A Soldier's Wish by N.R. Walker

A Soldier's Wish

The year is 1969…Gary Fairchild is proud to be a hippie college student, and he protests the Vietnam War because he believes in love and peace. To him, it isn’t just a counterculture movement—it’s a way of life. When tickets to the Aquarium Exposition—3 Days of Peace & Music, or Woodstock, as it was better known, go on sale, there’s no way he isn’t going.Richard Ronsman is a sheltered farm boy who lives in the shadow of his overbear...

Details A Soldier's Wish

TitleA Soldier's Wish
Release DateDec 2nd, 2018
GenreRomance, M M Romance, Historical, Holiday, Christmas, War, Military Fiction

Reviews A Soldier's Wish

  • ~✡~Dαni(ela) ♥ ♂♂ love & semi-colons~✡~
    ~4.5~Told in three distinct sections from a dual first-person POV, A Soldier’s Wish spans almost eight years and takes us from Woodstock to Vietnam to San Francisco. The mood of the story shifts from joyous exploration to fear and longing to quiet contentment. Heavy on the hurt/comfort, this book is angsty but not so angsty that it leaves you feeling hopeless. The ending is a HEA, or as much of a HEA as two men in love could have in 1977.I very...
  • Anne Boleyn's Ghost
    A Soldier's Wish is the fourth story that I have read in the Christmas Angel series, and it is my favorite. Both poignant and hopeful, it is a tale about love doing what love is supposed to do - inspiring, comforting, and persisting, bringing light into the dark.
  • .Lili.
    I have never read a romance that takes place during the Woodstock and the Vietnam War. I requested A Soldier's Wish because of it but was also afraid it could be the reason I wouldn't enjoy it. It is considered Historical Romance and historical and I don't always mesh. Luckily, it was a good call to take the chance. Highlights:-Feels. I felt everything during the story: joy, fear, sadness, longing, anger. NR Walker did a fantastic job bringing fo...
  • haletostilinski
    N.R. Walker is one of the only author's that can take a story that includes one of the MC's going to war, to Vietnam, and still managing to make the story fluffy. There was angst, to be sure, but the fluff - especially at the end - took away any sadness from angst. I tagged this as historical because it starts the day before Woodstock in 1969, and a few days before Richard goes off to the war in Vietnam. He's in a diner, sadness rolling off him, ...
  • ⚣❣☙ Michaelle ❧❣⚣
    4.5 StarsHow in the hell do I review this? Maybe it's because I'm partial to the setting (supposedly I was AT Woodstock seeing as my mom was pregnant with me at the time) or maybe it was the constant message of unconditional love from friends, some family, and the MCs...or maybe it was the honest and vivid depiction of wartime during the Vietnam era...I can't tell you. Well, other than it was an exquisitely written, well-researched, heartbreaking...
  • Catherine
    I should know by now not to start an NR Walker book before bed. There is no "one more page" or "one more chapter" with Walker's books and me - it's "whelp, I'm going to be tired and bitchy tomorrow at work because there is no way I'm putting this down until I finish it."But I didn't listen to my better judgment. I started the book and stayed up far too late and shed more than a few tears and woke up with the worst book hangover. I was tired and b...
  • Cadiva
    Told in three distinct parts, N.R. Walker's entry in the Christmas Angels series brings the story firmly into the remembered memories of Woodstock, the Vietnam War and a time before the rights of gay men were recognised the same as everyone else.We're in the heart of the New Age movement at the music festival which saw more than 400,000 people come together to celebrate peace. Here is where Gary, a hippie on his way to the festival, first encount...
  • Chris
    Sweet... but just a little too fluffy for me.
  • Eli Easton
    This is not a typical holiday read, having more angst than usual. But that made it more meaningful to me. I loved this story of the gentle soldier who went to Vietnam to escape his oppressive parents and found love and his place in the world after coming home.
  • Grace
    As expected, this book was really lovely!I honestly put off reading a bit, as it seemed like it might be a bit heavy, but of course, I had nothing to fear in Walker's capable hands!The pacing was really great here, and I loved the way this author managed to capture a really fraught time in USA history in a way that felt true to events without loading us down with angst. I also thought the author did a really great job with the setting and really ...