The Better Liar by Tanen Jones

The Better Liar

When a woman conceals her sister’s death to claim their joint inheritance, her deception exposes a web of dangerous secrets in this addictive new thriller for fans of Megan Abbott, Gillian Flynn, and Paula Hawkins.“Like most of the dead, I want to be remembered.”Robin Voigt is dead. If Leslie had arrived at her sister’s cramped Las Vegas apartment just hours earlier, this would have been their first reunion in a decade. In the years since...

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TitleThe Better Liar
Release DateJan 14th, 2020
GenreThriller, Mystery, Fiction

Reviews The Better Liar

  • Nilufer Ozmekik
    Are you ready for a mind-bending, psychological, surprising new novel that full of lies, brain storming exhaustion, WTH just I read, what kind of end this themes! Come on I slap the characters but instead of characters slapped me this time because I was way too naïve and lost my spider senses for consuming too much stress nails (They weren’t my own thankfully but paramedics who pumped my stomach had different thoughts!) Okay 4 big stars and th...
  • Kim ~ It’s All About the Thrill
    I loved this book! Wow! All the stars for this fantastic debut. This book puts the W in WTF!!! I mean this is one twisted domestic thriller. Honestly one of my favorite books I have read this year.Your sister Robin has been missing for 10 years. She ran away from home when she was 16 and is now living in Las Vegas. Leslie is the "good sister"- staying with her ailing father until he passes away. Catering to his every need as your sister Robin is ...
  • Elyse (retired from reviewing/semi hiatus) Walters
    NO SPOILERSThis is a great book to go in blind!!!!Names change like a revolving cake walk!!!...Leslie meets Mary in ...Vegas. ...Leslie brings Mary home to Albuquerque....Mary becomes Robin (Leslie’s pretend sister whom she hadn’t seen in 10 years until finding her dead from overdose)......Mary who is pretending she is Robin, ( still pretending to be Leslie’s sister)... meets Billy and tells him her name is Alice.Alice’s name might change...
  • Nenia ⚡ Aspiring Evil Overlord ⚡ Campbell
    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || Amazon || PinterestI would not put Tanen Jones on par with Gillian Flynn, but I will admit that there is definite appeal there for that audience if the reader is inclined to be forgiving. THE BETTER LIAR is a debut novel, and with comparisons to authors such as Megan Abbott and Gillian Flynn in the blurb, seems to be setting itself to some pretty high standards, which can sometimes lead to disappointment. I per...
  • Dita
    Did I stay up half the night last because I was unable to put this down? Yes!Do I regret it? Nope!Would I read any book that Kim ~ It's All About The Thrill recommends to me? Yes! (Follow her, friend her, and follow her blog...she's awesome!)This book is full of twists, turns, red herrings and misdirection; and even as I was able to work out the biggest one there was still so much to gasp over as this awesome story climbed and climbed to it's sat...
  • Jan
    I found myself thinking about this book a lot over the weekend, so I just bumped my rating up to 5 stars. This one sticks with you!If you like: -Unreliable characters -Clever, unpredictable story lines -Twisty, psychological suspenseThen this debut by Tanen Jones is a must read!Enjoyed every delicious, dark and well written page! Looking forward to what this author will come up with next.ARC provided by NetGalley
  • Aga Durka
    The Better Liar surprised me with its unpredictable plot and layered characters. Based on the synopsis, which I read before requesting this book from the publisher, I expected a psychological mystery read but I got a lot more than that. The author digs deep into family relationship issues and explores the subject of postpartum depression. What sounds like another psychological thriller book, turns out to be a thought-provoking story with a less t...
  • Dennis
    Just when I thought psychological and domestic thrillers were dead, Tanen Jones emerges to take back the throne of one of my favorite genres. I legitimately could not put this book down, and I was sneaking in reading sessions around work and skipping out on post-work errands to get in more chapters. The Better Liar has Robyn Harding and Ruth Ware vibes, so if you enjoy reading novels by those two authors, you'll devour this debut. I loved the c...
  • Holly B
