Death in Kew Gardens (Kat Holloway Mysteries, #3) by Jennifer Ashley

Death in Kew Gardens (Kat Holloway Mysteries, #3)

From the New York Times bestselling author of Scandal Above Stairs Kat Holloway steps out from beneath the stairs and into international intrigue, where murder and stolen treasure lurk among the upper echelons of Victorian London. In return for a random act of kindness, scholar Li Bai Chang presents young cook Kat Holloway with a rare and precious gift—a box of tea. Kat thinks no more of her unusual visitor until two days later when the kitc...

Details Death in Kew Gardens (Kat Holloway Mysteries, #3)

TitleDeath in Kew Gardens (Kat Holloway Mysteries, #3)
Release DateJun 4th, 2019
GenreMystery, Historical, Historical Fiction, Historical Mystery, Fiction, Romance

Reviews Death in Kew Gardens (Kat Holloway Mysteries, #3)

  • ☕️Kimberly
    Kat Holloway is out with Emma doing her daily shopping for the kitchen when she accidentally knocks down scholar, Li Bai Chang. Kat apologizes and later he shows up at the Victorian home in which she works. He presents her with a gift for her kindness. When the neighbor is murdered in his sleep, and they accuse Mister Li, Kat along with Daniel, her mysterious friend and love interest investigate. The staff in both houses and Lady Cynthia and her ...
  • Sarah
    I absolutely love this series. I adore Kat and Daniel and the rest of the cast. I originally thought this series would give me something to read while waiting for the next Gabriel Lacy book, but quickly discovered this series was just as good. I liked the mystery in this one but I’m giving this a 4.5 rounded up. We have been learning little things about Daniel in each installment but this one was seriously lacking in new info about Daniel. Kat ...
  • eyes.2c
    Another fine 'below stairs' read!Following on from previous troubles and triumphs with Kat Holloway and her friend Daniel McAdam, this time they face the murder of a man renowned for his collection of Chinese artifacts and plants and neighbor to Kat's household.Kat surprisingly (or not!--is she prescient?) always seems to be in the right place at the right time. At the market Kat becomes the champion of a Chinese man, a man who later becomes embr...
  • Cathy Daniel
    I loved this book! Could hardly put it down! The mystery was solid and I loved the main characters. The ending was super satisfying. This was the first book I've read in this series and while I wasn't lost, I wish I started at the beginning this was so delightful! Hope to read many more in this series.
  • JoAn
    Another entertaining book in this series by Ms. Ashley. The plot was complex and with several suspects both Kate and Daniel have their hands full to solve this one. There were also two subplots in this one that were resolved by secondary characters which I found refreshing. In this one Kate seemed to go about investigating more freely than in the past which I found to be unreasonable for the era of the story. Servants during this time period did ...
  • Suzanne (Under the Covers Book blog)
    Who knew the life of a cook for a wealthy household could be so exciting? And involve so much sleuthing and murder? Kat Holloway once again dives into an investigation when her neighbour is found murdered. Their immediate suspect is Chinese scholar Le Bai Chang a man Kat counts as a friend after a chance encounter. Determined to prove his innocence Kat once again puts her considerable intelligence towards solving the case.Kat is a fantastic heroi...
  • Barb in Maryland
    Solid entry in this Victorian era mystery series.I really enjoyed this outing--lots of domestic developments as well as a very twisty mystery. Kat Holloway may have been intellectually involved in solving the murder of the next door neighbor, but her emotions were really tangled by the addition to the household of the Housekeeper From Hell.I must say that I did not figure out who did the murders until late in the book and I thought the resolution...
  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    I like this series. These books are not at all my usual type of read. They're historical, the mystery/suspense is light, and the romance tepid (or very much appropriate for the time period). I do, however, love the characters... plucky Kat, mysterious Daniel, sassy Tess, eccentric Lady Cynthia, and the ever helpful James. It's a mild-mannered series about a young cook in a Victorian household who gets herself involved in mysteries, usually with t...
