The Pigeon Has to Go to School by Mo Willems

The Pigeon Has to Go to School

Why does the Pigeon have to go to school? He already knows everything! And what if he doesn't like it? What if the teacher doesn't like him? What if he learns TOO MUCH!?!Ask not for whom the school bell rings; it rings for the Pigeon!

Details The Pigeon Has to Go to School

TitleThe Pigeon Has to Go to School
Release DateJul 2nd, 2019
GenreChildrens, Picture Books, Academic, School, Humor, Back To School

Reviews The Pigeon Has to Go to School

  • Michele Knott
    I am so glad Mo Willems continues to delight his audiences.... even when they are adults and can't help but laugh out loud at the funny parts!
  • Rebecca
    Hilarious as always. I won't spoil the perfect ending. I love how Pigeon's postures and expressions tell almost the entire story -- there is very little in the way of environment for him to interact with.Bonus: don't miss the front CIP page. It's not really what you think.
  • Laura Harrison
    The Pigeon Has to Go to School, deals with the fear and anxiety of attending school for the first time. It is laugh out loud hilarious. This now and forever will be the go to book dealing with this issue. Take note booksellers and librarians of the world. The pigeon very effectively conveys the thoughts and fears of a first time student. Ofcourse the illustrations are amazing. The spread where the pigeon discovers he can go to school on a bus is ...
  • Austin Gullett
    I really liked the lesson of school being a place that should help you feel brave and prepared. As far as school-anxiety picture books go, this one is top tier.
  • Jessica
    This was too good and will be great to read at the beginning of school. I think my favorite parts are the end papers. :) Recommended.
  • K C
    Might be one of my top Pigeon books. I don't know if its better than The Pigeon Needs A Bath though
  • Michele Knott
    So even though this book does not publish until July, I just want you to all know it's a must read. It's a must pre-order. You're going to read it at the very beginning of the school year, so you might a well make sure it's for sure going to be in your hands.All of the things you expect to see in a Pigeon book by Mo Willems is in there. And it will make you laugh out loud. I promise!
  • Jillian Heise
    This one will be perfect for back-to-school time.
  • Becky
    First sentence: WAIT! Don't read that title! Too late. Rats...Why do I have to go to school? I already know EVERYTHING! Go on--ask me a question. Any question!Premise/plot: The Pigeon is back in another picture book adventure. He's starred in MANY books including: Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!; The Pigeon Finds a Hot Dog!; Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!; The Pigeon Wants a Puppy!; The Duckling Gets a Cookie?!; The Pigeon Needs a Bath! T...
  • Emily
    Pigeon has to go to school, but he is scared and makes up excuses as to why he shouldn't have to go. In the end, he realizes that school can be fun and he can't wait to get there. Good for getting your kiddos, especially kiddos who have yet to endure a year of school, excited to learn again.
  • Krysta
    Mo Willems does it again! The Pigeon shares relatable fears about going to school the first time, but in a humorous, overly dramatic way. Best for those who have already read Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus (if you want to get all the jokes).
  • Leslie Swope
    This is my favorite of all the Pigeon books!
  • Diana
    Pigeon is worried about going to school and is in full freak out mode. Classic willems
  • Ellon
    Absolutely loved this new pigeon book. So perfect for a back to school lesson for kindergarten!
  • Braden Robertson
    I finish the book in Kroger. 🤣🤣🤣
  • Bryan
    Whazza whazza whaaaat?!?
  • Panda Incognito
    I don't usually like back-to-school books, but this one is GLORIOUS. It makes its point effectively without being preachy, has hilarious illustrations, and ends in a delightful way.
  • Gaby
    Fantastic! Another Mo Willems favorite for me. The reference to the first Pigeon book will make Pigeon-lovers smile. Can’t wait to show my first graders!
  • meg
    all of the pigeon books are excellent but this one is particularly hilarious. can't wait to read this one aloud to visiting classes. pretty, pretty good.
  • Li Or
    Cute and cartoony as all the Mo Willems book, the artwork is simple and focused around the pigeon's emotional roller coaster surrounding the idea of going to school.This book starts off with the pigeon not wanting to go to school, so I'd say this book is best for children who already have this idea in their heads, otherwise it might implant a seed of "I shouldn't want to go to school" in their heads. It also gives children several reasons why the...
  • Lily
    I absolutely love Mo Williems's Pigeon series. Poor Pigeon has to go to school and he's adament he's not going to school! It's always an adventure following Pigeon and this latest book did not disappoint.Pigeon was nervous about going to school but once he found out all the great things school had to offer and they were the things that he wanted to do then he was okay with wanting to go to school, and he even couldn't wait until it was time to go...
  • Jana
    Starting school can be very stressful, especially for a young pigeon who has never been there before. Pigeon is trying very hard to convince everyone that he doesn't need to go to school. But it becomes clear that he is frightened to go. He's worried about the teachers, the other birds, the amount of stuff he needs to learn, etc. Young readers will certainly be able to relate to his reluctance to go and may even be encouraged when he changes his ...
  • Laurie Hnatiuk
    Fans of Mo Willems will not be disappointed with his latest Pigeon adventure. This will one of the popular books to start the school year off as Pigeon discovers he has to go to school. Pigeon explicitly shares all the fears we all face on that first day whether it's starting for the very first day, a new school or just the first day. And what makes this work - is that Pigeon comes to realize that school is a place where we can learn and practice...
  • Susan Kennedy
    Who doesn't love the Pigeon? Here the Pigeon doesn't want to do something new. The Pigeon's thinking and arguments will feel at home to all young (and perhaps old) readers. The craft moves apparent in the story both through the text and illustrations will be wonderful fodder for discussions on author's craft. Listen to the NPR story where Mo Willems describes his motivation for this story. This book is a ...
  • Gretchen
    It's a Pigeon book! Do I have to say more? Mo Willems is a master storyteller, especially with his characters Pigeon, Elephant, and Piggy. It doesn't matter what age group you are teaching, students love listening to and reading these books. The best part is that since there are so many great teaching points in them regarding dialogue, format, etc. you can always use them. My favorite part in this one, and I wonder if students will be as quick to...
  • Megan
    Yet another fantastic book from Mo Wilems, perfect for the anxious kid who might have apprehension about going to school for the first time or starting up for the new school year. I love it because it taps into the apprehension that all of us, adults included, have about going into new situations and diffuses it with humor, terrific illustrations, and assurance. Destined to be a hit with kids and their adults.
  • Emmanuel
    I never had a hard time getting acclimated to school. I always wondered why people didn’t like school, or why it was so difficult for a child to start school. Anyway, this book is really funny. I would definitely read this book to a child before they start school, and use it as a tool to playfully tease the child, so the child will not be afraid or difficult to go to school. I’ll be able to definitely do that with this book.Great book!
  • Bridget Neace
    YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS.It was so nice getting to read a Pigeon book for the first time again. And when (view spoiler)[ he realizes that he gets TO TAKE A BUS TO SCHOOL (hide spoiler)], I'm not gonna lie, it gave me the feels. Thank you, Mr. Mo!! (now--if you could please write another couple Elephant & Piggie books that would make me even happier... just sayin'...) ;)