    3.5 STARS Two sisters entangled in a web of lies and hidden agendas... The debut of an author that I will surely keep an eye on!An intriguing premise about estranged sisters, Leslie and Robin. Their father has recently died and Leslie can't collect on the estate until she tracks down sister Robin.The first half of the book had me on the edge as Leslie hit road blocks, curves and full blown speed bumps as she searched Las Vegas to find Robin. What...
  • Ludwig
    4.5 stars"If I tell you how it happened, maybe you’ll remember me as well."The Better Liar is a quick, clever, mind-bending thriller about a young woman who must reunite with her sister in order to claim their joint inheritance, only when she arrives at her apartment, she finds her sister...dead.The book starts with this main perturbation, continues with slow-building suspense, which relies on providing the reader with intrigue and curiosity re...
  • Ash
    Thank you to NetGalley and Ballantine Books for providing me with an ARC in exchange for an honest review.The Better Liar is a captivating thriller with an engaging plot that gradually unfolds as secrets are revealed and lies are uncovered, building tension slowly until you have no choice but to keep reading through to the end. It features a pair of female protagonists who couldn’t be more different. You’re not sure who to root for or who you...
  • Amy
    2.5So much meh for this one, it had me hooked until the last half and then it went off the rails. Blah
  • Chelsey
    Leslie’s sister Robin left home more than ten years ago and has been nothing but a nuisance from afar since. When Leslie’s ailing father finally passed, a condition of receiving his inheritance is bringing the sisters back together. But when Leslie tracks down Robin in Las Vegas and finds her a mere few hours too late (heroin OD), what can she do to ensure she still receives her piece of the pie? Panicked and stressed, Leslie flees her dead s...
  • Brianas_best_reads
    ReviewA huge thank you to Random House for sending me a free ARC of “The Better Liar” by Tanen Jones in exchange for an honest review. #partner This debut thriller releases on 1/14/20. You would never know that Jones is a debut author. This book is incredibly well written, suspenseful, and hard to put down. Once I opened it I did not want to stop reading! I was drawn in by the promise of heart stopping twists and this book does not disappoin...
  • Cynthia
    3.5 stars The Better Liar is a twisty psychological suspense about a woman named Leslie who, in order to meet the stipulation of her deceased father’s will before collecting a $50,000 inheritance, must find her estranged sister, Robin. Upon locating her, Leslie goes to Robin’s apartment to find that she has just died of a drug overdose. Desperate to collect her half of the inheritance, Leslie enlists the help of a young woman to impersonate h...
  • Susan Johnson
    Two sisters must reunite after a ten year separation to receive their inheritance. The only problem is when one is found dead and the other sister must take drastic steps to collect her money. There are a lot of names to keep track of as people keep changing them at a drop of a hat but the story unfolds nicely with a quite surprising ending. It was nothing like I expected when I first started reading.
  • Ian Davis
    4.25/5Thank you to Netgalley, Ballantine, and Tanen Jones for the digital ARC of this book!I honestly don’t really know how to categorize this story. A psychological thriller? A twisted contemporary? A fantastic debut? I think all of those descriptions, and many others, suit this novel very well. I thoroughly enjoyed this story, and highly recommend it. Taken Jones’ writing is layered and immersive, perfectly capturing a moody and mysterious ...
  • Wendy Walker
    Great set-up here - Two sisters. One lie. Or is it? When one of them turns up dead and the other has to find someone to "be" her in order to satisfy the provisions of their father's will, things get dicey! The Better Liar is a well-constructed debut that weaves a haunting past into a dangerous plan. Dual narrations and story lines, plus one hell of a twist. I couldn’t wait to finish but did not want it to end.
  • Erika
    Thanks to Netgalley and Random House for providing this book in exchange for an honest review.Leslie needs to find her estranged sister Robin and bring her back to their home town of Albuquerque in order for them both to get their inheritances after the death of their father. Leslie tracks down Robin at her apartment in Vegas but she is dead so Leslie asks Mary, a woman who looks just like Robin to play her for a week in order to get the inherita...
  • Mandi
