King of the Mississippi by Mike Freedman

King of the Mississippi

A biting, hilarious literary satire of war, business, and contemporary masculinity, set in the cutthroat-but-ridiculous world of management consultingKing of the Mississippi is an incisive, uproarious dissection of contemporary male vanity and delusion, centered around a "war" for dominance of a prestigious Houston consulting firm. On one side of the conflict is Brock Wharton, an old money ex-jock whose delight in telling clients to downsize is m...

Details King of the Mississippi

TitleKing of the Mississippi
Release DateJul 9th, 2019
PublisherHogarth Press
GenreFiction, Humor

Reviews King of the Mississippi

  • George Witte
    Loved this novel, wickedly funny and smart and fearless, a mano-a-mano battle for supremacy in the corporate world with an unforgettable dueling duo of men from very different backgrounds, and a powerful undercurrent that tunnels into masculinity, the marketing of heroism, the compromises of ambition, and much more. Last book I enjoyed this much: Billy Lynn's Long Halftime Walk.
  • Kristin Lyders Fitzmorris
    If you are a management consultant or ever hired one…you gotta read this book.If you are in Special Forces or part of the DoD apparatus…you gotta read this book. If you are a male of above average intelligence…you gotta read this book. Ladies, if you can stomach the first couple intentionally jarring chauvinistic thoughts about women as expressed by the troglodyte internal dialogue of the main character…you should read this book. It will ...
  • Paperback Paris
    —The review below was authored by Paperback Paris Editor, Eliza Namnoum. Read more.I love satire. From gawking at a copy of Jonathan Swift’s  A Modest Proposal one fateful day in my junior year English class to delighting in the resounding genius of Saturday Night Live sketches, I have enjoyed few literary genres with as much consistency as I have satire and its well-timed histrionics. With this in mind, I jumped at the chance to review Mik...
  • Carlee
    I don't think I was the target audience of this book, and overall did not find the satire particularly funny or clever. I would have liked to see more female characters in general. We only saw the female characters through the eyes of Brock Wharton, and none of them really stood on their own. I also don't quite know who the target audience of this book should be. I'm sure it was a good book for someone, just not me. Although I did laugh when Mike...
  • John Deardurff
    A satire of working in a management consulting firm has our two main characters battle for office supremacy. On one side is upper-class ex-jock, Brock Wharton who finds his realm being ambushed by the low-class veteran, Mike Fink. I wanted to enjoy the book, and I am sure there is an audience who will enjoy it. I found the writing dense and difficult to decipher who was actually talking through most of the book. It was also difficult to stay in t...
  • Louis
    I enjoyed the cynicism and humor, and I thought part 1 and 2 worked nicely but part 3 took a left turn into a more serious tone. It felt disjointed from the first two-thirds of the book and I began to lose interest and wondered where the story was going. But overall an enjoyable read.