Twilight (Twilight, #1) by Stephenie Meyer

Twilight (Twilight, #1)

About three things I was absolutely positive.First, Edward was a vampire.Second, there was a part of him—and I didn't know how dominant that part might be—that thirsted for my blood.And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.Deeply seductive and extraordinarily suspenseful, Twilight is a love story with bite.

Details Twilight (Twilight, #1)

TitleTwilight (Twilight, #1)
Release DateSep 6th, 2006
PublisherLittle, Brown and Company
GenreYoung Adult, Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Vampires, Fiction

Reviews Twilight (Twilight, #1)

  • Steph Sinclair
    Actual rating: 1.5 stars. Believe it or not, there are actually a few books that are worse than Twilight.Ok, funny story. I was sitting on my couch with my husband last night finishing up Twilight. I slammed the book shut and began rubbing my temples. Then, my husband goes, "So you finally finished, huh?" "Yes. I can't believe I used to like this book," I said. "Hahaha! Yeah, I remember you were on Twilight's balls hard." Yeah, yeah, yeah...There...
  • Sarah
    Okay, I have to say that I picked this book up partly due to all the hype (and partly because it's involved two of my favorite genres)... I mean, so many people had recommended it to me and I finally got sick of hearing about it, so I picked it up and read it... or as least tried to.Let me first say that I am a huge romance and vampire/supernatural fan, so when I first heard about the book I was really excited to read it because it combined two o...
  • Shannon (Giraffe Days)
    Oh my. This book, to me, is like chocolate: a delicious, sinful, addictive indulgence which you convince yourself has beneficial qualities (zinc, calcium, keeps me quiet at that time of the month...) in order to justify your addiction.By "beneficial qualities", I mean that it's reading, and since when is reading bad? :) Let me say quite clearly that I'm a sucker for romance, especially the intense, passionate, tragic kind. I don't read romance no...
  • Clare Richardson
    I hate this book. I will probably end up reading the rest of them, because if I don't, people that love this thing will think they can convert me if I just keep reading. (ETA (Jan. 2013): Never even remotely bothered to finish the series. I said that as a joke to begin with, and I did not finish the series. Did not finish them, not for irony's sake or for amusement's sake or as some kind of amulet to ward off kind-hearted Twimoms that would encou...
  • James
    It turns out we don't need Dr. John Gray to tell us that men are from Transylvania and women are from Venus. We just need to read Stephenie Meyer books. For example, from this book we learn that the millions of women who have wolfed down the Twilight series (pun intended) want men who:1. Talk about their feelings. Either Meyer's husband is the single-most communicative male on the planet and she doesn't realize how unusual he is, or she, like mos...
  • N
    I really enjoy lively details. There's nothing better than knowing an author has really thought about her characters and situations, and come up with some surprising and delightful detail that makes the whole reading experience fuller. Lively details, you understand -- pointless details are a nightmare to read. I don't need to know that Bella ate a granola bar for breakfast. I REALLY DON'T. (Notice that I remembered the granola bar. I think this ...
  • brian
    my name is bella. bella swan. here's what stephenie didn't tell you. it's super-duper-important.on the morning after it rained, it was rainy outside and i frowned at it being so rainy all the time. i chuckled to myself, darn weather! i stared at the rain outside, which is where they usually keep the rain. there was never any rain in phoenix. i love phoenix. i hate rain. i tripped over a large air pocket on my bedroom floor and bashed my skull int...
  • Miranda Reads
    Check out this book in my very first video review ! Anyway, onwards to the review! So, my review might be a bit biased...This was my first (and only major) episode of fangirling. I owned a tshirt ("vegetarian vampire" - so edgy). I saw the first movie an embarrassingly high number of times in theater. I judged people based off of Team Edward or Team Jacob (for the record: Edward in the books, Jacob in the movies).Even now, more than 10 years ...
  • Christopher
    I actually had to give this book three separate reviews by three sides of my personality. My three-star rating is the median of the three:Review 1, by My Inner Fifteen Year Old Girl (5 stars):Bella is smart, funny, well-read, pretty and yet misunderstood by most of her peers (just like me). Then she meets a cool, hot guy who turns out to be a good vampire, and he can do really cool things, like run fast and stop cars with his hands, but he's stil...
  • Joe
    Save your time: here's the entirety of Twilight in 20 dialogue snippets & a wiggedy-wack intermission.First 200 pages:"I like you, Edward!""You shouldn't! I'm dangerous!""I like you, Edward!""But I'm dangerous!"Next 50 pages:"I'm a vampire!""I like you, Edward!""But I'm a vampire! I'm dangerous!""I like you, Edward!"Next 100 pages:"I like you, Edward!""You smell good, Bella. I'm dangerous!""I like you, Edward!""Damn, you smell good.""I like you, ...
  • Trin
    Let me give you an idea of how much my opinion of this book changed at different stages of reading. When I was about a third of the way through, I was so into it that I immediately put my name on the library reservations list for the sequel, and wishlisted every edition on BookMooch. Now, having finished, I doubt I'll bother to read any further in the series. The opening is really quite interesting: Bella moves from sunny Arizona to rainy, gloomy...
  • Blythe
    ... That is all.
  • Stephen
    Welcome to Part II of the Vampire Compatibility Test (VCT). Before we continue, let's briefly racap Part I of the VCT. Your score in Part I should have given you a good idea of how critically you judge vampire fiction, placing you in either "Group A" or "Group B" based on overall points scored. Group A: A fairly harsh to extremely harsh critic that requires in a vampire story that it be: (a) well written or at least highly engaging prose; (b) tig...
  • Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies
