Heiress Gone Wild (Dear Lady Truelove, #4) by Laura Lee Guhrke

Heiress Gone Wild (Dear Lady Truelove, #4)

Dear Lady Truelove,My ward is driving me crazy. I have to marry her off and get her out of my life. There's just one problem… When Jonathan Deverill promised a dying friend he'd be guardian to the man's daughter, he envisioned a girl in pigtails and pinafores, a child he could leave behind in some finishing school. Problem is, his ward is actually a fully-grown, defiant beauty whose longing for romance threatens to make his guardianship a livin...

Details Heiress Gone Wild (Dear Lady Truelove, #4)

TitleHeiress Gone Wild (Dear Lady Truelove, #4)
Release DateSep 24th, 2019
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Heiress Gone Wild (Dear Lady Truelove, #4)

  • Barbara Rogers
    Series: Dear Lady Truelove #4Publication Date: 9/24/19Number of Pages: 384Jonathan Deverill and Marjorie McGann are two different souls who want very different things in life – or do they? I thoroughly enjoyed these characters and could so easily identify with both of them. It was so much fun to get to know them and to watch them discover that what each of them wanted wasn’t really so very different after all. It is an excellently written sto...
  • Stacee
    I had read the previous book in this series and really enjoyed it. Coupled with the synopsis, I was excited to read this one. I liked Marjorie and Jonathan well enough. She’s smart and wants something more. He has no idea what he’s doing and it’s delightful. Together there’s some button pushing and spirited arguing and I loved every second of it. There are loads of secondary characters and I had no idea who any of them were. Plot wise, it...
  • Elodie
    Heiress Gone WildDear Lady Truelove seriesLaura Lee Guhrkehttps://www.facebook.com/LauraLeeGuhr...Release date 9/24/2019Publisher AvonBlurb :My ward is driving me crazy. I have to marry her off and get her out of my life. There’s just one problem…When Jonathan Deverill promised a dying friend he’d be guardian to the man’s daughter, he envisioned a girl in pigtails and pinafores, a child he could leave behind in some finishing school. Prob...
  • Arshia
    It took me forever to finish this book. Couldn't seem to get excited about the story or the hero. Jonathan was manipulative and annoying from the beginning. Everything was about him and how his life should be. I love how the story had to be changed so he could follow his dreams! (Can you hear my sarcasm??) I found Marjorie's dream of home and hearth comforting especially given her background but over and over she had to be the one to take risks a...
  • Niki
    Wealthy silver baron Jonathan Deverill is immensely saddened by his business partner's death and makes a deathbed promise to become guardian to the man's daughter. He's expecting a little girl with several more years left of finishing school so he's shocked to discover his new ward is a beautiful young woman whose longing for romance and a change of scene promise to make his role far more difficult than he imagined.Heiress Marjorie McGann longs t...
  • Sissy's Romance Book Review
    Heiress Gone Wild: Dear Lady Truelove by Laura Lee Guhrke is book 4 in the Dear Lady Truelove Series. This is the story of Jonathan Deverill and Marjorie McGann. I have read the previous books but feel you could make this a standalone book if you wish to do so. Jonathan was promised by his grandfather the family business but his grandfather didn't do the will before he died and his father received it and when Jonathan tried to help him it didn't ...
  • Norah Gibbons
    I received an ARC of this book to read through Edelweiss+ in exchange for a fair review. Heiress Gone Wild by Laura Lee Guhrke is the fourth book in her delightful Dear Lady Truelove Series. This book could be read as a stand-alone but it’s an excellent series so I do recommend reading them all. Jonathon Deverill has been entrusted by a close friend with the guardianship of his daughter, thinking she is a young girl he goes to visit it her at t...
  • Susan
    Fun book about two people who seem to be opposites, but are more alike than they know. I thoroughly enjoyed watching these two people drive each other crazy on their path to happily-ever-after. Though I haven't read the earlier books in the series, this one works well as a stand-alone. There are hints of the earlier stories, enough to fill in the blanks without bogging down the story with recaps. It was also motivation to read the previous books ...
  • Gaele
    Laura Lee Guhrke comes to the blog today with the fourth book in her Dear Lady Truelove story, this one involves Jonathan Deveriill who fled England to prove himself to his father and sisters, and is just returning with the mantle of guardianship of his late partner’s daughter, a now young woman that he never expected in Marjorie McGann. An American, heiress in her own right, and determined to make her own life similar to those of her well-to-d...
  • Lori D
