There's No Place Like Home by Edan Lepucki

There's No Place Like Home

In a climate-ravaged future, it’s not easy to grow up. One girl is trying her best in a story about global catastrophe and personal chaos, by the New York Times bestselling author of California.Thirteen-year-old Vic is of the Youngest Generation, fixed in prepubescence after a catastrophic environmental degradation. She’s also her father’s favorite student. But when he takes his own life, the perennially ingenuous Vic wants to understand wh...

Details There's No Place Like Home

TitleThere's No Place Like Home
Release DateOct 30th, 2018
PublisherAmazon Original Stories
GenreFiction, Short Stories, Science Fiction, Dystopia

Reviews There's No Place Like Home

  • Pamela Scott
    https://thebookloversboudoir.wordpres...At last, a story in the Warmer series where climate change is actually an important part of the tale. I was starting to think I’d blinked and missed it. This is the best story in the series so far because it does what it says on the tin. Hurrah! I loved the story from start to finish. The world building is spot on for such a short piece. I got a real sense of the possible future inhabited by Vic and the a...
  • Cyndy
    Part of the Warmer collection from Amazon Prime. LA has been essentially abandoned because of the heat. People have moved north, if they can afford. What happens to a man, his wife, and their daughter that must stay. Who becomes the breadwinner and why? Why can't the parents talk to the daughter that will not be affected by puberty. Written from the daughter's perspective.
  • Allyson
    This was a gripping story that showed one of the worst, but possible, outcomes of disastrous climate change. Entire generations growing up knowing they will be the last is a heartbreaking, but realistic future if we continue the way we are.
  • sharon in Hercules
    Women in a strange landThis story will make you happy for a home at all. Women overcome the challenges after the father's suicide. The devastation due to global warming. A life of difficulty and being always uncomfortable.
  • saradevil
    You have to put real effort into making stories about the end of the world that are this bad.
  • Kathie
    A climate change novella published and distribute gratis by Amazon. A quick read of a dystopian, realistic near future. Good pace. Surprisingly well done.
  • Christa
    My favorite in the Warmer Collection