God Land by Lyz Lenz

God Land

In the wake of the 2016 election, Lyz Lenz watched as her country and her marriage were torn apart by the competing forces of faith and politics. A mother of two, a Christian, and a lifelong resident of middle America, Lenz was bewildered by the pain and loss around her--the empty churches and the broken hearts. What was happening to faith in the heartland?From drugstores in Sydney, Iowa, to skeet shooting in rural Illinois, to the mega churches ...

Details God Land

TitleGod Land
Release DateJul 19th, 2019
PublisherIndiana University Press
GenreNonfiction, Autobiography, Memoir, Religion, Politics, Adult, Faith

Reviews God Land

  • Jerrie (redwritinghood)
    This is an honest, unflinching look at faith in middle America and the author’s struggle to reconcile it with her own beliefs. Lenz grew up in an Evangelical household and married a conservative Christian. Gradually, she became conflicted about the Evangelical church’s restrictions and exclusionary rules. This book is about her search to find her own place, while also taking a hard look at the current cultural divide and the church’s role i...
  • Rick Lee Lee James
    A moving story of an authentic quest for faith. Many who have found their faith at a breaking point due to the effects of Trumpian Evangelical Christianity will find a welcome companion on their journey in these pages.The author on her journalistic and faith journey, rightly calls out many hypocrisies in white evangelical Maga Christianity while at the same time lifting up the sincerity and loving hearts of many within it. She is truthful about h...
  • Ashley
    This book is fine...but with a little more time and MUCH better editing, it could have been great. (I really cannot stress how abysmally poor the editing is. They done you wrong, Lyz!) This feels like a book that was written in a hurry—lots of repeated statistics, facts, and arguments make it pretty clear this thing was a rush job. And that’s a shame because Lenz dances around some pretty compelling arguments. But the book loses itself too of...
  • Elisabeth
    I received an advanced reading copy, opinions are my own.I can identify with this author’s journey through faith as I began a similar journey 20 years ago. The outcome for me wasn’t the same but the outsiderness and the loss of relationships were a very real issue for me as well. I am interested in understanding why people want to stay with a faith that doesn’t really want them and they don’t really believe in. I guess it’s hard to give...
  • Kari
    “A white Christian pastor, ignoring the violence against Muslims while perpetuating a victim narrative for Tim Tebow, is part of the story of faith, most notably the stories we fail to tell. And these silences are inextricably linked to race, power, and class.”“And if we want to know what is happening with faith in America, we have to look at the effects of faith, even the violent ones. Even if we believe we are not that kind of Christian, ...
  • Alison
    I spent the better part of my day today reading this book. It was earth-shattering for me. I dug out my sticky page-markers so I could remember all the beautiful, brilliant, true passages. This country is falling apart (let's stop pretending otherwise), and Christianity--white, evangelical, conservative Christianity, to be precise--has had a hell of a lot to do with that. Lenz is a Christian saying she's been deeply, deeply on the inside and, yea...
  • Kirsti
    When I started following Lyz Lenz on Twitter, I thought she was a stand-up comedian. It turns out she is a journalist and memoirist who has created a searing and thoughtful (but also funny and compelling) book about what it means to be an evangelical Christian right now in the midwestern United States. I enjoyed the book tremendously and have recommended it to friends. So often Christian women are pressured to tamp down their exuberance, leadersh...
  • Holly
    I'm really enjoying the story of this writer/journalist's path through and away from the Evangelical church, and how it coincides with the rise of Trumpian conservatism. But I find myself distracted and frustrated by the many grammar and punctuation errors. Please, Indiana University Press, it's worth the money to pay for copyediting. (P.S. See my LinkedIn page if you're looking for a good freelancer to help out with this!)
  • Emily
    This one hit really close to home. Lenz combines reporting from churches throughout the Midwest with deeply personal stories about her faith, the evolution of her politics, dissolution of her marriage, and a failed church plant. Her stories show the good (community! potlucks! lovely traditions! mutual care in rural areas!), but don't shy away from the messy. It's a deep, nuanced, complicated--even diverse--look at the Midwest. She lives in Iowa a...
  • Shelly
    Such a good book that I read it with every free reading minute I had. I got my copy from the library but also plan to buy a copy to gift.