Man of My Dreams (Sherring Cross, #1) by Johanna Lindsey

Man of My Dreams (Sherring Cross, #1)

Wildly unpredictable, the most desirable beauty in the land, Megan Penworthy has set her amorous sights on Ambrose St. James, a man she has never met but has every intention of marrying. And no other suitor will satisfy her especially not the common, if uncommonly handsome, horse breeder, Devlin Jefferys.Posing as lowborn Jefferys to escape a potentially fatal confrontation, Sir Ambrose is enthralled by the brazen, duke-hunting redhead. Without r...

Details Man of My Dreams (Sherring Cross, #1)

TitleMan of My Dreams (Sherring Cross, #1)
Release DateAug 28th, 2018
GenreRomance, Historical Romance, Historical, Historical Fiction

Reviews Man of My Dreams (Sherring Cross, #1)

  • Chantal ❤️
    5 + SINFULLY SEXY STARSThis is my favourite by JL. It's the book in which I found the name of my first born Devlin. Who is the hero of this book and OMG Is he manly. He was the "MAN OF MY DREAMS." Devlin is an arrogant cold polite aristocrat who thought that by virtue of his birth (aka being a Duke), the world was his and everything in it would simply bend to his will. So your typical period hero here. However, this soon changes when he is forced...
  • Danielle
    “I believe I’m going to develop a new habit—screaming. Consider yourself warned, you odious man.” God, I'd forgotten how good this one was. So I never read my mother's bodice rippers because she never had any. She legit didn't even know what "bodice ripper" meant when I asked her if she ever read them. I stared at her for like three six minutes waiting for her to rescind what she said. What kind of woman hasn't read one bodice ripper in h...
  • Vida X
    Definitivamente es el ultimo libro que leo de esta autora. Quise darle varias oportunidades, pero la mayoría son un desastre. No hay una real historia de amor, los protagonistas son insufribles, la trama completamente inverosímil y los hechos y las actitudes no corresponden a la época en la que está ambientada. Caput. No entiendo cómo la autora puede ser una de las reinas clásicas del género.
  • Tammy Walton Grant
    I love this book. Don't know why, exactly - it's far from perfect, but something about it makes me re-read it every couple of years or so. Contrived, a bit. Realistic, not really. Familiar? Very. Nevertheless, something about this one makes it more than the sum of all of its parts.It's pretty much your standard "Duke in disguise as a regular joe" romance. He's a gorgeous Duke in hiding, she's a spoiled brat who mouths off to him at every opportun...
  • ~**Anna**~ A Romance Reader
    Really liked it! Johanna Lindsey always writes the best HR Heroes! Devlin, oh Devlin. I love you!! Seriously he was amazing! He could be serious, passionate and a tease all at the same time. And I liked that he wasn't your typical rake. Megan was a brat, but I grew quite fond of her. She got on my nerves at times but she's only 18 after all. She does have a great heart though. I loved Duchy too! She was so fun and wise. I wish she was on more sce...
  • KC
    If you're looking for a historical romance which ponders the social injustices of working conditions for children living in the nineteenth century and the like, then you'll want to move on. But if you're in the mood for a fun read starring flawed, yet lovable characters then this Lindsey book just might be the lighthearted historical romance of your dreams. Man of My Dreams is one of only two romances I read in 2016 that I gave a 5-star rating to...
  • RomanceFanatic
    This book was even better than I expected, definitely want to read more from Johanna Lindsey! :)
  • couchpapaya
    Ok, this is the second Lindsay I've read where the hero spanks the heroine because she 'deserves' it and it's for 'her own good'. This has completely alienated me from the book and the author. Since I picked it up because of the rave reviews, maybe if someone can get over the above they might enjoy the book. When Megan Penworthy is introduced we see her through her friend's eyes as someone good, sweet, naive and a little spoiled. But, when she me...
  • Nanci **Warning**IWasASailor⚓️MyMouthisDirty
    2.5 unfortunately I'm disappointed in this book Stars. Grrr I tend to love every Regency book I read because I love the whole titled gentleman with money, marrying a nobody. However, this just don't work. I wanted to stop reading this so many times but continued only because I had to know how it ended and really loved the hero.I loved the Hero Devlin. He was delish and all man in every way. I would so marry him.Devlin is sent to the country by hi...
  • Tara Lynn
    I suppose there comes a moment in every woman's life when there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING new to read in the house, and the only thing that presents itself is A ROMANCE NOVEL. Generally not a fan of drivelly romance to begin with (even Catherine Coulter lost interest for me after she thought she could write mystery novels,) I had to pick up this book for lack of better reading material. Even worse than anything my expectations had ever prepared me for...
  • Aline
    This book could be describe in one word, HILARIOUS ^-^ A friend of mine recommended this one a long time ago but I only got the urge to actually read it a couple days ago LOL.. silly me ;)From the first chapter, this book already caught my interest and made me smile by only reading the 1st line, "Just what do you think you’ re staring at, Tyler Whately?". I thought "WOW.. this girl is really a shrew" LOL I must say that I kinda like Megan despi...
  • Amelia Fransisca
    trjemahannya mo di release dastan, mg2 bagus trjmhnnya ^^mmmm review gw telat euy >__
  • ~Nichole~ Sizzling Pages Romance Reviews