    Call me crazy, but Twilight wasn't that bad. Well, sure, it's bad, but it's not 1-star bad. The sequels were atrocious, sure, but the first book wasn't the worst crap I've ever read. What I suspect most of us hate about Twilight isn't the book itself, but the legion of rabid, terrifying fangirls. The ones debating on online forums about Team Edward vs. Team Jacob. The ones who will argue that Twilight is the best book ever written. The ones who c...
  • V. A Court of Wings and Ruin is NEW ADULT/EROTICA but Goodreads editors won't tell you to include it in the choice awards
    I'm tired of people ripping this book to pieces and secretely devouring it. I don't believe you for a second that you didn't enjoy it if you happened to have ratings and long rants about the following books.Accept it! Stephanie Meyer kept you reading her very long books! And you are only complaining about stalking tendencies because YOU know this is fiction. I DON'T WANT A GUY WATCHING ME SLEEP. In real life that's creepy.BELLA COULD HAVE GOTTEN ...
  • Kiki
    I genuinely can’t believe I finished this book, and I don’t mean that in an offhand, wow, what a garbage fire sort of way. I mean that I’m actually fucking surprised that I managed to turn the last page of this and not immediately die of organ failure. And then my sister would have to come and break down my front door and find me contorted on my bed in my crusty old pyjamas with Dorito dust under my fingernails, and morticians would have to...
  • Jessica Edwards
    Where do I start with this? I don't know about you, but I was hyped when this book came out. Anything involving Vampires or Wolves....I want to read it. I read this again a couple of weeks ago and because I'm going to start reviewing more books (even though I'm not very good at it) I wanted to review this particular book more than any other book. Twilight, I love you. I love the series. And the films. Enough said. I don't know if it's because of ...
  • Mary
    Twilight is lame and stupid.I think everyone knows that the characters are essentially the ones who make up the book. It’s through them that the plot is developed, the conflicts are carried, the climax is revealed, stuff like that. And when you’re writing in a first person POV, you have to make that “first person” interesting and observant. Bella, our first person, is about as interesting as a rock. Isabella is nothing more than a Mary Su...
  • jessica
    wow. ten years later and im still absolute trash for edward cullen!?!? i guess my love for EC is just as immortal as he his. hehehe. going into this reread, i honestly didnt know what to expect. i thought there was potential for me to completely hate it, but i could also see myself still enjoying it. what surprised me the most was the huge dose of nostalgia this gave me. looking back, im pretty sure this is the first book that got me to read outs...
  • Kai
    “I like the night. Without the dark, we'd never see the stars.”I love Twilight. I love the whole series.There is a reason this was so popular. It's one of the big love stories of our time. You may roll your eyes now but it's true. It's so incredibly romantic. The vampire thing is just another exciting addition - brutally beautiful, rich, talented and mysterious characters. How can one not be intrigued?Bella, however, was the opposite, she's t...
  • Annette
    Ok... I know that I'm going to offend a lot of people with this review, but I feel that I have to be honest about this. There are quite a few things that bother me about this book, I will only list the top 5 here:1) Bella - She is the exact character that I do NOT want my daughters to have as a role model. She is a sighing, swooning, fainting, weeping, weak female character straight out of the 19 century. This is the 21st century people! Do we wa...
  • Matt
    there are so many problems with this book that i can't even begin to address them all. but i will say this, 'twilight' is probably one of the worst, if not THE worst, books i've ever read. the writing is amateurish at best [cliches, stereotypes, purple prose--how anyone can applaud meyer's prose is puzzling]; the editing--or lack thereof--is appalling [this is a 200 page novel, no more and probably less]; the grammar and syntax are unforgivably b...
  • Manny
    I got so tired of receiving Twilight questions on the Never-Ending Quiz that I went out and bought a copy. It's about as good as I had expected, but I have already managed to answer a few questions correctly.An anecdote which I at least found amusing. Shortly after buying it, I was invited to an eighteenth birthday party (our next door neighbor's daughter). I had the following conversation with Cate:"So I suppose you read the Twilight books?""No,...
  • Caz (littlebookowl)
    So I re-read Twilight 10 years after I first read it and... I guess you could say I didn't love it as much as I did back then...
  • Anne
    I loved this book. There. I said it. In fact, I loved the whole series. What can I say? It was a totally unbelievable paranormal love story filled with way too much drama and teenage angst. And I loved it. Why?The series reminds me of "fair food". You know, the food you buy when you go to a state fair or carnival? You know you shouldn't want to eat that stuff. And somewhere in your head, there is a little voice telling you that it was prepared by...
  • destiny ♡⚔♡ [howling libraries]
    #1 Twilight #2 New Moon - pending reread#3 Eclipse - pending reread#4 Breaking Dawn - pending reread Oh, boy. I know this is probably not a review that most of you expected to see pop up on my blog, and honestly, I almost didn’t even review this, because there are a million and one reviews in the world for each book in this series, and this was at least my eighth or ninth time rereading this… however(!), it was my first time reading it in t...
  • Nataliya
    Since, according to the news, the sun is about to set on the Twilight movie franchise (because this stuff is apparently news-worthy), I will take this opportunity to share my favorite Twilight-bashing resources with you, my friends.*But wait, you say! Shouldn't I take some time to actually *review* this book? But dear friends, is there really a need for yet ANOTHER Twilight review? Because if you somehow still have no idea about this book series,...