Cavern of Spirits (Stonehaven League #3) by Carrie Summers

Cavern of Spirits (Stonehaven League #3)

Once upon a time, Devon Walker got trounced by an incompetent chimera... You know, sometimes it would be nice to catch a break. Devon's got a settlement to grow into a city, a game character she'd love to focus on leveling, and some kitchen cabinets that really need restocking. (That is, if she knew how to cook anything besides microwave popcorn.) But regardless of what Devon would like to accomplish with her gaming time, Relic Online and the cre...

Details Cavern of Spirits (Stonehaven League #3)

TitleCavern of Spirits (Stonehaven League #3)
Release DateSep 20th, 2018
PublisherLonely Crag Press
GenreScience Fiction, Fantasy, Sports and Games, Games

Reviews Cavern of Spirits (Stonehaven League #3)

  • The Mysterious Reader
    Carrie Summers writes perfect LitRPG. It’s just that simple. I’ve now finished Cavern of Spirits, the third of her Stonehaven League novels, and it’s an illustration of just how wonderful LitRPG can bf when done right. That means, most importantly, a great story with great characters even ignoring the RPG aspects, and a logical reason for the character to be in an RPG setting and for the book to delve into RPG things like quests and charact...
  • GaiusPrimus
    To be completely honest, without the last 1/3rd of the book, this would've been rated lower, and this is a roundup from a 3.5 as it is.The story seems to have slowed down significantly between 2 and 3, with very little settlement building taking place this time around.I'll be picking up #4 but if the time it took me to get through this one is any indication, I probably won't jump on it right away.
  • Travis
    Pretty good story here. I'd even say you could read this one without having read the previous books in the series, though some of the story parts wouldn't be as amusing without the background the other books provide, it's still a decent read, even without them. I like this addition to the storyline, and am glad there will be more forthcoming, this is a very cool world, and I'm happy to read more of it anytime I can.
  • Saundra Wright
    With Cavern of Spirits, the third installment of the Stonehaven League series, Carrie Summers amps up the pressure, both in-game and reality for her characters. This is the most thrilling, plot driven, LitRPG series by far!Now that Devon has conquered her demon, literally, in Relic Online, she can settle down to the management of her village. The new additions are settling in, and huts are being built as quickly as possible to accommodate the pop...
  • Stephanie A. Cain
    I'll admit right off, the Stonehaven League is my first real foray into reading LitRPG. But I've been a World of Warcraft addict for more than a decade, as well as playing other online games, so reading these books felt like coming home.Carrie has done a great job of world-building, both inside the game and in the near-future US where the secondary storyline is set. I love the characters, whose strengths and flaws are both portrayed realistically...
  • Lana
    This is the third book in this LitRPG series and the adventures which Devon is encountering whilst in the game keep getting ever more exciting. She is really immersed in this game and has started to believe that the NPC’s of Stonehaven, which she has started to think of as her community, have desires, hopes and dreams same as in real life so when there was a threat to the company Relic online, she feared that all her friends would be killed. Ho...
  • Dave Wickenden
    Ms. Summers does not disappoint. Devon is back in the third installment of the Stonehaven League. As she struggles with an evolving village, she must try to continue the quest of finding the artifacts that will eventually allow her to release the ancient city of Ishildar for the curse that brought it down. In the real world, game developer Emerson digs deeper into the illegal mind taps that is causing dark powers to manifest online players.In thi...
  • Cameron
    Good story, first arc finishThis story does a lot to wrap up a part of the first major story arc, and it does it well. The story focuses on the adventures of Devon, the shadow magic wielding sorcerer leads her town toward success.Book 3 focuses a lot on what is happening in both the game and the real world, and both sides of the equation are interesting. Relic Online is taking off successfully- and there are still issues and bugs that are being d...
  • Adam Shook
    Loved it. However it took me a few chapters to get my mind into the story and to remember everything that came before. Think I spotted only 1 typo in the whole story so a big kudos for that. I cant wait for book 4. Honestly hard to put satisfaction with a series down it's easier to do constructive or destructive criticism and there was really nothing to complain about for me other than the 1 typo. Keep up the good work.
  • M.A. Carlson
    Good story This was a good story that could have been great. The last 20% was ... disappointing. The story felt way too rushed to resolve both the game issues and the real world issue and the real world left me wanting... really badly wanting a better resolution or a much darker twist. The way things ended leave me wondering if I'll read the next book.
  • Tanya
    She is a gamer and playing is what she enjoys most. Trouble is coming from all side her friends need her in the real world and she wants to get further in the game. How is she going to get it all done? Follow her and see how she will cope with it allI received an advanced copy and I enjoyed it so much that I want to review
  • Johnny
    Book threeMistakes: none foundPlot: Interesting and fresh. The MC isn't gunning down enemies 100 lvls higher then herself. The author does a good job of keeping it realistic to actual game play. Some nice twist on the slice of life side as well.Characters: looking forward to seeing how they grow in coming books.8.5/10
  • Merric
    A great additionThis is another great example of litrpg from carrie. A great balance of real and game life drama. The game system is building great and the combat has enough details to keep the fights going smoothly.
  • Zachary Schillinger
    Steady progress.The story continues with more ingame adventure and out of game suspense. Book 3 delivers tension throughout as well as several unexpected twists, all the while keeping its amusing tone. This was a great addition to the series.
  • Matt Stpier
    Enjoyable!I enjoyed the book very much. I highly recommend you read the first 2 before this as it will fill in much needed information. They are well worth the investment. I'm looking forward to the next!
  • Marlon
    On he'll yeahThis series has a great MC. I love how she interacts IRL as well as in-game. Glad we wrapped up one aspect of the story, can't wait for the next series of challenges. I love this series.
  • Ron Southwell
    this is the third book of a good series. i enjoyed the character development and the events occurring both in the game world and real life. looking forward to the next book.
  • Peter
    Great bookAnother solid entry from Carrie Summers. This one brings some closure to some storylines alongside a whole lot of action!
  • Andy L
    Another terrific outingSo much fun! Devon leaves the village that has become the center of her life both to deal with rl issues as well as continue her in game destiny.
  • Saukendar
    EnjoyableDeveloping nicely. Not as strong as books 1 and 2 but an enjoyable resd. Main plot twist could have neen more developped