    Two people who have a lot in common but do not realize it at all. Jonathan Deverill who lost his dream of owing and running the Deverill Publishing Company when his father disinherited him, had to go out on his own and make his fortune. So he felt a little lost even though he had done well.Marjorie McGann had been left at the boarding school when she was eight and had never seen her father since. So she felt abandoned until Johnathan came to let ...
  • Holly
    A bit of a slow burn (like so many guardian-ward books), but so worth it. The hero was refreshingly honest with his feelings once he realized them, and the side characters were a total hoot! I hadn't read the first three books in the series, but I definitely will now. This one is perfect if you like: sea voyages, old west back stories, secret and beautiful wards, adventure, fake aristocrats, sneaky kisses filled with confusing feelings, a giant a...
  • MrsMascara
    I am completely in love with the way Laura Lee Guhrke writes. Her heroines are not perfect, and neither are her heroes, but she makes you care about them and root for their HEA.Jonathan Deverill has left England, out of necessity- forced to fend for himself by his father, he has made a success of his life and become a self made man. His dear friend and fellow prospected is dying, and has made him guardian to his daughter, who is living in a schoo...
  • Les Romantiques
    Posted on Les Romantiques - Le forum du siteReviewed by JazzmenReview Copy from the PublisherI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are my own.Here we are at the fourth volume in the “Dear lady Truelove” series. A tome I, once more, liked a lot. But the third one is still my favorite for now. This time, we follow the story of Jonathan Deverill, Irene’s and Clara’s brother (the heroines fro...
  • Connie Fischer
    Jonathan Deverill is in the office of the headmistress of the Forsythe Academy in New York to inform Miss Marjorie McGann, 20, of her father’s death at a sanatorium in Colorado. Jonathan and her father had been long time friends and business partners.Jonathan was raised in London but came to America to seek his fortune. He is Marjorie’s legal guardian and after he meets with her, he plans to visit London briefly, and then travel to South Afri...
  • Cassandra
    I received an eARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.The title here is Heiress Gone Wild, but the book is really more about Jonathan than the titular Heiress (who is not terribly wild). Perhaps it should be Stop Running Away from People, dear Hero? Much of the plot revolved around Jonathan's wanderlust and Marjorie's fear of abandonment. The hero spends a great deal of time running away and avoiding his love interest though with the...
  • Becky
    Reviewed on my blog,Becky on Books, on 10/6/19.Absolutely delightful!I really enjoyed Jonathan and Marjorie's story--totally worth the long wait we had while he dithered around in America and his sisters ran the paper without him ;) Jonathan's early misconceptions about who his ward was made for some LOL moments, as did all the ways he and Marjorie butted heads in the beginning and beyond. Though I did think he realized that he was in love a bit ...
  • Jessie May
    Heiress Gone Wild tells the story of Jonathan, who comes to meet the young girl left in his care after her father dies, and discovers that she is actually a beautiful young woman named Majorie. Throughout the book the two wrestle with their feelings for one another as they travel across the ocean from America to Britain. This book lagged for me a little bit in the middle, but it had picked back up by the end. I liked Majorie’s character, she wa...
  • Heidi
    I’ve enjoyed this series, while this one was not my favorite, I’m glad I read all the way through. I think I just really wanted to smack the main characters a few too many times. Sigh, I almost put the book down and then didn’t, I guess that’s a good thing in the end. I do know if I spot another title I will jump in. I enjoy the author’s way of writing and time period. I like the characters she’s created and how they tie together in s...
  • CR
    Although the cover to this one was pretty much on par with others in this section I have to say the women's face on this one was a little creepy. Heiress Gone Wild is one story that I thought of a take it or leave it story. This one really seemed over shadowed by the male's dream and it left the women's dream in the dust. It really lacked the depth I was looking for and the story pretty much was just kind of meh.
  • Landra Graf
    Review to come.
  • Laura
    It was good but it lacked depth. 3.5 stars. I do like this series though.
  • Heather
    Not really into it the girl was to all over the place
  • Jessica Grogan
  • Christen
    ARC vis EdelweissI really liked the first two books in the series and I am realizing the previous book (#3) and this one (#4) were okay. The characters didn't grab me like other the other books.