    So I wanted a safe historical and I love reading about enemies to lovers (if it's safe). I also love a hero that's sorta mean at first but falls so hard he grovels later.I saw Chantal had it marked epic grovel.But there wasn't one moment of grovel. Not even any romance. Just fighting, leaving her night after night. Then finally at the end after she tells him she loves him he says it back.Also he said several times he needed to go find another wom...
  • ♛Tash
    14 years of growing up haven't dulled my fascination with this romantic novel. It's the kind of read that leaves you sighing and looking wistfully at your Scottish highlands wallpaper.
  • Zoe
    I give up. I hate this heroine. I really cannot deal with such adolescent behaviors, not in real life, not in fiction.
  • Mahak
    Heroine has flaws...such a refreshing change after so long. Hero-the duke was pretending as heroine father stable boy. Heroine had only one aim in life.. marry a duke. So there was so much high low plot here. Not best but Enjoyed reading, banter was silly but enjoyable.
  • Anneke
    Second try writing this review. I will just cut to the chase: this book is great when you need a light, romantic read, but it has some issues. Issue #1: Our hero Devlin, the Duke that pretends to be a 'normal' horsebreeder, is a total jackass. His game of pretend is the weakest I've ever seen. It's like he isn't even trying. Seriously, beautiful white shirts? Being disrespectful to people who would be superior to him? But that aside, since it's n...
  • Roub
    mind-blowing one ! awesome ! i just love both devlin n megan ! they had such scorching hot chemistry !sex was barely described, it was an oldie but u cud feel the sheets burning ! this is an absolute awesome read, n so much fun. not 2 be missed! i was glued 2 the pages, they were a very exciting couple ! it made me think of Whitney, My Love, however whitney my love is longer n more intense n poignant. the basic plot is the same but where whitney ...
  • Chitra *CJ*
    SQUEEE!!Did I ADORE this or what?! This had all the best JL elements- but in a much sweeter sassier way. Loved the heroine-especially her inner monologues- Megan made me crack up so many times.Then our sinful horse breeder aka the hero/rake Devlin- hot- obnoxious- but also a very redeemable character.I loved everything about this. The book had practically ZERO angst-and it was a sweet bodice ripper(ish).
  • Aly is so frigging bored
    I wasn;t sure that I wanted to give it 5* but t was so bloody funny that I had to :D
  • Piper
    She sighed. "I love it when you put the duke on the shelf."This only rated 3.5 stars from me. I didn't love it, but I didn't dislike it either. The hero won me over. The heroin did not. I wanted to strangle her. I suppose my expectations were too high after reading Prisoner of My Desire which I loved. Ah well, one doesn't know till one tries. On to something new. :)
  • Kathleen Lynn
  • Preacox
    The writing is fluent, and that's the only good thing I can tell about that book. Sorry! I hate to be so frank and I wish I could praise it more, but I really can't. It feels like a first draft in need of proper editing. How this got published is beyond me.The book has no atmoshpere, there is no chemistry, no soul. The characters are flat and annoying. All they do is to bicker constantly and endlessly – on almost every damn page. There was no (...
  • Jen Warren
    Johanna Lindsey is a guilty pleasure for me. There's rarely anything too heavy, or too dark, and the silliness factor I'd likely mock from another author somehow fits the worlds she creates.Man of My Dreams was my first exposure to this author's work and I've read it a dozen times over the years. We have here a "fiesty" heroine (yes, I cringed as I wrote that) and a gorgeous rogue for a hero (I'm rolling my eyes) whose only compatibility seems to...
  • Booked
    MAN OF HER DREAMSThe most desirable beauty in the land, wildly unpredictable Megan Penworthy has set her amorous sights on Ambrose St. James, Duke of Wrothston--a man she has never met but has every intention of marrying. No other suitor will satisfy her--especially not the common, if uncommonly handsome, horse breeder, Devlin Jefferys.WOMAN OF HIS DESIRESPosing as lowborn Jefferys to escape a potentially fatal confrontation, Ambrose is enthralle...
  • Anya Breton
    Okay, so, this is the book responsible for my obsession with historical romance for the past, well, 18 years. I saw it sitting on the side table while I was babysitting for my hairstylist's kid. I read it over the course of two evenings babysitting. I was forever changed after that! LOLWhile this book isn't a masterpiece, and reading it now I think to, why did I love this so's still a fun read.And since it got me hooked on ...
  • Ketysha
    This was the first book I read when switching to e-books and it's still one of my favourites. The storyline is plausable, the dialogues between the main two characters entertaining and utterly invigorating. The complications and misunderstandings in the book on all the right places. Loved her talks with herself and him calling her "brat." And I absolutely adored the ending and wished at the same time for another 100 pages. At least. :)
  • NinaReader
    Johanna Lindsey is my auto buy author! This book is one of her best!However for those who aren't familiar with Johanna Lindsey, it might be hard because you have to take into account that this came out a long time ago. I read it a long time ago. I don't know if readers of today who will be reading this for the first time will get out of it what you would have 10 years ago...I have history with it so I will love it forever.
  • Jessica
    The only reason I'm keeping my copy of this is the spectacular step-back cover that features a naked Fabio apparently trying to bang his way into the heroine's shoulder blades. Other than that, it's typical early 90s Lindsey: tempestuous heroine, autocratic hero, not enough sex, society stuff, or dress porn to make up for hundreds of pages of the leads fighting and bickering before suddenly deciding to fall on each others' genitals as a symbol of...