Cards of Love by Willow Winters

Cards of Love

From USA Today bestselling author, Willow Winters, comes a seductive and emotionally captivating, second chance romance. It’s impossible to get over what we had. He was everything – irresistibly handsome, ruthlessly elite, and seemingly untouchable - while I was nothing. Yet he protected me when I was at my lowest; more than that, he wanted me. He devoured me… and I did the same to him. Until it all fell apart and I ran as far away from Mad...

Details Cards of Love

TitleCards of Love
Release DateDec 3rd, 2018
GenreRomance, New Adult, Contemporary, Novella

Reviews Cards of Love

  • Kat
    "When the Three of Swords appears in a Tarot reading, obvious pain surrounds you. It’s the card of heartbreak, the card that symbolizes betrayal. The Three of Swords is - simply put - the card of grieving."Sophie and Madox's relationship is complicated to the extreme. What they have is deep. It transcends time in some aspects. This couple has run the gamut of emotions in their relationship. It's surface in some places, only seeing what they wan...
  • Jackie D
    Chasing A Second Chance At Love, Life and Feeling WholeA heated emotional tug of war, Ms. Winters takes us on Madox and Sophie's blood pumping rollercoaster of soul searching, frustrating feels, hearts on the floor forgiveness, and love mending ride.I was so engrossed in the characters; I swear the pages swiped themselves!Beautifully written, this is a spectacular addition to the Cards Of Love stories - I highly suggest checking this one out for ...
  • ❤️ Paulette Alphas Review
    Title: ➳ ❤- Cards of Love: Three of SwordsAuthor: ➳ Willow Winters⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ღ To say that Sophie & Madox relationship is complicated is putting it mildly….Madox & Sophie has been through so much together & individually. ➦ Sophie was offer amazing job at Candor designs as a branding advisor. It had been years since Sophie was in New York & just as long since she had seen Madox. But doesn’t not mean she hadn’t thought about him...
  • Melissa Schaub
    If you are looking for a second chance romance that will leave you fully invested in the outcome, this is the book for you. The characters were great and really made you feel their struggles; the storyline just moved right along making it easy to stay hooked and the HEA was everything that I hoped for, but the struggle was real getting there. Sophie and Madox have had a on again and off again relationship for years before she walked away, but nei...
  • Becca
    Raw Love and Emotion at its Best! Fantastic Second Chance Romance I loved this story so much. It is hot! It is emotional! And it makes me want to believe in second chances. Madox and Sophie are perfect examples of what flawed lovable characters read like. They each in their own right have bits that just don’t work right but they also have their strengths and everything that makes them loveable. I felt raw love and emotion, even some type of per...
  • Melissa Ledet
    Love the story between Madox and Sophie. I love how they got their second chance with each other. Favorite quote: “Sometimes when people meet, they’ll never be the same again. There’s a piece of the other person that stays with you forever.”This book is part of the Cards of Love Collection and each book can be read as a stand-alone.
  • Nicki - The Overflowing Bookcase
    Emotional overload!! This book had it all - lies, deception, angst, hurt, miscommunication and the end result - a love so strong it can overcome anything. Willow Winters creates another masterpiece of beautiful story telling and leaves her readers breathless. It may be a short novella but it packs quite a punch. I absolutely fell in love with Madox and Sophie!! 5 Stars are not enough!!
  • Jennifer
    Three of Swords is an emotional, angsty read about two lovers and their road of suffering and forgiveness. This is a quick read because the story just pulls you in and you want to know what happens between Madox and Sophie. If you are looking for that roller coaster of the emotions that Willow Winters is so good at delivering then go and read this book.
  • Brianne
    I could not put this book down!! It was heartbreaking, angsty, and hopeful. I loved Madox and Sophie. Even though their story broke my heart, I loved the ending so much. Their connection and chemistry was so strong, and this book was full of emotion. Fantastic book, highly recommend.
  • Sue
    Cards of Love- Three of Swords is Classic Willow Winters!!!! The angst and emotion between Sophie and Madox will suck you in right from the start and won’t let go. I loved it!!!
  • Gem
    Everyone has a handful of authors that they one click the books of without even reading the blurb. Willow is one of those authors for me. Everything she writes is gold.I’ve been waiting for this book in the collection to release and I wasn’t disappointed. Full of emotion, chemistry and mystery, I was sucked in from the very start.Madox is irresistible, dominant and terrible at expressing emotion. He let Sophie walk away once, he won’t make ...
  • Rochelle | Rochelle Reads ♡
    Despite being a novella, Willow Winters delivered a second-chance romance overflowing in emotional depth, heartache, betrayal and misunderstandings, with an intensity so profound and overwhelming you'll be left reeling from its force. Flawed and emotionally damaged, Sophie and Madox’s relationship is complicated by internal struggles and external influences. It is riddled with complexity. But, the love they have for each other, whilst bruised a...
  • Steph's Romance Book Talk
    4.25 Stars / 5 Steam FansSophie and Maddox met during a dark moment until Sophie leaves without a word. When Sophie returns to town they both have to rehash their past interactions and attractions to find out where they truly stand. The sexual chemistry between Sophie and Maddox is off the charts and the dark moments include grief, assault, abandonment, lack of worth, and regret. I was drawn into this story and fulfilled by the ending of Sophie a...