    I received an advance copy of this book for an honest review. And honestly - this is undoubtedly the BEST book I've ever lucked into on NetGalley!!In Jones' author's note, she states, "The Better Liar is a nightmare, full of wild shadows and exaggerations... if I had a baby, I might not feel what I am supposed to feel, and I might be too afraid to tell anyone." PPD is so real and only recently are women feeling empowered enough to share their sto...
  • Emily
    3.5The Better Liar is a solid suspense debut from Tanen Jones. If you're interested in stories with secrets, money, and lies, you have to pick this one up. I didn't guess all the reveals, but I guessed a lot of things. There was one thing that really gave something away, and I kind of wish it wouldn't have been in the book so there would have been more of a surprise. Overall, though, I had no clue what was going to happen in this book, and I enjo...
  • Jill Burgin
    This is one of the best books I’ve read in years. This is an outstanding, brilliant, smart, funny, devious, clever and delicious novel. Yes, it’s a psychological thriller and is a five star read on that level - it’s also an extraordinary literary novel about family, motherhood and the love/hate bonds of sisterhood. Told through three different alternating POV’s of the three women involved in this twisty, fun and heartbreaking tale moving ...
  • Jessica (BlogEared Books)
    WOW!!! I finished this book last night and I'm still letting it all absorb. First of all- I normally hate chapters that bounce back and forth between narrators- in this case there are three. I normally find it confusing and hard to follow. Not in this case- this book was seamless and so well written. I won't recap the plot, but I can confidently say that I will pre-order Tanen Jones next book. Amazing author. I had no idea what to believe and whe...
  • Sharon C
    This is a terrific novel, perfect for any lover of mystery/suspense. When I first started it, I almost set it aside DNF because it seemed like a familiar storyline, i.e. someone impersonating another for the purposes of collecting an inheritance. I am SO glad I kept reading because it was completely original and I was thoroughly surprised by the ending.The plot is simple enough. Leslie has inherited $50,000 from her father, but there's a caveat. ...
  • Kathleen
    This was a wild ride! Secrets upon secrets upon secrets! I thought I had it all figured out, but I wasn't prepared for the ending!(Thanks, NetGalley and Ballantine, for the early copy!)
  • Donna Hines
    "All you have to do is ask for my help?"No really it's true!! Just remember all that glitter's isn't gold!This one has it all from postpartum depression, to suicide, and the evil that lurks within.Why must it always be about money? Inheritances are so evil?Well here we have two sisters but sadly one died prior to collecting her fair share from her father.Now the past is murky and not quite as it seems so in this case you must stay on your toes as...
  • Ashley Cooper
    This book was definitely a page turning, shocking to the point of almost disbelief great read! The author had me expecting the next jaw dropper and left me guessing what was to come! I felt an immediate curiosity and intrigue consumed me throughout. The second that I began to feel a connection to one of the characters, I would get totally shocked and have to pause briefly to process the words I had just read!! this book was full of uncertainty an...
  • Becca
    When Leslie's father dies, she's about to inherit $50,000 from his will, a sum of money that will surely help save her house after she lost her job. The only catch is that she and her sister, Robin, must go to the lawyer to sign the estate paperwork together. The problem? Robin ran away from home ten years ago and Leslie hasn't seen her since. Leslie's problems worsen when she finds Robin dead in her Las Vegas apartment. However, a chance encount...
  • Debi Hawkes
    Such a twisted tale! Kept me recalculating as to what was going on until the very end. Nicely done.I received an ARC from NetGalley and publisher in exchange for my honest opinion.
  • Joyce
    Leslie and Robin are sisters. Robin left home at sixteen and has not been in contact with family since then. Leslie is married and has a year old son. She works full time and also cared for her father until his death. He left his daughters each fifty thousand dollars in his will, but the only way they can collect is to both appear together before his attorney. Leslie learns her sister is in Las Vegas and goes there to find her. When she does, the...