  • Barbara Rogers
    Series: Kat Holloway Mysteries #3Publication Date: 6/4/19Number of Pages: 320OMGoodness! This series just gets better and better! We have learned more and more about the supporting characters – the mysterious and enigmatic Daniel, James his son, quirky and fun Tess, Davis, the stuffy (not) butler, Lady Cynthia who chafes at having to dress and act as a woman is expected to, Daniel’s friend, the very intelligent scholar Thanos, Kat’s daughte...
  • SheLove2Read
    The cast has very much come together in this third entry. Kat, Daniel, James, Tess, Mr. Thanos, and Lady Cynthia are my new favorite crime fighting team! I hope Kat and Daniel will stop fighting their mutual attraction soon. 4 stars
  • Brianna
    Well, I definitely didn't guess the villain in this one! This book's plot was all about a murder over tea, of all things. The murderer killed the man owning the house next door to the one in which Kat is employed, so that he could get access to some very costly tea plants the man, Sir Jacob, had taken back from China to England on one of his expeditions. Things were a bit slow for me this time around, but overall, I liked it. There's some awesome...
  • Kathy Martin
    This third Below Stairs mystery has Kat Holloway looking into the death of her next door neighbor Sir Jacob Harkness. She quickly finds herself deep into the case when a Chinese man that she recently met is accused of the crime.Kat met Li Bai Chang when she literally ran into him on the street. She meets him again outside her home in Mayfair when he presents her with a gift of very fine Chinese tea. Sir Jacob was a well known China Hand who gaine...
  • Teresa
    Another great addition to this series, especially now that there are so many secondary characters. It was great to see Daniel and Kat again but I also adore Tess, Cynthia, and Mr. Thanos. The mystery kept me on my toes and I adored the Daniel and Kat bits.
  • Maya Bohnhoff
    She’s done it again.Another delicious tale of Kat Holloway, cook-detective. Alas, this time I can’t just go buy the next one because it’s not out yet! I love this cast of characters and the adventures they embark upon. A delightful recipe for mystery. And I so wish I could taste Mrs. Holloway’s culinary creations.
  • Fred
    Death in Kew Gardens is the third book in the A Below Stairs Mystery series.Kat and Tess, her assistant, arms are laden with baskets with there food purchases, as they are coming out of a store, Kat bumps into a Chinese man, LiChang, and knocks him over. The next evening, as Kat was taking the left-overs from the families meal for the day for the homeless that know her routine, she is greeted by LiChang who gives her a small tea box for her kindn...
  • A Wondrous Bookshelf
    Death in Kew Gardens is Jennifer Ashley’s third book in the Below Stairs Mysteries, featuring the fantastic Kat Holloway. The book starts with Kat, a cook who works for a wealthy family in Victorian England. One day Kat receives a gift from a mysterious Chinese man in return for an act of kindness. It is a rare box of tea, and that same night Kat’s next door neighbor, Sir Jacob Harkness is found dead. The secret Chinese man becomes a prime su...
  • Robin Loves Reading
    Kat Holloway is busy enough as a cook in an affluent household in Victorian England. However, she spends as much time as possible investigating crimes. In this case she discovers that a neighbor in the house she works in has been murdered. Kat has just met an unusual but elegant man from China named Li Bai Chang.The murder victim was said to be an expert in the language and customs of China, and Mr. Chang has been accused of the crime. Kat can ha...
  • Stormi (BMReviewsohmy)
    This is one of my favorite series so I was so excited to read this one and it did not disappoint!While Kat was out doing some shopping for the kitchen where she works she accidentally bumps into a Chinaman. She didn’t know that doing so was going to throw her into another investigation. When Sir Jacob who lives in the house next door to where Kat works is murdered she can’t help but do some sleuthing to try and figure things out, especially w...
  • Kay (aka) Miss Bates