  • Linda Dunn
    Meant to BeA first love never dims. It always holds you captive in a special place in your heart. At a young age, Sophie met Madox. When he became her champion in a moment of dire need, she would never feel this love with anyone else again. They were both immediately drawn to one another both physically and emotionally. Unfortunately, complications seep in and Sophie had to flee to get away. Years later fate brings them back to each other and the...
  • Gladys
    This book packs a very powerful emotional punch. Madox and Sophie's story is jam packed with poignancy and angst. This second chance at love puts your emotions through a wringer as the characters struggle to deal with their own roller coaster ride of emotional turmoil. Of course, there is plenty of sizzling steaminess but also some very tender and sweet moments. An intensely engaging story of hot desires, hidden feelings, fear, pain and a love th...
    This was a fantastic second chance romance. Madox and Sofie suffered heartbreak, only to find their way back together.
  • Stephanie Ditmore
    Wow! This story was amazing. Madox and Sophie has been through so much together and individually. They were inseparable and the need and want on both sides was explosive. Until that one day it wasn’t, and miscommunication happens, the words they both need to hear don’t come and their lives change forever. One text message, hurt, disappointment, emotional distress, so much passion and love for one another, but in the end when you don’t know ...
  • Stacy (Romance Reading Diva)
    These cards of love were stacked in our favor!I was in it to win from the beginning of the prologue! This author’s writing pulls me in & never lets me go until the book is finished. I loved this second chance love story that has twists & two main characters, Madox & Sophie, who are beautifully broken, but love each other with every breath they take. Their pasts & communication issues broke my heart, & I was rooting for them the whole time to fi...
  • Bobstac
    I have no idea how WW packed so much into this novella. When I finished, the emotional turmoil of it was like I’d read an epic story. Maddox and Sophie feel that big, their feelings that deep, their pain that sharp. Great characters fully fleshed out so you understand them and are rooting for them to get it together, and twists you don’t see coming add a shock factor to the story. Beautiful tale of two broken pieces finally fitting together p...
  • Wendy Livingstone
    Sophia and Maddox’s story has a unique spin on a second chance at love. This is a beautifully written story which is raw, gritty, emotional, sexy, steamy, and with lies, secrets, misunderstandings, forgiveness, twists, angst, deceit, unpredictable surprises and an abundance of love. I was totally captivated throughout this addictive page turner, and I highly recommend for all readers.
  • Christine
    Arc review for honest review. Sophie is back in New York working at candor designs as a branding advisor .New your is where her first love is madox and with that cards are delt. Awesome
  • Karina
    What a great book. Though this book is not as long as some of Ms Winters' other books it packs just as strong of a punch as her lengthier ones do. Madox and Sophie have a bond that has spanned since their teens and both seem to have trouble communicating in the early years. The physical bond was never their problem. The on again off again of it finally comes to a head and Sophie leaves. She is gone for a few years and returns with doubts about wh...
  • Sherill
    SOUL-STIRRING SECOND CHANCE ROMANCE FOR TRUE LOVECARDS OF LOVE - THREE OF SWORDS; Is not your usual second chance romance. A soul-stirring love story that had me turning pages eager to discover what happened next. While reading, I felt and understood the stormy emotions swirling in Sophie and Madox. I ached for them.Sophie and Madox are potent characters written with deep passionate feelings. They take on a life of their own with dynamic dialogue...
  • Courtney Jackson - CNC Bookish Vibes
    Sophie and Madox we such a sweet and broken couple. I love the tension between them and that constant pull. The secrets that kept them apart are the same ones that pieced them back together. Their love was genuine and despite their beginning, it was another for the record book for being special. Another well written story by the lovely Willow Winters.
  • Michele
    This book took my breath away. I was captivated by Madox and Sophie. Even though their story kept me tied up in an emotional knot. I did not want to stop reading! Who needs sleep? I read it in one sitting. I had to know how their journey would end. It is a definite must read! I wish I could give more than 5 stars! It deserves it! I am voluntarily leaving my review!
  • Kasey McCarthy
    Max and Sophia shared one last night of passion and then she just left. Sophia wanted more but just thought he only wanted to use her. She left with a friend and never thought she’d be back in his town until she gets a job of a lifetime. Is this their second chance? Can they both get past what happened in the past? Will Max give her what she wants?
  • Madeleine
    This book was amazing! In true Willow form it absolutely took my breath away. Love second chance romance. It's just that. You get a second chance to fix the things that went wrong the first time around. Loved Maddox and Sophie's roller coaster of a ride relationship.
  • Momandbooks
    Willow has a way of writing chemistry between two people that you can’t help but root for them from the beginning. This book is no different, the relationship between Madox and Sophie is so real you will think you are in the story with them