
    Glad to be clear about the past, still it wasn't the best of them. Some deja read, some confusion (why the different feeding methods?) A bit light, except in spell work :)
  • Kira
    The reservation was in danger again. Someone was killing people in a bizarre and gruesome way. Liz wasn’t sure she had the power to defeat the enemy. As fate would have it, the new head witch arrived in town, and that person turned out to be none other than her cousin.I liked Monty, the new head witch, quite a bit. Of all the people in Liz’s family to show up there, he had to have been the best. He’s a genuinely good guy and doesn’t have ...
  • Lyn *NomadicWorlds
    Finally found out Lizzie's big secret which was the only thing worth knowing in this story. 😕 Still lukewarm vibe.
  • Ami
    Lizzie, Belle, Aiden, Ashworth, Eli, and the latest new addition to the reservation team, Frederick Montague Ashworth or Monty, are dealing with multiple murders where the victims are skinned -- although it isn't werewolves related like the previous book.Another fast-paced read, right from the get-go. However, despite a number of casualty by fire that happens -- say goodbye to several cars *lol* -- I didn't feel that it was life-or-death situatio...
  • Lyndi W.
    While I loved the story, I'm taking away 1 star from the rating because Lizzie is completely incapable of spending any amount of time with her boyfriend without reminding herself and the reader that it's just a temporary relationship and he's never going to marry her because he's a werewolf and she's a witch. We fucking got it after the first dozen times. Stop.
  • Kathy Davie
    Fourth in the Lizzie Grace paranormal fantasy series and revolving around a witch and her familiar working hard to stay under the radar. The story is set in Castle Rock, Australia.My TakeDemon's Dance continues to push the prejudice of tradition through the blinders Monty wears that says Lizzie can't be powerful or useful. And it's a reminder for us to keep an open mind in this fascinating take on witches with Lizzie and Belle on the run, despera...
  • Steph
           Desperation is the mother of invention. In Demon's Dance we finally learn more about Lizzie and Belle's past, why they ran and continue to hide from family in Canberra. We also see her continue to survive because of her ability to think on her feet and think outside the box. She may not be the strongest, as she's frequently reminded by a new witch in town, but she's definitely the one I'd want on my side in the fights that keep popp...
  • Darcy
    This book was more interesting due to the personal connections of Lizzie. Her past seems to have caught up to her and she came clean to Aiden about things. After hearing about why Lizzie and Belle ran, I don't blame them at all. I would hide in the same circumstances. I was worried when someone she and Belle knew entered the community, but the best outcome happened, someone sympathetic to what happened and would keep their secret.The magical crim...
  • Connie B
    I'm so sad that I have to wait for more books in this series!! I loved it so much!! This is my kind of book for sure, lots of action, lots of heat but very little sexual description!! There was sex, but no play by play every time!! Keri is by far one of my favorite authors and I hope she never stops writing!! I'd love recommendations for this sort of book!!
  • Kim
    Mediocre at best. The big secret wasn’t really a big secret at all. The ending was a let down.
  • Linda
    3.5 stars
  • Riikka
    Marked To-Read: I am excited for this. Maybe we’ll finally learn more about Lizzie’s parents and the past events!Review: What can I say, I like this. The characters are amusing and relatable, the action is there but so is the humor and the seriousness. There’s character growth too, even if the much teased arrival of the new witch was a bit of a case of subverted expectations. Anyway, the story continues and I continue to like and wait for t...
  • Henriette
    I really liked the first book in the series but complained about the successors because they were formulaic and didn't progress the overall plotline about Lizzie’s past. I also had some issues with Belle, who was basically a useless character. All those issues were fixed in this book.Lizzie’s cousin, another likable character, arrives at the new reservation witch. Because of him, we learn about her father's great betrayal in the aftermath of ...
  • Jumms
    Chugging alongAnother good book in the series. Telltale sign of finishing it in a day. Things pick up not too long after the first book and starts off immediately with action. Lizzie as usual is called back to action as there is yet another supernatural death on the reservation. You start of thinking it might be a continuation of the last case but there is a bit of a twist.We fully learn why Liz and Belle ran away all those years. It is a crazy s...
  • Chrissy
    I’ve always liked Keri Arthur’s books and I’ve particularly enjoyed this series. Lizzie Grace is a great character with an tantalising backstory that is teased out in every book. Each one gives a little bit more of her life before life on the Reservation.This book has a new Registered Witch arriving to take care of the Reservation and Lizzie and Belle are surprised to see the new face is someone they know well. It is because of this introdu...
  • Catherine Rivera
    Lizzie is back and I was very excited to be reading it. I love the way Ms. Arthur writes about the relationships between Lizzie and Aiden, Belle and Lizzie and their relationship with Ashworth, Eli and the others. The latest council witch presents an interesting twist and causes Lizzie to open up with Aiden sharing more of herself which I hope works in her best interests and presents a totally unexpected twist to her past (at least I don't recall...
