The Adventure Zone by Clint McElroy

The Adventure Zone

In the second Adventure Zone graphic novel (adapted from the McElroy family's wildly popular D&D podcast), we rejoin hero-adjacent sort-of-comrades-in-arms Taako, Magnus, and Merle on a wild careen through a D&D railroad murder mystery. This installment has a little of everything: a genius child detective, an axe-wielding professional wrestler, a surly wizard, cursed magical artifacts, and a pair of meat monsters.You know, the usual things you fi...

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TitleThe Adventure Zone
Release DateJul 16th, 2019
PublisherFirst Second
GenreSequential Art, Graphic Novels, Fantasy, Comics, Humor, Fiction

Reviews The Adventure Zone

  • Mary H
    Pre-release review:Oh, man, I am so stoked for this! I was forced strongly encouraged to read Here There Be Gerblins by a friend, and I fell in love with the graphic novel and have subsequently become addicted to the podcast. Seriously, in the three weeks since I started listening to The Adventure Zone, I've listened to 70 episodes, and I have no plans on stopping. But I also can't wait to read more graphic adaptations of the podcast!
  • Megan
    CAAARRRREEEEYYY!!!! CAREY PIETSCH CONTINUES TO BE BEYOND AMAZING AT ART. FACIAL EXPRESSIONS, CHARACTER DESIGN, ENVIRONMENTS, TINY DETAILS ON BACKGROUNDS, TINY DETAILS ON PAPER/BOOKS, TINY DETAILS ON EVERYTHING. Listen, if you read Gerblins, you know what to expect from Rockport: Shenanigans. Absolutely hilarious hijinks. And deep character moments. And just a bit of foreshadowing. There's nothing about this book I didn't like just as much (if not...
  • Charlotte
    Tres Horny Boys are back at it again, and I couldn't be happier to be along for the ride. The Adventure Zone stands out as one of the most exciting, clever, hilarious, heart-breaking and brilliant works of fantasy fiction I've encountered and I'm so pleased to announce that this second volume is just as successful as the first in capturing the wonderful heart and essence of the podcast with style, panache and lots of Jenkins-bullying. In addition...
  • Liz
    While "Here There Be Gerblins" was more of a copy+paste of the original Podcast, "Murder on the Rockport Limited" did a flawless job of adapting the best parts of the podcast while mindfully trimming and adding, to make the story well-rounded and well paced. A wonderful adaptation and well told story that's both dramatic and funny and just so good! Some key jokes are left out of the comic, but this book does well at being it's own thing and addin...
  • Adam
    Three brothers and their dad started playing D&D and recorded themselves playing it. The podcast, The Adventure Zone, became so insanely popular, that we’re now getting the graphic novel treatment for the eight arcs of their campaign. What a world.Listening to this campaign play out over the years was a source of joy. Griffin, the DM,is a natural storyteller, and the familial bonds of the players elevates the comedy and camaraderie with each ep...
  • Travis Riddle
    Another great entry in The Adventure Zone's "Balance" series. It's really amazing getting graphic novel adaptations of this story. It's truly a fantastic tale, filled with interesting and surprising plot twists, fun and deep characters, and tons of varied, wild locales. While I loved the story, I'm not keen to re-listen to over 70 hours of content, so being able to relive it in this more easily digestible form with absolutely beautiful artwork ac...
  • Devann
    The short version of any TAZ Balance review is just "god, I love Taako so much" but I'll try to say a few other things as well ;) This is probably my favorite campaign from Balance, although some of my favorite parts aren't really translated to this graphic novel adaptation. Still, all the characters and character designs are great and Clint does an amazing job of taking all their disorganized rambling from the podcast and translating into a much...
  • Kales
    I LOVE THE ADVENTURE ZONE. I will also be biased towards these books. I don't even care. It's a brilliant adaptation. And yes, it's an adaptation of the podcast. There are some significant changes in this one. We don't get the centipede fight, or the monster Bureau initiation fight. There is also a different ending to this one but the spirit, and the humor is still the same at the podcast.I am obsessed with Griffin's character and the metafiction...
  • Rachel
    Stunningly imaginative. Pietsch's designs and Clint's narrative expertise combine to make a POWERFUL expansion on the TAZ universe you know and love. How she manages to create characters that are the perfect fit for the ones we have in our heads I'll never know! And I'm especially excited about the inclusion of background narratives that Griffin couldn't key us in on until the very end of the podcast--Lucretia's heartbreak and frustration, Barry'...
  • Anna
    Of course this was a delight! Great things all around: lots of little inside jokes for podcast people, a very very good Angus McDonald (the best character?!?), and an extremely good Garfield the Deals Warlock.
  • Adriana Martinez Figueroa
  • Vanessa
    This automatically gets five stars because of Angus
  • Alex Schwartz
    This might be a bit of a biased review. I'm a huge fan of the Adventure Zone and borderline obsessed with the McElroys in general. There was no way I wasn't going to love this, especially after the fantastic first volume. Murder on the Rockport Limited improves on the first volume in almost every way and, just like the podcast, is where the real core of the Adventure Zone kicks off.What I Liked-The art. Carey Pietsch had already set the tone of t...
  • Brenna Clark