    Death In Kew Gardens, number three in Ashley’s Kat Holloway Below Stairs mysteries and, at least in its first half, the best one yet (I’d still recommend you read the first two, I loved’em). As you know, I don’t read mysteries for the “puzzle-mystery-solution”, or for the criminal’s motive or psychology, but the detecting main character and, in Ashley’s series’ case, her marvelous detecting team of “below stairs” maids, butl...
  • Barb Lie
    Death in Kew Gardens by Jennifer Ashley is the 3rd book in her Below Stairs Mystery series. This series takes place in Victorian England, and Kat is our heroine and cook extraordinaire. She is a smart, confident, independent, and very loyal and protective to the household staff, where Kat reigns. Kat makes a great detective, as she is always helping solve crimes. What I enjoyed the most about this series is the wonderful feel of ‘Downton Abbey...
  • Helen
    This series gives me cozy vibes inside and I really enjoy sitting down with it. In this book, Kat is thrust into another murder investigation when a man that she has befriended is accused of murder. Knowing in her heart that he would not do such a thing, she sets out to prove his innocence. In addition there is also trouble at the home that she works for with the arrival of a new housekeeper. I thought that this book was going to be five stars fo...
  • Kathy
    For light reading I have enjoyed this Kat Holloway "below stairs" series. Holloway is industrious, clever and seemingly unstoppable when it comes to solving crime in Mayfair.There were interesting threads about the history of Great Britain and China's tea.Library Loan
  • Kathryn
    So very enjoyable. I love these characters more with each book. The mystery was interesting and the story of tea was absolutely fascinating. I like also how these books comment on the role of women in society at that time.
  • Robin
    Kat makes fast friends with a Chinese gentleman the police suspect of the murder next door, but she is adamant it couldn't have been him. Suspicious people surround the widow and her home, while Kat fights her own battles in the house of her employment.Based much on the prejudice towards the Chinese in London at the time, and how the English unjustly pillaged goods from China, every time you think you have this mystery figured out, something happ...
  • Jo (Mixed Book Bag)
    Kat and Daniel are back and once again murder comes on the scene. Death in Kew Gardens continues the push/pull between the two as they work to find a valuable plant may be the reason for murder. I love the characters in the series. The plot and the action is hard to put down. Finding out more about tea and what has happened in China during this time period adds richness to the story.
  • Kay (aka) Miss Bates
    Death In Kew Gardens, number three in Ashley’s Kat Holloway Below Stairs mysteries and, at least in its first half, the best one yet (I’d still recommend you read the first two, I loved’em). As you know, I don’t read mysteries for the “puzzle-mystery-solution”, or for the criminal’s motive or psychology, but the detecting main character and, in Ashley’s series’ case, her marvelous detecting team of “below stairs” maids, butl...
  • Sophia
    After the danger of the last case, Victorian cook, Kat Holloway, didn't complain about a hot summer in the city helping the butler make up for the lack of housekeeper, but the promise of the cooler fall temps and a murder next door involving a new Chinese acquaintance livens things up nicely.Death in Kew Gardens is the third in the historical cozy mysteries set in the Victorian period. There is a continuation story of Kat and her friends that mak...
  • Kristen
    Still loving this series at book 3!Kat is a wonderful main character. She is independent, resourceful, intelligent and fearless. She understands both the "upstairs" and the "downstairs" realities, and is savvy enough to navigate both worlds to investigate the crimes that happen in her world.I love the cooking aspect of the book, even though I don't cook myself. It is fun hearing about how Kat puts together the meals she serves and they always sou...
  • Sheila Melo
    FINAL DECISION: A solid entry in the series. Here the mystery predominates over the character stories.THE STORY: Cook Kat Holloway finds herself mixed up in murder again when a man with a secret gifts her with a box of teas. When he becomes the prime suspect in the murder of the man next door. Kat becomes embroiled in the investigation which involves issues of colonialism and tea secrets stolen from China.OPINION: The mystery here was good in tha...