  • Dallass
    Definitely a new favourite I’ve binged all of the current books available in this series, and have enjoyed each and every one. Love that it’s set in Australia, and the characters are fun and sassy, which makes them very easy to care about. I’m hoping we delve more into Aiden’s family in the future, now that we’ve uncovered the secret Liz and Belle are hiding. The addition of the older, crotchety witches, Eli and Ashworh, who are at firs...
  • TinaMarie
    I love this group of characters as well as returning grumpy old witch Ashworth and the new witch assigned to the reservation, (even if he's an idiot at times). Lizzie and Belle are in hiding but her connection to the wild magic on the reservation and the increasing attacks by evil keep bringing her out in the spotlight. We finally get to know WHY these two have been on the run, as well as their commitment to their new home. Watching this series d...
  • Barbara
    In the fourth book of an amazing series, Lizzie Grace and her witch familiar Belle Kent have to deal with a new evil in the area. Despite the new official witch on the scene, it will take not only him, but witches Lizzie, Belle, Ashworth and Eli to take down the entity that is racking up more and more murder victims, and putting all of their lives in danger. Lizzie needs a break to enjoy some alone time with Aiden, which won’t happen until the ...
  • Jeni
    Another great entry. I really liked Monty so I hope he becomes part of the crew. I'm really glad Ashworth and Eli are staying too. E erything moved forward and the story is humming along regarding Lizzies family. The ONLY downside is Keri Arthurs tendency to make the romantic leads drrrraaaaaaggggggg out their angst until you just dont care anymore. Blargh. Other than that, cannot wait for the next book. Maybe the romantic stuff will resolve so w...
  • Jennifer
    Another great installment in this series and I'm so happy that we are finally getting some answers on what happened in Lizzie's past that caused her to run away from her family, change her name and hide out from other witches. Lizzie and Belle's friendship continues to be a lovely thing to read and their powers continue to grow as Lizzie absorbs more of the wild magic on the reservation. Aiden is a great, supportive love interest and I really hop...
  • Ramona
    I liked this book better than the previous one, as we finally learn about Liz's backstory and the action scenes with a supernatural being killing people were pretty cool. I also liked Monty, the new head witch. Unfortunately, I expected Liz's story to be a little darker than it turned out to be and Liz and Aiden really need to talk more about their relationship. This is the 4th book where we are told that werewolves won't form life bonds with non...
  • Marviette
    I wanted to understand why the villain showed up. I felt that piece was missing and could have been flushed out more. Do we know why it appeared, how it chose its victims? Also, I feel we need the author needs to add the element of her Lizzy’s father or mother. She’s worried about them finding her or the guy she was supposed to marry. Let them find her. The mysteries are getting stale for me. I need a different or additional story line. This ...
  • Sandra
    I like this series but felt that this was probably the weakest of the books. For me, there was too much (repetitive) description of weaving spells and not enough character interaction or plot. I also found the soucouyant mythology confusing and difficult to follow given there were (view spoiler)[ two of them yet each one had completely different methodologies, actions and victims despite supposedly being the same type of creatureI like this serie...
  • John Harris
    While i enjoy the series I am very disappointed in the lack of development of Lizzie’s magical abilities. She has had Ashworth and Eli around for a few months and hasn’t had them train her in any type of spell casting. She had to rely on her memory of a previous spell that she had witness Eli cast.
  • Michelle
    Loved it Wow Keri Arthur once again has written a fantastic book, I loved it. Lizzie is a fun character to read and all the trouble she finds is hilarious. More questions about her past are answered, and you get to understand her fears for her future if her dreams come true. I do hope the next one will be available soon.
  • Jen
    Another winnerLizzie Lizzie. I love her stories. I have read all of Keri Arthur's books, and never have been disappointed. I read as much as I could when it first came out last night. Then I finished when I got home tonight. It was that good. I love how it keeps me on my toes. Thrilling and exciting through the whole story. Thanks for another fun ride.
  • Helen Wawrejko
    Wild magicThis is a action packed, full of magic, thriller of a book. Read in one sitting, heart thumping chaos on the reservation. Liz and Belle meet the new witch, and Liz comes clean about her past to Aiden. While the specter of Lizs' father and her past that caused her to run at 16 hovers over them, the wild magic has serious bonding powers.
  • Michele bookloverforever
    Witches and wild magicLizzie 's backstory just gets worse and worse. Sure hope that threefold rule hits her parents hard! Anyway, her cousin arrives as the council approved head witch. Just in time to help contain 2 evil spirits....but once again, it's lizzie who saves the day!
  • Cynthia a King
    Could be a five starIf Keri didn't have to use sex so much as a filler, this series could be so much better. Even in the most dangerous parts of the story, the sexual attraction between the main characters is blatant.