    Another stellar adaptation of my favorite podcast! I’m so glad that the McElroys got to continue these graphic novels because as they pull away from the actual copywrited DnD content and go into Griffin’s original arcs that there is going to be so much more room to play! This one lent itself so well to the comic format, and it was so nice to see all of these iconic characters that I’ve only ever been able to form in my head!I love how easil...
  • Celine
    When they said they were cleaning up the narrative from the podcast they really meant cleaning up the narrative, huh? Also the foreshadowing....sweet fantasy jesus. When is the next one coming out? What, only 2020???????[spoilers] ************Luce's reaction to the umbrastaff killed me and then Barry at the end!!! "They noticed" yeah Barry fucking noticed. Fuck man. I really nearly cried. On the good side though: canonically the la...
  • Sarah Hayes
    Just when you thought the TAZ graphic novels couldn't get any better, hot damn, it's MURDER TRAIN TIME! This is a perfect adaptation of the Rockport story arc from the Adventure Zone: Balance campaign. I love the artwork, I love the various framing conventions, every panel is perfection, and I covet Taako's outfits so hard. I am even more excited for the adaptation of Petals to the Metal than I was before reading this one, which is a lot. Also, M...
  • Mara
    Another charming retelling of this story arc from TAZ podcast-- I so enjoyed revisiting this particular entry, and especially enjoyed seeing Angus & Jenkins brought to life. I also love that they put fan art in the back as a bonus. Recommended as a funny fantasy graphic novel for folks who love Murder on the Orient Express (there is one Christie Easter egg that I absolutely adored!)
  • Sara
    Not much to say except I love the McElroys so damn much :') Also the art in this is so so beautiful and absolutely perfect for the story! ps. The views expressed in this review are my own and do not reflect the views of Indigo Books & Music Inc. or any of its subsidiaries. #IndigoEmployee
  • Blanca
    This arc was one of my top 5 from the campaign. I didn't remember it so well but all their shenanigans around Jenkins put me right back on track. I just love the McElroys and all of their chaotic energy. I'm really looking forward to get the whole campaign captured in these amazing comic books.Carey Pietsch makes them super cute and adorable but also fierce and astounding.
  • Mallory Martin
    I’m sure I said this for the first book but as a visual learner, having the graphic novels has added so much to my experience with TAZ. Things I may have missed in the podcast become a lot clearer seeing it on paper, particularly with the train puzzle. The graphic novels are a perfect companion. Additionally, the fan art in the back is a great addition. Can’t wait for the later arcs!
  • Joey Nardinelli
    Still the perfect companion pieces to the podcast. I wish all adaptations could work like this, with plenty preserved from the original but also weaving in richer character development, scene and word building, and fourth wall-breaking elements to enhance the overall pacing and hilarity. I am so excited for Petals to the Metal, which at least for me was the moment where the podcast really began to click. I think this graphic novel though is the m...
  • Evan Dragic
    I will never not give 5 stars to these stories. And all hail Ango, the perfect boy.
  • Maisie Iven
    my local bookstore accidentally sold me this early!!! Oops!!!So so so good! Super funny and great art! One thing I was really aware of was there were more changes from the podcast than the previous book, but I really didn’t mind! I felt like it was better streamlined and it moved really well!
  • Leah
    Every time I read one of the Adventure Zone graphic novels I am absolutely astounded at how well Carey Pietsch adapted the auditory experience of the podcast into the gorgeous visual world of the graphic novels. Everything, from the spot-on character expressions to the minute details in the background is just so, so good. SO GOOD! Everyone that worked to put this book together should be commended, but dag I am just so blown away by Carey Pietsch'...
  • Bailey TaraBori
    So much fun in this volume? Arc? Chapter? Good goofs from the podcast made it in, and they felt natural. Angus was 10/10, perfect and just how I always imagined him, and I absolutely adored Jess's design. The foreshadowing was strong in this one, and there was a very specific page that really hit me where it hurts. I also loved the unique addition that wasn't a part of the original story. It added something thats makes the rest of the story even ...
  • Mary Lewis
    I'm mostly caught up in the emotions of the foreshadowing at the moment, if I'm honest, but the boys and Carey are absolutely nailing it with this adaptation. I have nothing but good things to say. Go listen to the podcast if you haven't already -- you can definitely read these without having listened, which is an aspect of this adaptation that I really appreciate, but I still can't recommend the podcast enough.Best parts of this adaptation: fore...
  • Russ K
    I'm a fan of Dungeons and Dragons, but only vaguely familiar with Adventure Zone. I also just straight up skipped Book 1 - this one was on sale. But I didn't feel like I missed too much. Aside from a few minor references, everything from the previous book that's important to the plot is explained. It is definitely not a fantasy adventure story to enjoy on its own. It is 100% a few guys playing Dungeons and Dragons, with no effort to avoid meta ga...
  • Brittney
    Was I impatient and could wait for my preorder that so t be at my house until the 22, so I drove out to Barnes and Noble to buy this on release day? Yes, and it was worth it! The art style is beautiful and the story is just as good with the changes as the original podcast episodes. And the new ending...I just love.