The Ice at the End of the World by Jon Gertner

The Ice at the End of the World

Greenland: a remote, mysterious island five times the size of California but with a population of just 56,000. The ice sheet that covers it is 700 miles wide and 1,500 miles long, and is composed of nearly three quadrillion tons of ice. For the last 150 years, explorers and scientists have sought to understand Greenland--at first hoping that it would serve as a gateway to the North Pole, and later coming to realize that it contained essential inf...

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TitleThe Ice at the End of the World
Release DateJun 11th, 2019
PublisherRandom House
GenreNonfiction, Science, History, Travel, Environment, Nature

Reviews The Ice at the End of the World

  • Vicky Hunt
    A Microcosm of Glaciology: And The Politics That PayThe book that needed to be written; The Ice at the End of the World is that book that briefly surveys the history of Greenland’s exploration, and the work that is done in those research stations we know exist, but know little about. I have read a large number of books written by and about polar explorers and expeditions. But, I have not yet found good books on what is happening in those resear...
  • Susan Paxton
    This is an important book. Deniers argue that climate change is a recent and invented or, conversely, a "natural" phenomenon. Jon Gertner spent several years working on this book to prove that the current climate change is none of those things, but in fact has been evident for many decades and is human-caused. The arena he selected for his tale is Greenland, the world's largest island, covered in a sheet of ice that is in places several thousands...
  • Tomislav
    I read an advance reader copy of Jon Gertner’s The Ice at the End of the World, in uncorrected proof ebook, provided to me by Penguin / Random House through netgalley, in return for promising to write an honest review. The book is scheduled for release on June 11, 2019. Jon Gertner is an American writer, the author of The Idea Factory: Bell Labs and the Great Age of American Innovation (2012), which I have not yet read, and a longtime contribut...
  • Donna
    I highly recommend this fascinating and important book, beautifully written by New York Times bestselling author and long-time friend Jon Gertner. After finishing it, I had a real understanding of not only Greenland's past (including jaw-dropping accounts of exploration) but also Greenland's current and future impact on our world. A must-read book!
  • Kaitlyn Joy
    I received an Advanced Review Copy of The Ice at the End of the World: An Epic Journey into Greenland’s Buried Past and Our Perilous Future by Jon Gertner from the publisher Random House through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.What It’s About: A history of glacierology, with scientific fact interluded in. I'll be honest, I really didn't love this. I'm a scientist but know nothing about Glaciers and Greenland and so was excited to s...
  • Charles Fried
    If you want an excellent introduction to climate change this is the book. There are great stories of the early explorers of Greenland, as well as recent scientific expeditions. This book is suitable for both scientists and non-scientists, full of anecdotes, and people, and stories, as well as scientific material clearly and simply explained. This is a frightening book. It scares me that we have climate change deniers, dangerous idiots, running ou...
  • Robin
    Excellent history of 150 years of exploration and scientific investigation of Greenland's ice sheet. The heat of this past summer has sent my reading to colder climates. But I am happy to be an armchair explorer in air conditioning rather than heading into the ice and cold for real.
  • Matthew
    Excellent book about the history of Greenland from its discovery and exploration to its modern status as a repository of Earth's climatic history via deep ice core drilling. Also a very sobering look at our planet's possible future.
  • Lisa
    This was a great book. The first half follows the early explorers of Greenland. The author provides vivid detail and conveys their hardship in a way that makes you really see them out on the ice without a tree or another human being for hundreds (thousands?) of miles. The second half dives into what scientists are up to on the Greenland ice sheet. This was a great read, and I highly recommend it for anyone interested in climate change and the his...
  • May
    I give The Ice at the End of the World by Jon Gertner 4 stars, or in this case 4. I found the first half so fascinating, I loved the explorations and learning about Greenlandic culture and landscape. The second half, the science part was harder to follow and much more in depth than I am interested in. All in all, I loved reading a book about Greenland and want to learn more about the culture and history now.
  • Tonstant Weader
