Never Have I Ever by Lauren Blakely

Never Have I Ever

Falling for the enemy has never been so deliciously complicated in this standalone romance where a sexy single dad meets his unexpected match! Get ready for all the feels!Never have I ever been so infuriated by a man I wanted to kiss.They say opposites attract, but I beg to differ. Combust is more like it. Because every single time I talk to Zach Nolan, I see red.The too-good-looking, too-smart, too-effortlessly charming single dad who works down...

Details Never Have I Ever

TitleNever Have I Ever
Release DateOct 4th, 2019
PublisherLauren Blakely Books
GenreRomance, Audiobook, Contemporary Romance

Reviews Never Have I Ever

  • Jacob Proffitt
    This is second in a series, though it isn't marked anywhere I can find. It's clearly a follow-on from Satisfaction Guaranteed, though there's not a lot of carry-over. Well, okay, there's some because Sloane is Piper's bestie and they talk a bit. But you can definitely read this one first if you like. And I kind of did since I dnf'd the other book so hard I was lucky to twig to them being related at all.It's just as well I didn't know this was in ...
  • Cyndi
    This stands up there as one of my favorite books!! It is a beautiful romantic comedy that makes my heart glow. Two characters could not be more mismatched when it comes to love. She is a wedding planner and believes in true love that lasts forever. He is a divorce attorney. When the story begins our heroine has just successfully pulled off the perfect wedding. She even stepped in as a bridesmaid when one got sick. Since she is so average every c...
  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life in Books.This was fun! I have had a lot of luck with Lauren Blakely's writing in the past so it was a pretty easy decision to give this book a try especially after I realized that it was a enemies to lovers romance. I thought that this was a really solid story from beginning to end. I really enjoyed the time that I spent listening to this sexy and romantic story.Piper is a wedding planner. One...
  • Zoe
    Spicy, addictive, and intriguing!Never Have I Ever is a hilarious, alluring, enemies-to-more romance that introduces us to the sweet, sassy, charming Piper who spends her days making brides happy and fairy tale weddings come true, and the intelligent, sharp, confident, divorce lawyer Zach who after losing the first love of his life is content to fill his days battling for his clients and spending time with his children.The writing is titillating ...
  • AJ
    “You make me feel so many things. You make me feel everything.”5 stars!OMG, I love this book! A snarky, sweet and sexy frenemies-to-lovers romance with all the feels! I laughed and swooned and I fell in mad love with these characters and their chemistry-filled journey to a HEA. It’s such a fun read, and a definite fave from Lauren Blakely.Zach and Piper are a part of the same group of friends from College. They didn’t get on then, and now...
  • book bruin
    Overall 5 starsPerformance 5 stars*Story 4.5 starsThis was such a fantastic listen! Never Have I Ever was such a great blend of funny, sexy, and heartfelt moments. It has all the classic Lauren Blakely romcom laughs, but it also has some very tender and emotional scenes too. This story has a little bit of everything, from enemies to lovers, to single parent, to forced proximity.I loved Zach and Piper! Their playful back and forth heightened the s...
  • ☕️Kimberly
    Narrated by Jason Clarke and Amanda Ronconi I loved the back-and-forth banter between divorce attorney Zach Nolan, a widowed, daddy of two and, single wedding planner, Piper Radcliff. The two have known each other quite a while and have the same circle of friends, heck they even share office space in the same building. I quickly slipped in and was ready to see how things unfolded.Add in two adorable kiddos, their best friends’ weddings then sti...
  • maggieandteddy
    I really look forward to Lauren Blakely's books & especially the audio books. Her narrators are among the best in many readers/listeners' opinions. I enjoyed this audio book. I especially loved the beginning-the set up of this frenemies to lovers story.The hero, Zach and the heroine, Piper have known each other since their college days. They had friends within the same social circle, but weren't friends or even friendly to each other. The story s...
  • Lindsay
    Zach and Piper are part of the same friend group, but don't really get along. Piper is a wedding planner with the goal of making happily-ever-afters and Zach is a divorce attorney with a gift for picking out marriages that are going to fail and why. Naturally Zach rubs Piper the wrong way when they're younger. Cut to their 30s and they're office-mates, Piper with a booming business and Zach doing ok as well, but as a widower with a young daughter...
  • Rowena
    So much love for this book. So.Much.Love.
  • Caz
    3.5 stars bumped up for the narration.Review to follow at AudioGals.
  • Erin Lewis
    5 star review of Never Have I Ever by Lauren BlakelyAudio review - If I could I would give this 10 starsThis was a slightly more serious story from Lauren Blakely as although it was full of steam and her trademark humour that has made her so successful, it also dealt with grief and moving on. Never Have I Ever is one of the best audio books that I have listened to this year. You need to listen to this one and form your own opinions as for me it w...
  • Sara ✨ Next Book Review Blog ✨
    ********** AUDIOBOOK REVIEW **********I can't even believe how much I loved this story. Zach is so sweet. He's so insecure. That kiss... oh, you know the one or will when you read/listen to it, GOOD LORD, I FELT that kiss... Wow! Piper and Zach.... they hate each other so, not at all... so much they might just fall in love. I can definitely tell you that I fell in love with them! I was beyond smitten with both main characters and Zach's children....
  • Liz
    I absolutely loved, loved the characters, both the main and secondary ones, and story in the audible original Never Have I Ever by Lauren Blakely. Jason Clarke and Amanda Ronconi did an amazing job bringing Zach and Piper to life for me. Such a sweet and charming story that was light, fun and had me just getting lost in the journey. Zach and Piper knew each other from the same group of friends in college and meet again at a friend’s wedding and...