    The Ice at the End of the World is a history of the exploration of Greenland’s massive ice sheet and the scientific research conducted there. There are many articles and books about climate change and rising sea levels linked to the melting ice of Greenland, but Jon Gertner takes a different approach. He goes back to the beginning to the first explorers and the kinds of research findings they brought back. This puts the research that alarms man...
  • Peter O'Kelly
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  • Marge
    Most of this book details the history of early explorers on Greenland which was certainly interesting and also distressing. Reading about death, near death, having to eat their horses and dogs that pulled their sleds for food and continual struggle to survive was almost unbearable for me, but does show our strong desire to explore our world and challenge ourselves. Also this provides a sharp contrast to how much the climate and conditions have ch...
  • Monika Landy-Gyebnar
    An absolute amazing story of Greenland's ice science beginning with the early heroic explorers and finishing with the latest scientific results. The book helps to understand how serious the problem is, how huge effect it holds to our whole society, even for those who might be sceptic.It's a rare treasure to find a book so well written with a perfect line of logic throughout the whole story! Jon Gertner really understands what he's writing about, ...
  • RobertL
    A timely & exciting read. Being interested in Polar Explorers; Gertner does a great job bringing the Greenland Explorations to life!Having done chemical analysis / carbon dating the description of the Ice Core Analysis and Climate Change was brilliant. A key take away was that while we can continue to do more analysis... we really know the direction that the Antarctic and Greenland Ice is heading too already. A must read if you are interested in ...
  • Cheryl Campbell
    A mesmerizing book about the many expeditions to explore the ice of Greenland. Mr. Gertner did an excellent job of bringing these explorers to life and describing the hardships of the expeditions. As the book progressed it shifted from the adventurers to the work of the scientists analyzing the data acquired over the centuries. The chapters about how the ice cores are analyzed, and how the ice cores can be compromised, were most interesting. the ...
  • Linnaea
    This was a great science history of Greenland. Gertner covers the European time of discovery - landing on the island, crossing the ice sea and the movement into the modern science of glaciology. it was easy to follow.
  • Onceinabluemoon
    Bad timing for me, recovering from food poisoning and thought climate change would be an interesting topic, I was instantly at odds with the book as it discusses the historical explorations and slaughter of animals... My stomach was not up for the butchery and spent too much time skimming.
  • Jquick99
    This book topic is high in my interest range. However, I found it extremely dull. DNF. I would love for a Robert Caro or Stephen Ambrose type of author to have written this ...someone who can tell a story, rather than write a textbook.
  • Deborah McMillan
    For a nonfiction book, it is very readable weaving the stories with the technical aspects and highlighting the impending crisis of global warming. I highly recommend reading this book.
  • Sarah
    “The challenge of sustainability is the challenge of us growing morally, as a species, growing up as a species, becoming better human beings...”
  • Dean
    What a great read. Tells a great story of discovery and climate change in Greenland's melting ice sheet.
  • Bob Peru
    great science writing.
  • Foggygirl
    Great read, A fascinating account of the early European explorers of the Arctic and the uncertain future of the climate of the region.
  • Sandra
    I won this book off Goodreads. Very interesting. Lots of information. Awesome book. Highly recommend. Thank you.
  • M.
    It was a good read.
  • Meggin
    I found the history in the first half a little slow but still very engaging.
  • Amy Wels
    Fantastic book on the history of exploration and the current relevance of Greenland. Fascinating accounts of the first European explorers who crossed the middle of the country in spite of the harshest conditions on the planet. The earliest climatologists collected and measured the environment and weather patterns, which are invaluable to the research of today. Discusses the military history and the evidence of our current state of extreme climate...
  • Chad Guarino
    Jon Gertner's treatise on the Greenland ice sheet is a timely look at the past, present, and potentially harrowing future of one of the more desolate of Earth's landscapes. Gertner divides the book into two distinct sections: the first half deals with the various attempts to explore, map, and research Greenland's endless white plains by the first explorers brave (or crazy) enough to try, while the second part is a more modern look (roughly from t...