  • Pam Nelson
    Listening to a Lauren Blakely book is like watching your favorite Rom-Com. I say this because she and the narrators are so talented it is as if you are watching the story play out in your head as a movie. This story is no different I love the Frenemies to lovers, the banter and the one-liners to the wit it’s fun and funny and makes for one heck of an interesting story. Zach and his past will pull on your heartstrings and Piper and her openness ...
  • V Nerd
    I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this book. The narration was absolute perfection and I fell in love bit by bit with each character. Amanda Ronconi & Jason Clarke did such a fantastic job with the narration and all of the characters had their own voices, and I loved every singe one of them, especially the kids who were just delightful.
  • Jen
    I've been looking at Lauren Blakely's books for a while now. But I just couldn't seem to pull the trigger and read or listen to one. So when I got the chance to listen to Never Have I Ever, well, I jumped at the chance. Full disclosure, I did receive the audiobook for review, but all opinions are my own.The story features Piper, a wedding planner, and Zach, a divorce lawyer. It sounds like the start of a bad joke, or a good enemies to lovers roma...
  • Eline || Lovely Audiobooks
    Never Have I Ever is a beautiful enemies-to-lovers, single dad Romance between a wedding planner and a divorce attorney. The story deals with some pretty serious topics. But it’s just so warm and sweet and will make you go “awww 😍”.Zach and Piper have shared the same group of friends since college. But Piper was never happy that Zach joined their group. The banter between the two cracked me up. However, due to proximity, their relationsh...
  • Jackie Wright
    Audio Review This is one of those books that you need to listen to with no preconceived ideas it’s a story that will touch you on so many different levels, yes it has some humour but it also covers grief and moving on.Jason Clarke and Amanda Ronconi did an amazing job bringing this book to life, they had all the right tones for all the emotions you will feel while listening to this enemies to lovers story.Zack and Piper have been frenemies for ...
  • Louisa
    A romantic comedy with a single dad..what more could I ask for in a book/audible!Lauren Blakey gives us this smart-talking Zach who is a single dad, divorce attorney who's a bit jaded at times and Piper who's a hopeless romantic wedding planner - a recipe for disaster!  These two share an office building and lots of mutual friends so their paths cross a LOT!Piper is fantastic - she' strong-willed, driven and funny.  Zach is a single dad, raisin...
  • Amy
    If you want to listen to a super cute no muss romance then I definitely suggest Never Have I Ever. I admit I started listening to this audiobook because I adore Amanda Ronconi. I first fell into some serious narration like for Amanda Ronconi when I listened to Molly Harper books. Ever since then I loved Amanda’s voice and would listen to read the dictionary. This is my first Jason Clarke audiobook and not my last because he definitely has a voi...
  • mckt
    This book was a cute easy read. I'm in love with Zach, and I want to have all his babies! I cant wait to read more books by Lauren.
  • Jen Halligan
    Such a feel-good HEA! Frenemies to lovers, without ridiculous miscommunication as plot points. The narration was great, I recommend the audiobook!
  • Holly
    This was such a great book. I loved the narrators, but the story is what captured me. This is the single dad romance I've been looking for. Zach was amazing, and I loved his kids so much.
  • Kelly
    Never Have I Ever had so many things I wanted to say and yet, the words are just stuck. How many times can I say the word awesome in a review? I mean, I wouldn't be wrong, because this book is awesome, but I need to be a little more articulate than that. So, here goes…ramblings by Kelly LOL. Once again, Lauren Blakely hits it out of the park. With Never Have I Ever, Lauren brings depth to her classic rom-com style. Don't worry, I'm not talking ...
  • Kim
    So this story surprised me. I went in thinking Lauren Blakely enemies-to-lovers rom-com. We met Sloane's spunky friend, Piper, in Satisfaction Guaranteed . She is also friends with Jason from Instant Gratification. She is a wedding planner extraordinaire who is a wiz at problem-solving, managing, peacemaking, and getting all the details right. She is also single and planning on staying that way.Zach Nolan has been part of her larger friend group ...
  • Kara Hildebrand (Two Book Pushers)
    6 HeartsNever Have I ever not fallen in love with a Lauren Blakely book.Never Have I Ever is Lauren Blakely's new epic enemies to lovers romance. I don't know if it's their banter, the smart, sexy, single dad, the tough, strong heroine or just the feel of the story, but it is one of my favorites of Lauren's and that's saying a lot. I've read every one of her books. And I do have my favorites. Zach is now fighting Chris for my top spot! Seriously,...
  • Melissa
    **AUDIO REVIEW**Never have I ever been disappointed with a Lauren Blakely book-and this one? This one is hands down one of my favorites. Frenemies to lovers and a single dad? Yes, please! This book made me smile and swoon and even brought me to tears. Piper and Zach were an absolute delight to get to know. They're part of the same group of friends, but not exactly friendly initially which just made their interactions that much more fun. The bante...
  • kgagnon
    I loved this delightful frenemies to lovers romance! It was so sweet, touching, and steamy. Zach and Piper were acquaintances in college, having the same group of friends. Ten years later they continue to hang with the same friends, are both successful and work in the same building. They have always been like fire and ice, exchanging barbs whenever they are together. But all of a sudden, their taunts have become more fun and fiery, adding fuel to...